Ronde Barber No. 4

April 20th, 2014

Yes, it is fun to try to name the best players in Bucs history, and that is an ongoing task for one beat writer. Pat Yasinskas of ESPN has been running a top-five of all-time Bucs. Ronde Barber is ranked No. 4.

You could make an argument Barber was the best draft pick in franchise history. He wasn’t taken until the third round, but he blossomed into a player who was selected first-team All-Pro five times and was on the NFL’s All-Decade Team for the 2000s.

Barber’s biggest claim to fame might be the fact that he’s the only player in NFL history with at least 40 career interceptions and 20 career sacks. That alone puts Barber in the conversation for a spot in the Hall of Fame, although he might face a tougher time getting there than teammates Derrick Brooks and Warren Sapp, who were selected the first time they appeared on the ballot.


Joe is torn. He is sitting here on a Saturday night (yeah, some nightlife Joe has, huh?) trying to decide if Barber should be in the top five in Bucs history.

While Joe truly believes Barber should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame some day, on Joe’s list, he is right on the edge. After further review, Joe would rank Barber higher than John Lynch, but barely.

The more Joe thinks about it, the more No. 4 seems about right.

The No. 1 play in Bucs history? Well, that very well could be Barber’s pick-six to seal the 2002 NFC title game.

24 Responses to “Ronde Barber No. 4”

  1. pablo Says:

    Top 5 Bucs of all time.
    1. Steve Young
    2. Warren Sapp
    3. Derrick Brooks
    4. Ronde Barber
    5. Doug Williams

  2. unbelievable Says:

    1. Derrick brooks
    2. Lee Roy selmon
    3. Ronde Barber
    4. Warren Sapp
    5. Doug Williams

  3. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Rhonde Barber just showed up so big in the biggest of games for the Bucs.

  4. Vincente Says:

    Feels right. I mean how many times did get it done when the bucs needed it most…..I’ll never forget him scoring that touchdown in Philly, pointing at his name on his jersey with the ball in the air and me in tears cause we finally beat the stinkin eagles! Man! I’m getting fired up just thinking about it!!!!!

  5. Kyle Says:

    Ronde is my favorite buc he was the epitome of awesome and toughness, can’t wait to see his gold jacket.

  6. Stokes963 Says:

    Dude, Steve Young Was Terrible For The Bucs. Great Player. Just NoT For The Bucs

  7. SAMCRO Says:

    My top 15

    1. Leroy Selmon
    2. Warren Sapp
    3. Derrick Brooks
    4. Paul Gruber
    5. James Wilder
    6. Ronde Barber
    7. Mark Carrier
    8. John Lynch
    9. Mike Alstott
    10. Simeon Rice
    11. Doug Williams
    12. Ricky Bell
    13. Jimmie Giles
    14. Dave Moore
    15. Brad Johnson

  8. McBuc Says:

    Pedro. Leroy Selman has to be on the list.

  9. McBuc Says:

    Selmon. Damn auto correct.

  10. Espo Says:

    Steve Young? Really?

    People stop typing “Rhonde” it’s ignorant.

  11. Espo Says:

    Seriously how did that get started. I’d understand if there was a silent h and people were leaving it out.

  12. pittbucfan Says:

    Way too difficult for me to compile a list. To me, Leroy Selmon will be no. 1 for a long time to come. Can’t place Sapp or Mr. Derrick Brooks as clear 2 or 3. To me they would be 2a or 2b. Rhonde, Lynch, Alstott, Doug, Gruber all belong. Heck I could give honorable mention to Giles, Logan, Dunn. IMO

  13. DCVic Says:

    Who puts Steve Young #1 as all time Bucs?


    Honorable Mentions


  14. Bucky23 Says:

    Please show Ronde enough respect to spell his name correctly. That’s embarrassing.

  15. Orca Says:

    No H in Ronde.

    And it’s Lee Roy, not Leroy.

  16. Espo Says:

    The one guy I’d add that most of you leave out is Brad Johnson. That guy gave it 110% on and off the field and became a champion. We don’t have a ring with Shaun King, Rob Johnson, or Dilfer. He deserves the utmost respect in my book. Unfortunately there has to be an odd man out and to me that is John Lynch.

  17. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I’m pretty sure he’s spelling Ronde wrong to get a rise out of people, and it is working for me. Is it really too much to ask to just spell the name correctly of one of the greatest players we’ve ever had? If you are going to misspell it, why add a silent H? It doesn’t sound like Rhonde, and it’s not spelled like Rhonde.

  18. lurker Says:

    like Rhonda or Rhoda?

  19. pittbucfan Says:

    And to let you assholes know. Been a Bucs fan since ’76. Was at HOF for Sapp, will be there for Mr. Derrick Brooks, and all who follow. Sorry typing on my phone is difficult. Y’all make Pittsburghers look like saints. You embarass me was Bucs fans. Assholes. Or as Pittsburghers say – jagoffs

  20. Harry Says:

    Paul Gruber, Doug Williams, John Lynch, Ronde Barber…. pick em for spots 4 and 5 in the top 5. VERY debatable on which two are in and which two are out.

    No doubt about the other 3 – they have to be Sapp, Brooks and Selmon

  21. Brandon Says:


    Don’t get mad at everybody else because after 17 years you still can’t spell Ronde’s name correctly.

  22. Buc1987 Says:

    “And to let you assholes know. Been a Bucs fan since ’76”.

    Oh really…well I’m very proud of ya.

  23. Vico Says:

    Williams shouldn’t have been on the list. Somehow it feels like when Pablo puts Young into the mix. Williams was great for the bucs, but in the end he only achieved the same as King as a starting QB. Not trying to take anything from legendary players, but among all-time bucs, Johnson got the ring and in my opinion he is not a top-5 all time buccaneer either. Williams did get a ring, Young too, but not as Buccaneers and that clearly should not count.

    My top 5


    Even Alstott and Lynch come before Williams to me, as his experience and results as a Buccaneer are comparable to King’s and Jonhson’s with average stats, and johnson did go all the way.

  24. Harry Says:

    Well said. I feel the same. Good crazy Pable analogy too, lol