Father Dungy Vs. Lovie Smith

May 6th, 2014
Derrick Brooks discussed the differences, albeit slight, between Father Dungy and Lovie Smith.

Derrick Brooks discussed a difference, albeit slight, between Father Dungy and Lovie Smith.

Joe knows a lot of people point to Father Dungy as the North Star of Lovie Smith. In some ways, Lovie is the ultimate disciple of Father Dungy.

In fact, it was Father Dungy who brought Lovie from the college ranks to be an NFL assistant and  Derrick Brooks’ and Hardy Nickerson’s position coach.

Lovie, like Father Dungy, believes in a run-control game with a punishing defense. Their demeanors are so much alike: quiet and confident.

Joe had a chance today at the Derrick Brooks number retirement/Ring of Honor announcement to chat briefly with Lovie. Mostly small talk and pleasantries. Joe walked away thinking, “What a kind, gentle man Lovie is.”

But Brooks believes Bucs fans should tap the brakes thinking the Bucs have Father Dungy 2.0 in Lovie. Brooks points out this is 2014, a far cry from the Bucs in 1996.

“He’s a more experienced coach than what Coach Dungy was [in 1996], after nine years (with the Bears),” Brooks said. “It is very different. They had very different teams. Coach Dungy had a defensive-built team, which he had a big hand in. Later, we built an offense. Lovie [when he took over the Bears] had neither, but he built a great defensive team. Now he is coming here. What kind of a team will he have? I am anxious to see. What is going to be the identity of this football team the second time Lovie Smith is a coach vs. the first time? I am anxious to see.

“I think I feel about Coach Smith is the right guy for our franchise now, aside from X’s and O’s. I feel good about Lovie. You talk about consistency and a way of doing business that has gotten lost over the years. It really has. How you go about doing it. All of those things have gotten lost and cannot be defined. What is the “Buccaneer Way?” Now I think you can have an answer, a visual of what that is. And that is what I think he brings.

“Is that going to turn into Super Bowl championships or 12-win seasons? I don’t know. But I think that Coach Smith, being the right guy at the right time, gives us a good start.”

Brooks emphasized that when Father Dungy was hired, it was pretty much a blank easel; Father Dungy had never been an NFL head coach before. Brooks noted that coaches evolve and Lovie could be very different than his Chicago days.

Brooks also pointed out the Bucs have more talent on the roster now than Dungy had when he took over the Bucs in ’96.

13 Responses to “Father Dungy Vs. Lovie Smith”

  1. Hawk Says:

    Joe says:
    “Brooks also pointed out the Bucs have more talent on the roster now than Dungy had when he took over the Bucs in ’96.”
    I don’t think that’s correct, unless you mean *right now*, as in, after all of the free agency signings. Dungy was given a team with Gruber, Mayberry, Beckles, Rhett, Ahanotu, Dotson, Sapp, Nickerson, Brooks, and Lynch. Not all of them are HOF material, but there’s a handful of HOF, as well as, a bunch of Pro Bowlers. The team had also just come off the first non-double digit loss season in a dozen, or so, years. It was on the rise. Lovie is getting in on the ‘ground floor’.

  2. Bucfan#37 Says:

    Joe, your take along with Brooks on Lovie’s demeanor and experience is encouraging to this Bucs fan, can’t help but to be optimistic for Bucs episode 2014.

  3. OB Says:

    Joe, I just can’t wait until the talking stops and the playing starts. The draft and the pickups afterward will tell us the way the Bucs are going, but until the first game we don’t know anything.

  4. Yar Says:

    Just score some points before you run, run, run punt. Get ahead before you pound the ball. Catch-up football doesn’t work.

  5. Shawnbucfan Says:

    Father Dungy =Deacon Smith

  6. deminion Says:

    rumors are swirling heard bucs tryna move up to no.2

  7. Cmurda Says:

    I was just about to say that also deminion. I support a move to #2 but if Mack comes off the board or anybody except Clowney or Manziel, the big question would be are the Bucs eyeing Johnny Football or Clowney. As important as pass rushers are and by all accounts, Clowney is the real deal my vote remains for Johnny Football. I think the Rams are blowing smoke that they would take JOhnny but the fact of the matter is Cleveland or the Raiders would take him anyway. I would gladly give up our 3rd round pick and 7th overall to jump into the 2 spot and draft Johnny. Just my 2 cents and I know Joe agrees with me.

  8. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Chiefs reportedly ‘willing to deal’ Brandon Flowers. I’m sure he would clear waivers, and hit the open market. Would be great if returned home to Florida, and paired up with Verner.

    Note: Flowers is a better cover 2 corner.

  9. Eric Says:

    Moving up for Johnny!!!!!

    Go Lovie!

  10. deminion Says:

    @cmurda no clue what L&L are thinkin makes the draft more exciting i think they want johnny but i could b wrong so many ways to go we will know thursday

  11. deminion Says:

    i had a dream the other day bucs drafted watkins im not kiddin

  12. Destinjohnny Says:

    i think lovie is a black tom landry

  13. IdahoBucsfan Says:

    Our first pic looks like the right move to me! Go BUCS!