Schiano Grilled And Drilled

December 3rd, 2013

Greg Schiano went toe-to-toe on live radio. Everything from Josh Freeman to habitual failures were on the table.

Wow! Greg Schiano jumped into an old school radio grilling by Steve Duemig this evening on WDAE-AM 620. It was a powerful landmark interview that Joe will dissect later tonight and tomorrow.

Kudos to the head coach for fielding questions from his most vocal critic. Enjoy the entire audio below. The intensity and tension was flowing. The heat was on. It closed with Schiano saying the following:

“I know the tone of our interview today. There’s a lot of questions. I love the passion that you have. You’re the senior statesman of the Tampa sports world, and I appreciate your opinion. And I hope, you know, in this instance that we can turn it around and that you’ll say, ‘You know what, you were right Schiano.’ That’s what I’m looking forward to.”

“Well you better hurry up,” Duemig said laughing, followed by the two exchanging friendly-competitor farewells. It’s a must-listen.

73 Responses to “Schiano Grilled And Drilled”

  1. dee Says:

    He’s not going to make it

  2. Rob Says:


  3. Andrew 1 Says:

    Good post and good interview. It was freshening to see that Duemig didn’t pull any punches even if it meant having an AWKWARD silence during the introductions. Made me pissed as well to hear Schiano say our coaching staff does a great job at making adjustments when that’s clearly not the case. I just dont know about his future with the bucs.

  4. RastaMon Says:

    Kinda like the first Bruce Allen interview after months of “SD”….puppy “Big Dog” love…

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Great interview with tough questions…I like that Schiano stays positive…no matter what and doesn’t throw his assistants under the bus…there have been plenty of opportunities to do that and he has taken all of the heat.
    I am not apologizing for his mistakes and he has made many…but I respect him taking a pounding and staying positive. If he can’t do that, then all is lost.
    He desperately needs a win Sunday.

  6. BB Says:

    We are behind you coach things will get better we have the coach GM to make this work need some more talent still expect to see team win a few more and glennon to do well fans you will be encouraged after the New Orleans game I can still see these guys winning 3 or 4 more games

  7. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    I appreciate Duemig as a sports entertainer, but Schiano elevated himself in my eyes today. Schiano will succeed here if given the chance.

    Clearly Schiano has made mistakes but he acknowledges them and improves. We needed to move on from Freeman, add talent and depth – that is all happening now even while our record stinks.

    We need to do the right thing in the first round, which I am now thinking is to NOT go qb, and we should be playoff ready next year with Schiano barring critical injuries.

  8. Northend Says:

    Wish he woulda asked about the stupid D-Line stunting.

  9. Jon Says:

    I respect the coach more after that interview. Even if we only win a 1-2 more, I will be happy to give him another year.

  10. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    They actually edited out Schiano’s closing comments and did a professional voice-over. When you listened live he actually said, [Knock it off. — Joe]

  11. Vic Says:

    LOL … Actually Duemig and Schiano deserve major praise here. Great stuff. I respect both men for this. So entertaining.

  12. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The only thing that really bugged me about Duemig is that he acted as if Schiano was accountable to him….like he was in a position to affect his fate. Deumig wins the “Best Narcicist” Award.
    I keep thinking “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”…with Schiano that may be possible.
    I know things look and are very bad…but if he survives this…he may actually succeed.

  13. Laughing Stock II Says:

    Yes I respect how the coach handle the interview. But we have to much talent coming back next year for him to still try to figure things out. Is time for new experienced coach. And in this division we definitely need a different QB. Glennon will not take us to be division champions.

  14. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Schiano cannot finish on a losing streak, bottom line. For a coach, he talks a little too much in my opinion. All the radio talk, interviews, press conferences during the week, etc. I think if he finishes with 5 wins, the Glazers keep him. If he finishes with 6 or 7 wins, the majority of the fanbase will give him a mulligan. I would not do it if he finishes 3-13, 4-12, or 5-11.

    Yes, it is his second year in the NFL. But considering how well he started out last year, winning 7 games and even the games he lost were ALL close except for that one bad loss to the Saints in the dome. I believe every single true bucs fan/analyst/writer or reporter expected the Bucs to make a run at a Wild Card spot, and at the very least improve from 7-9. This was by no means supposed to be a “rebuilding season” and seeing as how his team has collapsed and also went through a media circus early in the season, Schiano’s leash for the remainder of the season has to be really short.

