“Hard To Judge A Guy In His Rookie Year”

January 25th, 2014
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The new Bucs GM weighs in on No. 8

Just like Lovie Smith, new Bucs general manager Jason Licht is non-committal about who his starting quarterback will be in 2014.

ProFootballTalk.com guru Mike Florio phrased the inevitable QB question to Licht this week with a little bit of a twist, and Licht’s response will soothe both Mike Glennon Mob members and those who prefer a starter with more talent.

Mike Florio: Is your starting quarterback in the building, or possibly out there somewhere else?

Jason Licht: We’ll, we’re going to have to come together with our evaluations of the team and unfortunately I’ve only had a couple of hours to really dig into this. So I need to continue doing that over the next few days, next week and then get together with Lovie and figure out where we are together. But I will tell you this, I’m impressed with the young kid at quarterback. And I think he’s got three things that you look for in a quarterback: you know, he’s an accurate passer, and he’s very smart, and he’s very tough. So, you know, it’s hard to judge a guy in his rookie year.

Well, that was interesting if not a little confusing. Licht says Glennon is “accurate” and “smart” and “tough,” and then in the next breath he says “it’s hard to judge a guy in his rookie year.”

Jiminy Christmas! If it’s hard to judge a QB in his rookie year, then it must be brutal to pick one out of college.

Joe thoroughly respects that Lovie and Licht, along with offensive coordinator/quarterback guru Jeff Tedford, have a lot of evaluation work to do together.

However, Joe’s certain these men have strong opinions on Mike Glennon right now. Lovie and Tedford likely started studying Glennon months ago, and Licht during his days at quarterback-challenged Arizona was scouting Glennon deeply.

Joe can only be sure of one thing: the new regime will bring in legitimate competition for Glennon this offseason. (You can enjoy Licht’s entire interview below.)

57 Responses to ““Hard To Judge A Guy In His Rookie Year””

  1. Couch Fan Says:

    hard to judge a guy in his rookie year? Nonsense. Just ask all the talent evaluators that will post in this thread!

  2. Rrsrq Says:

    To Glennon or not to Glennon, that is the question. Won’t know til the draft and even then, what if he beats out the competition, hmmm

  3. Bucfan#37 Says:

    Bring on the competition. May the best QB win. That is all Bucs fans can expect looking forward to an improved team.

  4. Architek Says:

    My take is that it’s actually smart to show support but make noncommittal statements. I mean it’s really tough to say because we saw how hot Glennon can get and explosive he can be but we saw how low he could sink when he’s not hot.

    To me the biggest item is his inability to carry the offense when they struggle – that’s what we need at qb because of our competition in the division.

    I just don’t know if Glennon is what we need long term.

  5. Chris Says:

    I think licht knows plenty of glennon. I think he had to answer certain questions in his interview. To me , I think not endorsing glennon is a sign of things to come. He hasn’t received any ringing endorsements for his play on the field. More of his work ethic, which is good but doesn’t always translate to a great qb. Heck dan orlovsky has excellent work ethic as well, and he’s not anywhere close to being a starter.

    Licht made the competition comment as well. Don’t see anything as a positive endorsement for mike glennon.

  6. Couch Fan Says:

    Or could it be he didnt endorse Glennon to keep his hand hidden come draft time?

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    What do you expect him to say?…..Glennon is absolutely our starter…Glennon doesn’t have a prayer…..Glennon is a great backup…or something along the lines of what he said.
    No commitment….doesn’t need to….not showing his hand…none of them are…why should they?

  8. Mike J Says:

    Bottom line w/ Glennon is, in December, when the O-line had basically called it quits & there was no run game, Mike was poor. In November, while the Bucs were rushing the ball, he was pretty darn good.From this we know he couldn’t carry a team on his back as a rookie, but few QBs can, or ever could.This juxtaposition is what makes evaluating the guy so difficult.

  9. C. Alaka Says:

    I mean do you expect Lovie & “Light” to come out & say YESSS we are in love w/ Mr. Glennon or NOOO we can’t wait to get another QB in here…we have the # 7 pick in the draft so it’s our job to play poker…we don’t wanna tip our hand on what we might pick…we might be able to get a RGIII trade worth or something to that effect…so yes they will continue to play both sides of the fence till free agency + the draft is over…to tell you the truth I think Glennon wasn’t asked to do much his rookie yr & if Tedford let’s him throw then we will see that Glennon maybe not be top 5-7 QB but he is more than good enough to win a few Super Bowls w/…GO BUCS!!!!!!!

