Was Greg Schiano “Bored?”

February 27th, 2014

“Bill, let’s name that one the Trenton tango.”

My, my, my, how interesting it was yesterday to hear one of Greg Schiano’s mentors, Dave Wannstedt, express how much he doesn’t like it when 4-3 defenses get cute and blitz-happy, rushing the passer with stunts and “tricking” and not letting their pass rushers attack the quarterback and make plays.

Last season’s Bucs special teams coach took to the SiriusXM NFL Radio airwaves yesterday to share his philosophy.Wannstedt praised Super Bowl–winning head coach Pete Carroll for letting his Seattle defensive line get after at — nearly the opposite of Schiano’s approach with former Bucs defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan.

“The thing that excited me most is I’m a 4-3 guy, seeing those four down guys being able to pressure. [Seattle] is not a zero-blitz team. And they don’t, I hate to say this, you know they outexecute you and Pete does a great job of letting talent, letting the players make plays. And that’s smart coaching. That was what was so exciting to me, is it wasn’t necessarily a bunch of tricking back and forth [on the defensive line],” Wannstedt said.

“It was old fashioned football. It was covering and blocking and rushing the passer and protecting the passer. … You know, coaches get bored. I used to tell my assistant coaches, ‘Don’t get bored. Go ahead. Don’t be afraid to rush four and play coverage. You know you don’t have to blitz every other time. Just do it.'”

Wannstedt went on, but you get the idea. Clearly, the Bucs’ pass rush approach of incessant line stunts was abhorrent to the former Bears and Dolphins head coach and defensive coordinator in Buffalo and Dallas.

Joe’s confident Schiano didn’t like all those stunts, either. He stated that publicly. But he still used them incessantly. Perhaps he was “bored” as Wannstedt remarked? Or maybe just too caught up in being a guru?

Right or wrong, ultimately the reason the Bucs ran so many kooky pass rush games is because they had no confidence in any of their edge rushers. Joe’s sure Lovie Smith also won’t put his hopes on the backs of Da’Quan Bowers, “Te-O” and Adrian Clayborn.

If Gerald McCoy is the All-World, every-down defensive tackle Warren Sapp, Dave Wannstedt and many others publicly say he is, then the Bucs should have little problem generating a productive edge rush under Lovie — assuming they can add quality talent at the position.

15 Responses to “Was Greg Schiano “Bored?””

  1. SAMCRO Says:

    Pretty cut and dry. Let the front four pin their ears back and play. We need to quit outsmarting ourselves and neutralizing our talent level. The only way to really improve is to improve our pass rush. period!

  2. BucsfaninChina Says:

    Great tagline, Joe. Just spat coffee all over my desk.

    I dont think Schiano was bored, he was just DESPERATE to get some results out of his D Line, and like Wannstedt said, he just outschemed himself.

  3. BamBamBuc Says:

    No, no, no… it was stated earlier this offseason that he was using those stunts to hide Clayborn’s deficiencies as a pass rusher. Of course, in my opinion, he would have been better suited allowing GMC to be disruptive by not stunting and THAT may have opened things up for the pass-rush deficient Clayborn more than the stunts did.

  4. Joe Dunn Says:

    Last Buc game I attended I picked up copy of roster…..Butch Davis was not even LISTED on it – – what the hell did he do exactly, anybody???

  5. rayray1 Says:

    Think we’re further away from being a solid contender than we thought we were. Offense looks like a big redo and the defense needs several pieces. Two to three year project.

  6. BucsfaninChina Says:

    @rayray I wouldnt say that. We have no idea what Lovie’s chemes are going to look like, and upgrades at certain positions cover up the deficiencies of others. No team is perfect. Give him a year and if he hasnt started making strides on the roster then we’d have something to beeitch about.

  7. mike n Says:

    schiano took a lot of heat for his defense, but what you had was a pro bowler and 3 back ups in the front 4. No other team drafts akeem in the 4th and would start him without a starter going down. Bowers, and daniel t… back ups as well. This could be a top 10 D, but that would take a simieon rice type end and a much much improved clayborn.

  8. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    That was kind of reading into his comments…

  9. owlykat Says:

    All we need on the Defensive Line is to add one proven double digit DE in Free Agency. In the Glory years the DE opposite our double digit DE was not another double digit sacker but a strong DE who provided some sacks and was real good at run support. The nose tackle was not any big sacker either.
    He occupied a double team and could stop the run, so give our rookie from last year a break. He was the strongest player on the team and was important in our continuing to stop the run–plus he will be better this year.
    Claiborne can play on the left or promote Gholston to that position because he was great there at the end of the year. I do think our new DL Coach can finally get Bowers to play to his potential this year, too. They can let Teo go, because his production was sad last year. I sure wish we could have kept Wannstedt. He did wonders with our special teams last year. I hope he can get picked up by another team. You realize that Carol failed twice in the NFL, and then was great the third time around. Wannstedt has the potential to do the same if he ever gets another shot at a HC job in the NFL.

  10. Chrisfresh23 Says:

    Defense-Just get us at least 2 good edge rushers and we’re good. We should make a push for Greg hardy,Michael Johnson, Michael Bennett , Jared Allen .. Or even draft one if these top pass ushers in the draft..

    Offense-We should try to grab a James jones, Emanuel sanders, or even draft one too. Of course, we can use help at tight end aswell . Qb is iffy.. lol mg8 has to get more smoother working that pocket..

    With these positions addressed along with better coaching there’s reason to believe the Seahawks are sniffing us on their necks.. #itsapiratelife #2014turnaround

  11. LoggedontoSay Says:

    Maybe Schiano did not have a clue.

  12. That Guy Says:

    Schiano definitely had no clue, just like the people who were saying Gregory should be retained if he could win five games because a five win season was an acceptable outcome. Or the folks who were arguing that wins over the Dolphins and Lions were wins against “good teams.” Amirite?

    Joe stands fully behind his assertions, including that if Greg Schiano went 5-3 in the second half last year he would have earned a third season. Joe doesn’t get involved in revisionist history like you do. –Joe

  13. Ghost Says:

    Amazing to be that inept and get a head coaching position in the nfl.

  14. oldfart44 Says:

    You just had to mention this clown again, and get my heart rate and blood pressure it! 🙂

  15. BoJim Says:

    Owly said:

    ” I sure wish we could have kept Wannstedt. He did wonders with our special teams last year. I hope he can get picked up by another team.”

    Me too. He was a good one.