Brickmaster Derek Carr

April 20th, 2014

derek carrThe weird and wacky world of interviewing NFL prospects knows no limits.

Ever since the Dolphins asked Dez Bryant if his mother was a whore, Joe has vowed to never be surprised by anything that happens before the NFL Draft.

The Bucs have been busy interviewing, watching and working out quarterback prospects, including Johnny Football, Derek Carr, Teddy Bridgewater and Jimmy Garappolo.

Carr, a lifelong friend and student of Bucs offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford, has a big arm and talks a big game about how good character and religion dominate his life. Joe interviewed Carr at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis and came away impressed with the kid’s attitude.

Carr sat down with NBC Sports Network’s Erik Kuselias on Friday to talk about his game and pre-draft experiences. He shared some quality ridiculousness. A team gave Carr a bizarre brick test, requesting he devote a minute of their precious time together to name all the things he could think of doing with a brick. (You can enjoy the interview below.)

Joe is still trying to figure out how that question could help a team evaluate a QB. Yeah, Joe gets that a question like that is used to loosen up a guy and take him out of his comfort zone, but it’s still stupid and needless.

This reminded of Joe of when Joe went through the process to land a stock clerk job at a grocery store many years ago. The store manager told young Joe he would have made a hell of a stock boy but because Joe failed a post-interview competency assessment, there would be no job offer.

19 Responses to “Brickmaster Derek Carr”

  1. SAMCRO Says:

    Would be a decent second day selection.

  2. dee Says:

    Carr is going to be a bust just like his bro.

  3. SAMCRO Says:

    The best scenario would be if we can swap first round picks with, i.e. Cleveland and their 26th pick first round, included with their early second round pick. Then we could select Manziel, Bridewater, Bortles, or Carr at pick 26, as they slide down the board into their rightful places..

    The two early second round picks could land us two really good players. Maybe even double down on the WR scenario.

    If the QB’s slide, like I beleive they will, we could end up with:

    Pick 26 – Johnny Manziel, QB
    Pick 35 – Joel Bitonio, OT/OG
    Pick 38 – Allen Robinson, WR

    That’s value. Hopefully Cleveland would want to dance for #7.

  4. Mumbles Says:

    I know a guy that swallowed a brick, passed it and died of a square a$$ hole!

  5. Lev Says:

    Derek Carr could go higher than Manziel and Bridgewater because his game is more traditional and not a mystery to scouts. He is the safer pick.

  6. JWBucs Says:

    I think Carr & Murray are the two best fits for the Bucs. Carr won’t be available on day two so if they want him it will have to be somewhere in the 1st round. He is more physically gifted than his brother and a much more polished QB coming out of Fresno. He also has his brother’s experience to draw from. If they don’t land him, Murray would be an excellent fit in round 3 or 4. When he gets healthy he can be a quality NFL QB.

  7. gatrbuc17 Says:

    Tedfords connection to Carr almost assures that we take him if any way possible. Bank on it

  8. Espo Says:

    I bet he is a Tetris baller!

    But can he beat Josh in basketball?

  9. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    dee Says
    “Carr is going to be a bust just like his bro.”

    You know, that was my first assumption too. But then I did a lot of research. Don’t believe it. Derek is better than his brother ever was.

    Just his stats last year prove that, let alone the rest.

    He passed for over 5,000 yards last year. Think about that. That is the big milestone in the pros and he did it in fewer games.

  10. finishers Says:

    Carr at 7!?! would not shock me,if the bucs really believe he’s there guy.

  11. brandonbucfan Says:

    trade down with Pitt or Dallas and take Carr. Og in rd2 (depth is weak in draft) and WR with rd3 and whatever pick we get for trading down. LB depth also needed.

  12. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:


    I agree with your logic. I think the 2nd round is the round for an OG. We would also have another 2nd rounder for trading down. We could then take WR in both round 2 and 3.

    I would be happy with either Yankey or Su’a-Filo as our 1st 2nd rounder. Then I would love to get someone like Jordan Matthews with the 2nd #2. And a slot guy like Bruce Ellington in with our 3rd round pick.

    1. Carr
    2a. Su’a-Filo
    2b. Matthews
    3. Ellington

    All that being said and how much that would help out our offense. Our new coach is a defensive guy. So I would personally be shocked if he went offense with our first 4 picks in this scenario.

  13. phattitudes Says:

    When the crop of QBs is labeled to have NO FRANCHISE QBs, it would not seem urgent to go fish in a pond with no “keeper” fish. I do believe to get a franchise QB you have to get him in Round 1 however that does not translate to whomever I draft in Round 1 will be a franchise QB. If you do not believe one exists, utilize you value picks (Rounds 1 thru 3) to fill potential holes at other positions like WR, OL or the position of your choice. If you are desperate for a change, take a flyer in a latter round and in hopes of catching lightening in bottle

  14. Harry Says:

    Nice kid. I like his attitude. I hope he has a great career.

  15. Barry Says:

    ROY MG8 is better than any of this draft class. Hell, he’s better than J.McCown. Lovie’s gonna get his Defensive player at 7 or after trading down. Get used to it.

  16. Mr Magoo Says:

    If I was Carr this is what I’d answer the guy who asked me that stupid brick question at the combine.
    1. I’d hit you up side the head with it for asking me this stupid question.
    2. I’d shove the brick up your ass for asking this stupid question.
    3. I’d bust out your windshield for asking this stupid question
    4. I’d bust out your teeth with the brick for asking this stupid question.
    5. I’d hit you in the nuts with the brick for asking this stupid question.

  17. PRBucFan Says:

    Thanks Ms. Cle… I mean Dee

    Very Insightful

  18. gatrbuc17 Says:

    LOL Mr Magoo.
    Im down with the plan

  19. Owlykat Says:

    The only thing Glennon is good for is trade bait. Remember Schiano promising the Bucs would turn around their fortunes with Glennon last year. The verdict is already in on that, Schiano got fired. Glennon had last year to prove what he could do and he failed big time! That is why the Bucs have interviewed all the top QB prospects. Only a team that does not have Tedford believes there are no franchise QBs this year. We can take Carr and Tedford will make him the Franchise QB we have never had and Lovie and Tedford will have a dynasty going. But you can’t trade back and get him. The Vikings need a QB worse than we do. They will grab Carr if we trade down. However, take Carr at 7 and then immediately trade Glennon to them for a second round pick. Then take Mad Max of Michigan State as our MLB and take Carr’s fleet WR with the other second round pick, then DT Jay Bromley in the third round–a three technique with just one less sack than Donald, then LSU’s Guard in the fifth round (remember we have a Practice Squad Tackle–Jace Daniels–who will be a great backup for our OL already), and we will be in great shape after we move Foster to SLB where he will be an instant star.