Keep An Eye On Rob Chudzinski

December 29th, 2013

He might be an easier sell to Team Glazer than John McNulty

Everything right now is all about the “if” — as in if Greg Schiano returns next season.

But if he does, there’s no question the Bucs soon will be seeking a new offensive coordinator. And there’s also no question Greg Schiano likes to keep things in his family.

Schiano is all about family. There’s the Buccaneers “family” cheer, and Schiano’s F.A.M.I.L.Y. bracelets that he has passed out, representing Forget About Me I Love You.

So Joe’s confident that Schiano would look inside his proverbial family for a new offensive guru.

Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski is set to be fired tonight after only one season in Cleveland, per various national media reports. Chudzinski coached with Schiano at the University of Miami under then Miami head coach and current Bucs senior advisor Butch Davis, who later brought Chudzinski to the NFL with the Browns in 2004.

Joe thinks the connection is worth watching.

Chudzinski is an innovative offensive mind. He’s had NFL success calling plays. Offense wasn’t Cleveland’s downfall this year, and Chudzinski did some great things with Cam Newton as Carolina’s offensive coordinator in 2011.

Yes, Chudzinski is not the world’s greatest offensive coordinator, but that’s not the point of this post. He’s a guy Schiano has known since the 1990s. And he might be a much easier sell to Team Glazer than current Bucs quarterbacks coach and former Rutgers offensive coordinator John McNulty.

35 Responses to “Keep An Eye On Rob Chudzinski”

  1. Scotty Says:

    they just fired him

  2. Gus Says:

    I actually would like this move.

  3. mark2001 Says:

    Gus…would like that move too.

  4. Vern4499 Says:

    I’m not sure any coordinator will be a success under Schiano because I’m not sure he gives them control. I’m hoping for a new head coach.

  5. Destinjohnny Says:

    People we have no talent on offense except vj uou can dig up bill Walsh and it ain’t getting better _ we will never be a 500 team with dom as the gm- anyone want to debate me on this?

  6. BigMacAttack Says:

    We have good RBs but no one to block for them including a halfassed FB.

  7. ryan Says:

    It’ll be McNulty

  8. Captain Buc Says:

    What a disappointing season. I’m afraid we will be losers for many years to come. We have no talent on the o line. That’s Dominic’s fault. I wanted him fired for years. Maybe I will get my wish.

  9. BucFan 20 Says:

    Lost in all this mix. What the hell has Butch Davis advised in all this?? We never hear anything about him.

    Keep any eye on every OC , DC, HC, and GM you want starting now. But until Team Glazer says something it’s the same as last year at this time. BS.

  10. buccinfan Says:

    Will gholston, akeem spence, bobby rainey, mike james, mike williams, lavonte david, mason foster, jonathan banks, timmy wright gmc, mark barron
    You know what they all got in common?

  11. Macabee Says:

    I expect Schiano to be back, but the question is will he have total control or will he be told to accept certain changes. If I had to guess, Schiano will want his former Rutgers guys McNulty and Fraser as OC and DC if changes are made there.

    I don’t peg Schiano as the kind of guy that will take kindly to being managed. This is going to be interesting to follow. Maybe we’ll start to get some indications soon.

  12. mark2001 Says:

    Destin…not me…I said it when Rah got fired…I wanted then both to go. Talk about being “Mr. Teflon” and getting a free pass! But it seems much of the local media has a man crush on him, so I expect to hear very little about it but total surprise and shock in the voice or writing of the local faithful.

  13. mark2001 Says:

    buccin…all came here and began to develop under Schiano. We didn’t get and develop hardly any guys with Dom and Rah. And don’t forget McCoy and David playing at a probowl level….how long ago did some thing McCoy might be a bust? How quickly they forget.

  14. bigpoppabuc Says:

    Hell he might be our HC… I think Schiano will go for the Penn St. job. He could be very successful there.
    If Schiano does leave or get fired I think Smith as HC and Chudz as OC could be sweet.

  15. mark2001 Says:

    big…you say Tomlin, and I’m in. But Smith…no….didn’t get it done in Chicago….what makes you think he would here?

