If “Sully” Leaves, QB Gig Should Be Open

December 17th, 2013

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Joe knows Bucs fans are not in the Christmas spirit. They want to dump coal in the stockings of Bucs offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan and, to a lesser degree, Bucs commander Greg Schiano.

(The lunatic fringe wants to dump more than just sedimentary rock in the stocking of Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik. These types are firmly entrenched on Santa’s naughty list and will be banished to spend Christmas Day at an OTB, where the only other patrons will be wandering around drinking scotch and water at 10 a.m. dressed like Al Davis.)

Joe has firmly believed, and has written and spoke about the subject with Joe’s good friend, the dean of Tampa Bay sports radio, “The Big Dog,” Steve Duemig, that if the Bucs really, truly believe Mike Glennon is the quarterback of the future, then current Bucs offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan must be retained.

The best way to screw up a young quarterback’s head is to change offenses. Didn’t we learn that first-hand with Rip Van Freeman? Besides, Joe is not wholly convinced Sullivan is an evildoer, as was pointed out by another of Joe’s good friends, Justin Pawlowski of WHFS-FM 98.7 via Twitter.

@CommishOnline: Do people really think that changing the Bucs offensive coordinator will magically change everything? Bucs were top 10 offense last year.

Now to be fair to Justin, he is not clamoring to keep the current regime at One Buc Palace. But his comment does make one ponder what happened in the course of a year that sent the Bucs from No. 9 offensively in 2012 to dead-last this year, with two games remaining and the league lead in offensive penalties?

The Freeman mess didn’t help, nor did the MRSA. And losing Mike Williams for the year to surgery. Anyone notice Eli Manning largely hasn’t been worth a crap since Sullivan left the Giants?

But Freeman, Williams and MRSA are not calling for or designing five-yard pass routes on 3rd-and-12.

Again, if the Bucs decide Glennon is their guy, Sullivan needs to stay. If Sullivan leaves, then the quarterback position should be up for grabs and drafting a quarterback in the first round should very much be in play, if Dominik grades out a quarterback to be worthy of his high first-round pick.

Joe still is not sold on Glennon, yet. Just like his touchdown drive late in the first half against the 49ers, Glennon plays well enough to tease you, like the hot chick at the bar well out of your kicking distance who is just looking for a free drink, purring in your ear when you know damn well once the tab is paid she’s running out of the joint as if you set fire to the place. Glennon’s body of work leaves Joe, well, underwhelmed and suspicious he’s just being played.

Joe’s pretty confident if Schiano returns in 2014, he will be on the hot seat from the start of training camp and nothing less than a winning season will be accepted from Team Glazer. Does anyone really believe Glennon can learn a new offense and be proficient enough in one offseason to get this team to a playoff run?

49 Responses to “If “Sully” Leaves, QB Gig Should Be Open”

  1. madmacskillz Says:

    Joe, that hasn’t been MY experience with hot girls in bars! Wait… yes it has, actually.

  2. bucthis Says:

    If she’s part of the package, I say…Draft him!!!

  3. Laughing Stock II Says:





  4. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Greg Roman and Lovey Smith doesn’t matter who has the power as long as they do there job. Get a Gm I’m that knows how to evaluate superstar talent then drop a 2nd Rd pick on Ryan Mallet. If sitting Aaron Rodgers did wonders imagine what sitting behind Brady for 3 years does for u. He has the live arm every1 thinks Glennon has an he’s not your typical rookie because he was able to learn the game from the sideline like keapernick and rodgers….hey at the worst they can compete and if Glennon beats him out I’d love to eat crow because we’d b winning that’s all I want.

  5. P'cola Buc Says:

    If Schiano stays, we do not draft a QB. That means Glennon stays and we keep Scully. Then we have 2013 repeated. If Schiano goes, we draft a QB and have a competition for QB and Scully is gone. We’ll then since these seem to be package deals, which do we prefer?

