Garoppolo = Best QB “On Tape”

April 9th, 2014

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The way former Texans and Redskins general manager Charley Casserly is talking, it seems he’d draft Eastern Illinois quarterback Jimmy Garopplo over Johnny Football.

Joe can hardly breathe after hearing such heresy on the WDAE-AM 620 airwaves this morning.

Joe wants the Bucs to draft Johnny Football, but Joe’s absolutely fine with the legitimate criticism of Johnny Football. After all, if he were a sure thing, an Andrew Luck slam dunk, then the Bucs would have no shot to draft him.

So Joe actually was pleased to hear Casserly, now an NFL Network analyst, break down several quarterbacks in the draft today. Among the highlights (you can hear the full audio below), Casserly says Johnny Football has “no pocket discipline” and is “totally unorthodox.” That’s music to Joe’s ears. Hopefully, general managers picking higher than the Bucs will be spooked by such silliness. Who cares that studies have revealed Johnny Football threw for 70 percent in the pocket? Boy, that guy is undisciplined.

On Teddy Bridgewater, Casserly says teams around the NFL have questions about his leadership and build. As for Blake Bortles, Casserly says he’s “a ways away.” 

Casserly is very upbeat on Garoppolo, who visited Lovie Smith and friends yesterday.

“[Garopplo] probably is the best player on tape, believe it or not. Now level of competition is way below everybody else. Very good vision. Best release in the draft. Can move in the pocket. Arm seems to be good enough. Totally raw, got to start from scratch on him.”

One thing Joe agreed with Casserly on? The Bucs absolutely need to draft a QB.


41 Responses to “Garoppolo = Best QB “On Tape””

  1. Eric Says:


  2. bucrightoff Says:

    So is Johnny’s restraining order on you for 500 feet or 1,000 feet?

  3. Meh Says:

    He completely crumbles under even the slightest pressure. I’m really hoping we skip picking him.

  4. Luther Says:

    Joe, you are welcome to join the Garoppolo Mob at any time. You can’t teach throwing motion (see Teebow) and this kid can easily work on the rest of his flaws like footwork.

  5. blackmagic00 Says:

    Title should have read joe loves johnny.

  6. mpmalloy Says:

    Garoppolo can’t “pull” like Manziel.

  7. finishers Says:

    i would take Garoppolo over johnny also

  8. lightningbuc Says:

    Obviously Casserly was unable to “pull” in college.

  9. Drew Says:

    JF is not in the draft tarot cards.

  10. SAMCRO Says:

    Yeah I don’t get this pull thing, JimmyG looks like he could play a leading role in “Days of Our Lives” while Manziel looks like the fictional character on the cover of MAD magazine. Must be all that oil money… that’s why our former Commander and Chief visited his Pro-day workout. All that good Ol’ Boys Texas Oil.

  11. Ernest T. Bass Says:

    Breaking news Manziel’s shirt ripped off during visit with Bucs. Not by woman, but by a local area man Joe Schmoe.

  12. Jonny 2.3 Says:

    I started the Garappolo Mob, I have the copyrights on that name. Don’t you dare snatch away my mob from me Luther!

    But seriously, Garappolo is the prospect with the least number of question marks in his ability to pass. His release is super quick, his arm strength is more than adequate to make every NFL pass and most important of all is his accuracy along with the touch that makes QBs great.

    I may sound paranoid, but I don’t think he will make it to the 2nd round. If our front office thinks he is the guy, they just need to get him and not worry about where he should actually be drafted. Just like Dolphins did with Tannehill and Vikings did with Ponder. One of those two did not pan out, but that was the right move.

  13. Architek Says:

    That’s awesome insight from Charlie.

    Few things stuck out to me:
    – garappollo had the best film, so true and that release is worth a million bucks but we don’t know really what is his breaking point because of his level of competition. At least we can say he consistently dominated his competition during his collegiate career. I would draft him in the second or trade down in the lower 20s and grab him with the thought sitting him and grooming him behind McCown.

    – if Tampa play it right and draft best available they can have a better WR than Mike Matress Williams in the second. Nuff said, ceiling and talent alone can erase the decent#2 WR. Next story, easy replacement.

