Is Team Glazer Taking The Pulse?

December 29th, 2013


“Our fans are our stockholders. They’re what we play for — the people in our stadium and the ones that watch on TV. That’s what it’s all about: winning and how they feel about the team. If they don’t feel good about the team, then there’s something wrong. . . I think you all know the sense that’s out there. It was time for a change.” Team Glazer, following the firing of Jon Gruden in January 2009.

When Team Glazer speaks, Joe listens. And they don’t speak often enough for Joe to forget what they say.

Team Glazer issued that famous “stockholders” quote when Chucky was jettisoned following a 9-7 season. Team Glazer was clear; Bucs fans were down on their team and its direction, therefore Team Glazer took action to fire Chucky despite three years remaining on his massive contract.

Joe must assume the pulse of the fans and how they feel about the Bucs remains critically important to Team Glazer, especially given the Bucs’ widely improved customer service, fan-friendly ticket pricing, concession and parking discounts for season ticket holders and many additional small touches for the core fan base over the past few years.

Those “Fire Schiano” billboards this fall had to sting Team Glazer — a feeling as strong as the euphoria surrounding the Bucs bouncing back to win four out of five games before getting spanked in the final three, including today’s non-competitive, defense-free rollover to the Saints in New Orleans.

Joe’s not sure how Team Glazer takes the pulse of fans, but Joe’s confident the comments around these parts are part of the mix (as scary as that might be). Joe would advise fans who want their voices heard to write their best note to Team Glazer below, and then email it over to One Buc Palace.

A decision on Greg Schiano is coming soon. Be heard.

76 Responses to “Is Team Glazer Taking The Pulse?”

  1. Architek Says:

    I have no pulse for this dead team.

  2. Trubucfan22 Says:

    2 words: FIRE SCHIANO.

  3. That Guy Says:

    Tom Krasniqi ‏@TKras 53m
    Did Schiano just say “I don’t think I have to say anything” when it comes to explaining if he’s the right guy?? Wow, I’m speechless

    Sounds like Gregory is telling the fans, “Looks like you’re stuck with me.”

  4. MTM Says:

    Pulse, nope! Bring in the paddles (fire ass clown) and save the fanbase.

  5. Mike Says:

    In a recent post today u quoted schiano in saying we got whooped by a future hall of famer, and that may be expected… We must not forget that he is a divisional opponent that he has now faced four times in two years. If this was Brady or manning, ok, maybe we might shed more understanding on this excuse. But again, it’s not, and even if it were one of those other two players, that is the quote from a losing team. It’s unacceptable joe and change is needed.

  6. frank palleschi Says:

    Please fire him we have too much talant on this team to end up with this record

  7. Will Says:

    Fire Schiano now and I will put my money where my mouth is and buy season tickets. Keep him and watch how empty the stadium is next year. Can we please get a head coach with some freakin NFL experience?!

  8. Schiano Happens Says:

    My pulse goes: lubdub-FireSchiano-lubdub… etc.

  9. Captain Buc Says:

    Things todo tomorrow. #1 see if they fire Schiano # 2 if they don’t. Cancel season tickets #3 bitch and complain. #4 going fishing and start the healing process. #5 think of away to get back all the time wasted caring about this team.

  10. knucknbuc Says:

    This coach sucks. The gm sucks and the oc and dc suck also. Fire them all save face glazers show u care.

  11. That Guy Says:

    Oh, memories:

    But there was one thing Sullivan said that was of substance and struck Joe:

    “We will not be out-prepared.”

  12. Redd Says:

    Respect the guy, but don’t feel like team is going in the right direction. I think Schiano needs to go. Would love to see a defensive minded coach in here with a proven track record.

  13. BB Says:

    We need a GM and coach that can lead a turn around talk of firing schiano and then hiring Rex Ryan or Charlie Weiss as one fan suggested these are things that will make the bucs suck forever this is a critical time for the right leadership and a franchise QB is never more needed

  14. Jacko101 Says:

    We should ALL be at one Buc chanting Fire Schiano

  15. Jacko101 Says:

    Joe what do you feel the Glazers should do? I understand you feel they can justify it either way.

  16. BucFan 20 Says:

    FIRE the entire coaching staff!!!

