Mocking Derek Carr And The Bucs

April 18th, 2014
Is Derek Carr a reach for the Bucs?

Is Derek Carr a reach for the Bucs?

Joe is convinced the Bucs will draft a quarterback next month in the NFL Draft. Whether it is Johnny Football in the first round, Derek Carr in the second around, Jimmy Garoppolo in the third round or Aaron Murray in the fourth round, Joe isn’t sure. Only time will tell.

Joe is willing to wager (but not much) that the Bucs will have a new quarterback come early May.

Joe’s good friend Justin Pawlowski of WHFS-FM 98.7 is of the same mind, even lockstep in believing that the Bucs should pull the trigger on Johnny Football at No. 7. In his latest mock draft, Pawlowski doesn’t believe the Bucs will have that chance because the Cleveland Browns will grab Johnny Football.

As a result, Pawlowski believes, the Bucs will then settle on Carr at No. 7.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Derek Carr – QB – Fresno St.
Commish’s Comments:
This might surprise some, but if the Bucs feel Derek Carr is the best fit for their offense under Jeff Tedford, then why is this such a surprise. Tedford coached brother David Carr in college to being the top pick in the 2002 draft. David’s struggles in the NFL were not the fault of Tedford and might have been the result of being the first pick of an expansion team who game him little to work with and zero protection. No, Derek is not David, but Tedford’s familiarity with the Carr family should not go unnoticed. Carr’s quick release, accuracy, and athleticism should be great fits for Tedford’s quick passing game. Derek Carr also possesses excellent character with a wife, child, and is very active in the community through charity and religion. Lovie Smith might feel comfortable with Carr’s talent and character to go ahead and secure him here rather than passing and hoping he can still grab Carr a little later.

Joe thinks drafting Carr at No. 7 is a major reach. Yes, Joe understands all of his connections to Tedford and that the two have known each other since Carr was a youngster.

To be honest, at the NFL Scouting Combine, no quarterback impressed Joe from a character standpoint more than Carr, who has an inspirational story of overcoming adversity while also playing football. Carr was the polar opposite of that coddled Son of Saban, A.J. McCarron.

Joe can see the Bucs drafting Carr, easily. He seems to be a perfect fit personality-wise for Lovie Smith. But at No. 7? That’s a bit of a reach.

49 Responses to “Mocking Derek Carr And The Bucs”

  1. Macabee Says:

    I don’t know who or when the Bucs will draft a QB in the upcoming draft. They are doing a lot of home work with QBs that go beyond what I would call a smokescreen. Lovie said he plans to take 4 QBs to camp.

    Might be helpful to ask at the next presser how many QBs they plan to keep on the roster? If the answer is two and they draft a QB, the answer is obvious to me, Mike Glennon is odd man out or it’s a wasted draft pick. If the answer is three, then Glennon is in a battle for the third spot.

    Remember, you have to cut a player first and he has to clear waivers to get him on the practice squad. If that player has any trade value at all, he will not clear waivers. If the 3rd or 4th QB has trade value, then expect a trade before the start of the regular season.

    I will leave the choice of QB to Lovie and Licht. It’s the type of decision that could determine how long you get to be coach or GM!

  2. BoJim Says:

    I like Carr but at 7? He’ll be gone before the second round. It might be a dilemma for L&L but I’m sure they have a sound plan in place.

  3. joseph mamma Says:

    He overcame such adversity to play football. What an inspiration to us all, and hero to millions everywhere. I think I’m sick of reading about sports entertainers being inspirations and believe it to be a crock. But this blog is probably my favorite place to get buc news so not trying to bash either Joe.

  4. Macabee Says:

    Most of you already know about Jeff Tedford’s relationship with the Carr family. There may be an attraction to Carr by Lovie Smith as put forth by Pewter Report. It has been said that Lovie is a man of faith and considers that to be very important in a person’s life. So does Tony Dungy.