  10. madmacskillz Says:

    I don’t understand why some people think that they can look at one year of play, any one year of play, for a QB and then make a bottom line statement. Freeman had one year where he was great and kicked ass. Rich Gannon was a journeyman QB who didn’t really stick with a team but became an outstanding QB under Gruden. Peyton Manning threw a crazy high number of interceptions his first year. But suddenly with Glennon we’ve seen all we need to see?

    Glennon did not lock up the job as the Bucs QB, he looked good and he looked bad, and in general compared to other rookie QBs he did pretty well. The Bucs will absolutely bring in some competition and that’s a fact. The best QB we have by week 1 will start. It likely won’t be Glennon, but we won’t know that until week 1.

  11. PRBucFan Says:

    If he can beat out whoever they bring in, by all means then start.

    We’ll see if that happens.

  12. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I think Tampa fans are so used to mediocrity at quarterback that they are unable to tell the difference between “hot” and “average”.

    Really, people, Glennon did NOT look good enough to win the starting job. Everything about him speaks “potential”.

    And yes, it is true if we draft a QB in the first round he will only have “potential”. But the difference is that we will have TWO GUYS with it, and it will double our chances of finding a very good QB, which is what we MUST have in this division.

  13. Cmurda Says:

    Let me break bread here ladies and gentlemen. I cannot substantiate it, but Glennon is not the guy. It’s just a feeling from my gut. There are a few of us that were never sold on Freeman. We hoped for the best but never believed he was Franchise material. I like everything about Glennon’s demeanor and work ethic but demeanor and work ethic alone don’t win Championships. I’m not feeling his talent. I think he is a better than average workhorse but not special. I feel guilty saying that and I’ll be the first one to happily eat crow if I’m wrong. Nobody expects us to draft a QB in Rd 1 and I say B.S. If our guy is there, we will draft him.

  14. Couch Fan Says:

    And yes, it is true if we draft a QB in the first round he will only have “potential”. But the difference is that we will have TWO GUYS with it, and it will double our chances of finding a very good QB, which is what we MUST have in this division.


    It’s also true that 1st round picks are deemed the franchise and thus insuring that Glennon never sees the field and nullifying any “competition” that you all claim you want.

    No matter how you try to spin it. That is a fact.

  15. Brandon Says:

    All the positives? Accurate, smart, tough, tall. Negatives? Noodle armed, feet of clay, holds onto the ball way too long, is rail thin and very easy to vring down in pocket.

    Sounds like Glennon has the make up to become an excellent backup one day and possibly even now. NFL careers don’t last very long, putting all of our eggs in Glennon’s basket could very well be another year wasted. Competition/back-up plan is a necessity. Brett Smith or Garropolo in round 2 might be real competition without having to gift the position to a rookie.

  16. Brandon Says:

    Glennon merely hit the rookie wall against the Rams…unlike most of his other games when his wall was the entire second half of every game.

  17. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Well after Schiano openly called #5 the absolute starter and 2 days later he benches the guy, what did you think he would say?

  18. Hawk Says:

    I agree with Tampabaybucfan. Why show your cards? As long as # 8, #9, #10, etc, *think* you might take ‘their’ guy, you can talk about moving in the draft.
    Frankly, if Licht had made any comment indicating strongly, one way or the other, I’d have thought a lot less of him as a competent GM.
    Right now, the weak link is Orlovsky. I want someone better than *him* on the roster next season. If they are also better than Glennon, then all the better. And I am a Glennon fan.

  19. @eric Says:

    Most of you guys are idiots and I can’t wait until you eat crow. The release and arm strength on Glennon is great. Throws to the flat on a tight dime. Heard all this lame qb bashing for years, Testaverde, Dilfer, King, Gresie, Sims and Freeman…..you’re never satisfied……if you had it your way you would trade or cut him based off of one year……..the kid is a stud and would hate to see him come back and bite the Bucs like Qbs of the past…….Doug Williams, Steve Young and Difler……Super Bowl Champs life after being a Buc
    Glennon is going to the the starter next year and will prove most of you schmucks wrong……..there isn’t a qb in the draft that could beat him out….

  20. Orca Says:

    It’s hilarious how people think the GM and coach are going to say what they really think publicly. Seriously? Every coach and GM in this situation would give proper respect to the work Glennon did this year, but remain non-committal. There is no way they are going to tip their hand on what they’re thinking regarding free agency or the draft. They’ve said all they need to say. Despite that, they will continue to be asked this question over and over and over… Then Joe will spend a few hundred words a week trying to parse their words for every time they answer the question… And that’s what sells advertising on a site dedicated to football fans desperate for a shred of interesting news about their team.

