Glennon Trade Rumbles Reach Max Volume

May 6th, 2014
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An NFL Network reporter weighs in

Joe learned anything truly is possible on the NFL trade front the day Lovie Smith and his Chicago friends handed over a second-round draft pick for disappointing Bucs defensive end Gaines Adams.

That’s still a mind-blower.

Joe was reminded of that deal this afternoon when super insider Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, who literally has every NFL GM on speed-dial, the benefits of being a league employee, Twittered that Mike Glennon would be shopped for a second-round pick if the Bucs draft a QB “early this week.”

Joe’s first reaction was, ‘There’s no chance the Bucs would get a second-round pick for Glennon.’ What NFL team is going to give Glennon at clean shot at a starting gig? And if he’s not a projected potential starter, then why would a team fork over a second-round pick?

Despite loads of media assembled with Joe at One Buc Palace this afternoon to honor Derrick Brooks’ Ring of Honor induction, Joe can’t find where anyone from the Buccaneers served up a denial or a vote of confidence in Glennon.

Frankly, when Rapoport floats a take like this, it’s coming from someone very much in the know, if not Jason Licht himself.

Joe believes Glennon could fetch a third-round pick. But the Bucs, of course, have to start the bidding high and they can’t pull the trigger too fast. Tampa Bay needs Glennon if the stars don’t align well Thursday and Friday and they can’t draft a QB with true franchise potential. Glennon is a quality backup.

66 Responses to “Glennon Trade Rumbles Reach Max Volume”

  1. Buc Neckid Says:

    Would Glennon Plus the BUCS First Pick move them up enough to Johnny Football?

  2. Mathius Says:

    Could the NFL really value Glennon more than we do here in Tampa?

    Who has a better record of identifying QB talent, Tampa vs. the other 31 teams?

    If the Bucs draft a QB in the top 10 of the 1st round he should start Day 1, forget the promises made to McClown. If they don’t believe the QB can do that than he is probably not the guy.

  3. Matt Says:

    Dumb….just dumb

  4. Chef Paul Says:

    “Despite loads of media assembled with Joe at One Buc Palace this afternoon to honor Derrick Brooks’ Ring of Honor induction, Joe can’t find where anyone from the Buccaneers served up a denial or a vote of confidence in Glennon.”

    Smoke screen!!
    I’m going to start taking a page from everyone else’s book. If it’s something I don’t agree with, I’m calling it smoke. If it’s something I do agree with, I’m calling it gospel. So this just has to be smoke. There is no debating it as far as I’m concerned.

  5. MadMax Says:

    Praise him what little you can while you can Joe….smh

    “Glennon is a quality backup” and so is McCown 😉

  6. ruggyup Says:

    Okay, name a franchise QB the Bucs might pick. Okay fine. Now. Do YOU think that’s a smart move. Will you bet your seasons tickets on Mansiel? If so, check your meds.

  7. BoJim Says:

    I give up. 🙁

  8. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    ” Joe’s evaluation tool ” the one he used on MG8 that says he is a terrible player because he led the 32nd ranked offense. Well McCoy has led the 32nd D-line in the NFL for the past 4 years!!!!

    Sorry, Joe has never once called Glennon a terrible player. Why make up stuff? In fact, Joe has praised Glennon numerous times as a guy who played to his draft level and is a strong backup. No shame in not being solid starter material. –Joe

  9. William Says:

    Known by the MGM as the next Tom Brady, Glennon is hoping to land in a team playing the Bucs this season. He will show the new Tampa 2 defense what they are missing.

    Connor Shaw is coming to Tampa

  10. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    If we get a second for Glennon, then every single Buc fan should throw a party. This guy clearly isn’t in the Bucs plan to start. Whether or not you agree with that is irrelevant. If you can get a second rounder for a backup, then that’s an absolute steal.

  11. theDON Says:

    I would be very surprised if the bucs get a 3rd or 4th round pic for Glennon. If they could keep 3 qbs, that would be ideal, considering it is the most important position on the field. Do we really need Skye Dawson.

  12. Mathius Says:

    “Joe has praised Glennon numerous times as a guy who played to his draft level” (pick 73)

    It is odd that McCown can be referred to as a starter to connect the bridge for some rookie QB but not Glennon. They have the same experience under Tedford. Heck they only would half a month head start on Johny Boy if they draft him.

    I just don’t want the Bucs to have this same conversation during next years draft about Winston.

    I praise McCown as a guy who has played to his draft level. (pick 81)

  13. MadMax Says:

    Joe, why do you do that? You get called on your obvious negative bias on Glennon, then you refute with “Joe has praised Glennon numerous time” oh and now he’s a “a strong” backup.

