Nicks Is Running, Hoping

April 22nd, 2014

carl nicks 0107The human armoire, Bucs left guard Carl Nicks, is watching practice this afternoon and taking “mental reps.” Nicks won’t be running with his teammates.

However, Nicks is running on his own and working out in a fashion that has him excited.

Nicks looked to be in fantastic shape talking to media today at One Buc Palace, even his toe looked normal. He said he’s doing all kinds of training and rehab, including squatting and lunging, but is staying away from “quick” and explosive movements he has a “struggle with.”

“It’s coming, man. I’m optimistic. My goal is to be ready for training camp. If I’m ready for training camp, I’m good. Right now, Lovie’s taking it easy on me,” Nicks said.

Nicks went on to say he’s confident he can pull off a successful return. He acknowledged he may never be as dominant he once was as a Pro Bowler, but Nicks said Lovie Smith told him “my 80 percent is still pretty good.”

As for the new environment at One Buc Palace, Nicks said change is evident.

“I would say the atmosphere is a lot more up tempo, upbeat. There’s a lot of positivity going around. Smiles. I saw smiles when I came into work today. That’s always good,” Nicks said.

30 Responses to “Nicks Is Running, Hoping”

  1. Architek Says:

    Well he’s getting paid dominant money!

  2. Nick H Says:

    Not too optimistic on this guy. It’s always “__ more weeks/months” but never anything more.

    Very close to another Dominik miss here.

  3. stanglassman Says:

    Blaming Dominic for MRSA now? Gheesh!

  4. Rob Says:

    The Bucs need contingency plans at Guard. I have a hard time believing they’d let Zuttah go for so little if they weren’t confident about Nicks, but if he can’t go – this O-line is going to have serious problems in the middle.

  5. bucrightoff Says:

    Nick H Says:
    April 22nd, 2014 at 1:50 pm
    Not too optimistic on this guy. It’s always “__ more weeks/months” but never anything more.

    Very close to another Dominik miss here.

    It’s already a miss. He might get paid 3 full seasons to not even play 1 full seasons worth of games. Not a miss in terms of the player sucked, but Nicks inability to stay healthy and play at 100% makes it a miss.

  6. Pookie Says:

    Was he in flip flops? Let’s leave the quick explosive movements for Johnny. Good news.

  7. SteveK Says:


    It’s a tragedy.

    Dominick’s record speaks for itself.

    We lost almost 75% of games during his time.

    No, the Nicks tragedy is not on Dom. It’s just unfortunate and further celebrates ineptitude.

  8. robert6 Says:

    they need to make into the waterboy…..maybe wash dishes or something to get some of that cash back

  9. Brandon Says:

    This is why it is a Dominik miss… He paid all that money for a freaking OG…the OGs are the two least paid full-time positions (traditionally) on the offensive side of the ball because good ones can be found anywhere (usually collegiate OTs that are too slow to stay at OT in the pros). It’s very rare that great OG play is the major difference in winning or losing a game. A functional/serviceable player at 1/3 his salary would have been better for the team. That money could’ve been spent on another pass rusher, an OT, slot WR, etc.

  10. Buc1987 Says:

    Welcome back robert6.

  11. Macabee Says:

    I would draft a starting OG or OT that can play OG in the 2nd round and look for a veteran OG in second FA after the draft for depth. My opinion, Cousins is not that guy. Carl Nicks, by his own admission is never going to be the pro bowl Nicks that we signed. But the 95% Nicks could be pretty good if we get him premium snaps and not overwork him. I’m optimistic, but better safe than sorry! Get him some relief!

    I also have to ask – have the Bucs ever developed a player that became something? What about Patrick Omameh, Jace Daniels, or some of the other O-linemen we’re paying a half million dollars to. Somebody needs to step up once in a while!

  12. Macabee Says:

    After I posted I remembered Dotson, but my point remains!

  13. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    Thats great news to hear he has been running and is in good shape. And I would take his 80% over 80% of the OGs in football. And its awesome to hear how much they are smiling and enjoying playing football again with a real coaching staff.

  14. Nick H Says:

    Wow Dominik causing MRSA clearly wasn’t my point but previous commenters nailed the clarifications on the head.

  15. Couch Fan Says:

    Doesn’t sound like he’s expecting to be as good as he was. That’s not good.