  17. BigMacAttack Says:

    I gotta work tomorrow and F#€Ks given this day =-1

    And yes I’m an idiot with season tickets.

  18. JK Lengacher Says:

    My family & I will not spend a time on your organization until us get rid of Schiano & Glennon. We will not come back to a game until u get a serious contender at coach & quarterback. It is sad we were season ticket holders until this year & we won’t be back until these 2 are gone.

  19. You Go Joe Says:

    Us by calling fan deserve better. We were hype up to a no fly zone and thought to be a contender with all the players that we have. But in the end we were the yucks again. I strongly believe Jim hargbaugh, Sean Peyton, or any other credible coach can make a winning record with our talent or at least. 500. We constantly got out coached and with all the talent that we have a change needs to happen before the window is sealed shut. David, McCoy, barron, golds on, Revis, Williams, Martin, Jackson all can still contribute. For what we invested in them we have to produce. If not it’ll just be a wasted investment.

  20. nick j Says:

    Im a life long fan with the bucs tattoos to prove it, I cannot take much more of these bad coaches please fire this ego maniac asap, and get us an nfl caliber coach maybe try and get Jay Gruden…

  21. Shane Marco Says:

    The problem with the statement the Glazers made that day is that they set a precedent to let the inmates run the asylum. Firing Gruden was a horrible decision, but they don’t have to take responsibility for it, all they have to say is that they we’re listening to this dumb @$$ fan base. Hope all you Gruden haters are happy with where we have ended up.

  22. mark2001 Says:

    Yeah…fire every HC…maybe we can hire and fire Gruden again. What a bunch of rubes. ‘And congratulations to you that were yelling to fire him and cursed us to almost a decade of worse than mediocrity. You would never hear nearly as many fans in a first rate football city cry like many of Buc fans do. That is the ticket…let the fans make the decisions…and guarantee losing for the far distant future.

  23. BucFanForever Says:

    If he were my employee, I would be tempted to hold on, but know that I should not. Schiano would have to change to stay, and that is not going to happen. Better now than after 16 more second halves like this season’s.

  24. dee Says:

    I think he’s fired tommorrow.

  25. Mr. Patrick Says:

    As a devoted Bucs fan since 1976 it saddens me to see how far this once proud and respected franchise has fallen. I’ve seen the highs and the lows and everything in between, however the present low is just too hard to take. That’s because I’ve experienced all the Division Championships, the NFC Championship games and then the Superbowl. I want those Championship days back. I would like to see a Head Coach that already has had success and wins in this league and always seems to be prepared and knows how to turn a game in his team’s favor. One who how to adjust his own philosophies to keep current in the modern day NFL and implements input from his players. One who knows how to get the best out of his players and convince them they are winners instead of teaching them how to accept losing. That my friends is how you start to turn a franchise around. Hopefully the people in the front office are qualified to give him the pieces he needs to put his idea of his best team on the field. Like I said, I want those Championship days back again

  26. mark2001 Says:

    And let’s let the sports broadcast media guys make those decisions too. The team does well they get paid, the team loses, they gripe and moan and get paid. Talk about a no win situation for them…of course it really isn’t about wins and the fans.

  27. Laughing Stock II Says:

    We demand a refund!!!

  28. mark2001 Says:

    Dee I agree…I think Dom is fired …maybe even tomorrow.

  29. BB Says:

    What coaching job is gruden waiting on? He wants to coach one more time why not patch it up and give it one more run at home in tampa for six to eight years and then retire?

  30. Scotty Says:

    please fire schiano! This is not good Glazers!

  31. dee Says:

    Mark nobody like to lose but we lose to much.

  32. mark2001 Says:

    Patrick…it starts with the GM…Richie basically built that defense..with help with Sam and some other guys along the way. Gruden and Richie brought in some key pieces to the offense, and it was history. I remember back in the hopeless ’80’s. It starts with the GM, not the HC.

