Family Affair

April 8th, 2014
Apparently, ex-Bucs WR Mike Williams' days in Tamp Bay were done in by his family.

Apparently, ex-Bucs WR Mike Williams’ days in Tampa Bay were done in by his family.

So ex-communicated Bucs wide receiver Mike Williams has landed in Buffalo. For the first time Joe can recall since going on the injured reserve list last season, Williams met with the fourth estate; only this time it was the Buffalo pen and mic club rather than the locals in Tampa.

Williams was asked about his grievous sins in Tampa Bay, such as loud music, a mattress in the front yard, and an alleged stripper pole in his house (Joe had never heard of anyone looking down their noses at a stripper pole until Williams’ former neighbor popped off).

Williams apparently gave a very bad performance, per Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo News, initially claiming most of their heinous charges against him were lies, but when asked to elaborate, he ducked under the cloak of the Bills’ media relations staff, claiming he was told not to talk about the subjects (then why even respond to the question?).

But Williams did say something that raised Joe’s eyebrow.

“I think one of my big mistakes is really trying to take care of too many people and trying to make too many people happy,” Williams said. “Instead of me going out and doing what I have to do first, and then whatever after that.”

Williams said he does not expect that playing in Buffalo, where he knows so many people, will cause more distractions for him.

“No, I’ve been in the league for five years,” he said. “Even with me being in Tampa, people would try to fly down, get 100 tickets, this that. I learned how to adjust. One big thing is, I learned how to say no. Me being back home I’m going to just take it like me being at Syracuse or Riverside.”

Williams later said again he had learned to say “no,” but has he?

Joe heard the main culprits in all Williams’ messes were “family members.” And it was his brother who knifed him in the leg, police say.

Hey, if Bucs coach Lovie Smith wanted Williams gone because of this, well, fine. Joe just remembers Raheem Morris’ rare vision of clarity when he said of Stylez White, “I’ll tolerate you ’til I replace you.”

If loud music and a mattress in the front yard is enough to run a quality player, Joe wonders what the penalty is for driving 100 mph at night down an Alabama highway allegedly with weed in the car.

Joe has heard of innocent fatalities caused by reckless speeding not to mention an impaired driver. But Joe has never heard of someone snuffed out by loud music or an abandoned mattress.

61 Responses to “Family Affair”

  1. Espo Says:

    This was primarily a money move. None of what he did was as bad as going through a Wendy’s drive thru naked.

  2. Oingo Boingo Says:

    Joe doesn’t hold anyone to high moral standards including himself. Didn’t he get cashiered from the trib for excessive drinking?

  3. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    JOE!!! Give it a rest. You can continue to excuse the wild child all you want but at least make your editorial comments accurate!!!!

    ” until Williams’ former neighbor popped off”

    REALLY? Ahole MW DESTROYS the peace and quiet of a nice neighborhood and you call the LEGITIMATE complains “popping off”.

    Listen until MW got stabbed in a domestic dispute with his brother there was no violence but plenty of property damage. When somebody does waaaay more than $50,000 trashing somebody’s property he’s an AHOLE Joe.

    If you wish to continue supporting an AHOLE that’s fine. But stop making the freaking VICTIMS the bad guys in this story.

    Hey if only that cabbie had a better attitude Aquib wouldn’t have had to b slap him right? You go off on Winslow…and btw I agree with you there…and then want to dismiss MW horrid behavior. It was just a juvenile prank. It wasn’t just lighting a bag of dog dooty on fire and putting it on the mean neighbors porch.

    How many 9/11 calls were there? These people all had a vendatta against poor misunderstood MW. I mean we can all understand having millions of dollars, playing a GAME for a living and having too much time on your hands to behave yourself. Yeah we all can relate to that. Oh the horrors. Thank God I don’t make millions, thank God I have a REAL job and have to work. If I didn’t I might be terrorizing my neighbors and getting in knife fights with my siblings!

  4. pablo Says:

    he said he will learn how to say no because he knows there will be bigger distractions in Buffalo? Wow, this guy will be at the league in two years tops or multiple game suspension

  5. flmike Says:

    I can actually empathize with MW, all my life my family was in the music industry until my Dad and Uncle retired the business in 2000 (Clear Channel is the Devil), we promoted some of the biggest acts in the world, you name them and we either did a show with them somewhere or supplied the merch for one or all of their tours. Try being that kid in High School, I had to weed (pun intended) out who wanted to be my friend for me or for what I could get them, I wound up with two solid lifetime friends from that era of my life, the rest I couldn’t even remember their names at my 30th HS reunion, but you absolutely have to learn how to say No, and mean it, not “No” and then two days later come back with tickets and passes, because then your credibility goes to crap and you become a push over. It’s part of growing up, and when you draft kids, and yes they are kids, you have to expect growing pains….