  21. gotbbucs Says:

    If they bring in a veteran QB then it’s a competition. If they draft a QB in the 1st round the competition has already been decided.

    I don’t believe in QB competitions anymore. You need to go into mini camps and preseason with one guy the team can rally behind and that guy needs to get all the reps with the first team. If Glennon isn’t the guy that the organization chooses then so be it, but if they take a QB in the 1st round it better not be the 3rd or 4th best QB in the draft at pick #7.

    Also, a QB competition between a 1st year QB and a 2nd year QB is a joke. My personal preferance is to go into it with Glennon 100% and focus our resources on locking up our young players and adding complementary players to the offense. Without better talent on offense I don’t believe it matetrs who we put back there, they will fail.

  22. Que589 Says:

    Don’t see any QB’s in the draft that’s a better prospect, probably equivalent but not better. Bring in McKown to compete

  23. KennyV Says:


  24. Andrew 1 Says:

    Of course they’re not going to say anything. Wish they would, but we all know that’s not how it works. It will be like that all the up to the draft. As for Glennon, he showed us some good things and I think the more he gets comfortable, the more he will play up to his potential like he did in college. But just like in college, he has trouble in crunch time pulling out a win. He pretty good at just about everything else that’s required to play the QB position, But for that reason alone I dont see him being a starter. Now having said all that, whether we like it or not they are going to bring in some serious competition, and if he beats the competition then I have no problem supporting him. And who knows, he might be able to learn how to come through in the crunch.

  25. Buc1987 Says:

    Andrew…he did come through in the crunch to beat FSU when they had a top ranked D. That did happen and it was all Glennon.

  26. Buc1987 Says:

    KennyV…nice highlights and all, but I’m trying forget the nightmare season.

  27. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Buc1987

    Your right he did, But thats out of at least a dozen times. One time does not a trend make. Im rooting for him though.

  28. PRBucFan Says:

    I don’t agree, there is no rule saying that Glennon automatically looses if they draft a QB in the first round.

    If they draft a QB in the first round Glennon will have every shot to prove to Lovie that he’s the guy and make them start him.

    If he does that than we have a QB to trade.

    Either way it’s a new coaching staff, he hasn’t earned anything yet.

  29. Couch Fan Says:

    Lol So you think that theres a chance the 1st round pick is going to sit the bench? That is insane.

    Just like GOTBBUCS said, if you dont think Glennon is your guy you draft a QB in the 1st. If you think theres a possibility that he is your guy, then you still need competition and you draft a QB later.

    1st QB means they dont believe in Glennon and that pick is there Franchise QB.

    Not sure how you can say you think there will be a competition.

  30. Andrew 1 Says:

    I will say this, the guy is one tough son of a gun. We all watched him get pounded into the dirt time and time again, and he got back up every time. He has my respect, there’s no doubt about that.

  31. gotbbucs Says:

    PRBucFan Says:
    January 25th, 2014 at 10:21 pm
    “I don’t agree, there is no rule saying that Glennon automatically looses if they draft a QB in the first round.”

    At the exact minute that Glennon walks out on the field as the starter over the 1st round pick QB, the entire scouting department and GM should be walked out the back door with pink slips in hand.
    Might as well bring Leftwich and L. McCown back in for another BS competition while Glennon and this 1st round rookie QB battle it out on another field.

  32. PRBucFan Says:

    Yes I think that if they legitimately are not sure if he’s there guy and they want legitimate competition they will.

    And if they are true about it and Glennon wins the competition than yes the other will sit and become instant trade value.

    It is what it is again, Glennon hasn’t earned anything with this new coaching staff.

    In an ideal world they might worry about what’s “fair” or “right” for Glennon but it’s not and worst of all for Glennon it’s the NFL.

    My opinion, and IMO i’m almost certain unless Glennon beats out the legitimate QB competition coming in this offseason he won’t see the field as our starter.

    And if there’s a legit shot of the Bucs getting a QB in the first round they will take it cause they aren’t committed to him. IMO, I see no problem with it, that’s life in the NFL.

  33. Couch Fan Says:

    I dont care which way they go myself anymore. If they dont believe in Glennon that is fine. But there will be NO competition. It’s foolish to even think that the new GM/HC very first draft pick will sit the bench.