    As it turns out, so is Derek Carr and Pewter Report thinks it’s relevant. If you’ve noticed, there is a tattoo on the inside right wrist of Carr. I enlarged the photo and my research says that the tattoo on Carr’s right wrist is the CHI-RHO symbol. Chi-Rho is the oldest known monogram (or letter symbol) for Christ. Some call this symbol the “Christogram” and it dates back to the Roman Emperor Constantine (A.D. 306-337).

    I have no idea if this has any relevance at all and is merely a coincidence. But if Derek Carr is chosen by the Bucs and it helps us go to the playoffs or better yet, win a Super Bowl, I say thank you Jesus!

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Trade down, if we can, and pick him up later in the first….at least get another pick if he’s our choice…..I don’t think he’ll go before 20th pick.

  6. BucFanForever Says:

    If they want Carr, just trade back

  7. Bill Byrne Says:

    Build from the “inside-out”…..Matthews, then Jackson…..then a quarterback. That’s a winning formula. Carr looks and sounds like a good investment but not without an offense that can protect him.

  8. lightningbuc Says:

    UGH! Anyone else remember a certain Fresno St. QB the Bucs took with the 6th pick in the draft one year?

  9. SAMCRO Says:

    I don’t care if they draft a QB. Just not in round one.

  10. Brian Says:

    You’re a little out of touch on where these quarterbacks will be drafted. Carr could be available with our 2nd pick, but it’s highly unlikely. I’ve even seen smart people mocking him in front of us in the first to the Raiders or Browns. I don’t think he’s good enough to be a top 10 pick, but I doubt he will make it into the 2nd round. Same goes for Garoppolo…he will be gone in the early 2nd round…and you keep mentioning him like he will be an option in the 3rd…he won’t be.

  11. pablo Says:

    He is this year’s Brandon Weeden.. PASS !

  12. Phillip Says:

    Carr won’t be available in the 2nd round most likely… You are underestimating the extra year on the contract you get if drafted in the 1st round(With QB’s it’s HUGE)… Someone will trade back up and get him or someone will trade back to the teens or early 20’s to get him.. He is “rocketing” up the draft boards according to ALL of the “Draft Experts”

  13. Phillip Says:

    For the people who keep getting re-routed check this website out seriously

  14. Phillip Says:

    One last thing…

    Everyone keeps saying there are no true FRANCHISE QB’s in this draft and we should wait till next year… I’m sorry but before Andrew Luck who was the last sure thing at QB(answer is at the bottom)?? The surefire QB’s go NUMBER 1 overall not somewhere in the teens and twenties(where we will be drafting next year) so while you say wait till next year that just means we would have to mortgage our future for that pick… Not ONE logical answer to that from ANYONE… Winston(probably go back for another year or baseball) Petty(Project) Mariota(project) Hundley(project)

    But wait Brady(6th) Romo(UDFA) Brees(1st pick in the 2nd round) Wilson(First round grade 3rd round height) Kap(4th pick in the 2nd round) Dalton(3rd pick in the 2nd round) Foles(3rd) weren’t first round QB’s…

    You’re right but Rivers Cutler Roethlisberger Stafford Ryan Smith RGIII Luck Newton Manning Manning Palmer Tannehill Flacco Rodgers were…

    2011 – Cam Newton was FAR from a sure thing..
    2010 – Sam Bradford coming off of a shoulder injury and missed most of his last college year and still has durability issues?
    2009 – Stafford? Still has the same mechanical issues
    2008 – Matt Ryan (Ding ding ding)

    You don’t get a chance to take a Peyton Manning Matt Ryan or Andrew Luck every year they come along once every few years the rest of the time you gotta look at their potential which Bortles Bridgewater Manziel and Carr all have a TON of…

  15. Ep bucfan Says:

    I’ve been calling it Joe. It may be a reach but what if he is taken by someone else before they get their 2nd pick. If they see him as their guy why risk it. Better to get your guy earlier than you want versus not at all. ~ leader of the carr mob

  16. finishers Says:

    i don’t think carr is anymore of a reach than any of the Qbs in this draft.