  6. Chef Paul Says:

    Funny. He said almost the exact same thing Johnny Football said during his interview after his pro day.

  7. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    BTW I’m glad nobody dared to play the race card. MW is just a smaller version of Justin Bieber. Spoiled rotten, arrogant, priks come in all colors.

  8. Architek Says:

    LOL what a joke. Yeah, ok! Next story.

  9. BoJim Says:

    You’re right Joe. We lost a fine receiver. Our “standards” are going to keep us down at the bottom if L&L don’t slow down and think it out. What do I know.

  10. Chef Paul Says:

    If I thought the ONLY reason they traded him was because of a mattress in the yard and a stripper pole, I’d a little miffed about the trade too.

  11. lightningbuc Says:

    If he’s back “home”, won’t the family be an even bigger issue? The third and fourth cousins will be coming at him from every angle. And it’s cold up there – can’t sleep on a mattress in the front yard in Buffalo!

  12. Chef Paul Says:


    “can’t sleep on a mattress in the front yard in Buffalo!”

    Speak for yourself man. The women up north are big boned, cattle breeders. It’s easy to stay warm laying next to a corn fed, head pump. No matter the temperature. I feel warm just thinking about it. Mmmmm cozy.

  13. Ghost Says:

    Mike (house party) Williams is a model citizen. Everything he’s done is just is indicative of just a bunch of wild punks having fun. As long as nobody dies in the fire or gets shot leave him alone.

  14. Drew Says:

    Joe, What did Mike Williams actually do as a receiver for us? He was a decent number 3 at best. Why so much love for this guy? I’m happy that we are getting rid of players that are over paid and under performing!

  15. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    What a wonderful Off-season, Since the last game I could not imagine any of the changes could have been better. Now I am not saying that everything is fixed. What I am saying is that Lovie/Licht have identify the major problems on the roster.

  16. Ghost Says:

    Joe acts like we traded jerry rice away or Megatron for CS.

  17. Dougy balls Says:

    I just want to know how that bum leg is doing . Did that have anything to do with trading him off . Is he ready to participate in practice

  18. Geno714 Says:

    There must be more to this story that we don’t know. These offenses alone would not make a team trade a productive player. And I am sure other teams would have offered more unless they all know something we don’t. Someone in the press’s needs to do some real research and digging.

  19. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    Maybe they just didn’t think he was that good and wanted to move on with someone else (not acquired yet)…..until things settle and we do have a replacement, I’ll reserve judgement.
    (Are you trying to get Spence cut?) After, all….they did find a FA that will likely take his starting job. Was that because of his speeding?…or his play? The differnce between MW19 & Spence is the money….

  20. lightningbuc Says:

    Chef Paul,

    You make a good point. I hadn’t thought about that. They’re pasty white too, so they’ll blend right in with the snow.

  21. brandonbucfan Says:

    I’m against the MW trade. His issues are Bullspit. His salary is 1.8 this year. SO? Worry about his 5.8 NEXT year. I din,t want to hear any more of the 6th round pick BS.Wonder what stories will come up (or be made up) when the spit hits the fan over Conner Barth and Michael Koenans salaries. I already heard Barth may be in trouble because he can’t kick off. All HE does is kick field goals. And Koenan doesn’t have the greatest distance on his punts. All He does is be a league leader in Touchbacks and punts inside the 20.
    But the latest motto is we can get VALUE cheaper. Good luck.

