Chucky Tried To Embarrass Brooks

May 6th, 2014
"Hey Brooks, you're not the only guy on this practice field that knows a thing or two about football. I'm one of People Magazine's most beautiful people, you know!"

“Hey Brooks, you’re not the only guy on this practice field that knows a thing or two about football! I’m one of People Magazine’s most beautiful people, you know?”

In his speech after being told his No. 55 will never be worn by a Bucs player again, Mr. Derrick Brooks, of course, thanked many people for his career and success today.

When talking about how he was influenced by different coaches, Brooks made a particular reference to Chucky, the only coach in Bucs history to win a Super Bowl. Brooks lauded Chucky for driving him to play at a level higher than even Brooks thought he could reach. This came about even though Chucky was the de facto offensive coordinator.

“He tried to embarrass me every practice,” Brooks said with a smile.

Brooks elaborated, explaining Chucky was always trying to catch the defense off-guard. The more the defense was ready for anything, the better the defense would be, Chucky believed. Throwing an unexpected curveball at the defense was part of preparation.

Brooks accepted the challenge by immersing himself even more into an opponents’ film study, determined that Chucky, or opponents, would never be able to fool him.

Brooks admitted this practice took his play to an even higher level. A level that brought him to Canton, and will have his name forever etched into the Stadium on Dale Mabry Highway.

16 Responses to “Chucky Tried To Embarrass Brooks”

  1. BoJim Says:

    Cool story.

  2. Uk_Buc Says:

    Sorry to hijack a post, but wanted to ask this somewhere……I have never been to the RayJay before, and want to come over with my missus later this year for a game, and wondered what is the best game to go to for the best atmosphere? I was thinking Panthers or Packers?

  3. Lynch Says:

    Uk_Buc –

    Try to make it out to a Panther game. If you come to a Packers game you might see more Packers fans than Bucs lol

  4. getaclue Says:


  5. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    UK Buc

    More critical than the game will be which side of the stadium you sit on! If it’s an afternoon game you better make sure your seats are on the West Side.

    Otherwise it’s all good! I’ve never been to a Bucs game where the atmosphere wasn’t electric. OK when they suck like last year the atmosphere disappears quickly. But if the Bucs play well the opponent won’t matter the crowd will come alive. We may be bandwagoners but when the Bucs win we show up and we scream and make noise, regardless of the opponent.

    I believe it’s more about the quality of the Bucs play than the opponent.

  6. Espo Says:

    UK Buc, I’ve enjoyed every game. Welcome, and I hope you leave with the same opinion.

  7. Uk_Buc Says:

    Cheers for the advice guys, I can’t wait. Went to the Bucs London games of course, but they kind of had the feel of exhibition games, so looking forward to the real experience!

  8. tom Says:

    Love these stories from the super bowl season. Hopefully Lovie will be trying to embarrass our offense, shouldn’t be too hard

  9. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    The Panthers game will be fun, no doubt. Season openers are my personal favorites, simply because there is still so much hope in the air, plus most of the players are healthy. However, I would warn you that the heat is pretty much unbearable if you’re not used to it. My wife, who is born and raised in Hawaii (Hawaii is hot, but nothing like Florida heat), was pretty much miserable. Nothing worse than watching a game with a complaining female sitting next to you 🙂

  10. Rob Says:

    UK… Sit on the west side and most importantly…tailgate at Al Lopez Park before the game. One of the best tailgating areas in the NFL.

  11. Espo Says:

    Don’t listen to these “Floridians” who act like they’re allergic to the sun. The most real experience you will get is in the north end zone with cannons blowing out your ear drums and shooting treasures at you.

  12. Hawk Says:

    @ UK_Buc
    As mentioned before, the cannons and sun are two things that can have a strong effect on your experience. If you don’t need a sun burn (or retina replacement), the ‘west’ side is best. If you are not yet hard of hearing and don’t wish to hurry in that direction, then stay clear of the south-east area. During the game/halftime, you can ‘visit’ the ship(you cannot get ‘on’ it), but the cannons on board, are most definitely, impressively loud. Enjoy your ‘holiday’.

  13. Bucfan#37 Says:

    Not only the Bucs only super bowl win, but Gruden’s too. Back before the SB win, I was heading west on I-10 in the panhandle trying to get the Bucs vs Raiders on car radio, too remote to get signal. I think Gruden was Raiders coach. The next day I saw the Bucs got smashed something like 35-0, something like that. I was no fan of Gruden after that. Still aint, although the trophy is nice.

  14. White Tiger Says:

    Cool story bro – I remember Gruden’s Raiduhs SMASHED Dungy’s Buccaneers 45 – 0….

    I remember Warren Sapp being embarrassed – and if he was, you know 55 was.

    I remember thinking Dungy was thoroughly out coached by Gruden – and Dungy’s refusal to fire the man responsible for not scoring a single point in that game – is what ultimately cost Dungy his job.

    Dungy’s stubbornness and his ego.

    I also remember how elated I was when I heard that the “trade” rumors were true – and how quickly THAT trade paid off. Never missed Dungy after that.

  15. phil Says:

    Jon Gruden was the best coach the Bucs ever had and it was a mistake to get rid of him. He should be going in the ring of honor next.

  16. pick6 Says:

    as good as brooks was, without his transcendent 2002 season he might not be the slam dunk first ballot HOF that he is. He was the soul of this defense but seriously overshadowed by Sapp and known to most fans more for the allstate commercial than his game tape. that 2002 season with Gruden transformed his legacy