    – Brotyles is a tricky pick at 7 because I think he will slide and I think all of those qbs will slide, the Bucs will have their options to select from.

  14. Buccinfan Says:

    So if mw19 got traded for his shenanigans, why exactly do you believe theyll pick up Johnny freaking football

  15. BucsfanNJ Says:

    Exactly 29 days left until the draft…. which means an estimated 60 more stories from joe to draft Johnny… In 30 days we can all expect at least 2 stories a day for the next year or two from suicidal joe scorning the bucs for passing on JF

  16. gatrbuc17 Says:

    give it a rest

  17. Brandon Says:

    Somebody needs to watch Brett Smith’s tape. He’s totally being overlooked.

  18. Bruno Says:

    He played nobody. If for some reason we go QB, I’d rather have Manziel or Bridgewater. However, Evans seems to be a lock. Still hoping to trade down however.

  19. Buc1987 Says:

    McCown, Glennon, Kafka…period.

  20. Bruno Says:

    @Gatorbuc: JM is not Tebow. Tebow was (rage inc.) a terrible passer in college. Most of his plays were made due to the spread. For those that disagree about the passing. He had like 4 or 5 consistent passes, and his teammates had huge YAC. How many skinny posts can you throw. I should mention I’m a Gator, and Alum. I think Tebow was a great college football player and a wonderful person and role model. But his success was due to a wonderful surrounding cast, the system, and his hulking running. QB’s are paid too much money to run like that in the NFL. But those Gator teams won due to the spread and one thing which EVERYONE overlooks – the Defense. That said, while JM improvises out of the pocket, I don’t see him taking on LB’s. Oh, and he can pass – which is important at the QB position. As a Gator, I wasn’t fond of the TAMU kid. But I’m not going to hate on him, he was a good player. Nobody knows (even Joe) how he will do in the pros. He will have to be in the right system. All and all, JM is no Tebow – not even close. Go Gators

  21. zam Says:

    I don’t like either one, but i’d take JF over Garrapolo at this point. I’m anxious to see how Mettenberger does today at LSU’s pro-day though.

  22. jarret Says:

    I would love to see the Bucs draft GAROPPOLO. In the 2nd round

  23. Bucsfanman Says:

    @1987- The more I think about it the more you are starting to make sense. Why waste a high pick on an unknown commodity. It’s almost certain that IF they do draft a QB it will be to hold a clipboard for a year or two. Taking a QB at #7 almost guarantees that they will be forced to start him too early, a sure recipe for disaster.
    I do think that they will add a QB later though.

  24. b.Bruce Says:

    the Buccaneers will draft Blake b. Book It

  25. Chris Says:

    All of Garoppolos skills and knowledge and play style fits Tedfords system like a glove. 3 meetings wth this guy and we had reps at the pro day. I think he’s our guy come may. Suck it up joe. We’re not going to get Johnny.

  26. owlykat Says:

    If Tebow is such a bad passer, Bruno, explain to me how he broke NFL records for long passes in his playoff game beating the Champion Steelers in the first round of the playoffs when he got a chance to operate behind a good line who could stop the defense long enough for Tebow’s wind up throwing motion? I believe he had five unbelievable long passes all caught by his receivers in that game and he beat the Steelers and had a streak of wins in the regular season once he took over a Broncos team who had lost four straight games. And if Licht manages to convince Lovie to wait for later rounds to get the QB he thinks will be a franchise QB (Licht’s M.O. ever since the Patriots making him a Nomad from one team to another when his QB picks bombed) and our Athletic OL gets as good as the Bronco’s OL when Tebo was there, Lovie would be able to get a quality QB next year by signing Tebo. (Tebo could not operate behind a 3rd string weak OL with the Patriots in Preseason last year because of his windup delivery) Lovie would not be scared of Tebo’s religious beliefs which Lovie shares. Now, if we were running the West Coast Offense, Garoppolo would be the perfect QB, but my draft guide says he does not have the zip on his passes to stretch defenses, and he has small hands (remember King did too which resulted in some QB fumbles). I love Garoppolo’s quick release, and he is cerebral like Glennon, and he looks off passes, and he is mobile (unlike Glennon), and he is very accurate on intermediate passes. But to me the four QBs rated above him would give us a better chance at a Franchise QB, if they are still there a 7. If not I would drop down in the first round and take Garoppolo and just hope Tedford can turn him into an accurate deep passer. He doesn’t have the rocket arm of Carr and Bortles so that would be a tall order for Tedford!

