Can’t Be Angry

December 29th, 2013
Being angry with the Bucs losing to the Saints is like getting perturbed you struck out with Brooklyn Decker.

Being angry with the Bucs losing to the Saints is like getting perturbed you struck out with Brooklyn Decker.

Now here is a post that came out of the blue for Joe. It’s part of the reason he loves his gig. The unexpected.

(Joe is struggling right now. Either he had bad rotisserie chicken this afternoon or the disgusting loss to the Saints has him more nauseous than he believed. Or both. Joe’s trying not to yack on his keyboard.)

A loyal fan of Joe scolded Joe for writing earlier that he cannot get angry over the loss to the Saints. Joe understands where the reader is coming from, but let Joe be clear.

Joe did not expect the Bucs to win. He typed as much in the past few days. Typed as much this morning. It’s hard to get angry over something that you expect.Joe told the loyal reader that getting bent over this loss would be like getting bent over having Brooklyn Decker shoot you down.

Sadly, this is the current state of the Bucs and how Bucs fans are now conditioned to losing. Once upon a time, winning was expected, demanded. Now, losses are the norm.

16 Responses to “Can’t Be Angry”

  1. Hrvoje Says:

    And that is sad Joe. If you expect losses you will always be a losing franchise. It just seems to me that Glazers think exactly that. And if they don’t fire Schiano that means they are fine with the losing. Remember once upon a time they fired Dungy after a playoff season. They fired Gruden after a winning season. Winning needs to be the norm again. By not firing Schiano Glazers are saying they are fine with losing. It wasn’t that way in the past, it shouldn’t be that way today. But sadly it just seems that is. #FireSchiano

  2. Scotty Says:

    I CAN’T SEE KEEPING SCHIANO! it makes me sick knowing they will probably keep him!!!! Are the Glazers that cheap?

  3. Pruritus Ani Says:

    I don’t think any sane person expected a victory today. I think what many expected or at least hoped for was some measurable progress. A foundation to which to build upon in the offseason. Yeah the TE is good and some of the guys played ok, but it is Week 16, so you would expect that at this point of the season. So, while I am not angry about the outcome I am disgusted.

    In a way (in my opinion at least) it probably would have been better had they not won a single game. That way people wouldn’t feel so foolish about any glimmer of hope they had over the past month or so.

  4. RescueRob Says:

    This acceptance of mediocrity stuns me. The thousands of season ticket holders don’t deserve a team that simply “puts forth effort” and “shows no quit”. We deserve to compete for a playoff spot and show improvement each year, especially in the win loss column. Winning only 4 games with our payroll and our supposed above average talent is unforgivable. Our beloved Bucs should not be the learn on the job training ground for the likes of Raheem or Greg. Are you kidding me Glazers? Hire a coach that has won a division, won a playoff game, been a defensive or offensive coordinator on a championship team at the NFL level or someone like Andy Reid. Admit you missed again, fire Greg, Mark and probably the entire staff and get someone like Bill Polian to fix this mess. I don’t trust Mark with the track record if his last two misses and he gets the axe for his part in the Freeman fiasco . Good grief! Go Bucs!

  5. That Guy Says:

    So did Gregory really say after the game “I don’t think I have to say anything”? I just heard TKras talking about the comment on the radio. So much for trust and accountability.

    Tell me again how the Dolphins and Lions are “good teams” whom the Bucs beat, tho.

    You might want to actually listen to Schiano’s news conference at –Joe

  6. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    Joe, please continue using analogies with Brooklyn Decker.

  7. BucsFaninChina Says:

    Sh*t attitude, Joes. It is no secret that the Bucs shat the bed once again this year, but I come to your site not for your lack of faith in my team, but for objective reporting. Thanks.

  8. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    BTW, hope you get to feeling better Joe and thanks for working thru your stomach “issues” I think the state of the Bucs has all the fans feeling pretty low.

  9. Trubucfan22 Says:

    It’s sickening to me that we accept loses to a rival team before we even play them.

    Schiano is creating a losing culture. Don’t get me wrong we’ve had this culture before schiano was here but shiano was supposed to be the guy to change the culture. And it’s only getting worse. He’s actually accepting of the loses because everyone is trying. WTF? Is he going to give everyone a participation trophy too?

    If the players are playing the hardest they possible can, then what’s the problem that we are getting blown out by 20+? Is it coaching? These are nfl caliber players we have on this team. They might not all be all stars but we do have more than a few of them too. If the players really are playing to their fullest then coaching must be the problem. I remember a team not too long ago winning 10 games with mostly rookies.

  10. That Guy Says:

    @TruBucfan22 I dropped the participation trophy blast on Gregory a month ago and got a ton of spit thrown at me by folks who were saying five wins were an acceptable result for the season. Welcome aboard!

  11. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Every damn week he uses that damn excuse. “Derp, we lost again, but uh derp, they played really hard though.”

    I would rather the team lose because they did try hard enough. As long as when they do try, they actually win (or at least be competitive). And I wish the coach wouldn’t give praise just because they “played their butts off”. That’s just loser talk for “we got out coached”. And that happened waaaaaay too much this season. The only teams we beat this season were to teams that will be firing their head coaches too.

  12. oldfart44 Says:

    Turkey shoot.

    It does not sound like the team put out today for their beloved coach.

    I only saw one replay watching the Arizona game where it looked like everybody was standing up in the end zone having a meeting while the Saints scored.

    Being down here in the States I can’t watch the Bucs since my NFL package is up in Canada.

    I will look around for an alternate site to watch the debacle.

    Surely, the Glazers can’t be stupid enough not to fire this ridiculous excuse for a NFL HC?

    If he is not gone then I will switch my allegiance to another team until order is restored. What a bummer.

    Do you guys think the team quit on him? I never believed they were playing for him anyway despite what the media spouts out. It’s just like another cliché; I believe they play for themselves first, either for their jobs next year, or for the sake of their teammates.

  13. trubucfan22 Says:

    Agreed old fart.

    Players can care less who the coach is. They play for the team. They play for their brothers on the field. Their effort is indicative of their heart and will not of their love of the head coach.

  14. Joe Says:


    Thanks for the kind words. Real rough night (morning not much better) but Joe is back typing before 5 a.m.

  15. Paul Says:

    You can expect them to lose and still be angry…You should be angry, winning Bucs helps you too.

  16. Santa Says:

    By keeping dom and Shiano you are simply postponing the inevitable. Abandon what works and being void of any 2nd half adjustments is irrelevant as long as we play hard is totally inept.