Bucs Leading In The Change Column

April 9th, 2014

The data is in at NFL.com, and no team has added more players than the Bucs since Feb. 3.

The Buccaneers’ magic number stands at 19. With six 2014 draft picks (for now) and a few targeted undrafted free agents likely to make the team, Lovieball’s opening 53-man roster in Tampa should feature at least 25 new faces.

But it could be quite a bit more than that. There will be a handful of cuts around the NFL in June, plus rounds of releases in August. The Bucs still have a pile of salary cap room. And who knows what kind of draft-day deals Lovie Smith and Jason Licht might have in mind? Guys like Mike Glennon, Adrian Clayborn and Akeem Spence, for example, might fetch some value.

Andy Reid started his Chiefs regime with 30+ new bodies. Joe’s confident the Bucs will be in the exact same ballpark. Per NFL.com, the Giants, Raiders, Redskins and Bears round out the top-5 NFL change-makers this offseason.

Here’s the running list of new Bucs over the past 65 days:

QB Mike Kafka
TE Steve Maneri
CB D.J. Moore
DE Michael Johnson
DT Clinton McDonald
TE Brandon Myers
CB Alterraun Verner
QB Josh McCown
LT Anthony Collins
C Evan Dietrich-Smith
G Oniel Cousins
LB Dane Fletcher
LS Jeremy Cain
CB Mike Jenkins
WR Louis Murphy Jr.
TE Josh Baker
FB Jorvorskie Lane
S Major Wright
WR Lavelle Hawkins

21 Responses to “Bucs Leading In The Change Column”

  1. Dean Says:

    Interesting to note: Seven new adds on Defense, one on ST, and ten on Offense. Pretty even split. I think the June 1st cuts and cuts as teams pare down their rosters will be a great place to add some reliable help at a reasonable price.

  2. Ernest T. Bass Says:

    My favorite song “Waiting On The World To Change”. Change is good, hopefully we have the same results as Andy Reid’s Chiefs. Best pick up Steve “The Animal” Maneri. Animal is 6’7″ 280 TE!!

  3. Snook Says:


    Its called progress.

    Gruden changed over 20+ players when he took over in 2002. And that was a playoff team. Obviously a 4-12 needs an overhaul like this.

    Lots of morons still claim Gruden won with Dungy’s team. But there wouldn’t have been a Super Bowl that year without guys like Barnes, Jurevicius, McCardell, Dilger, Dudley, Roman Oben, Pittman. Hell, remember Greg Spires? What a difference maker he was on D that year? He never played under Dungy. Brought in by Gruden.

    We can argue whether or not the right specific choices were made this off-season but no one can argue (credibly) that this 2014 roster didn’t need a big shakeup.

  4. Architek Says:

    One word – depth and I see an raising of the bar for the bottom portion of our roster. Players like L Johnson and T Crabtree and others are now on the bubble and will have to prove they can make the roster and not giving depth players guarantees.

  5. owlykat Says:

    We were told from the start that there would likely be a 50% turnover in the roster since we were a 4-9 team last year. L and L knew exactly what they were doing and will so deliver. That is nice to know, especially since Lovie told his troops the other day that their goal this year is the Super Bowl. Now if he makes good on that goal this year, I don’t think we will see so many negative posts here, even if Lovie should lose the SB again. I personally will be satisfied if we lose some games in the first half of our schedule as our team perfects all the new playbooks and assignments and gel together as a team and then they win the last half of their schedule, and just get into the playoffs by the skin of their teeth, and even if they don’t win a playoff game this year. It will tell me (if we picked up a future Franchise QB in round 1 this year) that Lovie will be here the rest of his career and GOOD TIMES ARE HERE AGAIN!!!!

  6. ManzielMadness Says:

    Wasn’t there also a LB brought over from the CFL?

  7. Macabee Says:

    I predict that number will be in excess of 32 players or upwards of 60% turnover. This is not a re-build. It is a total re-make.