    I’ll say it again, whether Schiano and the Bucs finish 3-13 or 7-9, if the Glazers decide not to fire Schiano and instead bring him back for 2014 and the Bucs start LOSING AGAIN, it will be 100 times worse than it was before. If he loses out and finishes 3-13, the “Fire Schiano” signs and rants WILL come back, whether they are fair or not. This team was too talented coming into the season to start 0-8.

  15. PRBucFan Says:

    Accidentally pressed the enter button before I got the autocorrect to work on the posts that are in moderation right now.

    Sorry about the double post when they go through.

  16. PRBucFan Says:

    “I don’t know how much patience I have”


    That epitomizes how full of crap this guy really is.

    I’m sure the Glazers are on the edge if their seats waiting for when your patience runs out..


  17. Bill T Says:

    One thing that keeps being brought up all year is how talented the Bucs are. Why? Take a closer look and an honest assessment says that is false. Start at QB – Freeman, a disaster on and off the field. Glennon playing well but wasn’t the QB we started with. RB? Martin was not having good season before injury. Now down to 4th string. WR – VJax way too many drops & caught from behind too many times. #2 WR out for year. OLine very weak all year.

    Defense- DLine struggling at times, especially on containing mobile QBs. Linebackers strongest part of team. DBs – we find out Revis can’t play tight Man for 1st 8 weeks and now hurt last 2 games. Dashan & Barber the same player, and Dashan way too many head shots. 2nd & 3rd CB terrible for 1st 10 games. And finally, Kicker – sucked all year.

    Again, not that talented. Just because they have 1st round picks, doesn’t mean they are great NFL players. They have picked up over 10 non-roster players that couldn’t land on other teams due to injuries as well

  18. skelly Says:

    First off. I echo the sentiment in many of the posts of respect for both guys. That said, I have become less and less a fan of Big Dog over the last 2 months as he seems to have lost his objectivity.

    He lit a guy up today on the show after the guy complemented Glennon. Calling him the check down king and that he is a dinosaur with his playing style (don’t tell Peyton, Brady or Brees all pocket passers.) This just shows his bias and at least for me calls into question his credibility.

    SO JOE…..! I know the 620 gig is a great relationship that must be respected so you can’t exactly call this crap what it is. But do as fans a favor. Remind Big Dog tomorrow about Glennon’s stats for November, specifically his Yards per Attempt which were almost the best of all QB’s and see what he says… But secondly, ask him if he really expects Glennon, as a rookie mind you, to perform at the level of the top tier QB’s in the league with this supporting offensive cast.

    Running game, loaded with rookies and former practice players
    Offensive Line – massive under performer this year.
    Vjax – great player
    Underwood – on his couch first 4 months of year
    T wright – undrafted rookie.
    Owusu, Page, Dawson, etc.

    This is probably the least talented (on paper) offensive in the league, besides the line who is only good on paper right now.

    Glennon is really expected, as a rookie, to be lighting teams up week in and week out???

    Ask him Joe, and then tell him to lighten up on the kid a little bit. We all know he loved Free but Glennon didn’t get Free fired, Free did.

    Sorry for the rant, I’d just like to start hearing some objective coverage from Big Dog again and maybe you can help….

  19. WalkdaPlank Says:

    @Bill T – Talent on paper is more what people mean. This offense was loaded coming into the season. Pro-Bowl WR in VJax, Pro-Bowl RB in Doug Martin, 3 Pro-Bowler offensive linemen in Penn, Joseph, and Nicks as well as a damn good #2 WR in Mike and the “rockstar” signed Tom Crabtree to replace Dallas Clark at TE. On defense, the Bucs had the #1 run defense in the NFL last season, have the (supposed) best CB in the NFL in Darrelle Revis, All-Pro safety Dashon Goldson, Pro-Bowler GMC and 1st round pick Adrian Clayborn on the D-line as well as two good LB’s in David and Foster who are due for a Pro-Bowl or two in their careers if they keep up the good work. Obviously injuries have affected the Bucs, but even before most of the injuries the team was playing like crap.

