“A Wretched Offense For The Bucs”

December 16th, 2013

Tampa Bay Times Bucs beat writer Rick Stroud is appalled by the Bucs offense.

“There’s no other way around it, whether you’re playing with a rookie or not, this has been a wretched offense for the Bucs,” Stroud says in the WDAE-AM 620 audio below. And Stroud also exclaims what appears to be disbelief that the Bucs had 10 drives Sunday for 11 total yards.

Joe knows someone’s head will roll for the NFL’s worst offense. That’s a given. Joe’s just not sure how many heads that will be.

16 Responses to ““A Wretched Offense For The Bucs””

  1. That Guy Says:

    It should be Gregory’s enormous blockhead served up. Enough with the five wins is an accomplishment stupidity.

  2. Eric Says:

    What took Stroud so long to notice?

  3. Mr. Patrick Says:

    When your offense is 31st in the league and 32nd in total yards, there are no excuses. And there’s no way you can sugarcoat it. Hey Coach, it’s time to start playing 2013 NFL offense

  4. Lev Says:

    The more I think about it the more I like the Johnny Football idea.

  5. Architek Says:

    I am glad people are stating this obvious because I am just blown away by how incompetent this offense look.

    Case and Point: If you are playing against a stout rush attack and two of your most effective drives came from the no-huddle, why would you stop? – you scored 14 points from the no huddle

    Case and Point: If you know your offense and studying the game film you see that SF linebackers come downhill hard then why don’t you attack them deep with your tight end who can run as well? – He’s been 1 or 2 productive players on a pedestrian offense

    Case and Point: What kind of scheme and what’s the purpose of the scheme are the Bucs running? Slants? Hitches? Rubs? Double moves to take advantage of the aggression? – 3 out of 4 of your WRs have some speed but they are never put in the position to use their abilities, the scheme is never adjusted to the players

    Honestly, keeping Schiano is a slap in the face because this organization cannot get it together. One year its the defense, next year its the offense. I am sick of this trash. This is past emotion – its utterly putrid and unacceptable, if it were my team. Tampa Bay standards have fallen since father Dungy and Gruden have left, which was never known for offense but the Glazers have to take responsibility for this.

    Schiano clearly is out of his league and next year it will be something else. Clean house from the top (Dom) and down to Penn and Joseph. They all
    are past their prime.

    Dominik, Schiano, Sully, Sheridan, McNulty, all the staff –
    Penn, Joseph, Stocker, Underwood, Leonard, Bowers, Teo N., Gibson, Means, L. Johnson needs to be replaced and or upgraded.

  6. Eric Says:

    That’s one of dominik’s core beliefs. One important aspect of the team must always rank last in the league.

    Rush defense one year.

    Pass defense another.

    Points given up another.

    Now offense.

  7. Architek Says:


    – now that’s funny but arguably true – HAHAHAHAHAHHA

  8. Anthony Gironda Says:

    Here are the faces of this franchise RIGHT NOW: Darrelle Revis, Vincent Jackson, Mike Williams, Lavonte David, Mason Foster, Dashon Goldson, Mark Barron, and Gerald McCoy.

    These are the players the Bucs NEED to keep in order to success next year, which I believe they will.

    We just need the RIGHT HEAD COACH for this team. Either it’s going to be Lovie Smith, Gary Kubiak, or somebody that has the experience & knowledge for the job. We also need the RIGHT quarterback for this team.

  9. Tampafans Says:

    Wow.. Just wow. If I reminder right there was this coach who road into town and created the best defense the league has seen. One problem had the worst offense in the league. Lets ride him out of town also

  10. Buc1987 Says:

    Anthony Gironda says :

    “We just need the RIGHT HEAD COACH for this team. Either it’s going to be Lovie Smith, Gary Kubiak, or somebody that has the experience & knowledge for the job. We also need the RIGHT quarterback for this team.”

    Anthony let me clue you in on what’s going to go down. Apparently your out of the loop.

    As of right now it appears Schiano is coming back for 2014. So no need to mention Smith, Kubiak, or whoever like it’s a done deal. Hold your breath though because I think your going to be let down when our team’s owners keep Schiano in place for 2014.

  11. Bucfan#37 Says:

    Some commenters want the deck cleared as regards to the coaching staff and certain players. What coach worth mentioning would step in and be an improvement over the current coach? In my opinion none of the names I’ve seen sound like a good fit. Might as well accept the current regime for stability in the obvious rebuilding of the team. Even finishing at 4-12, I have to be upbeat about continued improvement next year with or without Schiano.

  12. Buc1987 Says:

    @Tampafans…you won’t find much Schiano love on this site. I mentioned it early on in the season that Schiano is a defensive minded coach that is going to build a strong defense for us. The offense might suck though. I made the Dungy comparisons (not saying Schiano can even carry Dungy’s clipboard) in that Dungy had HORRIBLE offenses, just like Schiano has now. Well I got laughed at by a few of course. Fans are frustrated, but guess what they were already frustrated before Schiano even landed in Tampa. Schiano going 7-9 in his rookie season and now 4-10 has blown the top off this frustration pressure cooker. Now they want his head for it. They should be starting with the person who hired him first, if they REALLY have a problem with him.

  13. Que589 Says:

    What real NFL Head Coach in 2013 go into a game saying that “points will be a premium”? Does anyone think Jim Harbaugh conveyed that message to his team? Schiano essentially told his team that they aren’t going to score many points. The clip from “Sound FX” showed / proved that Schiano is calling the shots on offense so please don’t throw the OC under the bus, he’s following Schiano’s marching orders and that’s fact.

  14. Biff Barker Says:

    The defense is starting to emerge as a capable unit but I just can’t imagine the Glazers being patient with this offense.
    Architek had a very good point. Why abandon the no huddle? I’ve been watching this game a long time and cannot recall any coordinator giving up on something the opposition struggled to defend.
    It’s madness.
    But my takeaway is that with a full compliment of weapons, Glennon can be successful running an up tempo scheme.
    Sully needs to go.

  15. Anthony Gironda Says:

    @Buc1987, You’re crazy. I don’t know if you been watching this year, but it’s obvious to me that you haven’t. Tell me why Schiano should stay in 2014. Give me your opinion.

  16. Buc1987 Says:

    Anthony….I don’t need to tell you why he should stay. I don’t make that decision. I’m just telling you that I think he is going to stay. It’s called reading the tea leaves.

    I’m just trying to let you know now, because your in for a letdown. You made a confident statement that Schiano will be fired at the end of the season.

    What’s telling you that they are going to fire him?

    I really don’t care if they do or don’t fire him at this point. I also don’t have ANY confidence in them hiring a better coach than him. Oh they may be out there, but the Bucs won’t hire him. Especially with Schiano’s contract guaranteed. The Glazers will NOT shell out big money for a coach while still paying for one that they fired.

    Gruden’s contract and having to still pay for it, is how us fans got stuck with Raheem the dream.