Revis Joins The Patriots

March 12th, 2014

darrelle revis 1210How fitting is it that Greg Schiano’s mentor, Bill Belicheat, is now in possession of Schiano’s former Bucs savior, Darrelle Revis.

The pipeline of talented Bucs landing in New England continues (at least we scored former Pats Ted Larsen, Albert Haynesworth, Tiquan Underwood and Jeff Demps). SiriusXM NFL Radio is reporting Revis signed a flimsy one-year deal for only $12 million.

Clearly Revis jumped at the chance to win a Super Bowl. And John Elway must be kicking himself for giving Aqib Talib $28 million guaranteed in Denver. Jiminy Christmas! The Broncos could have had Revis for likely a sixth-round draft pick.

The Revis saga is now over, one of the ugliest and most bizarre chapters in Bucs history. Hopefully, it won’t be remembered for how the Bucs gave away a healthy Hall of Famer in his prime.

76 Responses to “Revis Joins The Patriots”

  1. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Obviously he did not want to be in Tampa.

  2. Bucfan282938 Says:

    Well now Brady and company might be able to compete with tr broncos for the AFC

  3. Patrickbucs Says:

    What a joke

  4. bucrightoff Says:

    I knew he’d sign a one year deal. Belichick is gonna to use him properly too. He kinda sticks it to the Jets too

  5. Buc1987 Says:

    12 million that sounds about right. He knew that’s about what he’s worth and Dom’s a moron.

  6. PRBucFan Says:

    I defended the cat too, said he wouldn’t be only looking out for himself this offseason. Boy was I wrong. It’s clear he wanted out.

  7. Ryan Oster Says:

    Seems to me he refused to restructure because he would have ended up at either Oakland or Cleveland nor did he want to restructure stay in TB.

  8. Kyle Says:

    Even at 12mil it really wouldn’t have allowed Tampa much room to do anything else in free agency

  9. PRBucFan Says:

    He’ll be gone from the Patsies after this season too, once the patsies fail.

  10. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    He called Bill a jerk a few times over the years.

    Wonder if Schiano played a role in this? He could communicate with Revis without tampering.

  11. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Wouldn’t restructure to play here or be traded but takes less money to go to Pats. Revis plays only for Team Revis and that’s it. Next year at this time we will still be wondering what his status is. Good Riddance Mevis

  12. lightningbuc Says:

    12 million is about 11 million too much for this POS!

  13. bucrightoff Says:

    People are shocked he wouldn’t take $12 million so we could trade him to hell (Cleveland or Oakland), but he’ll take $12 million for a guaranteed Super Bowl run? I hope not.

  14. Stevek (MGM) Says:

    Back to the AFC East.

    Good for Revis. I can’t blame him for gambling on himself. It’s gotten this far.

    1987- it’s definitely not Recis’ fault slap d!ck GM overpaid.

    Lol we lost some picks, at least we are Licht years better today than we were two days ago.

  15. P'cola Buc Says:

    Never connected with the city…..or frankly the team….didn’t look happy here. Better we have players that want to be part of the team……We did the right thing upgrading so many positions and elevating our 4th rounder to a 3rd. Adios Senior Revis…….good luck…. And say hi to Schiano when you are up there!

  16. Andrew 1 Says:

    Whatever. He didn’t care enough about being a buc to restructure his contract, otherwise he would still be a buc. Thats the way I look at it. I still think we will be fine without him. This will probably be ignored, but please lets not harp on this all off season.

  17. Mike Says:

    They won’t go to the Superbowl even with Revis, their time is over……You hear how excited Verner is to be here? That’s who I want on my team.

  18. BigMacAttack Says:

    What a dick. I bet he ends up getting cut. His skills are greatly diminished.

  19. Snook Says:

    “Never connected with the city…..or frankly the team….didn’t look happy here. Better we have players that want to be part of the team…”


    Couldn’t agree more. I always thought he never kind of fit in. Can’t really explain it I guess. He was here for nothing more than a huge paycheck. Can’t blame him but still…

  20. INDYbucsfan Says:

    Glad you are gone now. Go blow Brady.

  21. Dustin Says:

    He must not mind moving every year

  22. Buc a Deer Says:

    At least he didn’t go back to the Jets. Now he can stick it to the Jets twice a year. I’m sure the lovelite offered 12m as well. Rock star and NSO left us with a fixer upper, lovelite has remodeled fast and we start furnishing Buc House at the draft.

  23. ryan Says:

    I guess not playing in Oakland or Cleveland is worth losing $4M.

    I would’ve liked see Revis in Tampa for atleast 1 more season because now we gave up a first round pick for a rental player and all we got was 4 wins.