  17. brandonbucfan Says:

    If Carr is who they want TRADE DOWN. I am sure Pittsburgh would LOVE to trade up for Evans or one of the remaining OL. Whatever pick we get take a WR but get us a GUARD early..PLEASE>>>

  18. Buc1987 Says:

    We’ll see if they take a QB in this draft. We shall see. I still say they won’t, but we’ll see. I do agree this is a good year to try and find one. I just don’t think they will take one.

  19. #70 BucFan Says:

    If Carr is our Starting QB eventually, then it won’t be a reach.
    They have to draft one. McCown is good, but he won’t hold up forever.
    Gotta have somebody behind him

  20. Bucfan#37 Says:

    I think the Bucs will get another QB too. I’d wager about as much as you would Joe, that it happens.

  21. bucrightoff Says:

    This isn’t a good year to try and find a QB though. Its not like its 1983 with several high end prospects. This year is fully of mostly boom or bust guys. It’s about the same as any other year: a total crapshoot. I’m not sure ultimately there will be much difference between a QB picked in the 5th round as opposed to the 1st. No sure things, lots of question marks with all QBs.

    I actually think I’ve figured out who Licht was talking about a franchise QB nobody is talking about….except now everyone is talking about him: Tom Savage, who amazingly has gone from potentially undrafted to now being invited to New York for the draft. His agent is incredible if nothing else.

  22. GoNoles Says:

    I have heard a couple of ESPN analyst saying that if not for his name, Carr would be in the talks for the number 1 over all pick. I would bet that Carr will not slide any further than the Cardinals pick which is where Kiper has him going.

  23. MadMax Says:

    CONNOR SHAW!!!!!!!!

  24. lightningbuc Says:


    William, is that you?

  25. Couch Fan Says:

    Carr would be the only pick at 7 that I would not like.

  26. John Says:

    We have Mcnown for this year. Pick the best player available. Get Murray in the 3 rd round. GO BUCS!

  27. #70 BucFan Says:

    Guess Gruden is Hocking Manziel as the Best QB in the crop. Compares him to Steve Young and Brett Farve

  28. Thomas Says:

    Don’t be surprised if Carr is taken before one of the other Qb’s. Just because WE think he should be there later doesn’t mean he WILL be.

    We might take carr but we wont take McCarron, I can guarantee it. If you remember the interviews at the combine, Carr came across as inspirational and a genuine nice guy. If you remember, he shares the same overall attitude that the other guys Lovie and Licht brought in have.

    McCarron on the other hand came across as kind of a jerk in his. he was full of ‘me, me me,’ and that isn’t the kind of guy Lovie wants.

  29. Patrick Says:

    Get Aaron Murray! He’s the most underrated quarterback in this draft.

  30. Architek Says:

    I am actually growing into this pick and the logical aspect makes complete sense to me.

    But I am also ok with him possibly sitting for a year to grow into the position.

    The super-value would be trading Glennon to the Pats because they’re about to lose their 2nd string Mallet for nothing and why not give up a 4th or 3rd for a steady young qb that can be a good understudy to Brady for his remaining years.

  31. Justin Says:

    Enough about the relationship between Tedford and the Carr family because an organization isn’t going to put all their eggs in that basket when turnover for both OC and QB is relatively high unless you have success. This is not college. This is a business. If Tedford or Carr decide to suck it up, they will be gone within 2-3 years, and the Bucs are right back to where they started. Derek Carr at 7 would be a serious reach..

    Having said that, Carr is a system quarterback. So if the Bucs (for some reason) decide to draft him in the 1st, they need to make a serious push for Davante Adams also to give him some sort of conformity on the next level. I personally don’t see that as a better tandem than Evans/Garoppolo

  32. Eric Says:

    I like Carr, great guy and inspirational and all.

    But he is no Johnny Football, who is the best prospect in 20 years, and is going to be a star.