  22. AF Buc Says:

    Williams was already on the chopping block in my eyes when we started releasing some of the “cap heavy” players, and it has nothing to do with his off the field habits. Williams went the way of many of his teammates: finding unlikely success in 2010 against a notoriously soft schedule but falling flat on their faces in 2011. For two years after that, we were left wondering “when will he get back to 2010 form?” In his case just like Josh Freeman, Blount and company, 2010 was the exeption and not the norm. In no way did Mike Will deserve the fat contract extension he was gifted by Dominick. Just look at some of the receivers he’ll be making more money than come 2015: Eric Decker, Emmanuel Sanders, Golden Tate (3 receivers I would rather have than M Williams). Sure some people are upset he’s gone because we wanted him to be great. We wanted Freeman to be the Franchise guy, and Blount to be a punishing short yardage back. None of it happened. We watched LGB get stuffed at the line time after time after time, and we still cried foul when he was traded. Its easy to be a fan when all the pieces are in place and you can just cruise to the playoffs, but the idea of another “rebuilding” phase is daunting to an exhausted fanbase, so we cling onto a fluke year. The right people are calling the shots at One Buc now, and while it will take some time we will get where we need to be.

  23. JT Says:

    Ireally dont get the hate torwards MW. He was a good player a solid number two. Everyone wants to bring up his “distractions” maybe you all should take a look in the mirror before you cast judgement.

  24. martinii Says:

    I personally believe that Williams problems and eventual trade is a result of constant scrutiny and reporting by the local media. I agree the offenses were minor and for the most part excusable. I further think he will be a contributor in Buffalo and ultimately a loss for Tampa. However those concerned with the real reason for his trade need look no farther than the local media. They made him a distraction and we all know what happens to distractions.

  25. Phillip Says:

    “If loud music and a mattress in the front yard is enough to run a quality player, Joe wonders what the penalty is for driving 100 mph at night down an Alabama highway allegedly with weed in the car.”

    Starting spot on D… It’s sad… Don’t think you can start 2 Three Technique DT’s(Definitely means we aren’t drafting Donald) or we won’t be able to stop the run at all…

    If EJ Manuel was worth a piss MW19 would have a solid chance at 1k and 10 TD’s with Stevie on the other side. Woods in the slot, and Goodwin just running GO routes all game long…

    Still have some logical fans down here MW19! Most aren’t though and are glad you are gone because of traffic tickets, loud music, a stripper pole, 50,000 in damages to an extremely nice @$$ house(fire in the kitchen anyone?) and being stabbed by your brother… Oh wait there’s that door you damaged but paid for right on the spot too.. But its okay for those same people to want DeSean Jackson with no care of possible gang ties…

    Just amazes me

  26. BucsQcCity Says:


    Could you focus on OTA insteaf of a Bills player please? I care about the Bucs and this year… Not Freeman, MW and Revis.

    We need fresh info from bucs players and coaches!!!!

  27. Realis1 Says:

    Do you want us to get rid of Akeem Spence now Joe? I see you mention him each time you talk about Mike Williams now.

    How about some articles about some of the prospects in the upcoming Draft. Just no more stalking “I love Johnny Football” articles that make you out to be like a teenage girl chasing a boy band around.

  28. bucfan85 Says:

    Not sure why this is news. He’s not a Buc anymore.

  29. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    oops. Not Tampa’s problem anymore.

  30. Phillip Says:


    Okay let me try and help… Well the team went back to work yesterday… A lot of the players have been hitting the gym in the spare time… A couple grew out beards… A few shaved their head in preparation for the heat… But other than that there isn’t much else to talk about unless you want to know what each person did that is currently on the Bucs did during their time off?

    People act like they have to read every article Joe types up? Clearly you don’t mind it too much if you read the article and then comment about it.. Oh and I’m sure this story on MW19 one on Freeman will make it near impossible for Joe to put up other stories throughout the day… SMH


    Mark Barron kept his number even after the former 24 is gone!!

    We got one other story to break here!!

    The offense we plan to run this year is STILL being kept secret!!!

    This is INSANE!! Sorry just had to be a smart@$$ 🙂

  31. Jktampa Says:

    I guess maybe Spence answered the phone after he got in trouble. In any case that is the ONLY time I have heard he did something wrong. I’m sure he’s on a short leash now.

    But nothing says “pay me millions to do a job for you” like blowing off your boss when your name shows up in the headlines. I agree young people make bad choices and MW isn’t a criminal but that doesn’t mean he was ready to step up and be the guy they were paying him to be. Perhaps it’s an attitude problem. Whatever it is I feel like L&L have nothing to prove by trading him away. Clearly it hurts the talent level on the team so there had to be good reasons for the trade that the new management doesn’t feel the need to make public.

  32. Martinii Says:

    The press was the primary reason Williams was traded. They threw him under the bus for minor offenses. The fans responded unfavorably and management was forced to view him as a distraction. Those who are upset by this trade need look no farther than the local media.

