Brandon Myers: Lovie’s “Top Of The Chart” TE

March 19th, 2014

BrandonMyersgiantsNew Bucs tight end Brandon Myers is hardly a talent familiar to Tampa Bay fans, especially those who don’t play fantasy football. But it’s time Bucs fans get used to him.

He’s Lovie Smith’s No. 1 tight end, Lovie said. 

In a recent chat with Scott Smith of, Lovie revealed another nugget of his free agency philosophy. Essentially, Lovie doesn’t chase backups when the free agency dinner bell rings.

Lovie said Myers is in place “to really fill that void on the offensive side” and he’s the go-to guy out of the gate.

“As a general rule, I think, when you go into free agency and you’re bringing in veteran players, you shouldn’t be looking for a lot of backups,” Lovie said. “We wanted players that could come in instantly and give us something.

“We talk about starting rotations, and most of the free agents we’re bringing in will be at the top of the chart with our starting rotation. Josh McCown, of course, is one. Brandon Myers, and you kind of go down the list.”

There are a couple of things in play here. While Joe is confident Lovie will play his best players on gameday, Tim Wright or anyone else, part of recruiting free agents is promising them top-dog status. It’s their job to lose.

Heck, Anthony Collins was introduced to the media as the Bucs’ new starting left tackle. Josh McCown was vocal about how he wanted to go to a team that would give him the ball. It’s reasonable to think that part of the sales pitch to the Bucs’ new tight end and other expensive guns was immediate starter status.

Myers, 28, has five seasons under his belt and 126 catches over the past two. He’s not much of a blocker or a speedster. But he’s a good football player.

Anyone with their eyes open saw that Wright was a special rookie last season. He’s fearless with good hands and he plays bigger than his size. Joe’s pulling for the Rutgers man.

The talent among Bucs tight ends will test Jeff Tedford’s ability to put the right pieces in the right places at the right times. Of course, there’s always the strong likelihood Tedford consistently will use two receiving tight ends in his “up tempo” offense.

44 Responses to “Brandon Myers: Lovie’s “Top Of The Chart” TE”

  1. T in Orlando Says:

    “He’s not much of a blocker or a speedster. But he’s a good football player.”

    Brandon Myers = Dave Moore?

  2. jackpc1 Says:

    What is Luke Stocker is still doing on the team? Let him go and Wright and Myers can both play.

  3. You Go Joe Says:

    Well we have Jon Embree as TE coach. He did get Jordan Cameron from the Brown to a stud level TE 80 rec 917 YDS 7TD. That was 2013 2011 – 2012 he was head coach but the year before in 2010 he had Chris Cooley from the Skins who had 77 rec 849 YDS and 3 TD and prior to the Skins he was the Cheifs TE coach with …well you know who the one and only Tony Gonzalez. Who had monster seasons while Jon Embree was there.

    We got a good coach who can work with both our TEs. I’m eager to see how this works out!!

  4. Oregon Buc Says:

    Tedford will also use more people. Multiple packages in multiple sets. Even second string players will see the field more. Schiano liked to run the starters into the ground. No more backs getting 30 carries.

  5. lion Says:

    I love the idea of Myers and Wright together in two TE sets, but doesn’t that go against the philosophy of a “speed in space offense?

  6. canadian bucsfan Says:

    I’m excited to watch Wright this year. I’m willing to bet he has put on some muscle and has a better year then last.

  7. BucsQcCity Says:

    2 te sets!!!

  8. rdbucfan Says:

    “Anyone with their eyes open saw that Wright was a special rookie last season.”


    Wright was not special when the franchise was his QB. It took a 3rd round rookie QB to make him special. You know the same guy that didn’t elevate the game of anyone around him (except for Wright).The same guy you and the little puppy can’t wait to run out of town.

    Obviously Mrs. Howell and Licht didn’t see it on film or they wouldn’t have signed a new starter.