  33. BIG SIR Says:


    Ever since I can remember I have been a Bucs fan. My buddies and I sometimes talk about who we would root for if we didn’t have the Bucs to root for. Honestly, there isn’t another team I would root for. I just can’t imagine cheering on any other team. That said, the current product you claim as your team is something I cannot stomach to watch. I’ve been a season ticket holder for the past 2 years (bought two season tickets this year). Looking back, buying season tickets this year was a huge mistake. Quite simply, I feel like I was hoodwinked. I look at the other NFC South teams and am jealous. Each team has their own franchise QB. The Bucs do not. Each team has an NFL quality HC. The Bucs do not. Each team has their own fans selling out the stadium. The Bucs do not. If you want to take a pulse. Take mine because the heart that beats for the Bucs is faint. Continuing on with business as usual after this disaster of a season, well, you might as well continue to hold the pillow over my face and finish me off. My ticket rep, Sarah Traver, sends me a survey after every home game. After our last “home game” at Candlestick South I didn’t take the survey I simply replied to her email with one sentence:

    Do you even watch the games?

    I wanted my ticket rep, who was trying like hell to get me to renew for 2014, to step back and realize what she was asking me to drop another $1000 for. A head coach who is royally outclassed. He admits he gets outcoached. An offensd that is the worst in the league. A stadium filled with the opposing team fans. I know $1000 isn’t a lot to a family like yours but that is a huge amount of my household income.

    So now I say, it’s time. It’s time to give the die hard Buc fans like myself something to be proud about. It’s time to bring respectibility back to a once Superbowl winning franchise. I want to cheer for my hometown team. I just can’t sit through another year like the one that just mercifully ended. Let this college coaching staff go, bring in a credible NFL worthy HC, and mandate that the new staff find a franchise QB at all costs. Enough with losing. Enough with rebuilding. No more playoff droughts. If you show me you are serious about winning, I will show you I am serious about being a Buc fan.

  34. mark2001 Says:

    Dee…we’ve been losing too much with a couple near misses for a decade. Since McKay, we haven’t had a good GM. Allen was a huge mistake, and Dom was and probably is still over his head. No talented Vet coach will come here….we couldn’t even get our first choice last time. Who do you want to try, that you can likely get….the HC for Northern Illinois University?

  35. Scotty Says:

    yes i love chucky! Bring back Gruden! they won’t but it would be nice

  36. Charlie K Says:

    keeps the coach, but draft a quarterback!

  37. andrew manley Says:

    Dear Glazer family, As a bucs fan since 1986 I have seen the highs and lows of this franchise. Since the Glazer family purchased the team in 96 i have been very excited about the buccaneer family. Its been too long since our last playoff birth and too long since a playoff victory and it saddens me to watch other teams clinch and join the excitment of other teams celebrating the postseason every year. When you purchased the team it was a look in the future of championships and success and our hearts were fired up! This is my second season as a season ticket holder and im very disappointed in the coaching the losing and frustration the last 4 years . Its been mediocre and embarrasment . Its been saddness and anger . Please look into fans inputs on what we see as far as products on the field. No i may not have professional experience in evaluating talent but i do know talent when i see it as do other great fans of this team. As members and supporters of the buccaneers please do the right thing and bring in experienced coaching and bring back excellence to Tampa . Thanks for reading this and thanks for everything you do in this communitywith the glazers foundation! GO BUCS!!! #ITSABUCSLIFE

  38. buc4life24 Says:

    F I R E Schiano!!!!!!!! Get rid of his coaching staff, we can turn this thing around quicklyand back to post season play! Sign a few positions of need, extend GMC, and draft BPA! We have talent……just not at the coaching staff position!!

  39. mark2001 Says:

    Sir…he says he is out coached to take it on his back and not on that of the under talented players. Coaches do that often. Notice the new young players starting to develop and shine? The draft picks and guys like McCoy and David….yeah that is just a coincidence. We are short talent, and no new coach will be able to overcome that, unless he takes over the GM position as well. And I rather see a great new GM and a rebuilding and likely replacing of many currently occupied positions.

  40. Scotty Says:

    don’t keep the coach!!!!

  41. mark2001 Says:

    buc4life…the Bucs will return to that post season quick turn around when you can shave. Man, what a pipe dream.

  42. BigMacAttack Says:

    I only spend about $2K on seats but I already bought 2014′. And that’s why I am working this week. Please talk Chucky into coming back. When he was here, they always had a chance to win. I am sure Gruden has been humbled and learned a lot over the past 5 yrs.