  24. Buc1987 Says:

    The Ultimate Conspiracy : Billichick pushes, sells what have you, Schiano on Dom and the Bucs. Schiano comes in like a mad dictator demanding this and that even steps on Dom’s toes. Schiano gives him Blount and Talib (getting paid btw)for nothing. Bill cherry picks the team and says Blount and Talib would be nice. Billichick tells Schiano to make Dom trade for Revis and over-pay for him on purpose. It’s all part of Bill and Greg’s master plan to cheat some more to keep the Pats in the hunt. So basically Bill uses evil Schiano to do his bidding in Tampa for a couple of years. So much for parity.

    Yes I know, but hey I’m a Bucs fan. Everything has to be a conspiracy and I’m bored.

  25. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Darrelle Mevis,,,,,,

    enuff said!!!

  26. jason77 Says:

    16 to 12 million what a loser!!! ACL/MCL Tair please…

  27. Bob Digital Says:

    How the hell the Bucs couldn’t get ANYTHING for the best corner in the NFL will baffle me for a while.

  28. PRBucFan Says:

    Idget we are pissed cause he didn’t take it to stay here, not because he didn’t take it to be traded 😉

  29. Buc1987 Says:

    Wow Bob….baffle you?

  30. Buc1987 Says:

    Bob it’s called no other team wanted to pay him 16 million. That was part of the trade.

    Are you less baffled now?

  31. Rrsrq Says:

    Well played Mr. Revis, I’m just glad he didn’t sign with any team in the NFC, especially the south

  32. Eric Says:

    Demonstrates the insane contract.

    He loves the jets but signs with pats, their biggest rival.

    So glad to be rid of this guy. Lovie has a lot of contacts in this league, I’m sure he learned all about Revis.

  33. NewBucs Says:

    I can’t stop puking over this!!!

  34. Buc1987 Says:

    Good riddance!

  35. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Addition By Sutraction

  36. mark2001 Says:

    Dominick….just another log on your career funeral pyre.

  37. Jack miller Says:

    Wonder if he’ll except a high five from Brady?

  38. Mark Says:

    Good for Revis. Also it stops the NYJ from rubbing in the picks we lost, because he knows the jets and now must face them twice. NYJ fans will be regretting every int he gets from them. Can’t wait to see those games. Specially NYJ home game.

    I hated to give up such a good player, but the bucs will do more with the money and bump up on draft picks.

    Lovie and Licht made the right move, and we should benefit from it.

  39. mark2001 Says:

    Hope he gets the Talib wake up call that Welker put on Talib, should we play.

  40. MegaDaveUK Says:

    Your coverage during this fiasco has been outstanding – 10/10 and ty

  41. bwf921 Says:

    Will be heading to One Buc tomorrow to toss my Revis jersey over the gate. Why couldn’t we pay him. He is a a-hole. Obviously had no interest in being here. Just shows athletes are like lawyers. If their lips are moving they are lying.

  42. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    Isn’t it flippin weird that the top two CBs in free agency this year turned out to be ex Bucs in Revis and Talib? I mean, we just basically dumped both of them… and now they are the top two free agent signings… we got the 3rd best from Tennessee.

    It just bugs me to know we just let these guys go…

  43. BOb Says:

    wow. you guys are funny. cry and whine when the team might need to get rid of him. then call him a selfish douche on his way out. let it go folks!
    And dont act like you know the number that GM jason lichte wanted to get him down to. for all we know it was 8 million or he gets cut. lets see…..8 million or 12 million??????? he has no responsibility to you or any nfl team for that matter.
    this is how the nfl works. the teams show no loyalty to players so why does he have to show loyalty to them????? hes gone! let it go!

  44. Mr. Patrick Says:

    So basically he got paid 16 Million to come here and rehab is knee. Nice job Dom

  45. thegregwitul Says:

    What are people failing to grasp here regarding the Bucs inability to trade Revis? He wasn’t redoing his contract and no one wanted him for $16 million dollars per season, non guaranteed or otherwise. This isn’t rocket science, folks. This is the work of an inept now unemployed GM who struggled to draft viable talent until an over his head and also now unemployed coach helped him out. The same GM who handed out bizarre free agent contracts to players who mostly bused out, either due to lack of talent (Eric Wright, Derrick Ward, Michael Clayton resigning), suffered from unfortunate injuries (Carl Nicks), or an inability to adjust to the new rules (Dashon Goldson).

    This is the same man who essentially bid against himself to land Revis, likely out of desperation to escape his teams horrible win/loss record over the last several years. The cherry on top of this turd sundae was the way the contract was structured. While Dominik at the time talked up the deal as basically a series of franchise tag styled annual payments, the final sum was so inflated that it sucked all value out of the best cover corner in pro football.

    This man truly was a rockstar; he went all in for the splash signings and the fanbase mostly lapped it all up because we had come off a season a few years back in which the team was coached by a glorified assistant coach and the marquee free agent brought in was a punter. As the losses piled up, the deals became more ambitious, culminating in the Revis trade/contract.