    Again, no problem if they wish to move in another direction. But there is no competition if they draft a 1st round QB. Anything they say or do afterwards is nothing more than show.

    Guaranteed that 1st round pick will be starting come opening day.

  34. PRBucFan Says:

    You all have your opinion, that’s fine.

    I don’t see Glennon walking out onto that field as our starter next season.

    We’ll agree to disagree.

    I honestly like the kid, I just don’t love having a QB whose an instant sack the moment a lineman gets beat and unless he somehow learns to compensate for that I don’t see our coaching staff seeing him as the future either.

  35. Couch Fan Says:

    In terms of the bigger picture. I think they give him a year to prove it. While upgrading the team around him. I dont buy into this “Defense will win us 8 games” and we’ll never have a shot at a franchise QB.

    If Glennon doesn’t improve along with the rest of the offense We will win another 4 games and be in great shape to draft a QB of our choice in a better QB class where we have more picks to use as ammo if need be.

    To me that is better for the team overall.

  36. Hawk Says:

    @ PRBucFan
    In two separate posts, you mention trading either Glennon or the #7 QB (if they draft one there). Exactly what do you think another team would give for either one? If the Bucs, who do not have a decent QB (according to you and others), decide to give up on either one of them after such a short time(rookie and second year), I can almost hear the snickering when they offer one of them for draft picks. If Glennon beats out a first round ‘franchise’ QB, then the Bucs are saying that he is a bust (beaten out by a *third rounder*?!?). That doesn’t make him look very valuable. OTOH, if Glennon is what you (and others) say, why would any team want to give up a draft pick for him? If the draft pick is going to be lower than a third round, then the Bucs would be better off keeping both, and letting the winner be the starter, and the loser can hold the clipboard.
    And I do not agree that a first round QB *has* to start. Lovie will be on his ‘honeymoon’ his first year. If he tells the Glazers that the new kid is a project to be brought along slowly, he’ll get his chance to prove it was a good move.

  37. PRBucFan Says:

    Never said trade Glennon.

    If Glennon gets beat he’s a back up.

    As far as your commentary on me saying Glennon is not a decent QB when did I say that?

    I simply said I don’t believe he’ll be our future unless he can somehow learn to compensate for his lack of escapability.

    Again, just my opinion. Don’t really feel like going on and on about it tonight lol.

    So that’s all for me 2night, goodnight BucFam.

  38. Buc1987 Says:

    Okay I’m going to make my first prediction of 2014 right now. lol
    If the Bucs don’t move up or trade down they will NOT draft a QB with that 7th pick. So all this debate will be meaningless. I think they stay put at 7 and draft a QB in a later round possibly 2nd. So I think there won’t be a 1st round QB drafted at 7 anyways, so no need to worry about whether or not he’s going to start week 1.

    Then again. I’m probably wrong. 2013 tells me that I’m probably wrong. Predicting Freeman would play lights out and the Bucs go 10-6 in 2013, spells out, I’m probably wrong on this one too.

    We’ll see though.

  39. Northend Says:

    Eric +1
    Glennon will be our starter day 1.He is Exactly what Tedford wants ,and super smart and willing to do ALL that is required.He has the makings of a dependable ,get u 2-3 tds a game type of QB.With the proper supporting cast,like a line that Dosent get him killed,more than 1 receiver ,A running. Back that’s not 3rd string and some play calls that actually play to his strength he will be just fine.Kid did great with what he had as a rookie.
    What exactly do some of you expect ? Ryan blew this year without help,Cam ain’t so super without his help and Brees didn’t win much when his team was hamstrung.
    Lets bring in a vet,Orton?Draft a 2-4 rd rookie like Murray,Garrapallo Etc to compete and let our Defense do what it must.
    This is Tampa Bay Football and Defense is our thing. And we are set to bring back the swagger,pain and punch you in the face attitude.Glennon is more than capible of leading this team and not just managing.
    Lets get him some help with A guy like Watkins and build our Def with Free agent help in the CB,De spots.
    We are. 9- 10 win team at least without much tweaking to our roster as some of our key players like Williams,Martin will be back and injured players like Joseph and Revis will be 100%.

  40. 1sparkybuc Says:

    It is blatantly obvious that Glennon is NOT an elite QB. An elite QB would have carried the team despite poor coaching , bad schemes, sorry protection, no ground attack, and only one viable receiver to throw to. He had three games in which to observe and learn and he didn’t. Cut his sorry ass and draft someone who can.