    You rip the kid apart, plus anyone who supports him almost daily!!! Come on man!

  14. UnderDog Lefty Says:

    What I haven’t read anywhere yet is where Glennon would rank in this year’s QB class? if he were coming out of college this year. And doesn’t the fact he’s had almost a full year as a starter remove some of the uncertainty about him that exists for the others?

    It would sure seem there’s more value in him now than a third round pick, which is where he was a year ago. It only takes one QB coach, OC coach, head coach or even GM to see something in him with the extra body of NFL work under his belt that the others don’t have. A second round pick seems reasonable to me.

  15. Bucfan4life7 Says:

    Joe just because you don’t think Mike Glennon is starting material doesn’t mean 31 other NFL teams think the same thing. I think the Cardinals will end up being the team to pull the trigger for Glennon and I definitely feel like Glennon can beat out Carson Palmer for the starting QB gig and be the future QB of the Cardinals. Glennon fits exactly what Bruce Arians wants, a prototypical drop back passer with an arm and makes smart decisions.

    Umm, Arians pretty much already has that in Palmer, who gave them 4,200+ yards last season and the 12th-ranked offense without much of a running game and a thin O-line. –Joe

  16. yooo Says:

    Trade back in the first rd…With that trade get a 2nd Rd and 4th rd’er…trade Glennon for a 3rd rd…that would give us rd 1: 1 pick..2nd Rd 2 picks…3rd Rd 2 picks…A 4th,5th,6th Rd pick etc…..Draft qb in first rd..Draft WR and ot or dt in 2nd rd…then best available the rest of draft…could or would that be possible?

  17. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @UnderDog Lefty,

    The first 2-3 rounds of a draft are supposed to be starters. If teams don’t think Glennon is a starter, then giving up a second is too much. It’s all about what they think of him. I don’t see too many teams that would anoint him the starter, and only a few that would even give him an opportunity to start. Unfortunately for us, the teams where he would have a chance to start (Cleveland, Jax, Oakland) would have a really tough time selling that to their fan base. Glennon is not exactly a player that is going to get fans excited.

  18. PRBucFan Says:

    Whether I want Glennon as a starter or not (Which I don’t) does not mean I can actually say whether he’s a “backup” or not.

    Frankly not one person can make that statement and it be a known fact because the kid started 13 games and has been in the league going on all but his 2nd year.

    Cause Joe says so means nada lol.

    Simply put some team may value him a starter as some experts strongly view him as as well, Joe can only opine otherwise.

  19. bucrightoff Says:

    A second rounder? Is Rappaport on drugs? The most anyone will be offering right now is a 3rd, and more likely a 4th. Bucs are in a bad spot to get good value because trading him now tips your hand and allows teams to jump the Bucs for a QB because they know they’re picking one. Holding on to him until a QB is chosen devalues him because patient teams will wait for him to inevitably get cut.

  20. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:


  21. PRBucFan Says:

    ^ Thanks Ms Cleo

  22. PRBucFan Says:

    Not you ODB lol

  23. Gt40bear Says:

    If he’s not worth starting, why would anyone give up a 2nd for him? If the rest of the NFL truly thinks of Glennon the way the media and about half the fans in Tampa feel, then they will be lucky to get a 6th or 7th for him. Washington can’t seem to be able to give Cousins away and he is apparently Glennon’s equal. All we could get for MW19 was a stinking 6th? If he is truly only thought of as a backup, the Bucs won’t get a thing for him.

  24. bucrightoff Says:

    So when you actually read the tweets, it sounds like the Bucs will trade him IF they get a second round offer. Which obviously isn’t going to happen. Why would anyone give up a second for a guy one year removed from being a third rounder, who’s team appears to be totally giving up on him? 5th rounder will probably be what he’s dealt for. I expect he’ll end up in Arizona and that Arians will do what he does with NFL QBs: Make him successful.

  25. robert6 Says:

    joe knows qbs?

    didn’t he want to resign jfro 6 pack Jackson? isn’t he the same guy who heaps praises when even mentioning shawn, toddler hands, king?

    joe knows qbs?

    Yes, after 2012, Joe suggested the Bucs should offer Freeman a team-friendly extension to see if he would bite. Joe has never called King a great quarterback, though he did lead the Bucs to the NFC title game. –Joe

  26. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    If we can’t get at least a 3rd for Glennon keep him and go with 3 qbs….
    Almost always someone’s backup or starter is injured and we could move Glennon at that time. He has certainly proved being worthy of his 3rd round pick…..DON’T SETTLE FOR LESS THAN THAT!!!