    Dominik was short sighted in offering those terms to Revis, he clearly wasn’t thinking about the future. He likely was hoping for a couple strong seasons to save his job and then he would worry about he consequences. And that is why he was fired. Yeah, losing Revis stinks, but I guarantee you that the Bucs will double their win total next year, and will only get better the year after that. After five or six long years, we are finally moving in the right direction.

  46. Chico Mark Says:

    You have to give Revis credit he is the king of free agency.He has to be a smart man and when you add in his ability on the field it’s hard to challenge that.All in all I happy with what the bucs have done.And I’m glad the circus is over maybe this time next year when he watches us hold that trophy he will rethink today’s decision.Go Bucs pumped waiting for September.

  47. JKTampa Says:

    Yet another reason to hate the Patriots.

  48. BucfaninMi Says:

    Are the Bucs the JV team for the patriots?

  49. Getaclue Says:

    I hope he blows that knee out to wuere he is never to he heard from again

  50. Brandon Says:

    You guys will see this year… Revis may claim to NOW be 100% but he won’t be the old Revis and he will never be a true shutdown CB again.

    I like what one poster said, because it’s so true… Darrelle Mevis… from the Me Family Tree… MeShawn Johnson and Darrelle Mevis.

  51. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Boy, hope the Teflon Dom has a good banker to stop him from spending so much. Cuz everyone knows he burned holes in the Glazers’ wallets. I don’t blame Revis for not taking the pay cut. It was obvious he didn’t want to be here except for the money, why else would he come to a team with the worst secondary in the league and hasn’t had a playoff win in over a decade? I blame the Teflon Dom for giving him such an outrageous contract in the first place. We coulda just signed Brent Grimes that year or drafted Desmond Trufant (who had a good year with the Dixie Chicks) or Dee Milliner (who the Jets picked to replace Revis) for a fraction of that gigantic 96 mil contract. Thank God he was able to get 0 guaranteed or he wouldn’t be able to show his face in any NFL town ever again. And let’s not pretend it was his only crime.

  52. mark2001 Says:

    But “the greg”…

    1. Who ever could really think Dom was in any way a capable GM? The Answer…Search me, but there seemed to be countless thousand of them a year ago.

    2. Who in their right mind ever thought this was a talented team? The Answer…. Only someone that never sees any other team play regularly. And that seemed to be the majority of casual fans.

    3. How Far are we away from really competing for something other than a possible playoff appearance? The Answer…probably two or three years.

    Now that we have that out of the way…let’s get some WR’s and hope for a good draft. The Revis deal was probably much worse than Jackson…at least he only cost us a draft pick, and no money.

  53. bucrightoff Says:

    Revis going to the Patriots is basically the best case scenario. The biggest reason the Jets traded Revis rather than cut him was because they were afraid once they cut him he’d sign with New England. Well at least the Jets feel a little pain. Beyond that as long as he doesn’t sign in division I really don’t care where he plays.

  54. NY Buc Says:

    Can’t say I blame Revis for not restructuring though, he was in Tampa for one season…not exactly a guy with deep roots in the community or ties to his fellow teammates. It’s a business, he did what was best for Revis just like a lot of us would have done if in his situation. Pats are likely closer to a SB then the Bucs, so I can’t blame Revis for going there either (the man has plenty of money but not a SB ring). Sucks that the Bucs got boned in the deal, but as long as the other FA signings pan out as well as draft pickds it will ease the sting a bit.

  55. Buc Bob Says:

    If I had a bad knee and I was offered 12 million, I would take it too!

  56. finishers Says:


  57. Jordan Says:

    So an unhealthy rehabbing Revis is worth 16 million, but a healthy Revis is worth 12 million. Mark Dominik was acting like a kid with his parents credit card. What a fool. No credit for Dominik. One could have thrown darts at a mock draft board and landed with better picks than this bum.

  58. thegregwitul Says:

    It’s also nice to see the Jets being the same old Jets. What does that mean? They lose even when they win. For all the bragging about fleecing Mark Dominik (I almost want to list him by himself as I feel he sold the Glazers on this homerun attempt) and the Bucs in the Revis trade, the Jets now have to contend with Revis in their own division for at least one season. And this is their hated rival to boot. That’s a mighty fine silver lining for bummed Bucs fans…

    But you know what bummed Bucs fans? You shouldn’t be bummed out. Sure, the team still has the 4th best QB in the division, but moves are being made. Smart moves for young talent. I’ll admit that if the Bucs hadn’t landed Verner, I would be crestfallen right now. He was the one CB I wanted in free agency if Revis was to be traded/released. I also hope Peanut Tillman joins the Bucs as well, but I was pulling for that to happen even when Revis was still on the team. But I’m telling you, I listened to the press conference, I’ve looked at the players signed and those that have been brought in and I have such a good feeling about this team. It’s as if the blindfold has been removed from my eyes; this is what a competent football team does when it has the fewest selections in the draft and is forced to deal with a ridiculous contract for a mega talented player. They attack quickly and intelligently.