  41. Bobby M Says:

    All of you should go read the scouting report on Tom Brady when he came out of college. I’m guessing you would have said Brady doesn’t look like anything special after avg 185 yds per game his first yr starting. At QB, particularly with a defensive team, you want an intelligent, accurate QB with a great work ethic. Time is the only thing that will tell whether any QB can put it all together.

  42. Hawk Says:

    @ PRBucFan
    From *your* post on Jan25th at 10:21pm,
    “If he does that than we have a QB to trade.”
    Maybe I’m misunderstanding the “QB” in the sentence. If you didn’t mean ‘quarterback’, then I apologize for the error.
    A ‘decent’ QB is what the Ravens had with Dilfer. A ‘decent’ QB is what the Bucs had with Johnson. Lovie is best with defense. If he can do what Gruden did, then ‘decent’ will get the job done. All that being said, I’m *not* satisfied with ‘decent’ at the QB position. I’d like to see one drafted, but the needs in other areas are too great for the team to ‘reach’ with their first pick.
    Maybe we’re on the same side; just looking in through different windows.

  43. lurker Says:

    it’s not hard to “judge the rookie”… just open yer dang eyes

    we need to draft a qb in the first. if Cleveland doesn’t take a qb in the first, they will take garapolo in the second, ahead of us.

  44. lurker Says:

    and qb is a big need…where else?

    all the other “holes” can be filled in with great talent through free agency, but not qb though.

    and dilfer and johnson are better than glennon. glennon is a statue, can’t throw accurately deep, and where are people getting he is “intelligent” from?

  45. Canabuc Says:

    I don’t usually post here but after all the bashing and about Glennon being at best a career backup I felt the need to point out a few things :

    1. Rookie. Most rookie Qbs struggle. Even with a good supporting cast. Go ahead and look at the stats of the top 10 rookie quarterbacks of all time. Arguably he had a better season than all but Peyton Manning and Matt Ryan and even then he threw fewer picks. Sure Luck had more yards passing and more tds but only 2 more 2 in 3 more games. So imagine he is about top 5 or 6 all time as a rookie statistically. Doing this in spite of :

    2. Poor supporting cast. I think about it, he lost Mike Williams his number to receiver shortly into his season as a starter. He lost Doug Martin a proble running back shortly into his career as a starter. Carl Nicks who is supposed to be our best offense of lineman essentially did not play this year. And overall the offensive line was quite subpar off in giving Glennon very little time to make throws.

    3. Poor coaching. I don’t think anybody here I would argue the fact that our coaching staff did not give Glennon the opportunity to perform the way he could. A perfect example was the San Francisco Forty Niners game, when Glennon engineered to touchdown drives using the hurry up offense. And then the offense of coordinator did not continue to go with what was working because quote unquote Schiano said they did not fully practice that type of offense.

    I sincerely believe that with a new offense of system under Tedford and improvement of the weapons around him on offense with at least an average offense of line, he has the ability to become an excellent quarterback. He is intelligent. He has a strong accurate arm and looking at those YouTube highlight videos you can see he makes all the throws, back shoulder comebacks deep throws quick slants excetera. These are not things you can just teach a quarterback.

  46. BucsQcCity Says:

    Trade down to get a 2nd/3rd pick, get Aaron Donald, sign Allen and we suddenly have a very nasty pass rush combo..

    Draft is deep. We need more than 1 player to get back on track

  47. lurker Says:

    again…why do you say he is “intelligent”? how is he more-so than any average joe? just because you say so…lmao

    he sucked…the rest are excuses. we need a play-maker at the position. you cannot compare, even though you fools keep trying, to manning,luck, etc. they ran different offenses and actually passed.

    maybe he will turn it around, but why not double-down and take a qb? other “holes” can be flled in free agency and next year’s draft. and we need a decent qb to get us on-track more than any other position.

  48. Patrick in VA Says:

    I’m not sure how folks think that there will be any trade value for a qb that was beat out by glennon. Rookie first rounders are a gamble as it is so we roll the dice and show other teams that this guy is lacking at the NFL level. so we will have essentially traded our #7 pick for a third or fourth round pick, which is what we’d be able to get for him by that point

  49. Larry Hasara Says:

    Please enroll me as a charter member of the Mike Glennon Mob. I’ve read hundreds of posts from both bloggers and the commenters on multiple Bucs sites, especially this one. There have been heated debates regarding his rookie performance versus the potential of a new “franchise” quarterback. I will try to address each of the arguments against Mike Glennon as our quarterback going forward….. except for one. I agree that he is unlikely to win the 40 yard dash in anyone’s camp. Having ceded that criticism of his game, I will try to compare the rest of his playing skills against the only way that seems possible; historical statistics.