  27. Mumbles Says:

    Shoot for the moon, land among the stars! They ask for a 2nd but will end up with a 4th!…….errr..late 3rd!

  28. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    @pr – Hyperbole

    If Glennon were traded, it would be because he doesn’t fit into whatever Tedford cooks up. If anything, a 2nd would show just that, that he’s viewed as a potential starter. But I hope not, I’d like to see what he can do in a competition. I def wouldn’t count him out. I just think he earned a shot to compete, after last year. Nothing more. Nothing less.

  29. Bucfan#37 Says:

    The Bucs will probably only get a 4th for Glennon, a 3rd at best. That’s not a high enough draft pick to part with Glennon, get a 2nd and I’m ok with the loss. It all remains speculation, imo. Glennon did make one decent rush that I remember, I know, whoopee, although he was sacked a lot. I like his upside, his fans have spoken. If no team is willing to part with a 2nd, keep him as a good backup. McCown is a big question mark to me. Will MG stay or will he go? We will soon know.

  30. PRBucFan Says:

    “Joe knows QB’s”

    About as well as the next avid NFL fan lol

  31. Hawk Says:

    I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again. Before the start of training camp, “Glennon is un-tradeable”. *IF* the Bucs trade him before the draft, there will be almost ZERO chances of getting the QB they want. *IF* they wait until after drafting ‘their QB’, then NO TEAM will give more than the Bucs got for Revis. Getting ‘Glennon trade’ rumors all hyped will help the Bucs get ‘their’ pick at #7.
    (smoke and mirrors, folks, smoke and mirrors)

  32. Name Required Says:

    I’m betting someone gives up a third. Starter in the league last year on a 3rd-round rookie contract. Affordable risk. Starter? On what team? I think they can package him in some sort of deal with a team like the Rams or Titans. The Rams have a ton of picks already, and they can get insurance for Bradford.

  33. tickrdr Says:

    Did anyone see Bill Polian’s grade for Johnny Manziel on ESPN?

  34. Name Required Says:

    These guys are really roasting you here, Joe. Wow.

  35. Waterboy Says:

    Trading Glennon doesn’t make sense to me. Why trade the guy before you even fully know his capabilities? Give the guy a chance to compete for the job.

  36. RastaMon Says:

    We’ll only know for sure…how good Glennon is 4 years after he leaves TPA…I have never been a Glennon fanatic…actually I don’t recall any…I have always been a realist with an open mind…he was a 3rd round rookie…living observing all the dysfunction of the QBroom and the whole dysfunction of MERSA…he was named starter and played better than one could expect ….he certainly was not a 3rd round bust…so I say time is on his side…nothing less than a 2 pick if traded…bird in the hand is worth two in the bush…trade value for his Sunday game tape

  37. Eric Says:

    Be lucky to get a good peant butter sandwich for him.

  38. NY Buc Says:

    that peanut butter sandwich would be a lot more than any team offered for Freeman.

  39. Mumbles Says:

    Not fair, but Glennon has to go. Not good enough to be the long-term starter. But good enough to start a QB controversy. Not risking that in first year with other problems to overcome out of the chute!

  40. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @NY Buc Fan,

    Freeman would have been a $10M Peanut butter sandwich, so not really a fair analogy. However, fact of the matter is Freeman was signed immediately and somehow trotted on the field as the starter 2 weeks later. I think that tells you all you need to know about who is viewed in league circles as having more potential.

  41. RastaMon Says:

    I’m holding out for jelly with the peanut butter….I don’t know how good is is or will become…but he certainly won’t become any worse…the kid WILL be better…judging by his ethic…character…and limited experince…something not one of the 2014 soon to be drafted QB’s have….

  42. Buc1987 Says:

    “Joe has never called King a great quarterback, though he did lead the Bucs to the NFC title game. –Joe”

    Joe… King was brought along for the ride and EVERYONE but you knows. I’m sure even Shaun “Burger” King himself knows it as well.

  43. RastaMon Says:

    Joe… King was brought along for the ride and EVERYONE but you knows
    Hell Joe…Bruce Gradcowski score a TD on his 1 st drive….Michael Clayton score his first TD without wearing his helmet

  44. JGM 2.0 Says:

    The media want Manziel here in Tampa because he will give everyone something to talk about. Not because they are Bucs fans. I mean no one else finds it odd that all the radio guys, print guys, and bloggers want Manziel, but literally 75% of the fanbase is against it. And then some radio guys say “Well, if he doesn’t perform well atleast the games will sell out and the Bucs will be in the news.” Great now we can be THE JETS!!! GET REAL.

