Slicing Salaries

March 4th, 2014

slicing salaries

Bucs fans love throwing players overboard, whether they be Darrelle Revis, Dashon Goldson, Donald Penn, Davin Joseph or whoever happens to play tight end. Especially if they recognize a name of a player elsewhere who happens to play the same position.

Many Bucs fans want their entire offensive line short of Demar Dotson (who gets bullrushed too much for Joe’s liking) thrown into Tampa Bay no matter how rash or irresponsible that may be. Did the line play well as a whole last year? Heck no. Are there players there with hefty salaries? Sure.

First off, Joe is willing to be a cold six-pack of beer that we have seen the last of Ted Larsen, who is a free agent. Joe will not lay awake at night as a result. Jamon Meredith, who at best was a backup, is also a free agent and about the only way he comes back is for the league minimum. Again, he will never be confused with John Hannah.

So that leaves Davin Joseph, Donald Penn and Jeremy Zuttah. Of those three, Joe is confident Joseph will be asked to have his contract reworked and, perhaps have his salary sliced, and maybe Penn, too.

Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times writes how the offensive line could look completely different this season, replete with players forced to redo their contracts, or find work elsewhere.

Tampa Bay ranked last in total offense and was 30th in points. Change is inevitable, and with cuts looming throughout the NFL, some Bucs offensive linemen could be asked to take pay cuts — or will be released — as part of a cost-cutting move.

“Part of our evaluation, yeah, money does come into play,” Smith said. “But it’s the play of our group that wasn’t good enough. We say we’re evaluating it. We are. But you have to first compare it with the first step — free agency — what’s out there, whether we have a legitimate shot with certain guys. I’ll just say we need to upgrade our offensive line play.”

Here’s the thing: There are some talented guys on the free agent market the Bucs could bring in and sign. Of course, sitting at No. 7 in the draft, one of the three following stud tackles will be available certainly: Taylor Lewan, Jake Matthews and Greg Robinson.

Joe would not be shocked if most of the 2014 Bucs starting offensive linemen are not currently on the roster.

10 Responses to “Slicing Salaries”

  1. pablo Says:

    Our o÷line was bad because they didn’t wanna block for overrated Mike Glennon

  2. d-money Says:

    You can’t say that the coaching was terrible and at the same time say every player on the team is a bum.

    If every player is a bum then the coach shouldn’t have been fired after two years. He should have had a shot with better players.

    If the coach needed to go, and i think we can all agree that he did, then at least a few of the players deserve a shot with improved coaching.

  3. Mazz Says:

    Boat load of eligible offensive linemen FA. As well as a deep draft full of them.
    Only take an OL if Mack, Clowney, Watkins and all 3 QBs (Bridgewater,Manziel,Bortles) are off the table

  4. SAMCRO Says:

    Offensive lineman aren’t sexy. In fact most are big nasties, and they don’t garner the off season whispers as much as other talked about positions, but nonetheless they have the most impact on how a team performs. Last year, the Bucs oline was atrocious, for whatever reasons albeit decline, injuries, puswah hurts, etc., the fact is they stunk up the place.

    So now the thinking is, “OK, let’s make them take a pay cut because they played lousy last year. Excuse me, did I just miss something here? How did that insure me that now, after receiving a pay cut that they will miraculously play better this year. Chances are they will play at the same mediocre to downright awful level as last year, but, at least now we feel better because they will only make what they deserve.

  5. Kevin Says:

    I like the FA market for o-line this year. There will be some quality options, which might help mitigate the rise in player costs everyone thinks is coming with the bigger cap.

  6. Piratic Says:

    “Joe is willing to be a cold six-pack of beer…”
    Joe, might I suggest my personal favorite of over 20 years, the one and only, Newcastle. Anyway, if I were willing to be a cold six-pack of beer, that’s the one I’d choose. Cheers!

  7. Mike10 Says:

    Check out ol’ girl trying to make the Buc jersey numbers look sexy..

  8. pick6 Says:

    it may have been coaching\scheme that made these players look bad, but the tape is the tape and it says the bucs have the right to ask penn & joseph to not get paid like top 10 players at their position. i think davin joseph will come back and have an excellent year, but there’s no doubt he has been overpaid the last 2 seasons. as far as penn goes, his pay is probably not far off from what you could get Branden Albert for, so the bucs have some leverage. No wiggle room with Carl Nicks this year, we just have to keep our fingers crossed that he finally shows us his New Orleans form in 2014.

  9. teacherman Says:


    Exactly. You nailed it.

    Our O-line was terrible last year. We couldnt stop, block, or push anything up the middle.

    Joseph was tossed around all season. Meredith wore down as the season went on. Larsen sucked. and Zuttah was stuck in between two terrible guards.

    We need to cut Joseph and Penn and Zuttah.

    and sign “-3 new starters for equivalent starters.

    We could sign 3 younger guys for the same prices and start over.

  10. MGM Boss Says:

    Mike Glennon was able to make our line look better then they truly are. Thanks to his elite pocket awareness, and outstanding athletic ability, rocket arm etc. the Bucs can focus this draft to defense entirely.