    One of the comments on this thread says that Glennon is not an “elite” quarterback. Now there may be some disagreement over what constitutes an elite quarterback, but I think everyone on this site would agree that one of the quarterbacks playing in a big game next weekend would be considered “elite” by all standards: Peyton Manning. He’s a certain first vote Hall of Famer, and arguably he may be one of the best quarterbacks of all time. Nevertheless, as a rookie, Peyton Manning was just as bad as Mike Glennon was!

    Let’s compare their first year statistics. MG8 completed 247 of 416 passes for a completion percentage of 59.4%. In 13 games, he had 19 touchdowns (19/416=4.5% TD rate) and 9 interceptions (9/416=2.2% INT rate). His QB rating was 83.9%

    As a rookie, Peyton Manning completed 326 of 576 passes for completion percentage of 56.7%. In 16 games, he had 26 touchdowns (26/576=4.5% TD rate) and 28 interceptions (28/576=4.9%). His QB rating was 71.2%.

    MG8 played 13 games and had many fewer passing attempts than Peyton Manning, 416 versus 576. Even if you give the exact same level of proficiency with no improvement after having thrown 160 more passes, that yields a factor of 1.38 times (576/416=1.38) more passes for Peyton Manning. If MG8 had been allowed to throw that many passes over the course of the season, given the exact same percentages as above would have yielded 26 TDs (19 x 1.38=26) and only 12 INTs (9 x 1.38= 12).

    But the Colts offense was ranked 12th overall that year in 1998, and scored 310 points for the season. The Bucs only scored 288 on the season in 2013, but 254 points with Mike Glennon at the helm for the last 13 games. Once again, 254/13=19.5 pts/game; which yields 312 points over a 16 game season.

    You can argue over whether Jim Mora and crew were better than Greg Schiano and his staff, but I’ll leave that to you all. On a sarcastic note, Peyton Manning was saddled with Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk who had 2227 total yards that year (1319 rushing and 908 receiving), as well as Marvin Harrison who is on this year’s Hall of Fame ballot, and Mike Vanderjagt who made every kick less than 40 yards, eight of nine beyond 40 yards, and even six of nine from 50+.

    After the Colts went 3-13 the previous year, they then selected Peyton Manning as the first choice overall in the 1998 NFL draft. An elite quarterback should be able to carry a team on his back single-handedly, even as a ROOKIE, and Peyton Manning did just that, leading the Colts to a 3-13 season in his rookie year!

    So, IMHO, Mike Glennon played at least as well if not arguably better than Peyton Manning did in their ROOKIE seasons. And historically, his play as a rookie compares very favorably to most of the quarterbacks chosen in the first round over the last 20 years (future post). At the very least, he deserves a chance to start this upcoming year.


  50. tickrdr Says:

    If it is possible, can you please change my screen name to tickrdr, and not post my real name on the boards. Thanks!
    Larry (tickrdr)

  51. PRBucFan Says:

    Hawk I told you that’s not what I meant, I’m not interested in debating with you.

    End of story 😉

  52. Hawk Says:

    @ PRBucFan
    Fair enough. Besides, there are so many other player positions that we can argue about. :^)

  53. PRBucFan Says:

    True 😀

  54. lurker Says:


    you can use all the historical references you want, it don’t mean squat. there are wayyyyyyyyyyy to many factors involved. you can do all the extrapolation you want but you cannot compare the 2, no matter how much you want to. you guys are annoyingly persistent, but it is for naught. just watch the games. glennon was not that good. film don’t lie like numbers do.

  55. PRBucFan Says:

    1 Thing is undoubtedly true and irrefutable

    If Glennon cannot learn how to compensate for his lack of escapability he will not be a starter for long in this league let alone the Bucs.

    I like everything about the kid except that, and IMO that is huge.

    And you can point to Peyton if you’d like but Peyton is the exception as he compensated for his lack of escapability with elite everything else.

    Maybe Glennon can compensate for it , but if he doesn’t learn to its bubye Glennon.

  56. BoJim Says:

    Canabuc & Larry Hasara

    Right on. Don’t see why there hard heads don’t see that. 🙁

  57. BoJim Says:

    Or should I say refuse?