“Wildly Productive” And “Super Efficient”

April 20th, 2014

teddy bridgewaterJoe heard the urgent “Tank for Teddy” chants from fans of bad NFL teams last year. Plenty of Bucs faithful were in the mix.

The concept was simple: fans wanted their team to lose earn the No. 1 pick in the draft so they could select Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater.

But that now seems, for some, like a misguided effort. Prominent draft experts say Bridgewater is freefalling and surely isn’t worthy of a top-10 draft pick. (Joe’s not buying it.)

Former Bucs QB Trent Dilfer, who takes pride in his quarterback evaluation, spoke out about this year’s quarterbacks class on BSPN Radio this week. Dilfer knows Bridgewater personally from a QB camp they worked together.

In the radio interview, Dilfer explained that he’s starting to publicly detail his thoughts on the college QBs after much film study and understanding of what they were asked to do in college.

“Wildly productive” and “super efficient” is how Dilfer described Bridgewater’s college career. “When he is between the lines he makes good decisions. He sees it clearly. He knows the timing and tempo it takes to be successful,” Dilfer said.

But Dilfer also detailed why Bridgewater is not a slam-dunk pick.

“He doesn’t have a lot of juice. His body doesn’t output a lot of energy. So it’s a little methodical. Not a lot of power in the body. His frame is not one you look at and go, ‘Wow, that guy’s going to be durable,'” Dilfer said of Bridgewater. “And you start adding all of this up, and he’s still a really good player. But he doesn’t have, because of the things you kind of learn more about him, he’s not a guy that you go, ‘Wow. That’s a franchise guy. That’s a top-10 pick. That’s a guy we can build around.’

“It’s more, ‘Ok, he’s gotta fit into the right system, have really good people around him. And when he does, he’ll be a very good player.”

Joe gets what Dilfer is saying, but what QB doesn’t need the “right system” and “good people around him?” Joe’s seen Tom Brady have a great year with garbage receivers, but are there any others? Joe doesn’t see any of that as a reason not to consider Bridgewater a true franchise QB prospect.

Blake Bortles? Dilfer says he has “dude qualities” and is a natural and instant leader of men.

Johnny Football? Dilfer was thoroughly non-committal. He said Johnny Football will be a “fascinating watch” in the NFL and his new team will get an “uncomfortable ride” with big highs and big lows in his first season.

Derek Carr, Dilfer said, is a “a Drew Bledsoe type passer, off the charts as a passer, top-8 passer we’ve seen in the last 10 drafts.” He tempered that saying Carr “has other stuff to work on” and can be great, high second-round pick.

But Joe’s going back to Bridgewater. The Bucs need a QB with the potential for greatness. Joe doesn’t believe the Bucs have a quarterback with that kind of talent on the roster. If Bridgewater is there for the Bucs, Joe would welcome that selection.

In Kentucky, they are stunned by Bridgewater’s alleged fall from grace. Tim Sullivan of the Courier-Journal penned a column of disbelief last night.

Joe will leave you with this excerpt:

He’s the same prolific passer who threw 31 touchdown passes last season against only four interceptions. He’s the same guy who could hit a gnat on the numbers at 30 yards. If Bridgewater’s hands are comparatively small for an NFL quarterback, they did not prevent him from completing 71 percent of his passes during the 2013 season. If his reported Wonderlic score (20) has created concerns, it nonetheless exceeds the test results of Hall of Fame quarterbacks Terry Bradshaw, Jim Kelly and Dan Marino.

(You can hear Dilfer’s full QB breakdown below, via the podcast button.)

29 Responses to ““Wildly Productive” And “Super Efficient””

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    “fans wanted their team to lose earn the No. 1 pick in the draft so they could select Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater.”

    That’s not my definition of a “fan”…..besides we are picking at 7 and will probably still have a shot at Bridgewater & probably won’t take him.

    Sammy @ 7…..

  2. finishers Says:

    Sammy is gone way before 7…….

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ finishers

    Exactly….but one can hope…..especially on Easter!!!

  4. Meh Says:

    I did not want us to lose, but I’d love TB at #7.

  5. Name Required Says:

    The Bucs need one of these guys.

    I’ve seen potential in all of the top QBs. For all the arguments left and right, if they pick up one of the top 4 guys is difficult to argue against any of them in comparison to the 3 back-ups we have on the roster.

    In fact, given the absolute need for quarterbacks in the top picks (Houston, Jacksonville, Cleveland, and Oakland), it would not be out of the question that Bortles, Bridgewater, Carr and Manziel will be gone by the time the Bucs pick. Bottom line, all

  6. Name Required Says:

    …of these guys are better than what they currently have on the teams in question.

  7. bucrightoff Says:

    TBBF would love Don Banks latest Mock Draft (and Joe would despise it). He has the Bucs trading up to #2 to take Sammy. Oh please let it happen. Can you imagine? Trading up first would get Joe thinking its for Johnny, then to draft Sammy would crush his dreams.

  8. Lev Says:

    When will people understand that size does not matter in the NFL.

    There are many undersized QBs who accomplished great things in this league. And there are many prototypical QBs that just stink.

    TB is a winner.

  9. lightningbuc Says:

    Joe heard the urgent “Tank for Teddy” chants from fans of bad NFL teams last year.


    Actually Joe, what you were hearing was yourself. You were the one leading that chant.

    Can we at least go one day without making stuff up?–Joe

  10. Chef Paul Says:

    “Joe gets what Dilfer is saying, but what QB doesn’t need the “right system” and “good people around him?”