  45. BoJim Says:

    I hope we don’t draft Conner Shaw.

  46. Mathius Says:

    JGM 2.0 Nailed it!

    Joe I think we are starting to see behind the curtain…Joe wants Manziel here because it is against team policy for the Cheerleaders to fraternize with the Players. By drafting Manziel Joe is assured Rachel Nickels and any other Buc Cheerleaders he smitten over will not be swooned by Johny Boy!


  47. NY Buc Says:

    Sorry Hawaiian but not buying your logic with this one. Freeman may have started a game, but his play made anyone who may have doubted the move to dump him quickly realize they had wasted almost 5 years of their lives waiting for him to become a franchise QB. If Freeman had all this potential you don’t think a team would have at least given up a 7th round pick for the opportunity to add a franchise QB? In fact let’s see if Freeman even lasts on the Giants roster come final cuts (I doubt it). I am almost certain however that Glennon will still be a QB on an active NFL roster even after final cuts.

  48. Stevek Says:

    Hawaiian Buc Says:
    May 6th, 2014 at 6:33 pm
    @NY Buc Fan,

    Freeman would have been a $10M Peanut butter sandwich, so not really a fair analogy. However, fact of the matter is Freeman was signed immediately and somehow trotted on the field as the starter 2 weeks later. I think that tells you all you need to know about who is viewed in league circles as having more potential.

    Hawaiian Buc Says:
    May 6th, 2014 at 4:27 pm
    If we get a second for Glennon, then every single Buc fan should throw a party. This guy clearly isn’t in the Bucs plan to start. Whether or not you agree with that is irrelevant. If you can get a second rounder for a backup, then that’s an absolute steal.

    You’re wrong.

    Freeman sucks.

    Glennon has potential to start in this league.

  49. Pro Libertate Says:

    The Bucs need to trade down. We need the picks much more than we need anyone we’re likely to get at #7, and that includes all of the top QB prospects this year. Manziel in particular is simply too risky for this team. It may well be that we can’t get good trade value for the pick and do end up using it, but I sure hope we can buy some more picks.

    If we trade down, then we’d better hang on to Glennon. I frankly think we should, anyway, just as relatively cheap insurance. He’s got potential as a starter, which may not pan out, but it’s really hard to be sure he can’t cut it just from last year’s results alone.

  50. Bucfan4life7 Says:

    Joe yes you are right that the Cardinals have that already in Carson Palmer (although he doesn’t really make the smartest decisions as you can see by him throwing 22 INT’s last season) but Mike Glennon would be the QB of the future and maybe present if he won that QB battle which I believe he is capable of doing. Carson Palmer is getting up there in NFL age at 34 so he won’t be there for the Cardinals for long.

  51. Sweets Willie Says:

    There were people wearing paper bags watching Elway’s early years. MG8 is a lot better than most think. People expect winning records and playoffs fast. Manning’s, Elway lost a lot early on. Who knows how good he can be?

  52. bucrightoff Says:

    Hawaiian Buc Says:
    May 6th, 2014 at 6:33 pm
    @NY Buc Fan,

    Freeman would have been a $10M Peanut butter sandwich, so not really a fair analogy. However, fact of the matter is Freeman was signed immediately and somehow trotted on the field as the starter 2 weeks later. I think that tells you all you need to know about who is viewed in league circles as having more potential.

    No….what this says is Christian Ponder sucks and Matt Cassel is old and they wanted to see what Freeman had. And with 1 start, 1 freaking start, he never got another chance again, even though Christian Ponder sitll sucks and Matt Cassel is still old. That tells me all I need to know about where Josh Freeman currently stands in the NFL

    Still waiting for the NFLPA investigation…

  53. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    You guys clearly didn’t understand my point. Apparently you also forgot that I was ripping him well before we got rid of him. Where I stand on Freeman was very clear. However, his problem was between his ears. He is a uniquely talented individual with some apparent mental and/or work ethic issues. If I were running a team, I wouldn’t give up ANYTHING for Josh Freeman. However, denying his talent is impossible, and a lot of NFL teams love to take a chance, and that’s exactly what Minnesota did.

    Also, Freeman wasn’t tradable for any round pick because of his salary. Not sure if you know this, but if you trade for a player, you are responsible for his contract. No team would pay him $10M for about half a season (assuming it takes at least a few weeks to learn the playbook. Freeman couldn’t even learn our playbook in 5 years, so good luck with that). So no, no team would be willing to give up a 7th rounder for Freeman, not when he comes with a $10M contract. Simple stuff guys.