  27. INDYbucsfan Says:

    @owlykat- are you seriously trying to say Tebow was a good or ever decent passer?! Sure he maybe had a couple great throws but he had waaaaay more throws where the receiver was wide oped and it wasn’t even close to him. C’mon man there’s a reason he’s broadcasting now.
    As for the talent jimmyG faced-I’m not too concerned with it. IMHO I think that if a QB can read a defense extremely well then it will translate. He may take a year or two to really develope in the NFL but I think it’s one of the most important traits to have coming out of college.

  28. BFFL Says:

    I don’t recall Casserly saying the Bucs need to draft a QB.

  29. JGM 2.0 Says:

    Ummmm my handle is and has been JGM 2.0 for 2-3 months now. JGM = Jimmy Garoppolo Mob. Don’t get it twisted Jonny 2.3.

  30. Bucs Draft Says:

    Johnny is going to be like Tebow….A BUST

  31. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    Manziel to the Bucs in Rnd 3 or later I’m on board with the bust risk, but there are too many other holes to fill on the Bucs that require attention in the draft.

  32. Jonny 2.3 Says:

    @JGM 2.0: You are the 2.0 to my 1.0. I am your predecessor, but welcome to the bandwagon.

  33. GotBucFever Says:

    According to Albert Breer of NFL Network, Johnny Football is going to visit the Bucs tomorrow after his visit with the Jags today.

  34. Bucsfanman Says:

    @owlykat-Let it go man, let it go. Tebow was a fantastic COLLEGE QB, that’s fact. He is NOT a good NFL QB, that is also fact.
    A year out of football kind of says something.

  35. bucsfan85 Says:

    Best on Tape!? come on joe.. must be why all the experts have him going so high! lol our oh in the first

  36. Bucsfanman Says:

    None of these QBs impress me(like I’m some type of expert!) in the first round. If these guys were 2nd rounders or lower, no question, pull the trigger.

  37. John McKillop Says:

    @chris, I agree with you. This is Garoppolo’s third visit with the Bucs. I mentioned on here the day the Bucs signed McCown that he was brought in to mentor Jimmy Garoppolo who at that point in time had two interviews with the Bucs. I believe he is a perfect fit for the type of offense Tedford wants to play.
    Go Bucs!

  38. Owlykat Says:

    Look it up doubters. Tebo holds the NFL record for the most long completed passes in a playoff game in the NFL. That is what the broadcasters announced at the Pittsburgh vs. Denver playoff game that Tebo won. But it required an athletic OL to allow his receivers to get that deep and to provide him time for his unorthodox windup. He is out of football because the Jets had a poor OL, and the Patriots only took him to appease their OC who drafted Tebo in Denver when he was their HC, but put him behind their poor 3rd string OL. Had they played him with their First String OL in a clean up capacity after running up a high score, Tebo would have been taken by another team. His measureables at the Combine were off the charts according to the NFL Network, and his intangibles are high. He is a good leader and trains as hard as he plays on the field. He elevates the play of the others around him.

  39. Buc1987 Says:

    @Owlykat ….Go Noles!

  40. Luther Says:

    @Owlykat give it up man. I could tell Tebow was going to be a terrible QB the first time I saw him throw a pass in college. He turned out to be a great college player but no way would I want him anywhere near my NFL team. I would love to see him on the Falcons, Saints or Panthers though.

  41. BoJim Says:

    Chris Said:

    “All of Garoppolos skills and knowledge and play style fits Tedfords system like a glove. 3 meetings wth this guy and we had reps at the pro day. I think he’s our guy come may. Suck it up joe. We’re not going to get Johnny.”

    I would think that it’s a smokescreen. I think that we are making other teams think we are going to take him. I still would like to see Derrick Carr. If we trade down maybe. But it’s a big maybe.

    That being said, stop with the “pulling”. WE GET IT. It’s not funny anymore.