    A guy from Fresno state or the man that shredded Nick Saban and the tide – twice.

    But, if JF is off he board I like taking Carr. Although I would still move up to get JF.

  33. QB or burst Bucfan Says:

    Brett Farve= Johnny Manziel ?
    I’m in

  34. Patrick Says:

    What makes Carr any better than Murray?

  35. Poo Bear Says:

    Lovie just bought a Johnny Fathead for his office. Watch it get stolen a week before the draft by a mystery man.

  36. dee Says:

    Hell no carr!!!!!!!!

  37. thegregwitul Says:

    Here is the thing with ‘reaches’: For months on end, we as fans read up article after article or watch segment after segment where ‘experts’ advise as to who should be picked and where. While some of these guys have connections, none of them are in the war rooms for each team, so there is no way to really know just how valued a player like Derek Carr is until the day of the draft. Everything else is pure speculation and hype.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Browns draft Carr at #4 (and later bring in his brother so the team has three QBs on the roster in the Carr brothers and Hoyer) nor would I be surprised if the Bucs draft him if he is there at #7. Carr could very well fall all the way to the Browns other first round pick, which would be a nice pickup for them (Carr for Richardson, basically), but I just don’t see how he is still there in the second round. Not with the rookie cap and the ability to trigger that fifth year option with a first round pick. Someone could also trade up, but I think Carr is a solid QB that a lot of fans are scared of because his brother was pummeled into oblivion as the #1 pick in Houston.

    20 days away!

  38. Nick H Says:

    I don’t have high hopes for Johnathon Manziel but I certainly don’t have any at all for Derek Carr at 7 overall. There’s so much more talent on the board that it would be a downright tragedy.

  39. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    If Wilson was taken in the first round, would it have been considered a reach? Probably. But he would have been worth it.

    If the Bucs feel Carr is their guy, then they should take him. Especially since the guards come up after round 2 and the WRs are all over the place.

  40. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Architek Says
    “I am actually growing into this pick and the logical aspect makes complete sense to me.

    But I am also ok with him possibly sitting for a year to grow into the position.”

    I am on board with you this far.

    When I first heard Carr’s name I immediately thought of his brother and considered him a future bust. I was wrong. After doing a lot of digging I realized he isn’t his brother and he has a good chance of success. And best of all he fits everything Lovie and Tedford seem to be wishing:

    An accurate passer
    A QB with mobility, but not a scramble first guy
    Quick release, quick to react
    Excels at the short to medium range passing game, has gotten it done in deep passing game
    Fast learner
    A family man
    A Christian man
    A leader

    If we compare all of the other QBs, none of them fit so much as Carr.

    But it is the trading Glennon part I disagree with. Even though I feel good about Carr, he’s still not a sure thing. And Glennon isn’t a sure bust either.

    I’ve said all along, two chances are better than one.

    I do agree with sitting him the first year or so. Let he and Glennon develop while we have McCown. The only problem is I don’t believe McCown will be any good at all, so there may be pressure.

  41. bigpoppabuc Says:

    There are a ton of QBs in this draft… They all have the same boom or bust feel, though. Derrek Carr, Conner Shaw, Tom Savage, Aaron Murray, and my personal favorite sleeper, Garret Gilbert. I think the closer we get to the draft the more people realize that these kinds of guys are on the same level as Bridgewater or terriBortles.

    Manziel is the only one worthy of a top ten puck imo, as he’s clearly the most talented overall of this class… But I still don’t want the Bucs making that pick. Grab the receiver you have graded highest because the best ones are going to disappear in the back end of the first round.
    If L&L want to take a QB, there’s got to be one they like left in the second, third or fourth.

  42. Jonny 2.3 Says:

    Carr is as accurate as Freeman and has always crumbled when his team needed him the most. All those people saying “I am buying into the idea of Carr as our QB”, have no friggin clue what he is and isn’t.

