“Kind Of Reminds Me Of Me”

April 20th, 2014

LavonteHow good is Lavonte David? Bucs icon Derrick Brooks has said multiple times that David is, after two seasons, ahead of the Hall of Fame pace Brooks set.

Now another Bucs icon is talking about David looking like a Bucs legend.

Yes, Joe is giving Hardy Nickerson Bucs-legend status. The new Bucs linebackers coach made five Pro Bowls in seven Tampa Bay seasons. He holds the Bucs’ single-season tackling record (214 in 1993). He was at the center of the Bucs’ glory days turnaround, and Nickerson surely aced the eyeball test without all the stats. He was dominant and punishing, as well as a mentor to Brooks and Warren Sapp.

Nickerson told Buccaneers.com in this recent interview that he sees himself in Lavonte David, after getting a chance to the young phenom 1-on-1.

He “kind of reminds me of me,” Nickerson said. He was referring specifically to David’s great pride in his work and seriousness about football.

Nickerson weighed in on other Bucs linebackers, as well.

On Jonathan Casillas: “You fall in love with his speed.”

On newcomer Dane Fletcher: Nickerson raved about his extreme versatility, from rush to coverage.

On Mason Foster: They’re counting on him handling increased responsibility.

26 Responses to ““Kind Of Reminds Me Of Me””

  1. gatrbuc17 Says:

    Lavonte David will be a first ballot HOFer

  2. brandonbucfan Says:

    I will admit that he has had an excellent start to his career. But let’s not crown him yet as a 1st ballot HOF. Hopefully, his new coach HN will help him get there. The bringing in of Lovie means that David will
    get lots of help and we forget the help he will also get from the one and only #55. I only hope that Foster will also be able to improve or that we get that STUD at MLB soon.

  3. pablo Says:

    Lavonte David is operated by you fans. Guy can’t even get a pro bowl nod. Brooks made 11 pro bowls

  4. pablo Says:

    LVD IS OVERATED BY YOU HOMERS, I wish we took Kuechly instead of Barron.

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Let’s just leave LVD alone….no features, no articles…no interviews, movies or youtube videos….just stay away from him and let him play!!! This dude is a badass natural…

  6. Rex Says:

    Pablo, how is he overrated? Kuechly is overrated and LVD has done just as much as he has and LVD set an nfl record for sacks and int. in a season and lead in tackles so I wanna know how he’s overrated again!

  7. Matt Says:

    LVD makes more splash plays than any player since DB in his prime. He will win DPOY before his career is over. He has THE best instincts in the league.

  8. Mcbuc Says:

    Pablo is a fool

  9. Drew Says:

    Pablo… Lay off the Tequila, it’s affecting your brain.

  10. clafollett Says:

    Pablo = troll? Sure sound like it.

  11. CocoaBchBuc Says:

    @Pablo…your ability to analyze players is what is WAY overrated

  12. Alex2013 Says:

    145 tackles, 7 sacks, 2 fumbles 5 interceptions, doesn’t make the Pro Bowl and is overrated? Pablo is just looking for attention…He is the best player on this team!

  13. Chris Says:

    Didn’t LVD shatter ray Lewis records for total defeats by a LB? (Sacks, tackles for loss, ff, fr, ints ) combined?

    Yeah while like keuchly the pile jumper got DPOY for being on a marketable time aka cam newton. It’s bs. David is easy a better player than Ruud 2.0

  14. lurker Says:

    i thought joe didn’t care for pro-bowl selections because it is a popularity contest? and yet you constantly use it as a barometer for nickerson, et al.

  15. Gusjackson Says:


  16. Max Says:

    Sounds like they want to find a replacement for Foster.

  17. John23 Says:

    Kuechly is weak at drop back coverage and David is pretty good.

  18. Buc1987 Says:

    LVD and GMC are going to go into total beast mode under Lovie.

  19. Brandon Says:

    John23 Says:
    April 20th, 2014 at 8:59 pm
    Kuechly is weak at drop back coverage and David is pretty good.

    Actually, Kuechly might be the best MLB in coverage in the NFL right now. As a matter of fact, Mayock touted his zone drops as a huge positive when coming out of school. He has done nothing but impress as a pro.

    I too wanted Kuechly over any and all players with our first pick. If we got him we probably wouldn’t have gotten David so it’s a good trade-off… an excellent Will LB and a decent starting safety for the best Mike LB in football.

  20. unbelievable Says:

    Why does anyone even respond to Pablo? It’s obvious he’s just a douchey little troll.

  21. Vincente Says:

    Lavontes attitude is like Barry sanders attitude. Just go to work without all the media and all that extra stuff. Just let him play.

  22. PRBucFan Says:


    AHAHAHHAHAHA oh the irony that you would say that and than put Luke in the same sentence!

    The man who himself embodies the word overrated lolol what a damn joke.

    You do realize LVD’s been better all around of the two right? And he got the DPOY despite LVD having a better statistical season as well this year?

  23. PRBucFan Says:

    P.S. Brandon you could plug LVD along any of the LB positions and he would dominate.

    Guaranteed he can cover better than Luke lol

  24. PRBucFan Says:


  25. Owlykat Says:

    The stud MLB we need is Mad Max of Michigan State at 6’3″ and 160 pounds. He is a true Urlacher clone and makes bone jarring tackles and great speed to cover any passes he does not knock down and controls side line to sideline and smart enough to call his own defensive signals unlike Foster. However at Foster’s natural position of SLB–he was the top rated OLB in the draft when we picked him–he would be an all pro there. But Hardy may be blowing some smoke Foster’s way so no one will realize Lovie is hoping for the one Urlacher clone in this draft.

  26. Lue0615 Says:

    pablo must me a panthers fan snoopin around these parts