  33. Martinii Says:

    Mike Williams was an accident waiting to happen. He was a distraction and now he is the Bills problem.

  34. lightningbuc Says:

    Phillip enjoys all the MW stories so he can tell the rest of us how sorry of fans we are (and bad “spelters”) and how smart he is.

    Phil, just as people don’t have to read every article Joe types up, you don’t have to read the comments posters share if you don’t like them. But, in your true fashion, you choose to ridicule. Stay classy!

  35. Bucfever40 Says:

    Joe, can we please just move on from this, I refuse to buy into the doom and gloom, sky is falling mind set, I feel L&L know exactly what they’re doing, we still have a draft deep with quality receivers and also cap casualties as the season nears. As for Mike, I wish him well playing in his home town, he just better keep his head on a swivel as he’s gonna have to ward off the moochers and Chucky doll family members while getting his career back on track, but lets move on, shall we?

  36. bucrightoff Says:

    This isn’t the All-Saints League, it’s the NFL. Murderers, guys who kill people driving drunk, beat the crap out of fiancee’s and girlfriends…they all played it. People keep mentioning “deepest draft ever for receivers”….based off what? Mike Williams is not a theoritically productive NFL receiver like all these guys in the “deepest draft ever for receivers”. He’s an actual, proven productive NFL player. Again people now have to hope Williams career goes in the tank, because if he keeps putting up his career averages this trade is terrible, no other way around it.

  37. Howard Bass Says:

    Joe’s favorite ex-GM, the Rock Star gave Mike Williams potentially $40.5 million, definitely $10 million guaranteed reasons to accept responsibility and act like a man but he wouldn’t do it.

    Two things I’ve learned about ‘victims’ – they never accept responsibility and they never grow up. Mr. Williams’ presser yesterday reveals that he fits squarely in that category.

    I hope he gets his act together but my guess is he’s out of the league in 2 years. Sad.

  38. Howard Bass Says:

    Bucfever40 – I totally agree with you but we gotta remember that the ‘Joes’ who run this sight are savvy media vets who understand that stirring the pot by stoking fan passion (that’s why all the incessant Johnny Football madness on here) drives traffic to their site, which in turn generates healthy revenue streams. It’s a great business model.

    Being the fine capitalists they are (I’m a capitalist too) they’re ensuring the success of their business, and make no mistake, our Bucs passion is their business.

    That said, every once in a while Joe actually writes something that makes sense 😉

  39. zam Says:

    could be frequency of incidents that’s a problem too

    Williams misteps were repeatedly noticeable to the community, so would continue to paint the Bucs in a bad light every time someone drove by his house. While I agree it’s more serious to be driving high, it was not high profile and so was less embarrassment to the team than Williams party house.

  40. Pvine Says:

    Joe, “the more that you stir horse crap, the worse it smells”

  41. Neil Says:

    He’s acting like a thug and the complete opposite of the guys Lovie brought in. You won’t confuse Williams for a future broadcaster or a well-spoken guy (e.g. Ronde). I think like Revis, we will be more content once there’s someone on the roster to replace him! As a fan I almost didn’t expect much from the offense with just Vincent Jackson, a patch up offensive line, a rookie QB, a rookie converted TE, our 4th running back option and absolutely no one to throw to besides V-Jax.

    Hopefully in a month’s time Williams will be an afterthought and we will have someone to pair with Jackson. Imagine if Jackson got hurt???

  42. Joe Says:

    We need fresh info from bucs players and coaches!!!!

    Tell the Bucs. Can’t get what’s not offered.

  43. finishers Says:

    it’s all about the next 3yrs. of guaranteed money ! and that’s it know the bills can over pay him and not us.

  44. Westsidebucsfan Says:

    It must be real slow around OBP to keep dragging this story through the mud.

  45. Eric Says:

    Stay focused and out of trouble.

    So easy even a cave man can do it.

  46. dreambig Says:

    Too bad MW did not realize his potential in Tamap. I always liked him until recently. Having a few offspring myself close to MWs age, I certainly know that people grow up a different rates. Unfortuatly for MW he did not handle his money and fame well. The problem is that while MW is goofing off causing all this mahem, he is not working on his craft or on getting better. He most likely was not going to grow any more as a Buc and this trade maybe the wakeup call that he needs to settle down and take his game to the next level. This might end up be a win/win for him and the Bucs.

  47. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Some earlier post advised us to look in the mirror.