  6. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Greg Roman, Lovey Smith, and Ryan Mallet. All problems solved he sat behind Brady for 3 years so if rodgers sat imagine what sitting behind Brady does he has the live cannon every1 thinks Glennon has plus he’s not your typical rookie because he’s had time to develop. Make it happen then with the money we saved for Freemans contract we can draft a pass rusher 1st Rd our sign Jared Allen so we won’t have to wait for a rookies training camp development. Instant pass rush Mccoy up the middle and Allen clayborne bowers and golston rotating to keep fresh

  7. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Greg Roman, Lovey Smith, and Ryan Mallet. All problems solved he sat behind Brady for 3 years so if rodgers sat imagine what sitting behind Brady does he has the live cannon every1 thinks Glennon has plus he’s not your typical rookie because he’s had time to develop. Make it happen then with the money we saved for Freemans contract we can draft a pass rusher 1st Rd our sign Jared Allen so we won’t have to wait for a rookies training camp development. Instant pass rush Mccoy up the middle and Allen clayborne bowers and golston rotating to keep fresh…

  8. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Why can’t I post???

  9. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Greg Roman, Lovey Smith, and Ryan Mallet. All problems solved he sat behind Brady for 3 years so if rodgers sat imagine what sitting behind Brady does he has the live cannon every1 thinks Glennon has plus he’s not your typical rookie because he’s had time to develop. Make it happen then with the money we saved for Freemans contract we can draft a pass rusher 1st Rd our sign Jared Allen so we won’t have to wait for a rookies training camp development. Instant pass rush Mccoy up the middle and Allen clayborne bowers and golston rotating to keep fresh.

  10. phil Says:

    They better get a quarterback that can make plays in the off season because Glennon isn’t it. Whether that’s Cutler or Johnny Football or someone else we aren’t going anywhere close to the playoffs without a quarterback. And I either hope Schino learns a lot in the off season or we get a new coach because we are out coached in every game.

  11. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Greg Roman , Lovey Smith , and Ryan Mallet. Make it happen……then give Jared Allen Freemans cut an we rolling

  12. Jon Says:

    Glennon is playing better than many of you believe. He is a rookie, I thought up to the final 4 minutes he played a very good game against that 49ers defense. Regression is such a media word, he wasn’t going to continue to post passing rating games over 130. He is the best rookie quarterback out of the entire 2013 class. The offense is missing Martin and Williams, those two scored over 20 TD’s last year. That being said, I want change at the offensive coordinator position. Glennon is accurate. Think of it this way, most believe we have excellent talent on the team and we are posed to be the Chiefs of 2014. What did the Chiefs really do? They hired a offensive coordinator (head coach) and got an accurate passer. Their draft class has been awful but the defensive talent was already on the roster…sound familiar?

  13. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    No, No, No to Johny”spoiled rotten” Football. Not a Buc man. #NFLBust.

  14. Patrick in VA Says:

    Guys, this really isn’t that hard. The difference between being top ten last year and last this year is having a ton of injuries to some of our top weapons and having a rookie qb that’s trying to figure it out while under fire. We have no depth but we’ve known that and we knew going in to the season that we were a couple key injuries from being in big trouble. Guess what, they happened and here we are. Sullivan may not be the biggest issue but his departure was in the works long before this came about. McNulty was brought in to be the OC. That’s just what it is. The college of coaches is less about having a bigger brain trust and more about having the pieces already in place to make the transition a seamless one since the assembling of the staff was such a scramble when schiano was hired late. We have top ten offense caliber talent and when we get those players back on the field we will see the level of play increase. You can’t sit Drew Brees down and expect the saints to be firing on all cylinders. These players are highly regarded for a reason and when they’re not on the field then the team isn’t as good. This isn’t rocket surgery

  15. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    The funny thing, is that all the people that think Glennon cannot be an NFL starter are the same that 4 months ago were telling me its all about #5. That Freeman was are only chance to win. Now I do like Glennon, I think he is an NFL starter. But with the same breath he will need to make huge strides in his first full offseason and training camp this offseason. But unlike previous QB’s I think Glennon will put in the work. I also hope that they advise him for an offseason strengthing program like Brady did to strengthen his arm and tighten up his spiral.