  9. Thibs5599 Says:

    The patriots were able to spread the field with GRONK and Hernandez consistently from 2010-2012 should be no reason bucs can’t do the same with Wright and Myers.

  10. rdbucfan Says:

    “Lovie doesn’t chase backups when the free agency dinner bell rings.”

    Most of the guys Mrs Howell chased were backups.

  11. Deputy Buc Says:

    What are the chances that Tedford is viewing Wright as more of a WR now?

  12. rdbucfan Says:

    Mrs Howell should have said we only chase backups to gift them starting positions not to compete to earn starting positions.

  13. Phillip Says:


    I seem to recall Wright dropping a few of JF5 passes including one perfectly thrown to the corner of the endzone that went right through his hands… So while he might have played better after Glennon became the starter(4th game) maybe it was a combination of never playing TE before and getting more used to it as the season wore on and Glennon’s less 50 MPH passes being thrown to him(a dig @ODB… go read the Glennon story)

  14. rdbucfan Says:


    Or it could have been that Glennon was more accurate than Freeboy the franchise.

  15. The 300's Says:

    I think Tedford learned something from Belicheat that he wants to use in his offense. Two tight end sets with these two tight ends is promising at least.

  16. Saskbuco Says:

    @canadian bucsfan which part of Canada are you from? Obviousness says there will be 2 TE “sets” in this offence as Tedford was studying the Pats when they were running 2 TE sets.

  17. knucknbuc Says:

    Rdbucfan still butthurt about glennon not going to be the starter. lovie is just trying to get that schiano stench off of the bucs organization. Sorry Ur boy glennon might get caught up in that turd bowl.

  18. Phillip Says:


    So explain the drops in the beginning of the season then?

    Look you might be a fan of Glennon or just can’t stand Freeman which both is okay.. But to say Glennon made Wright better and not Freeman is just a lie… He played 3 games with him and was signed just before roster cuts in the pre-season? Freeman put plenty of catchable balls out there and he didn’t come down with him like he did with Glennon… The most obvious reason is him LEARNING how to play TE

  19. BoJim Says:

    Think we got our two starting tight ends. Wright might flop around to WR too.

  20. Evan Says:

    So does that rule out trading back and drafting Ebron??

  21. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Trading back & taking Ebron would be a good move….you can’t have enough good TEs….especially with 2 TE sets…..

  22. rdbucfan Says:


    So drops only count when Freeboy the franchise/coach killer is QB. You sure came running fast to his aide. Never thought Freeboy was a good QB, horrible draft pick. Freeboy rarely hit a receiver in stride. He was usually high, low or behind. I’m not talking back shoulder behind either.

    I’ve read a lot of your posts and you seem like one of the posters that would like to run Glennon out on a rail. You want the team to waste a 1st round pick on Johnny I always throw off my back foot, Teddy I can’t throw without my glove or Blake I have the same accuracy problems as Freeboy.

    I myself would like to the bucs to draft BPA at 7 (which is not one of the top 3 QB’S)or even trade down for more picks since this is the deepest draft in a while and we only have 5 picks. I like Jimmy G or Mettenberger in the latter rounds and have a open competition for the starting job. May the best QB win. I don’t think anyone on the on the roster or in the draft should be given the starting job.

  23. Arealbucsfan Says:

    @rdbucfan stop talking. Ur post are annoying.

  24. rdbucfan Says:


    Go somewhere else. Or don’t read them.

  25. Arealbucsfan Says:

    @rdcockfan very cute

  26. Jordan Says:

    Wright/Myers should make for a good TE tandem. Wright only dropped 1 pass last year, Myers only dropped 2. Only 6 WR/TE/RB had a lower drop rate with at least 48 targets than Tim Wright.