    Potential Buc cuts:

    Michael Koenen………..3,250,000
    Luke Stocker……………….763,172
    Michael Smith………………586,287
    Scott Solomon……………..570,000
    Danny Lansanah………….570,000
    Mike Kafka……………………570,000
    Matthew Masifilo…………..495,000
    Bradley McDougald………495,000
    Patrick Murray……………..420,000
    Marvin Booker……………..420,000 (cut 4/7)
    Jacob Schum………………..420,000
    Bobby Felder………………..420,000
    Patrick Scales……………….420,000

  8. Eric Says:

    A minimum of 8 starters on that list. Probably 2-3 more from the draft.

    Go Lovie!

  9. Buc1987 Says:

    owlykat…I think pretty much every coach’s goal every year is to reach the Super Bowl. I’m sure there have been many coach’s that have already told their team the same thing. Our goal is the Super Bowl.

  10. Macabee Says:

    On Feb 19, Tampa Bay signed LB Damaso Munoz, who played the last three seasons for the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League.

  11. zam Says:

    None of those stand out as the greatest pickup in the history of free agency. But I think that’s a good thing.

    The top guys with big names made The Dominator look like he won free agency each year, but the team never had any depth whatsoever.

    The value approach to FA is a much better way to go than the big splash approach. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Then home-grow your own elite superstars like David and McCoy, don’t buy them at the market.

  12. brandonbucfan Says:

    Don’t get your hopes too high and let your self in for a disappointment. I believe NO will win the NFC South even without Sproles but with their adds on Defense. Leaves us a Wild card..the loser of the NFC West (SF or SEA) gets one. That leaves Arizona, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Carolina, Giants, and possibly the Rams to beat out for the last wild card. an you realistically see us finishing ahead of all those teams? Tough road to hoe. I am a Bucs fan hoping to see improvement over the last several years but can’t see them in my head (not my heart) making the playoffs this year. I can see 7-9 this year. And no, I don’t think Johnny would make the difference. Resign GMC and an extension to Lavonte and build for next year.

  13. Bucfever40 Says:

    Buchan 87, I disagree, while it is every teams ultimate goal to reach the SB, teams with new coaches often throw caution to the wind by not creating those expectations as it is usually a time to rebuild, with the Bucs, I think the general consensus is this team is not in a rebuilding stage, but ready to compete right away, much like when Gruden was hired, and like Gruden, Lovie has done a great job of addressing what he feels needed attention, I don’t think every teams coach goes on record with SB expectations in every city, many teams would feel fortunate to reach just the post season, and it’s often conveyed that way with teams that may lack in talent and/or are cash strapped to bring in New talent. Any way, that’s just who.

  14. robert6 Says:

    whole lot o camp meat and leftovers in there.

    not one is in MW, Revis, or Penn’s league. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t disagree with getting rid of those guys for better value and or potential…

    but damn that’s a lot of nobody’s. we’ll see!

  15. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    You have got to be kidding me. A superbowl this year??

    Much as I like my Bucs, that is not happening. You people are forgetting that many of the signings are injury prone or camp fodder.

    At least be realistic.

  16. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    trade down and get as many picks as you can then draft c.j. Mosley, Martavias Bryant, A.j. McCarron, Coleman at WR, the 6″8 OT, and a guard in any order. I’m a wannabe G.M. and I can see all of these picks being available if we draft well.

  17. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Super Bowl 2018 here we come!!!

  18. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    Question in the 2018 SB scenario will be does Lovie get out coached and anhillated once again by the Colts (this time with Andrew Luck instead of Manning).

  19. bucfever Says:

    Did anyone besides me notice who Joe put at the top of his list to get rid of? This coming from a man who says he likes Glennon and trying all he can to run his ass out of town. Makes you wonder how many times he has suggested trading Glennon around 1Buc. OH YA I know Joe likes him.

  20. Mr Magoo Says:

    19 new players…almost as many as Gruden brought in during his first year to win the Super Bowl for us. I think that number was 25. Of course, that was all Dungy’s team according to most of these Brainiac’s.

  21. BoJim Says:


    I agree. 7-9. We have too many new players to get to gel as a team. Playoffs this year is not very realistic not to mention the SB.