  16. Chef Paul Says:

    I’m not sold on Glennon either. Three weeks ago I was in love with him. But we’ve gotten to a point where things aren’t working very well and there are all kinds of reasons why. After the whole Freeman thing, and me being fooled by him all friggin summer, I’m a little gun shy about qb’s that show promises AND weakness’s. I’m just not ready to put all our eggs in one basket for a qb that has many excuses why things aren’t working.

  17. Patrick in VA Says:

    Most QBs would struggle with a pourous line and one receiver to throw to, let alone a rookie. Let’s give the kid a chance to play with an NFL caliber offense and see what he does. Besides, most of the promising QBs in this draft are returning to school or on the fence.

  18. Seth B Says:

    Joe, Johnny Football isn’t a once in a lifetime prospect. Let it go…. He is an athlete, he doesn’t project as a top level QB, weak arm short, small, likes to run which combines to make him susceptible to injuries… Not to mention he would be a party animal in Tampa…He probably had the best line and best WR in college Football as well.

    Lets be real, he’s not for us.

  19. mark2001 Says:

    Joe…how can you force a guy to stay in a job if he has a better opportunity. If Sullivan gets the Army job, he might leave, yet the terminology and much of the system could be kept. So I think saying he has to stay for Glennon to start would be a fallacy….just as it would be to say if a new QB is drafted or signed as a FA, Glennon will still be the starter if Sullivan is here.

  20. Beeric Says:

    Glennon has all the qualities of Freeman–just like he did coming out of college.

    We don’t want to waste another five years with a teaser of a QB like Freeman again.

    Glennon can’t be consistent game to game, or even drive to drive. I’m all for Manziel and an OC from a winning team that uses a mobile quaterback being brought in as head coach. If Glennon turns into Nick Foles next year, so be it. But we better have another option ready.

  21. Hawk Says:

    Glennon is a very smart and ‘football-motivated’ kid. As I’ve said before, I believe that , in an off-season, he could learn Gruden’s playbook, if that is what he’s given. I have no problem with a new OC for Glennon.
    The problem that I do have, is the rest of the offense. Can *they* learn another playbook without a 4-6 game learning curve? A new OC would also require the ‘starters’ spending more time on the field in the pre-season. That would mean less time for draftees and FAs to be evaluated (might miss a Gholston, Rainey, etc). It also means more wear and tear on starters and the increased chance of injury.
    If Sullivan doesn’t get another offer, I believe he gets the same fate as Schiano. If not for the Freeman/MERSA drama (and the team was 4-10), I believe this staff would need to have their desks cleared, but I think, as Joe has said, the Glazers will take those two things into consideration when making their decision.

  22. Chef Paul Says:

    I think we need to draft a qb. First round, second round or wait and get one of the ACL brothers kind of late. Either way.

    Except no to Johnny Football. Joe, I love your conviction about Johnny, but you know how your readers are. And every single time Johnny boy throws a pick, tons and tons of people are going to let you know about it. I hope you have thick skin cuz these guys will be merciless. lol

  23. Bucs or Gtfo Says:

    Those of you clamoring for Glennon to stay must not have watched tape on him. There has been multiple times where players were open down the field & instead stared the checkdown down and dumped it off. This could also be what Schiano wants which could prove another point that he should get the hell out of here after this season.

  24. RCH Says:

    Next years draft is looking like the better draft class anyways. The top QBs in this years draft are Blake Bortles(probable), Teddy Bridgewater(probable), and Jonny Football and in my opinion I would pick one in that order based on availability.

  25. bucsQcCity Says:

    Johnny Football is a high risk high reward pick. Its talent needs to be channeled, not caged and controlled with “toes-on-the-line” mantra.

    If Schiano stays, and I pray he don’t, there’s no point of picking Manziel he won’t be able to get anything out of him

  26. gotbbucs Says:

    Glennon can’t make chicken soup out of chicken sh!t. Put weapons around him and he will do fine.
    I said in the begining of the season that everything hinged on this offensive line and it has. They have done an awful job, save for two or three games, and it has shown in the offensive production. We need a replacement for Penn, Nicks, and Joseph. I don’t care who you put back there at QB and RB, they will struggle behind these guys. It has been the same problem for about four out of the last six years.