  43. BucFan 20 Says:

    Nothing here will change what the Glazer are going to do. They have seen 2 seasons, signs and bad national spotlight. They SURE know how the fans feel about it. If not they are as stupid as the posters that wanted Dungy and Gruden gone. One and done. That was their main complaint. How much would we give just for the chance to get a shot at one and done? At least there was hope.
    Now we just keep changing coaches and every year we are still adding pieces.
    Ya. The GLAZERS know!!

  44. Camby Says:

    Forget taking a pulse, does Malcolm even still HAVE a pulse?

  45. bum Says:


  46. k1ngadroc Says:

    please refer to all second half stats and fire this coaching staff and DOM. Great players with no scheme or depth behind them. Please get Jay Gruden in here!

  47. Mr. Patrick Says:

    One thing that also needs to be said is how much we do appreciate everything the Glazer family does for the children in our community through their foundations. Good work there

  48. andrew manley Says:

    Thanks patrick…had to add that …kids are future you numb nut

  49. White Tiger Says:

    If they’re taking my pulse regarding Schiano – it’s flatlined.

  50. patrickbucs Says:

    @Big Sir

    Very well said. I have had season tix since the new stadium and I cannot sit through this anymore knowing that everyone in our division has a superior QB and coach then what we do. If the Glazers do not care about that then why should I spent $2k plus a year plus who knows how much more related to those games a year.

    Isn’t Schiano a supposed defensive guru??? What was that then today and the past 2-3 games? Still has Revis in zone against someone other then Graham or Colston. Did he watch what Taliban did to Graham in man? I think the organization needs a complete house cleaning with some successfully experienced personnel at all levels.

    I am typing up a long email for the Glazers tomorrow am for sure.

  51. Harry Says:

    This is such a kick in the butt to me…

    Per PFT: “The Patriots will be the second seed in the AFC playoffs this year and they can thank running back LeGarrette Blount for making sure they got that first round bye.” One can add losing Bennett to that “list” of Schiano’s stupid sins too.

  52. Patrick Says:

    The last team Marty Schottenheimer coached was 14-2!

  53. Roscoe the Pirate Says:

    Please replace the Head Coach with an experienced candidate who can effectively work with a broader range of player temperaments.

    Roscoe The Pirate, Melbourne Australia.

  54. Patrick Says:

    And sorry Joe, your boy Dominik sucks too.

    28-52 = failure

  55. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Sorry Schiano, that was your last chance to save your job IMO. Maybe you didn’t necessarily need a win against the high-powered Saints but the least you coulda done was kept it close. No, instead you got your @ss blown out and finished the year on a 3 game losing streak. After starting with that hellish 0-8 in the first half and only going 4-4 in the second half (with those wins coming from subpar, mediocre teams) I as a Bucs fan cannot grant you a mulligan for continuing to run this franchise into the ground and into another rebuilding year as Rah did. Sadly, it wouldn’t shock me to see the Glazers give you a pass.

  56. Buc1987 Says:

    Fire Dom and hire old man Schotty. Problem solved.

  57. Analacubana Says:

    Brian Billeck and Charlie Castlery not sure of the spelling but you get the picture. Brad Johnson QB coach? My dream team.

  58. Saskbuco Says:

    @Buc1987…..can’t believe I’m agreeing with you, but Marty BALL was the coach I wanted last time. It will never happen but sure make this BUCS fan happy…

  59. Macabee Says:

    Pre-game tweet by Ira Kaufman

    Ira Kaufman ‏@IKaufmanTBO 9h
    Joel and Bryan Glazer chatting it up with Bucs GM Mark Dominik on the sideline. Greg Schiano standing a few feet away. Interesting scenario

    Seems like old times to me.

  60. Since '99 Says:

    My letter was emailed to team and execs in Oct. contracts up and i’m done paying for this product.

  61. harryb Says:

    MR’S Glazer, I am no one to tell you how or why you should choose to spend your money and/or run your business enterprises. I can only represent myself honestly as a plain non-wealthy die hard buc fan who calls himself blessed if I can take my wife to one or two games a year at RayJ. I listen to a lot of sport radio and have heard some who think they are important take credit for running Gruden out of town and have sworn to do the same thing with Schiano. Others in my opinion, have let their feelings about Freeman blind their rationality about Schiano and thus also want to sacrifice Glennon on the notion it was him and the threat he posed as competition that destroyed Freeman’s confidence and thus was responsible for freeman’s demise and ouster from the Bucs.