  20. rick Says:

    We can’t afford to continually start over with a new coach every 3 years. Sciano seems like a decent guy to me. This freeman mess hampered any chance to the first half of the season. Buc;s need to stick with him for at least the next season or two.

  21. Keith Says:

    Proud of Duemig here. He did the fans right. Schiano took a lot of balls to do the interview. Well done.

  22. Kennedy Says:

    I don’t listen to much sports radio, but this was really good. Well done by the hosts

  23. Andrew 1 Says:

    Lack of talent and talent not playing up to their potential are two different things. 8 pro bowl players validates that we have talented players. Some of our talented players are on the downside of their careers, I would agree with that, but they are still good enough to warrant a roster spot. We certainly had enough good players at the start of the season to avoid going 0-8, and thats why a finger is and should be pointed at Schiano and the rest of our coaches. Still, I have a feeling we will be seeing him around next season. I hope the Glazer’s know what their doing.

  24. JGlazer Says:

    At Nick Says and Thomas 2.2. Amen brothers. Schiano showed a great deal of respect and constraint.

    The more I read these comments, I’m kind of hoping Schiano makes it another year just to piss off Duemig more. Does Duemig think he owns the team?

  25. tmaxcon Says:

    well one thing is for sure that Schiano can take a beating and still hold his head high. I admire that. However, I don’t think he makes it. I feel and hope the Glazer Clowns were embarrassed enough over the mrsa, freeman and shciano mess that they write a big check for Cowher and his crew. just my xmas wish…

  26. jglazer Says:

    Duemig….wasn’t that the same guy tonight who said he knows great quarterbacks and Mike Glennon is no great quarterback. Yet he supports his bud Josh Freeman because he knows how good he is …when on the bench for the Vikings.

    The all knowing Duemig….glad he has no ego. No wonder he didn’t get along with Gruden. To bad he is not at the same talent level.

  27. Mr. Patrick Says:

    I have to admit that as a man, I like Schiano. He’s a stand up guy and seems to have his heart in the right place. That being said I just don’t think he is an NFL head coach. I just don’t think he understands the game at this level and doesn’t know what it takes to win in this league. I hope that he gets a grade A college job where he can be a mentor and leader of young men

  28. MTM Says:

    Duemig is a sports radio shock jock. A lot of his comments are to drive ratings. Schiano held his own but I still don’t think he has what it takes to get it done at the NFL level. The coaching is the biggest problem most games. Then its a lack of legitimate talent and overpaid FA’s.

  29. Gt40bear Says:

    The only things the disrepectful Duemig is good for are the JoeBucs and Chris Landry spots. Don’t waste my time otherwise.

  30. Bucsd04 Says:

    Bellichick was ran out of Cleavland and I bet they are kicking themselves now

  31. FanOfBucs Says:

    Schiano is politicking for his job. He knows the pr side of things pretty well

  32. Laughing Stock II Says:

    @Mr. Patrick ~ I’m right with you.

    I felt the same way with Dungy as a person. But Dungy was not going to get us pass Philadelphia or to a Super Bowl.

    Schiano will get us to the playoffs in 10 years.

    Time for an experienced coach!

  33. That Guy Says:

    Can’t wait for Schiano to waste our first round pick on a Rutgers player!

  34. Ed Says:

    Shiano as a man and leader, no doubt he is solid. Unfortunately his team doesn’t score so he loses credibility as a strong football coach. Name me one low scoring team that will be in the playoffs? KC is on paper the worst offensive team in the hunt yet I believe their past couple of games they put up over 30 points. Greg must quickly adapt to an offensive league with rules that favor scoring. The Bucs remind me of the old Dolphins and Giant teams trying to play “keep away”. Not good enough anymore, hope he changes quickly, he is a character guy, just unsure if he has the strategy to play winning football.

  35. BB Says:

    Due mug is and has been a joke forever on the radio he has never liked a coach ever even Dungy. Plus he has alot less connections and knowledge than he says I have spoken with his coworkers about that back in the day the bucs and fans would be better off to ignore him. Lastly he is really anti buc and a closet eagle fan

  36. Upgrayedd Says:

    Forget Head Coaching, Schiano should run for Governor the way he tries to spin his 4-14 streak as progress.