  27. ElioT Says:

    If Schiano stays and Sully goes, they will promote McNulty and it will be the same offense.

  28. Bobby Says:

    Glennon is hardly the problem. He may be the only bright spot on the offense right now beside V-Jax and Tim Wright. Hard to run an offense with three guys who could start in the NFL. The rest of our offense are scrubs.

  29. Jon Says:

    Anyone who thinks Freeman and Glennon are the same should be banned from posting! If we would have drafted glennon in round 1 then sadly fans would like him better. At this point no way to prove a rookie is going to do better. Glennon is playing at a higher level than most QB’s do over the past 6-7 years. That’s without James or Martin. Without a legit #2 wr as well. Mike Williams did catch over 60 balls last year with a better than 15.0 per catch and 9 Td’s. Easy to say draft a QB, even easier afterwards to bash that one and try again. Where has glennon disappointed you as a rookie?

  30. Tackleblockwin Says:

    You will find the answer with these two questions. Simply put…”can Glennon make enough plays to win this division in the near future?” And…”Do you believe our D is playoff ready?” IMO we still have quite a few needs, and QB may not be the #1 need.

  31. Gus Says:

    BucNasty!!! Says:
    December 17th, 2013 at 8:01 am
    Greg Roman , Lovey Smith , and Ryan Mallet. Make it happen……then give Jared Allen Freemans cut an we rolling

    That makes so much sense so we know that the bucs won’t do it.

  32. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Joe, why keep wasting our time as readers promoting guys like Manziel that you KNOW will never be a Buc? You KNOW that if Schiano is still here he’d shove a hot poker up his own ass before drafting a non-Buccaneer-Man. So why keep it up? We’d love to hear about players that have a realistic chance of being drafted by our team. But continuing to throw your fantasy in our faces is bordering on disrespectful. How about some reality for a change?

  33. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Johnny is not a Buccaneer man at all.

  34. THETRUTH Says:

    My issue with Glennon is I don’t see the it factor, He throws a hell of a ball on the line, but I have not seen him put team on back a carry them to comeback win. I also hate that when he leaves the pocket he always runs towards the DE that is coming in. I would like to see a QB that can make things happen and haveTHE IT factor not sure there is one in this draft..like other drafts.

    Johnny boy would be at the strip bars everynight to much in tampa to get in trouble..

  35. Couch Fan Says:

    If we draft a QB in the first. It’s going to be funny to watch all the same people bitch how bad he sucks in his first year and how we need to draft a QB yet again next year.

  36. Jim Says:

    I am tired of hearing Glennon is a rookie. Schiano and ownership made the decision to go with a rookie which made the regular season an extended version of the pre-season. Just another wasted season for the season ticket holders.

  37. Dennis Says:


    Why do you think we will draft another QB if Sully is gone? I thought Glennon is Schiano’s QB? Doesn’t make any sense to me… Typo?

  38. Bucsfanman Says:

    First of all, forget Johnny! I’d draft his girl though!!!
    There are a lot of excuses and blame to go around, it’s the life of a Buc fan after all. Anyone who thinks that bringing in a new regime is going to fix all this mess is sorely mistaken. Consider this Glennon haters, he has the best statistics of any rookie QB this year. Would you trade him for EJ or Geno? He’s a bleeping rookie thrust into a messed up situation. Oh, the situation? Currently he’s lined up behind a back-up G, a G still recovering from surgery, a turnstile at LT(what’s up Penn?!!!), a 4th string HB, one decent WR, no #2 WR, and an emerging rookie TE. What do you guys expect?
    Coach-wise? Again, see “the situation”(not the Jersey Shore kid!). MRSA, injuries, and QB drama are not conducive to winning football games. It will be what it is but keep this in mind, this team is in a much better state than its previous two regimes(sans the Super Bowl year of course!). This team finally has some swagger, especially on D. Firing the staff would be a mistake and we’ll be right back to the dreaded REBUILDING phase! Change for the sake of change is pointless! Help me out here Joe!
    Go Bucs!