  16. Chris Says:

    I link this move but he might sit out and collect another year. Doubt he takes anything else but a HC job.

  17. Architek Says:

    Anyone associated to that loser should go hide.

  18. Jaryd Says:

    We don’t need a new head coach. This would be an awesome move bringing in chudzinski

  19. Nick B Says:

    Sorry I can’t be satisfied with anything less than Schiano being canned. There is no hope for this franchise next year if he is coming back.

  20. Patrick Says:

    I want a proven winner like Schottenheimer to coach this team. No more of these questionable hires. The Glazers better not F’K this up!

  21. MTM Says:

    Chudziski would be an upgrade over Schiano. How much is not certain. Maybe the Glazers are finalizing their master plan, again.

  22. Mr. Patrick Says:

    As long as Schiano is the coach here, it doesn’t matter who the OC is because they will still be under Schiano’s rule and it will still be the same horrible offense with the same horrible results

  23. Schiano Happens Says:

    How much is Penn State short on an offer that will make him leave tonight? Can we pass the hat for them? It’s time to get those charitable donations in before the end of the year.

  24. Waterboy Says:

    I’d rather see them pick up Norv Turner. He’s not a good HC but he’s an offensive guru.

  25. Destinjohnny Says:

    I stand corrected the guy drafted 4 guys in 5 drafts- sorry foster is below average banks is to slow i went to bama and he blew it taking baron over Luke k-‘he hit with McCoy and David and muscle hampster and mike Williams- is that a good haul in 5 drafts? If so you have your guy and your 4-11 record that you will hover At every year- the first move the guy made was to over pay mike Clayton I knew right then and there the guy didn’t have it

  26. Pete 422 Says:

    @Joe, you said he is an innovative offensive mind, but not the worlds greatest coordinator? Don’t innovative minds make great coordinators? Explain what you meant by that.

    He’s not the world’s greatest based on his results.–Joe

  27. Danny Says:

    Kellen Winslow wanted Chudzinski to coach the Bucs instead of Schiano. He played for Chud in Cleveland and in college.

  28. Harry Says:

    Joe, if I remember correctly, things were not going well with his Panthers offense in his last year and he was being accused by Panther players of maybe being too cute with his offense so he could land a head coaching gig, instead of running their offense to win games. This sounds crazy to me, but do you remember this?

  29. Harry Says:

    @Jaryd Says:
    “We don’t need a new head coach”

    Yeah, you keep smokin that stuff and you are going to go blind. Wow, maybe its too late?

  30. patrickbucs Says:

    Guys he was a bad offensive coordinator last year, just ask Steve Smith what his thoughts on him. Cam regressed under him as well.

  31. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    No to Chudzinski.

    However, if the entire staff get fired, we should try to get Norv Turner as OC. He sucks as a head coach, but does a good job as OC.

  32. Paul Says:

    Don’t want a downgrade from Schiano…geeze. Glazers need to get a proven coach. Tired of people “learning to coach” on the Bucs.

  33. Brandon Says:

    Lovie Smith would make this team a top 5 unit defensively. His coaching alone will put this team in the hunt every year. Look at how Chicago’s D crumbled when Smith left. No, Smith never got it done. How many coaches that have are available? He came close though, closer than the Bucs have gotten in every season of their existence except one (with Rex Grossman at QB no less). Lovie should be the guy.

  34. Big Rob Says:

    NO TO LOVIE SMITH!!! That’s just plain ignorance. He was fired after several winning seasons because he couldn’t develop a successful offense the entire time he was there. In today’s NFL you NEED a good offense. We NEED an offensively minded head coach. There won’t be many defensively minded head coaches hired anymore. The league is all about the offense now. Just look at all the recent rule changes.

  35. BirdDoggers Says:

    Without a doubt, the offensive coordinator position needs to be addressed. A complete lack of offense in the second half of just about every game this year. Nothing was done to fix this during the season. No adjustments, no promotion of the QB coach to take over for Sully. Chuds would certainly be an improvement and it’s a shame the Browns gave up on him after only one season. How can a coach expect to build his team in one year? Crazy.