    This man is wasting talent & he’s wasting careers. Pro Bowl & All Pro careers… And we ALL know how small those players’ window of opportunity is. Just for the playoffs, let alone a Super Bowl.

  37. PRBucFan Says:

    That guy

    Clearly he’s been horrible a drafting talent

    Lol sarcasm if you can’t tell.

  38. Upgrayedd Says:


    I completely agree. We should give him Shelton Quarles job as Director of Pro Scouting. As for Head Coach???

    Wisenhunt. Lovie on D….. or Lovie. Wisenhunt on O. Lets get a f’n professional in the building please.

  39. Gus Says:

    @Ed the bucs had one of the higheest scoring teams in the league last year. They can score. Thats not the problem.

  40. Buddah Says:

    One showed a lot of class; the showed he is an ass.

  41. Rob Says:

    Agreed with everyone saying Schiano handled that well and earned more respect than he lost. Duemig is a blowhard. Always has been, always will be. He’s a Monday Morning Quarterback with a soap box. Grilling the coach on the list of negatives while completely ignoring the list of positives (and yes, there are lots of them) or the circumstances that got the team where they are (Freeman, half of your offense being on IR, a rookie QB who’s over-performed) is typical shock-jock radio nonsense. The way to turn the Bucs around isn’t to blow the thing up every two years. Schiano should get absolutely get a third season before we talk about replacing him.

  42. oldfart44 Says:

    I did not find Duemig rude; I think he was very level headed.

    For those of you who think Schiano was wronged, do you honestly think he was going to tell him to fuck off. He already put his foot in his mouth enough times.

    I would really like to know what really happened with Freeman even if he was in the wrong. I’m tired of the innueudo and baseless rumours. So, he’s sitting on the bench in Minnesota, so what? Where is the 4000 yards on offense now?

    Injuries keep being mentioned; well, that’s tough because every team goes through them at times. Some people have tougher schedules. Woulda, coulda, shoulda.

    In the end he will have a worse record than last year.

    The Bucs need a new start with a QUALIFIED NFL coach preferably picked by an experienced GM. I’m not really against Dominik being fired anyway since he did not pick either coach; at least Morris for sure.

    Merry Xmas

  43. Greg Smithwick Says:

    Hah! I forgot about when Brantley punched him. Thanks for reminding me, good times!

  44. bigpoppabuc Says:

    Man, I’m just so undecided on this guy. He’s not good enough right now. But something tells me he could blossom into a great coach. And as much of a punk as Duemig is, he’s right when he says he better hurry up.

    Three in a row was a good way to start what seems to be an eight game campaign to keep his job. Last week was so disappointing because it it was two straight beatings from a team we swept last year.
    I like Schiano and hope he can “get it turned”, but a loss to The Bills on Sunday and I think the players pack it in and Schiano’s fate is sealed.

  45. lamarcus Says:

    Look, I don’t live in Tampa. But, it seems there are a lot ( Shaun king, Beckles, 620) media who simply keeps things negative. Oh and Steve White, they all should cover the Browns or an perrenial losing team because that’s their cup of tea. Let’s get them out of there and post signs on billboard about their jobs and see how they like that because they haven’t won no Super bowls either or dare to coach. Especially that Shaun king jealous dude who was a second round bust.

  46. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    That was a good interview, very entertaining. I don’t think the questions were out of line at all, and I think Schiano did a very good job as well. What’s wrong with someone asking the coach tough questions? When you are 3-9, you deserve to be questioned. Everything shouldn’t be fluffy, sweet questions when you are losing – sorry. Duemig never got personal or cut Schiano off, so what’s the problem? Schiano knew exactly what he was getting himself into before taking the interview. Like someone else said, I would have liked him to get into the x’s and o’s a little more (why all the stunting, etc.), but it was still a good listen. If you want fluff, go to

  47. Upgrayedd Says:

    Lamarcus… Really? You really think that you’re in the position to critique Mr White? First, post a detailed and articulate Xs n Os article on ANY recent Bucs game, and maybe throw in a few insider jems to lace that article with… Can’t do it??? Well no sh**.

    As for Shaun King….. His little hands cant keep up with the demands that his gut is throwing at them… So forget him.

    And Lamarcus, and all you other Bucs fans, remember what it felt like to make the playoffs?? …and then win some playoff games?? No???

