Yes, The Bucs Have A Tight End

December 5th, 2013

tim wright

Joe remembers during the offseason, once you got past the rancor of Bucs fans wrestling over the pros and cons of former Bucs franchise quarterback leaky Rip Van Freeman, that the second-most angst-ridden topic was the lack of a tight end.

Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik thought he found a steal when he purloined Tom Crabtree from the Packers, yet fans still howled for more. This, despite Bucs offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan’s offense not featuring tight ends.

Sadly, Crabtree became best known for getting hurt.

Screaming for a tight end was akin to screaming for a wishbone quarterback since the Bucs don’t rush a wishbone offense. Freeman even went on record this summer, claiming bellowing for a tight end was wasted energy because, in Sullivan’s offense, the Bucs don’t use the tight end.

Well, along the path of eight straight losses looking for the trail of bread crumbs to a path to victory and freedom, the Bucs may have stumbled upon a tight end. Rookie Tim Wright, a proud graduate of — all together now, Rutgers! — has been nearly as pleasant of a surprise as Mike Glennon.

Entering the game Sunday with the bungling Bills, Wright is one of the top rookie tight ends in the NFL. He is second in catches and third in receiving yards for all rookie tight ends.

So when you next slam your beer bottle down on the bar and cuss at the bartender because Dominik hasn’t signed a tight end, relax. It appears the team already has a good one on the roster.

19 Responses to “Yes, The Bucs Have A Tight End”

  1. Laughing Stock II Says:

    I like Tim. We should make him our 3rd receiver and draft good blocking tight ends specially if the coaching staff “Laughing Stock II” returns.

  2. Paul Says:

    Unacceptable when people like Martellus Bennett and Dustin Keller were looking for a team in the offseason. I wouldn’t buy a jersey until he becomes a complete TE. His blocking on the line is horrible. His block usually makes the tackle or redirects the play. I can’t call him a TE because of he is a liability in the run game.

  3. Macabee Says:

    I’ve seen Donald Penn catch two passes for TDs, but I wouldn’t call him a WR. Tim Wright is a big WR 6-4 (1.91m), 220lbs in the vein of Keyshawn Johnson 6-4 (1.93m), 212lbs or Andre Johnson 6-3 (1.91m), 230lbs. Great company to aspire to.

    He has good hands and could be a valuable WR playing in the slot or coming across the middle as a possession receiver on 3rd down as did Keyshawn for the earlier Bucs.

    We need a legitimate receiving TE that can also block and stay on the field and not telegraph whether we’re running or passing. However, If Schiano says he’s a TE, then dadgumit, he must be a TE!

  4. Tiny Tim Says:

    Oh and the line that Sullivan does not feature a TE is hogwash. Funny how the TE has become so important in the offense lately. No the fans, and all the critics like Shaun King were right, we needed a TE. We can’t give any credit for lucking into a player because our original plan (stocker, crabtree) failed miserably. The fans were right, we needed a number 3 receiver and TE. Some clueless people thought that Freeman had “plenty” of weapons because of Vjax, Williams and Martin. Clearly it was not enough as a lot of fans and Shaun king predicted.

  5. Joe Says:

    @Macabee – Joe’s got an interview coming at about noon that might change your tune on Wright.

  6. Macabee Says:

    Here’s another clue. On two TE sets and on running plays, Schiano is using Carimi or another O-Lineman as the blocking TE. Now tell me if any opposing DC can figure out which defensive formation to call. Go back and watch the film!

  7. Chef Paul Says:

    I remember Joe having an article a few weeks back about when Crabtree came back our running game improved. Which could be coincidence from the crappy D-lines we faced. But after he got hurt the running game sucked again. Again could be coincidence from the stout D-lines we faced since then. This week will be a good tell if Crabtree is that important to the running game or not.

    So we have TE that can catch and a TE that can block. Like Mac said, we a TE that can do both. Because with these two it will be as predictable as it was when Blount would come in, everyone knew we were running.

  8. Macabee Says:


    I’ll listen out for the interview and I’ll keep an open mind.

  9. chris bell Says:

    Its a copy cat league we should have two viable options at the TE position. Lions/Bengals have two mismatch options to go to. Nothing wrong with having an elite TE.

  10. Big Marlon B Says:

    @ Macabee

    i know you’re talking about a majority of the time, but Carimi being in the game as a blocking TE doesn’t always indicate run. as a matter of fact, the Bucs took advantage of the Lions thinking that way. on the TD bomb to Underwood, Carimi was in as a TE. play action, Underwood gets behind the D, TD. just saying, doing something like that over and over can be beneficial by making D coordinators think it’s predictable too.

  11. Otto Says:

    I think it’s time to move to a scheme that uses more TE. Glennon likes those shorter check downs, and Wright seems to be our leading pass catcher now. This “we don’t use TE’s for catching” Bucs offense is so bad. Something has to change.

  12. mvermulm Says:

    I like Wright as a #2 TE who can be moved around. We forget that this is his first year as a TE, so he needs to learn the nuances of the middle of the field and how to block linemen and linebackers. I think he’ll improve in both of those areas, as well as put on a little more weight. However, I think if we have a shot at Ebron or ASJ, pairing one of them with Wright would be a great move, especially with a QB like Glennon who spreads the ball around.

  13. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Tim Wright is just a player that looks decent because we are just that bad lmao he can’t play we because he’s to slow he can only gain separation against linebackers and he can only use his sub par speed to get away from them yet he’s to light n the behind to block any of them bad match ups are equivalent to our issues. He can hit the bricks wit the rest of rutgers nation…..but with that being said he’s only doing what’s asked of him an what he’s capable of so it’s not his fault an I’m not upset with him. It’s just the bare minimum an that won’t make us perennial playoff contenders

  14. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Wright just needs some diet advice from Shaun King to bulk up a bit.

    “Shaun King, one of two Buc Quarterbacks that lost a NFC Championship Game when his defense gave up 11 or fewer points.”

    We need to draft a # 3 WR…..or 1 or 2 WR & make Williams our # 3…..then you will see real pass production from the TE & backs….

  15. bigpoppabuc Says:

    I like him. He’s got excellent hands. The small things he can pick up along the way. K2 was no blocking machine. Face it all you Rutgers haters… The Tim Wright experiment has been a pretty successful one.

  16. Phillip Says:

    Who are the two rookie Tight ends in front of him? Jordan Reed? He took over the same time if not after Wright did and missed two games? Eifert the other I’m guessing? He’s splitting time with another 1st round TE they drafted? I wouldn’t call that an accomplishment.. You can spin your facts however you please though Joe. I’m sure the majority of your readers will agree with you though..

    No clue what your talking about here. Really. The post speaks for itself. –Joe

  17. Phillip Says:

    BTW Joe did you not turn on your Daylight Savings Time on your website?

  18. Phillip Says:

    You are making it sound like an accomplishment to be behind a TE who didn’t take over as the starter till after ours did and missed the past two games and another TE that splits reps with another former 1st round pick in most statistical categories.. How does that mean we HAVE a TE? Or better yet a GOOD TE? Why is being 3rd amongst rookie TE a good thing this year? Are you going to make another post saying we have found a QB because Glennon leads rookie QB’s in all categories as well like its an accomplishment? What I mean by all of this is that.. There hasn’t been any world beaters as rookies in those two positions so saying someone is leading rookies or 3rd in those positions is not an accomplishment to me nor should it be to you..But your FACTS says it should be..

  19. Mr. T Says:

    Still think we need to draft a good “true” TE who can catch and block then make Wright a WR. If he bulks up he may not be as an effective pass catcher since he will most likely lose some speed.