Penn’s Magic Number: “315”

March 4th, 2014

GlennonPennIt’s a safe bet Bucs general manager Jason Licht will not look at the hefty, non-guaranteed contracts of Davin Joseph and Donald Penn and rubber stamp both to return at their current pay grades. That wouldn’t represent the “value” Licht says he covets.

One of those veteran offensive linemen, if not both, are sure to get a renegotiate-or-else call from their agents before the free-agency bell rings next Tuesday.

In the spirit of that reality, former Tampa Bay defensive end Steve White (1996-2001) detailed how the glazed-donut-sticky subject that has dogged Penn for years is the key to his future.

White told a WHFS-FM 98.7 audience that Penn’s issue is “he just can’t bend his knees” like he used to, in part, because of his weight. Penn is seen bending at the waist too much, per White, which limits his effectiveness. It’s a function of age and wear making it too hard on Penn to be the player he once was at his current waistline, White said.

But White’s not that down on Penn. He said if Penn marched into One Buc Palace to see Lovie Smith this afternoon weighing 315 pounds, then Penn surely wouldn’t have to renegotiate any deal. The Bucs would be believers. White hopes those close to Penn have told him to “push himself away from the table.”

Would Penn be a better player if he were 15 pounds lighter? Joe can’t be certain. And, as Joe has expressed previously, Joe doesn’t think Penn is the problem with the Bucs’ O-line. Penn was average or better last season, and he’s paid like an average starting left tackle in the NFL. Left tackle is a tough position to gamble on. Joe would focus on other areas.

Joseph is a different animal. He’s got a pretty chiseled body but has a long history of injury and hasn’t been any good since 2011. Joseph returning at his salary would be more about hope than anything else.

One thing that scares Joe: if the Bucs cut Joseph, then Joe’s certain Joseph would land on the Falcons in a matter of hours. Atlanta is desperate for a new right guard.




18 Responses to “Penn’s Magic Number: “315””

  1. Andrew 1 Says:

    “and he’s paid like an average starting left tackle in the NFL.”

    No he’s not. Not unless you consider being the 6th highest paid LT in the entire NFL as an average left tackle salary.

    He’s not the sixth-highest paid. Not sure where you’re getting your info.–Joe

  2. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Penn gave up 11 sacks last year, second highest in the NFL for O-Tackles. I do not want to wait and hope placed on some players diet again and again. . The Glazers did not totally change out the front office, the coaching staff, the uniforms to try and make the same old mediocre roster work!

    Not to long before ” Boom goes the dynamite” as Licht blows up the mediocre roster!

  3. Andrew 1 Says:

    And you said lose 15 pounds, but hats assuming he weighs 330. My guess is he weighs anywhere north of 350 by now. But I agree with Mr. White, if he can play at a target weight of 315, he might just be good enough to keep around.

  4. WalkdaPlank Says:

    You can’t go wrong with Jake Matthews. But I’d be more concerned about that LG position.

  5. SAMCRO Says:

    Stop taking up for Penn. He was the second worst starting LT last season. His position needs to be addressed. You said, “Left tackle is a tough position to gamble on”. I say, Left tackle is to important a position to over-look.

    And so what if Joseph plays for Atlanta, we’ll just destroy him there as opposed to him getting destroyed here. As much as I’ve enjoyed many years watching Davin and Donald anchor our line there always comes a time in every players career where the administration must make the call.

    I want to win and if it means bringing in a bona fide blind side protector and a run bruising RG and putting Davin and Donald out to pasture, then so be it. We can’t expect any QB, whether it be Glennon, Vick, McCown, or Manziel, to flourish behind last years offensive line. It would be a travesty if we don’t upgrade and they play worst. Actually, it would be embarrassing, especially after we stared at it, and then tried to ignore it all off season.

  6. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Solid Value Pick at Left Tackle

    (LT Anthony Collins)

    • Snap Count- (673)
    • Number of Penalties-(2)
    • Quarterback Sacks-(0)!!!!!!!!!!
    • Quarterback Hits-(1)!!!!!!!
    • Quarterback Hurries (13)!!!!!!!

  7. Andrew 1 Says:

    right here. 2014 contracts for LTs in the NFL. Penn makes 6.75 mil, good for 6th most.

  8. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Gotta give you some respect! Last couple of post from have been strong brotha.

    GO BUCS!!!

  9. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    @Andrew 1

    So true brotha

  10. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    When you use to mediocrity, everything looks good in rose shaded glasses…smh

  11. bucrightoff Says:

    I think he’s done as an effective tackle in this league. Maybe kick him inside to guard to replace Nicks or Joseph (depending on who’s cut). Not very confident in him returning to form but who knows.

  12. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    LT Anthony Collins

    Has only given up (6 sacks as a starter) in (1887 snap counts)

    Sounds like a player on the ascend not on the decline.

  13. Couch Fan Says:

    I guess you have to talk Penn up in order to support your theory that Glennon isn’t very good.

  14. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Fix the lines!!

  15. Macabee Says:

    Andrew 1,

    I agree with you about Penn, but for your future reference, Penn is the 14th highest paid not the 6th. What you are looking at in Spotrac is base salary for a specific year, 2014. What you should look at is average salary.

    When a team give signing bonuses, roster bonuses, workout bonuses, etc. – all things under the CBA described as “salary”, it can change a base salary to look much smaller than average salary. It happens when a team prepays or restructures a player and carries the amount as dead money, it lowers the base salary.

    Go back to your link and where it says base salary, click on average salary and you will see what I mean. Here’s another report on LT salaries.

  16. lurker (ggr) Says:

    the fanbase is mediocre

    friggin know-it-alls here.

  17. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Macabee

    If you are looking at total salary, then yes you are right. Correct me If I’m wrong, but a players salary goes up in increments. Therefore what Penn got paid at the start of his contract is significantly less than what he will be paid now, but still doesn’t justify how much he is getting paid now. I’m strictly looking how much he is being paid in 2014 in terms of how much the the others LTs are being paid. The question I have is, is that 6.75 mil guaranteed? If not, then he should restructure his contract because he is not worth that much anymore.

  18. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Heck, call the Falcons for a trade!