  48. Ian_620WDAE Says:

    I find it hilarious that people are still slamming Shaun King, so far he’s been 100% correct on everything. He may have been a bust as a QB but his assessment of the Bucs is spot on.

  49. Upgrayedd Says:


    Mr Shaun King is as irrelevant as…. a JBF poster, like me.. Or a radio personality who goes on air, just as soon as their listeners have to go to work.

    But I can’t let some dude try and throw dirt on Steve White’s contributions. I used to love his articles on here.. Too bad the Joe’s still havent found a replacement.

  50. JBSkiff Says:

    [Lotta inaccuracies here, mainly the press conference thing. And how many freaking times does Joe have to tell you lamebrains about going after Clear Channel on-air personalities? Pretty soon Joe’s going to start using the goodbye button on people (again) for this. You can be critical, but not personal. If you don’t know the difference, if you have to use an insult to get your point over about someone, that’s going after someone personally. — Joe.]

  51. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Ian

    “I find it hilarious that people are still slamming Shaun King, so far he’s been 100% correct on everything.”

    How about him wanting to give Freeman a contract extension? I dont suppose you think he was right about that, unless you are one of the few you still think Freeman is a franchise QB.

  52. JBSkiff Says:

    Sorry Joe!

  53. Joe Says:


    Not trying to be a knob. You are more than welcome to be critical of Clear Channel on-air staffers. Just don’t get personal (please).

  54. PRBucFan Says:

    Humility completely shuts down hostility

    Great job Schiano, he tried his darnedest to get you to bite lol

    Fail 😉

  55. PRBucFan Says:

    “The only thing that really bugged me about Duemig is that he acted as if Schiano was accountable to him….like he was in a position to affect his fate.”

    BINGO, it was quite laughable really.

    Especially the whole patience comment he made lol.

  56. PRBucFan Says:

    King was wrong about one BIG issue

    That issue being good ole Leaky Josh Freeman

  57. Upgrayedd Says:


    Just let it go man. Let Freeman go. In NFL years, that was a decade ago. Move the f*** on.

  58. PRBucFan Says:

    Worry about yourself

    As long as his name is brought up in conversation around here I will always be there reminding the bitter Freemanites that Free Free just blows.

    It’s that simple

  59. Upgrayedd Says:

    Ayyy.. If thats what gives your life meaning.. Then hate-on, PR… hate-on…

  60. PRBucFan Says:

    Oh yes, you bet 😉 jaja

    Bitter isn’t better

  61. Patrick in VA Says:

    I normally like Duemig’s Bucs coverage and enjoy his opinion even though I rarely agree with it. This interview was a blemish for him. Totally disrespectful and made him look like a prima dona. Agree with other posters who’ve said that Duemig seemed to think that schiano needed to answer to him for his job and the way he closed the interview out was completely classless. I expect low brow radio from Ron and Ian because that’s just their thing but I was disappointed by Duemig behaving that way

  62. Tony Says:

    Duemig is far and away the worst sports talk radio personality in the area. He doesn’t know what he is talking about and we only feed into by listening. I, personally, will not listen to him ever again. After our wins he opens his shows for the first hour about the Lightning. When he does talk about Glennon (who had an outstanding month of November) he knocks him for having a high completion percentage. When we lose, he opens and blasts everything about us. Screw that guy. How someone that lacks this much intelligence and class has success at anything is beyond me.

  63. Phil Says:

    @Patrick and Tony – There was nothing low brow or classless about that interview. Direct, engaging, Duemig never cut off Schiano. Great stuff.

  64. skelly Says:

    Phil, Patrick, Tony – I don’t mind interesting questions or tough to answer questions. But every single question he asked was party of an overall agenda. Steve’s agenda lately seems to be get coach run and send Glennon with him.

    All of his questions made the assumption that the coach was responsible for everything that happened. On Freeman, Michael Bennett and George Selvie, comparing his to Wyche and his bag of tricks. Every time Steve was trying to get him to throw someone else under the bus or say “you got me, I’m a bad coach.”

    No questions were really intended to say, tell us more about the Bucs coach and how we are going to improve for the end of the year and what does that mean for next year.

    “Don’t you have the talent that even if you put a decent effort into coaching that we’ll win?” Most coaches in the league would have hung up after that question.