    Do I think some changes need to be made in staffing,YES! We need some creative thinking on our offense and defense. Who ever is responsible for the knuckle-head play calling needs to be relived of their duties, whether that means reassignment, demotion or given opportunity to find employment elsewhere. Whatever you decide to do to stop the bleeding I know it will be a thoughtful decision on your and your brothers part.

    If you do ascertain that a new coaching staff is whats needed, please do not bring in an old tired, washed up, perennial looser or a smart mouth fast talking north easterner who has all the answers.

    Our thoughts and yes our prayers will be with you as you make very important decisions that will effect real people, their families and their future employment possibilities. Yours is not a small task But we know you will face it head on and stand firm on what ever direction you take our team.

    Thanks for reading my thoughts. Thank you also for all your family has done to make real differences in our community. I continue to ware my pewter and red and long to hear the cannons fire on our Buccaneer Ship.


  62. BamBamBuc Says:

    Schiano’s pulse…

    Bowers will have double digit sacks (proceeds to bench Bowers for Te’o,who is horrible)
    Glennon gives us the best chance to win (leads to Freeman fiasco, proceed to lose 9 of 13 games, 7 by double digits)
    Cuts Underwood both seasons, only to bring him back and have him be 3rd best WR behind VJ & MW (numerous options to cut before Underwood should have gone)
    Let’s Leonard Johnson compete with Banks for 2nd CB spot, only to start him and watch him get burned repeatedly. At least Banks continued improvement.

    Those were Schiano’s takes, his pulse of the team. We may never know if letting Blount go or Bennett was his idea too. For a team with a few holes to fill, he sure likes to create more…

    Fire this idiot!

  63. BamBamBuc Says:

    Watch the Glazers “take the pulse” for a couple weeks before pulling the trigger, at which point any respectable coach will already be gone and there will be no good coordinators left to fill out the staff either. We’ll get stuck with coaching scraps again. They need to do this on Monday and get in the coach hiring race with everyone else.

  64. D-Rome Says:

    Bucs fans, Mr. Afternoon Drive-Time Blowhard, and the team were wrong about firing Gruden

  65. Arlo Pear Says:

    What a load of BS. A majority of Tampa Bay never even wanted Gruden fired. With Gruden it was an internal personal problem between him getting along with personal / players, money, and ownership. How long after the season ended was Gruden fired? At least with Gruden we had respectability. What a sad embarrassment this organization has become. If you read that quote now that Team Glazer spewed out going on 5 years ago you can clearly see that they are nothing but a bunch of inept liars.

  66. BuckPuck Says:

    1. Fire Schiano and Dominick
    2. Hire Bill Polian to restructure our football ops department.
    3. Hire someone that can develop a QB for once. Maybe Jay Gruden?
    4. Release Dashon Goldson and restructure Revis deal to under $10 mil per year.

  67. Santa Says:

    I knew last year schiano was inept when we lost 41-0 to the saints.

  68. Santa Says:

    Let’s abandon what works, no 2nd half adjustments, run an antiquated offense because all that matters @ the end of the day is that we played hard.

  69. phil Says:

    They can’t fire Schiano fast enough to suit me. Would love to have Gruden back, should have never fired him in the first place. Maybe they can get his brother Jay to be the coach.

  70. Brandon Says:

    Fire that ass monkey! Keep Dom to assist in finding new coach and if the two can work together then keep him.

  71. Kalind Says:

    Toss him. He can’t win the whole thing. Who says the whole team needs to blow up? Didn’t Gruden come in and win immediately? Joe, is my history off? I thought it was (the guy who should STILL be coaching the Bucs) Grudens first season here, when we were built to win now. Draft/sign a quality QB, for gods sakes get a third receiving option worth something more that Tim Wright, get a pass rusher who can… I dunno, at least pat Brees on the backside as he runs by. We’ll be fine, and frankly, that not such a tall order.