  27. Joe Dunn Says:

    Gruden used to heap praise on guys just like Lovie did here, then a month later somebody (but not Jon) would tell the guy he did NOT fit into their plans for the future…..Haaaaa

    I hope this guy is a BEAST

  28. Phillip Says:


    I actually don’t mind Glennon and have said he can compete for the starting gig next year.. I just prefer a 1st round QB because they are more likely to succeed than any other round a QB is drafted in the NFL along with the fact we get an extra year on their contract at a cheaper price… I’m not defending Freeman I’m just saying you are trying to prove a point after 3 games with Freeman when Wright hasn’t ever played the TE position before this past season and wasn’t even signed by us till the 3rd or 4th preseason game. Just not a very good argument on your part that is all…

    BTW EVERYONE was all over Freeman after his 2010 season and thought he was on the cusp of GREATNESS and don’t say you weren’t because that would be a flat out lie. So please everyone spare us all your I told you so’s because they just aren’t true.

  29. RustyRhinos Says:

    Off topic:

    L5/S1 injured weekend before last. I Have sharp pain in my back, sometimes my legs go numb and causing me to collapse to the floor. 6’4″ 205 is a long way to fall and a longer way to pull yourself back up. I have been to Chiropractor and have had an xray. MRI will be disscussed tomorrow. We have been talking about spinal decompression’s, anyone of you posters here ever had something like this?
    Sorry if my grammar is a bit off as of late I am in pain and I’d rather not be on the hydrocodone pills 3 times a day.My MD ordered for me.

  30. Joe Dunn Says:

    Decompression might help…..massage also, acupuncture can be good.

  31. rdbucfan Says:


    Never liked Freeman even after 2010. I said I may have said I could have been wrong but did not jump on his bandwagon. I said he deserved another year after 2010. He always had accuracy problems. If you can’t complete short to intermediate passes on a consistent basis, you shouldn’t be a starting QB in the NFL. I agree with you about the extra year for a 1st round pick. I just don’t think any of the QB’s this year are worthy of a high pick. Maybe move down and hope one falls or pick Carr lower in the 1st.

  32. teacherman Says:

    I want the TE Colt from Oregon!

    He has “character” concerns, but he is a 4.5 TE!

    We gotta draft him in the 3rd round!

  33. gotbbucs Says:

    Single back, two TE’s that can play tight or slot, and two WR gives you alot of freedom in the playbook without substituting and allows you to use motion to expose defensive coverages and get alligned in mismatches.
    Meyers and Wright are essentially the same player so it should be interesting to see how they get used.
    I am cautiously optomistic.

  34. teacherman Says:

    @Rusty Rhino

    you should be taking MEDICAL MARIJUANA!

    Vote YES in November!

    Long live freedom!

    1.) The original declaration of independence was written on paper made from CANNABIS!
    2.) Americans used to be able to pay their TAXES in HEMP
    3.) George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson ALL GREW CANNABIS!!!


  35. gotbbucs Says:

    teacherman Says:
    March 19th, 2014 at 8:04 pm
    “I want the TE Colt from Oregon!

    He has “character” concerns, but he is a 4.5 TE!

    We gotta draft him in the 3rd round!”

    I seriously hope you’re joking. Kid is an absolute piece of trash.

  36. louden Says:

    From a logical standpoint, taking TE Ebron would make the most sense i think with the 7th.
    People need to think about it: There seems to be no QB in this years draft who sets himself apart the others.. Some people compare, talent wise, the big 3 QB to the potential 3rd round QB´s like AJ Mc, Murray(even later), Shaw, and so on.. value wise QB at 7th makes no sense (maybe Bridgewater)

    Ebron is an elite player at his position. Realy great skill set (hernandez like) at a position of need.
    WR´s on the other hand are very deep this year and a good one could be have in later rounds. While Watkins is very good, i don´t think he sets himself apart from Mike Evans or Lee big time.. they are all pretty impressive, but no ones elite (i would even argue that Lee posseses better body control near sidelines and is very good after the catch – just like watkins, even if watkins might be a little better after the catch).

    bottom line: gotta take the best value. and threre don´t seem to be many top notch TE´s out this year – And damn, Ebron is the best of the pack by miles to the next one + its clearly a position of need, while we got at least 2 good WR´s..
    + DeAnthony Thomas would be one heck of a slot WR, next Welker as the best Slot in country.. no question – just sheme around him..

    the play at starting at 2:23 tells me screw Watkins with the 7th pick overall, take this one in round 3 or even 2 – heck Rams took Tavon Austin in round 1!!