    OK Now that I’ve finished I can honestly say but for the grace of God I would be in the same boat as Akeem Spence. IE I suspect majority of folks on this board have “inhaled”.

    A significant % have driven while “legally” over the limit for alcohol.

    Akeem’s mistake is a common one. I literally have dozens of friends and family who have made that mistake.

    I’ve never had a domestic dispute with family members where one of them stuck a knife in me. I’ve never been such an obnoxious neighbor that someone felt the need to call 911..not once much less a half dozen times over one summer. I’ve never ripped the door of a girlfriends apartment although I concede I know dudes who have mistreated their gf’s.

    Akeem made ONE mistake that all of us have probably done ourselves and just not gotten caught.

    MW had a PATTERN of bad behavior that most of us have never done.

    Some of you will overlook anything. I’d rather lose playing Dungy ball with class acts than win with Oakland Raiders bad boys.

    BTW folks this is freaking Florida. MW doesn’t realize how close he came to getting blown away by some irate stand your ground neighbor.

  48. Ghost Says:

    It’s not like mike (house party) Williams is jerry rice, megatron, or even steve smith.

  49. bucray1 Says:

    joe, shut up and get a clue!!

  50. Ernest T. Bass Says:

    I lived across the street from the party house. There was in fact a filthy mattress in the front lawn. It was strategically placed there to bang chicks out in the open. The lawn was always cut and bushes were trimmed.

  51. Eastsidebuc Says:

    C’mon Joe… You know anytime there is chocolate amongst marshmallow, marshmallow usually freaks out. Why are you surprised??? Especially in the south.

  52. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    For some reason, “taking care of others” is viewed as a bad thing. It’s not. It is how you go about that counts.

    I take care of people financially. I reach out to people in need. I’ve housed the homeless in my own home. I’ve prayed for the sick. I’ve ministered to the down and out.

    But mostly, taking care of others means offering wisdom without judgement. That’s how my life was changed. That’s how others lives are changed.

    Make a difference without compromising yourself. THAT’s the lesson Mike should have learned by now.

  53. Pete 422 Says:

    Knowing how to say no is a great skill he will need to use. Best to Mike.

  54. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    bucray1 Says
    “joe, shut up and get a clue!!”

    If you really had a pair you would not have created a new username to say that.

  55. lurker Says:


    how old r u? you mention god and yet you judge. you have not walked in Williams’ shoes. heck, you admit that you dwi, and so you your family members. that is just crazy. you sound like the bigger menace to society.

    and as joe has pointed out, $50,000 damage is nothing when the house is way more than your trailer.

  56. Orca Says:

    Joe is completely full of cow dung. Let it go dude. You know very well that the team was tired of negative headlines about Williams, not to mention his questionable commitment to football. You conveniently ignore that last fact, because it doesn’t serve your argument. Beating a dead horse with distortions makes Joe look like a moron.

  57. OB Says:

    Joe I think this was simple a three strikes and you’re out call.

    Big difference between a one time deal with Spence and what Williams did. And from his comments it sounds like this was a wake up call that he heard, only time will tell.

    Plus his “punishment” includes New York State income tax on at least half of his salary and getting to play in the Buffalo Dome in the middle of winter, of course it is missing it’s roof, which makes it great being a receiver in this.

    As to the stripper pole, unless they were peeking in the windows or were invited in, how did they know?

    From the 2013 New York State income tax form, page 58 the following is for your info with line 2 being your New York Income, it looks like he is going to take an almost 9% reduction in pay, that would pay for a lot of family members living expenses.

    3 Multiply line 2 by 8.82% (.0882)
    (Stop: If the line 1 amount is $1,079,250
    or more, skip lines 4 through 10 and enter
    the line 3 amount on line 11) ………………………….

  58. robert6 Says:

    wish him well, but I expect trouble

  59. Phillip Says:


    Let me guess you wanted DeSean Jackson?

    There is no possible way you have friends that aren’t either make believe or online… Go outside for once kid instead of reading every one of my comments like a groupie… I’m flattered but I’m married to my hot @$$ wife.. Sorry kid

  60. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Joe, get off your high horse already. You certainly don’t have the stones to go head-to-head with Lovie Smith’s credibility. You’ll lose. Every time.

  61. getaclue Says:

    What does “taking care of people” have anything to do with his actions he is just comparing apples and oranges to justify instead of accepting responsibility