  39. Chris Says:

    Kirk cousins. Bring in Rat Horton. He’ll bring Kyle shanahan as his OC. Bam.

  40. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Schiano chose this rookie n the draft and chose to start him if he chose to start him n week 1 that was his option to but he didn’t so stop blaming all his choices as accidental coincidence. He’s better then Manuel and Smith but that’s not saying a lot .actually it’s saying what the other thread said that our standards have dropped entirely to low 11 yards n 10 drives an 105 second of 4th quarter offense heads shall roll they must. ACCOUNTABILITY he loves that word but who is held accountable??? O the fans that’s right because we’re forced to endure this.

  41. BFFL Says:

    Glennon as a rookie reminds me of Brady when he was a rookie. If people can’t see this guy’s potential then you don’t know football. He just needs a little more experience, a few more targets and a more quick pass oriented offensive scheme.

  42. bigpoppabuc Says:

    Sully and Glennon are in no way tied together. Sully will leave and Glennon will have memorized the new system by the end of OTAs.
    Glennon is not the problem in this offense…. That would be the pile of injuries and complete letdown from the O-line. This offensive line has cost us points and killed waaaay to many drives this season to be let off the hook. New OC or not we must fix our weaknesses in the trenches.

  43. THETRUTH Says:

    BFFL : Good points, I was yelling for 3 step drops Sunday…

    Why does everyone here in BUC land expect a rookie QB to be great his forst year. Look at hmany achieve tha and maintain thais the key…

  44. Chris Says:

    Glennon and schiano are in no way tied either. It’s a third round qb. Normally when you take a qb in the third round he’s not deemed the franchise by any means. First round? Of course. That’s why Dom is on the burner of freeman.

  45. rdbucfan Says:


    So Steve the big d Dooming told you if we change OC we need to draft a ABOUT. That is just so brilliant. So instead of a 2nd year player learning a new offense we will have a rookie learning a new offense. I agree we should try this every year until we get it right. If we bring in a veteran QB won’t he be learning a new offense like Glennon?

    You might want to re-read what Joe wrote. –Joe


    So you think Geno and EJ suck but are willing to draft on potential just like the Jets and Bills. You think we should trade for Mallet because he has learned from Brady. How is that working out for for Marriage Flynn sitting behind Rodgers? I think I remember Flynn losing out to a rookie drafted in the third round after signing a big contract in Seattle.

    Deleted paragraph since Joe doesn’t wear panties. –Joe

  46. BucsFan68 Says:

    At this point no way to prove a rookie is going to do better. Glennon is playing at a higher level than most QB’s do over the past 6-7 years.
    No @Jon, he’s not; if he was and if the coaching was at a higher level, the Bucs would be in the thick of the playoff race.

  47. Bucky23 Says:

    Glennon’s CEILING isn’t that high. It would be one thing if he was a rookie and you could see the flashes of brilliance..but he just too plain for me. Kaepernik didn’t even play that well and he’s in an a different class than Glennon. How many times did he escape the pocket and extend drives that lead to TD’s. Glennon can’t do that.. and he doesn’t have the quick release/smarts that the QB’s like Manning/Brady have that allow them to be less mobile in the pocket. Draft a playmaker.

  48. Bobby Says:

    Why do fans think a QB can take a team on their back and win a game??? They just can’t. If they could then Brees and Brady wo uhh ld never lose. With no running game Brees loses to St. Louis every time. I don’t care how good a QB is, without a supporting cast you’re just one man who suddenly looks very ordinary. You need receivers to throw to and an o-line that gives you time to throw. We have none of the above.

  49. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    LOL to the person that said Glennon reminds him of Brady as a rookie. Would that be the Brady that didn’t play as a rookie, or the Brady that won a Super Bowl in his second year? How exactly does a QB that has won 4 out of 11 games remind you of a 3 time Super Bowl winning, future hall of fame QB? Some people are drinking more than just Kool-Aid.