  37. tickrdr Says:

    Phillip Says:
    March 19th, 2014 at 5:51 pm


    I actually don’t mind Glennon and have said he can compete for the starting gig next year.. I just prefer a 1st round QB because they are more likely to succeed than any other round a QB is drafted in the NFL
    False argument #2 to get rid of Mike Glennon:

    A first round QB is more likely to succeed, certainly more so than a lowly third rounder. Actually I must admit that is probably true to some extent, but they will likely NOT exceed Mike Glennon’s rookie stats, at least by statistical comparison.

    Reason #2 why I hope they keep Mike Glennon:
    Over the last 20 years, there have been 13 QBs chosen #1 overall in the NFL draft. Only 1 of those 13 (Cam Newton QB rating 84.5) was better than MG8’s 83.9 in his rookie year. In fact, those 13 QBs have played an aggregate of 106 seasons total, and in ONLY 43 (43/106 seasons = 40.6%) did they have a QB rating > 83.9, no matter how much experience they had.


  38. That Guy Says:

    Hoo boy, I see the Mensa crowd was loose today. Must’ve been the Glennon trade post that rang that dinner bell. I kinda wish I’d been around to see the train wreck in real time. Reading this stuff has me in stitches.

  39. WalkdaPlank Says:

    I expect Johnny Boy and Bridgewater to exceed Glennon’s numbers granted they start 16 games and don’t get broken in half by an NFL front 7. If they can’t, with a full 3 games more than Glennon…..well….

  40. Joe Dunn Says:

    Coincidence = McCown was 3rd round pick just like Glennon

    He was a friggin ROOKIE and the idiots that pile on him are nuts.

    Will he be Elway one day?? Doubtful…..

    BUCS will pick QB if and ONLY IF it is the ONE THE WANT – – – whoever that is ????????

  41. rdbucfan Says:


    Johnny or Teddy’s numbers should exceed Glennon’s if theh play 16 games. Which would mean they are getting 1st string reps all preseason and would be more comfortable with their supporting cast. Glennon had to share snaps with Freeman until he was named the starter for week 4.

  42. Eric Says:

    Lovie went out of his way to reiterate McCown as the starter.

  43. tickrdr Says:

    WalkdaPlank Says:
    March 19th, 2014 at 10:08 pm

    I expect Johnny Boy and Bridgewater to exceed Glennon’s numbers granted they start 16 games and don’t get broken in half by an NFL front 7. If they can’t, with a full 3 games more than Glennon…..well….

    I am willing to bet that regardless of which team he plays for, that Johnny Manziel ( or Teddy Bridgewater for that matter) will not beat the rookie year stats of Mike Glennon. Even if he ends up here with a much better supporting cast than MG8 had. And I fully admit that I have never seem JM play.
    Specifically: 3 separate bets.
    1) his QBR (minimum of 300 attempts) will be less than 83.9 for 2014.
    2) his TD total will be less than 19 for his first thirteen games.
    3) his TD/INT ratio will be less than 19/9 .
    If he doesn’t play = I win the bet.

  44. bigpoppabuc Says:

    Lovie can anoint all he wants to here in the month of March. But the cream will rise to the top in August, when the guys that actually played hard and played well for us last season, the guys who’ve been listening to Lovie anointing starters in MARCH!, they’ll be even more eager to force coach to put his shiny free agents on the pine. Wright, Glennon, Zuttah, Spence…. These guys I expect to prove their worth come training camp.