  16. BuckPuck Says:

    It’s funny how people read things differently. To me this is very positive. He is in great shape, toe is not swollen and he is running. We still have 3 months till camp so there is plenty of time.

  17. Bucsfanman Says:

    Dom is last year, this is THIS year. If Nicks doesn’t perform to standards he’ll be replaced, simple. Personally, I would’ve liked to have seen him healthy the last 2 years, but what do you do?
    OL was a weakness before we jettisoned Zuttah, Penn, and Joseph. Hopefully Carl and the new guys are up to the task.
    No more could’ve, should’ve, would’ves….PLEASE!

  18. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Didn’t Shroud just say yesterday that Nicks was not doing well? BUSTED IN A LIE!

  19. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Stroud…where is my head today….

  20. Biff Barker Says:

    Macabee, agree we’ll need to draft a guard early, but we’d still be starting a rookie,
    Pretty sure we’ll cover the bases through FA.

    BTW, for those still perplexed by the Zuttah move, he just wasn’t that good.

  21. Bucsfanman Says:

    Bonzai- I heard that as well. I hope it’s good news though.

  22. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Best Offensive Gaurds in the draft (Top 3 according to NFL.Com):

    Xavier Su’a-Filo
    Lacks ideal length. Missed two years of strength training while serving a LDS mission and has a bad body. ( …Does not look the part …
    Draft Projection: Rounds 1-2

    Next best is Gabe Jackson
    Lacks explosive power to shock defenders. Does not blow defenders off the ball in the run game. Average overall athletic ability and lateral agility. Is unsudden and lacks elite recovery quickness. (
    Draft Projection: Rounds 2-3

    Third is Trai Turner
    Lacks ideal length. Has thick hips and a fleshy midsection, which affects his ability to maneuver, position and fit. Ordinary hip snap. Has balance issues. Tends to bend at the waist and let his weight drift over his toes. Body control wanes the farther he travels. (
    Draft Projection: Rounds 2-3

    I don’t think any of you saying we should draft an OG early have even looked at what will be out there in the draft. It’s pretty sad when guys with these kinds of issues are rated as picks in 1-3 rounds of the draft.

  23. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    And yes I know I misspelled Guard. Shameful, I know 😉

  24. Chris Kamelaris Says:

    Exactly why stories written on speculation and just to fill the pages shouldn’t be done at all. Yesterday the story was things weren’t looking good for Nicks and one day later he looks in great shape and is running and his toe looks normal again! SMH! Let’s stick to FACTS please.

  25. Macabee Says:


    That wouldn’t be selective journalism would it? You mean there are no good points about any of these guys that have been slotted by the NFL in draft order.

    You’ve convinced me, I’m not going to believe anything I read anymore! lol

  26. PRBucFan Says:

    O shut your traps lol

    The guy was dominant even when he was playing on a bad toe the very last time he was on the field.

    He will be dominant at whatever percentage he returns to the field in.

    lol You guys crack me up, its almost like negativity is a requirement to be a Bucs fan.


  27. Harry Says:

    If Nicks is able to play this year, that is extremely good news. Guard is our 2nd biggest gapping hole next to WR. And I agree, 80% of Nicks is better than 90% of the guards out there.

  28. Chef Paul Says:

    After that article the other day, this seems like the best news thats ever happened to this team. Running. F*ckin A Awesome!!!

    The fact that something as simple as people smiling gets mentioned says an awfully lot about the Schiano regime. Was it really that bad working for him? I conclude: Must have been.

  29. Dick2111 Says:

    Still hoping that Carl can make it back 100%. Sounds like he’s optimistic, which is great. Even assuming that he is 100% in time for training camp though, we’d still need at least 1 starting OG plus a couple of quality OL backups (can’t remember a year when all 5 starting OLs made it though the entire season). Would still love to see us take Matthews or Robinson at #7 if they’re available, then let that one cut his teeth in the NFL at OG for 1-2 years.

  30. brandonbucfan Says:

    Nothing against the media in this short blurb, but I trust L&L have a true handle on Nicks’ condition. Again, a lot of SMOKE this time of year, maybe even to Rick Stroud. Who do we believe? Who knows? We’ll get a better handle at the draft. Tedford will not let Lovie get away with our two current starting guards ( sorry I meant to say the top ones in the rotation)