  72. mando playr Says:

    So the Glazer family takes the pulse of the fans and in order to make these shareholders happy they fire Tony Dungy, Jon Gruden, Raheem Morris and now the shareholders want Schiano fired. How is that workin for ya. The Glazer’s had two quality coaches with a proven NFL background in Tony and Jon and they were fired based on listening to the fans. Two huge mistakes. Now after not honoring the long term contracts of these two coaches they go out and get Raheem and fire him when the fans turn on him. Then they go out and get Schiano with a five year contract and the shareholders want the Glazer’s to break and dishonor his contract so that you can convince a proven experienced NFL coach to take a gig with the Bucs. You want somebody to sign a long term contract which is not worth the paper it is written on, move his wife and children to a new home probably a 1000-1500 miles from where they currently live and have him coach a team where, if the fans and sports talk show hosts don’t like him, he will have his contract torn up and fired after two and maybe three years. Where are you going to find this sucker? Where are you going to find someone that will believe you when you look him in the eye and say that we will give you a five year contract to come down here and turn this team around. You want to find a different coach? Start by honoring the contract of the current coach. Let he current coach know that he is not going to get fired because the shareholders are restless, let the current coach know that he has three more years to turn the team around. Honor your commitments, be men of your word and the best employees that the NFL has to offer will be beating your door down for the chance to work for you.

  73. Mr. Patrick Says:

    If the Glazers were ‘taking the pulse’ of fans, they would have fired Schiano already

  74. Bill T Says:

    I laugh when I read all this garbage. Everyone wants Schiano fired….OK. 2 years with the win/loss ratio not good. And this comes from some Ex players too, like Ian Beckles (who I like).

    So Ian wants Schiano gone, but then starts evaluating the team:
    – Freeman not good, Glennon just as bad
    – Offensive line is terrible
    – Doesn’t care for Martin (and we are on 4th string RB)
    – Thinks Underwood sucks and Williams was having a poor year before hurt
    – Says Defense is WAY overrated.
    – Says McCoy is WAY overrated
    – Thinks Clayborn is nothing
    – Thinks Spence with his 14 tackles is terrible
    – Thinks Bowers or the other end suck badly
    – Says Revis way overpaid at $1m per game
    – Goldson a head hunter
    – other 2 corners are weak, and Johnson sucks

    Ok So you have all these shitty players, and the talent that is supposed to be great, is just overpaid and overrated, you think any coach would do well with that? I don’t care if they fire Schiano or Dominick, but the Tampa area cracks me up. Support for the Rays has been the joke of MLB, the Bucs have been drawing terrible crowds for years. And except for a handful of years, the Bucs have been a weak organization. The solution is get a true football operation starting from the top…exactly what Chris Landry said on 620 on Friday afternoon.

  75. Camby Says:

    Ian is right about all of that. The slurpers on this site love to point to Domenik’s ‘Hits’ but what about his many, many misses drafting, in FA, and most importantly at coach? This guy is a do-nothing hack who backdoored Gruden out of town, and has done nothing but pass the buck and somehow get the blame put on others that, ‘Rock roadie’ Domenik couldn’t pick the winner in a one horse race. (or would pay $30 for a $10 ticket)

  76. lions Says:

    These coaches are not supposed to be amateurs, they coach in the NFL and paid accordingly because they are supposed to be professionals at the art of coaching. Every coach has their way of doing things but the most appalling mistake it seems with these coaches are the outright stubbornness of trying different tactics in the face of losing. The name of the game is adapt and change with the players you have. Why wouldn’t they??!!! From a coach that prides himself on building men could not step outside his comfort zone and adapt. From a fans prospective it utterly unacceptable, we as people are required day to day to adapt to our situations from losing jobs to bad economy etc. How can we not be upset? How can we as fans accept the fact that a coach will say we don’t do it because we haven’t practiced it enough. Why are our coaches constantly out coached and why is the Buccaneers and an organization going to allow that to happen over and over again?
    This coach is a good man and I think if he had a redo, would certainly do it different. Though I don’t think that he yet has come to that conclusion from hearing the players state the coach said they have their qb, it happens in life sometimes you lead so bad that it requires a redo somewhere else and you become successful. Look at Pete Carroll with Russell Wilson and that offense, most people I think thought that would not work with a 5’10 qb. Caroll was horrible with the Jets. Is it the ownership that allows coaches to be successful and gave Carroll the confidence to go with RW? I just don’t see that it in Glennon, I see Orten great arm but doesn’t have that something.