  43. WalkdaPlank Says:

    @Eric – Can I get this week’s lotto numbers from your magic 8 ball?

    And Christ! For everyone who wants to keep blabbering on about Mancrush “shredding” Bama twice (he didn’t even win the second) you must be forgetting his fanstastic games in which he “shredded” Mizzou and LSU’s defenses? The “best prospect in 20 years” looked like a deer in the headlights. It’s almost as bothersome as the MGM constantly talking about QB ratings and 19/9 ratios.

  44. stanglassman Says:

    The more I learn and watch this guy the more I think it wouldn’t be a reach at all and want him on our team. I only wish we could get him in the 2nd round but I don’t even know if he will be there for the 7th overall selection.

  45. panhandle buccaneer Says:

    we can grab meetenberger late and leave our 1st rd pick for a stud OL or my man crush araon donald

  46. BamBamBuc Says:

    Please, no Carr. I’m so tired of drafting QBs based on previous affiliation with a coach. Freeman – Morris, Glennon – Schiano, Carr – Tedford. Just because a coach is “more” familiar with one guy over another, doesn’t mean that guy has more talent than the other, just that the coach knows the talent better. If we draft QB, please take Best QB Available… not just the guy the OC knows. If we take WR, take Best WR Available. ETC.

    Also, been meaning to say this in other articles regarding salaries of QBs and how that means we shouldn’t be drafting a QB (or won’t be). McCown’s $10M over 2 years and even add Glennon AND a rookie 1st round draft choice is about $8.5M for 2014. That’s lower than 21 other team’s total QB spending in 2014 (unless teams spending less draft a QB higher than us, then maybe more teams spending more on QBs). It’s not a salary issue, it’s a roster space issue. 14 teams have a SINGLE QB on their roster getting paid MORE than $8.5M this year (we would have 3 combining for that total). Drafting a QB in the 1st round will cost us about $15M over 4 years with an option for a 5th year. There are 10 QBs that will make that in 2014 alone.

    Lastly, the common thought around the NFL (that I’m hearing) is that the draft is extremely deep at WR (19 underclassmen entered the draft at WR this year, along with all the seniors). The thought is that WRs that may have been 1st round talent in other years will slide down to the 2nd round as WR needy teams fill the need with the top picks in round 1. Those that slide will push others to later rounds. As more teams fill the need and fewer are selected, there will be gems to be found on the 3rd day. Beyond that, WRs have historically been risky in the 1st round, while many current starters have been found rounds 2-7. Just look at the highest paid WRs (those that have signed deals after a rookie contract). They’re littered at the top with WRs from all rounds. Wallace, Colston, Garcon, to name a few.

  47. Manzielski Says:

    In my experience, If someone tells you how honest they are, grab your wallet.

    If someone tells you how wonderful a Christian they are, grab your wallet and hide your children.

    The holier than thou attitude was exactly what I hated about Dungy who kept the Bucs out of the Super Bowl annually.

    Maybe, we are getting a hint as to why Lovie was fired after a successful run in Chicago.

    The only thing worse than Schiano stupid is Christian stupid, believing in some make believe deity in the sky.

    I was held captive as a child, tortured and brainwashed by giant penguins selling damnation and hellfire. By the age of seven I had it all figured out as a scam.

    Now, the pope admits it was all a fraud and they knew all along that Hell never existed in reality, only as an abstract idea.

    Now we should draft a QB and support a coach who are intellectually inferior to a seven year old. I don’t think so!

  48. Tristan Berry Says:

    If Carr is their target (which wouldn’t disappoint me at all), it makes far more sense to trade out of the 7th spot to grab him toward the end of the first round and use the extra picks to grab a starting-quality receiver. Carr AND a top receiver together would be worth the 7th pick in this draft.

  49. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    If we can not get an offer that makes it worth trading down and players like Sammie Watkins, Jake Matthews, or Kalil Mack are still around then I would not be against taking him at 7 if the coaching staff is as comfortable with him as I am.