    Hmmmm. I wonder if Glennon fits in that category. Oh, that’s right, I remember. Glennon is supposed to make the system right, and make the people around him good. Who cares if he is in third and long every 3 downs after two failed running attempts. Who cares if an undrafted rookie tight end was his second best target.

    So to summarize, with Glennon it’s an excuse. With any other QB on the planet, it’s just plain ol common knowledge.

    No, with Glennon, you watch the film and you don’t see the potential for greatness. Big difference. –Joe

  11. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    With Joe’s great Film study of QB’s you would think he would be in high demand for QB evaluations. I mean to be able to tell i guys whole career from 13 games is amazing.

    And Lovie’s assessment of Glennon was to overpay journeyman Josh McCown and name him the starter … –Joe

  12. Couch Fan Says:

    Actually it was “Let’s play dead for Ted” Lol. I remember because it’s my favorite slogan for any QB to date.

  13. SAMCRO Says:

    Would be worth a second day selection.

  14. Couch Fan Says:

    No, with Glennon, you watch the film and you don’t see the potential for greatness. Big difference. –Joe


    You mean JOE doesn’t see potential for greatness, but thats only because your blinded by a certain Johnny’s Jock strap. When Glennon is the starting QB this year, you will forget everything you’ve been saying all off season like usual and we will forgive your… sillyness. Little over 2 weeks til the draft, WOOO!!

  15. Chef Paul Says:

    It’s been said Tedford is going to run an uptempo offense.

    Glennon’s film of commanding an uptempo offense against the powerful 49ers defense looked pretty good. Just imagine how good he could look if they actually PRACTICED the uptempo offense.

    To be clear, I dont think Glennon is great, or terrible. I dont know. I just dont understand how anyone can tell with almost zero supporting cast around him. Even coaches and GM’s cant be sure of the QB talent, when everyone else sucks. Or how if everyone else is awesome for that matter.

  16. Couch Fan Says:

    Thank you for some common sense Chef Paul.

  17. pablo Says:

    Link??? Never ever heard anyone say “tank for teddy” .. joe loves making articles up

  18. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    From what I have read about Tedford, his offense is complicated from the get go, and gets worse as the season goes on, as he keeps adding plays to it.
    So, whatever QB we do draft, will have a lot on his plate, learning and remembering it.
    I don’t see Tampa picking Teddy Bridgewater, especially after his Pro Day.
    I see him as maybe a late 2nd round, high 3rd round pick.
    His lack of elite arm strength was quite evident, on his Pro Day.

  19. Eric Says:

    These scouts are outsmarting themselves. If no Johnny take Teddy for sure.

  20. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ bucrightoff

    I’d love Sammy but don’t want to trade up for anyone….

    Actually with Houston, Cleveland, Oakland, Jax…..and even the possibility of Minn & Tenn trading up….there could be 3 or 4 QBs selected before 7…..
    We have an outside shot at Sammy!!!

  21. Mike Says:

    I’ve read it many of times and I think I’m in Buc87’s corner. I don’t see us taking a QB at all. I’m meh at the whole thing, but if we need a QB then why do we have a QB guru?

  22. Mike Says:

    Joe says Lovie’s assessment of Glennon was to over pay McCown…… Did he not say he wanted a vet on the team? I’d take McCown over Vick any day sir!

  23. Destinjohnny Says:

    Dunno delusional dom didn’t like him so I think the kid will be a winner.

  24. JBFstalkingjohnnyfootBALLS Says:

    A QB will be drafted to compete with Glennon to sit and learn behind McCown.

  25. Cobraboy Says:

    Bridgewater. Please. No.

    I’ll be surprised if the Bucs take a QB in the first round.

    Dilfer is kinda high on a fellow Fresno State guy. Shocking.

  26. Harry Says:

    I was one of those who said “Tank if for Teddy”, and I still have no problem with it. I’d sure like to be in the spot where Houston or the Rams are picking. Maybe its not Teddy, but I would also be thrilled to be picking Clowney or Mack, or whatever QB L&L feels is worthy at that position, or maybe even trading back and getting a couple of great players instead of one.

    What stupid kind of pride does one take on drafting at 7 instead of #1? “Wow, at least we are not as bad as Houston”… And we beat ATL, but they are picking ahead of us. Does that also make you feel good? Dumb!

  27. BarberBucFan Says:

    Our perfect draft outcome:

    Cleveland, with all the bad press they have been getting decides to make a huge splash. They Draft Johnny “Pulls some hot tail” football and then gives us the rest of their pics for our seven so they can put Johnny and Evans together again.

    Hey maybe we throw them one of the wonder twins Clayborne or “As soon as my knee gets better I’ll be the next Bruce Smith!”

    Lovie and Tedford would go nuts picking all their new weapons for our offense!!!

  28. Manzielski Says:

    I admit that rooted for the opponent last year with the Jadaveon Clowney Project (JCP). At mid-season, it was doing great. The missing component was the bumbling Glazer Boys who failed to step in and make things worse.

    The Little General some how won a couple meaningless games and Megatron delivered the coup de grace by inexplicably handing them a last second victory on the freaking yard line.

    When Josh forgot where he was and LVD assaulted Geno on opening day, I thought 0-16 was in the bag. My family thought I had gone nuts but last year’s 4-12 was actually 12-4 for the JCP. Close but no cigar.

  29. Mike J Says:

    I am not a Bridgewater fan.Let someone else have him.