    I’d dust off that old Gruden line about it being bright and needing shades, but I’m typing this right now in my home office in Buffalo, NY in the middle of a blizzard, so I’ll just say that I can’t wait for the draft and the season to begin.

  59. Buc1987 Says:

    Jordan Says :
    “So an unhealthy rehabbing Revis is worth 16 million, but a healthy Revis is worth 12 million. Mark Dominik was acting like a kid with his parents credit card. What a fool. No credit for Dominik. One could have thrown darts at a mock draft board and landed with better picks than this bum.

    Joe this place is like a zoo now. Hilarious stuff Jordan.

  60. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    Why would anyone wish a career ending injury on Revis just because he would not agree to take less money in order to be traded to a dump like Cleveland? I love this site but damn.

  61. Buc1987 Says:

    @thegregwitul…damn good stuff man.
    Enjoy the blizzard while I’m sitting in my t-shirt and shorts with the ceiling fan on high and the AC set at 76.

  62. Theodore Says:

    What exactly did Revis do to get such hate here?

  63. rawr Says:

    I cant imagine what Elway should be feeling right now.
    How is it possible one way or another the patriots get the best solution…….

  64. Bucamania Says:

    Verner is a better fit. Revis on the Pats must be killing Jets fan!

  65. snook Says:

    Business manager says no deal yet. Revis already shopping his deal elsewhere.

  66. Buc1987 Says:

    snook says stop the presses?

  67. Jim Says:

    So he signed for less money and we are out a first round pick? That is an epic fail.

  68. ElioT Says:

    All thanks to your dumbass hero Rockstar!

    go bucs!

  69. deminion Says:

    Funny ppl think Talib is better then verner lol do u not remember when talib was getting torched ?

  70. lion Says:

    It is true, Talib got burned quite often here actually. He only became really good once he left.

  71. Sam Says:

    I like the fact that this year we are worried about being over the cap. I can’t really remember the last time that happened.

  72. Jim Says:

    Do we get our first round pick back? We spent a first round pick and $16 million for 16 games of Revis? That must be the dumbest thing since Bo Jackson.

  73. Jim Says:

    Talib is in heaven. He is getting more kinds of green than money.

  74. johnnyc Says:

    Hall of fame? Not bloody likely. HOFers don’t bounce to 3 teams in as many years, nor do they get cut outright when they’ve in their prime. He’s the Terrell Owens of defense, nowhere near as talented as he thinks he is. Dominick is so incompetent that he should change his name to Sadim, Midas backwards, as everything he touches turns to scrap.

  75. FactsMatter Says:

    Are Tampa fans the worst in the league?

    The organization with the worst winning % ever yet feel entitled because they have all of ONE 1 ONE fluky Super Bowl win. Other fan bases show a lot more humility and patience.

    All this HATE pored on Revis for signing with the Patriots. He was not a Free Agent who played out his contract – HE WAS CUT FROM THE TEAM. What is he supposed to do? Retire after the honor of playing for Tampa??
    Negotiate his salary down so Tampa could trade him to Cleveland or the Raiders?? If he’s going to make less money, and not play for Tampa, why should he let Tampa get rewarded while he has no choice in where he plays??
    He picked one of the best teams in the league. Seems smart to me.

    And look at all the HATE directed at Dominik – He didn’t cut Revis either. Overpaid – yes – except the contract has no guaranteed money – otherwise the dead money cap hit would be huge right now. There should be no difference in hate since the day Revis was signed. The only thing that has changed is the actions of Licht and Lovie. You know – the guys who claimed for months they were looking forward to Revis playing for them.

    What’s interesting was fans hated on Talib (or claimed he wasn’t good until he played elsewhere) – so he was traded away. The Patriots now get a comp pick for him signing away. And they get Revis – and if he signs elsewhere next year will get another comp pick. The Bucs – zilch. No Benefit for cutting Revis – except cap space to sign backups who’ve never played full seasons to rich starter contracts.

    I’d post a link to a study but the Joes would just censor it out – from 2004 to 2008 the worst drafting team was Detroit, but barely better was Tampa. Chicago under Lovie was just a hair below average.
    (Lovie’s win-loss record was really helped by getting to play the Matt Millen Lions twice a year.)
    The last two years have been some of the best talent drafts Tampa has ever seen … you really think a new regime is going to do as well?
    The team might have a better record this year just due to less injuries – but it won’t be from better talent being brought in.

  76. BoJim Says:

    Yarrrr. Where’s Capt. Tim. Hope he didn’t let the door hit him the ass on his way out.