    Sorry guys, but on second listen Steve was very disrespectful to the coach. The coach handled this interview with big time class.

  65. Patrick in VA Says:

    @skelly – agreed. would expect that sort of thing from a fan calling in to a show but from a professional it was an unfortunate display of biased opinion and over-inflated ego. I rarely agreed with his opinions before but I respected what he said because I thought he was well informed. Now I have to take it with a grain of salt. He clearly has an agenda and a spin that he wants to put on whatever coverage he gives to the bucs. He’s said on air that he won’t quit until he gets schiano out of town and I’m not going to fault him for having a strong opinion about a coach that has the record that schiano does but that’s no reason to behave the way he did. As one professional to another coach schiano deserves more respect than that

  66. BillT Says:

    Some good points in here, but too many falsehoods and misrepresentations weaved in for Joe to allow. Thanks for trying. –Joe

  67. Brian Jones Says:

    Wow – what an interview.

    This just shows the character of Coach Schiano. He has been beaten up and down throughout the Tampa Bay area all season, however, he stays strong, positive, and he never lost the locker room. He is a new head coach in the NFL, coming from the college ranks. You can not become an overnight success and with a rebuilding team overnight, and certainly it is not guaranteed in 2 years. I wonder how many IND fans were throwing up Peyton is a Bust signs in his first 1.5 years. How about Bill Belichik his first several years, he stunk it up his first several years, yet he has SB rings up the yin yang, and this man has given our Coach high praises. My point? Yes – losing sucks – I hate it, but for crying out loud, asses the situation and stand behind your team.

    Of course he is going to say positive things about the coaching staff. Do you think he is going throw them under the bus on a live interview? I honestly believe that McNulty and Davis are our Coaches guys for O.C and D.C. We brought in Sully and Sheridan due to the fact that the Cardinals did not grant us permission to speak with McNulty last year for our O.C position, and of course Davis is still under contract with NC, which I think could be bought out next year (?)

    Our drafts have been solid since Coach came in the last 2 years. The man knows talent and can bring the organization together as a family, which appears to have officially happened. This all takes time, and I am looking forward to our turn around beginning next season. Hoping that some fans will at that point stand behind their team, and quit the embarrassing chants and sour whines.

  68. BillT Says:

    @ skelly agree 100%

    @ joe falsehoods and misreprenstations? how so? (u can email me)

  69. Bill Says:


  70. Buc'dUP Says:

    Reading thru these remarks the common theme is Steve Duemig stinks (am I allowed to say that?)! We deserve better at 620. JOe let him know today his listeners aren’t buying what he is trying to sell. He might want to change because OUR patience is running out!!!

  71. FLBoyInDallas Says:


    Yes, my joking comment which you edited was personal towards Duemig. Very personal. And it was wholeheartedly intended to be personal. I meant every word of it.

    However, I can see how it crossed the line as well. I’ll refrain from being so personally biting towards the Big D—– from now on.

    I just have a hard time because I dislike that guy more than Shaun King, and that’s saying something. He literally is the worst and I have almost zero respect for the guy. I don’t know how he is off-air, so I can’t judge that, but on-air I’d like to do to him what Brantley did. Or perhaps what Jim Everett did to Jim Rome. I’d be happy either way.

  72. FLBoyInDallas Says:


    You just lost any credibility you had by using “100% correct on everything” and “Shaun King” in the same sentence.

    The most obvious, glaring, outrageous error in that statement is a particular player named JOSH FREAKING FREEMAN. King said he was a franchise QB and deserved an extension before the season even began. WTF???!!! Nothing more even needs to be said on that score. Damn.

    There’s plenty more, albeit smaller, issues where King was at a minimum questionable and at worst flat-out deluded. But I’ll leave it at JOSH FREAKING FREEMAN because he’ll never live that one down. Never.

  73. jglazer Says:

    Joe, Not sure why personal things are banned when many of your articles start with words which are clearly personal describing that person.

    Joe’s responsible for every last word on this website, in and out of the comments, legally and personally. Personal attacks, lies, etc., are the equivalent of being from Joe if they’re on these pages. Joe’s not going to allow complete BS, in addition to personal attacks or misrepresentation of his partners at WDAE-AM 620 radio. It’s pretty simple. –Joe