  54. Patrick Says:

    Turn on the TV and read online; mostly everyone praises Glennon for his performance last year as a rookie. For some reason, the people in Tampa don’t think he has any potential. lol. He’s getting a raw deal. Freeman stayed here for five seasons, so did Shaun King. Glennon won’t even stay here for two.

  55. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Freeman was a first round QB with a very high number of 4th quarter comebacks, a 10 win season, and he just came off a 4000 yard season. So putting aside all of our dislike for Freeman, it’s not too difficult to see why some NFL team would believe they could use him. Glennon doesn’t have any of those things, and as badly as the mob wants to convince themselves otherwise, he’s not in high demand. I personally would much rather have Glennon on my team, but if I could get a mentally fixed Josh Freeman, it wouldn’t even be close.

  56. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Those people praising Glennon didn’t see him play every single snap. They are grading him on a curve, based on the fact that he is a rookie and didn’t make a lot of mistakes. They are taking into account that he didn’t make any plays. More telling is the fact that those who did watch Glennon play (Lovie, Licht, and about 31 other GM’s) don’t feel the same way. If they did, getting a second should be a slam dunk. We’ll see if that happens.

  57. Patrick Says:

    I would be ecstatic if we drafted Manziel; but I’m able to admit (even as an Texas A&M student and fan), that he is a risk. At least we’ve seen Glennon play already and have 13 games of tape on him. What was he supposed to do, play like Joe Montana in his rookie year?

  58. L&L Buc Says:

    Hawaiian It sounds to me that you are a personal friend of Freeman. How many parties of his have you attended ? The reason most people hate Glennon is because they hate Schiano and they see Glennon as the one responsible for getting Freemon benched. Say it isn’t so!

  59. delson Says:

    Smoke screen this tells the nfl we are drafting a qb high. Licht said before the qb we want is not a top guy. He also said the prodays did not affect their draft board. Licht wants to cause a second look from the other teams. He wants a player to fall watkins or a de or a lb. If the guys he wants are drafted he could trade back n pick up his qb later. If glennon gets traded it creates a realistic smokescreen where qb is a need for us n teams will assume our 1st round pick.

  60. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    L&L Buc,

    If you think I’m a personal friend of Freeman, then you would be an idiot. I was the very one saying not to re-sign him. I was the one saying to cut him. I was the one saying he’s never going to be a franchise QB. Maybe you’ve been on this site for a minute and a half, but if you would have been on here any longer, you would know exactly how I feel. Don’t get your panties in a wad because I’m skeptical we can get a second for Glennon.

    And no, I don’t blame Glennon for Freeman getting benched. That’s 100% on Freeman. I root for guys like Mike Glennon. Problem is, I’ve seen enough football (specifically Buc football) to know when someone doesn’t have the talent to be great. If you are satisfied with being average at best, then Glennon is your guy. I’ve got higher standards. I want to win championships. My SB37 shirt is worn out.

  61. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Absolutely Manziel is a risk. It’s rare to get a QB that isn’t a risk. However, he’s got huge boom potential. He has the ability to be a special QB in this league. Awful hard to pass that up.

  62. Coburn Says:

    Am I missing something? Everyone keeps saying 3 or 4th at best and that he’s not worth a second…. Didn’t we give up a 2nd rounder to draft him just last year? Didn’t he play the best out of any rookie Qbs last year and didn’t he also play as well or better than anyone could have expected? Why would his value have dropped?

  63. johnny Says:

    No Chance of getting a second rounder ,, next you will tell me the Eagles could get a second rounder and a prob bowl corner for Kevin Kolb ..nevermind that happened

  64. White Tiger Says:

    If somebody wanted Glennon, he’d already be gone, for a pick to be named, later.

    Slow release, slow feet, too frail – and a constant stream of positive media – means captain check down hasn’t garnered any trade attention.

    Just face it, Glennon is considered a nice NFL back-up, but doesn’t have enough to be an elite QB.

    Guys who played but don’t get paid for their expertise have rated him a 3rd round talent. He maybe get you a 3rd or 4th round pick in a trade.

  65. White Tiger Says:

    Besides, sounds to me like an offer has been made, but it was for a lower draft pick than a 3rd rounder – and this is Licht dangling his estimation that Glennon’s worth a 2nd… in order to get a 3rd…

  66. IdahoBucsfan Says:

    since I am writing After Lovie said he “likes” Josh, but “Loves” Glennon,.. I have the advantage here. Put that in your Johnny loving pipe and smoke it!