“Kinda Vanilla’d Them Up”

December 16th, 2013

Don’t start looking for the Bucs to turn into a no-huddle offense anytime soon, Greg Schiano explained.

Count Joe among those stunned when Mike Glennon jumped into a no-huddle/hurry-up offense at the end of the first half yesterday and marched the football into the end zone — a seven-play, 76-yard touchdown drive in 78 seconds — to pull the Bucs to within 17-7 at halftime.

It was a shocker.

Inevitably, it led to Greg Schiano being peppered today at One Buc Palace about running more no-huddle, hurry-up offense. You know, as a way to revive the lowest-ranked offense in the NFL — one that struggled for inches let alone yards during most series against the 49ers.

The no-huddle was humming Sunday in various ways. Schiano explained it was one part surprise, and two parts Glennon seeing a simpler look from the Niners.

“One of the things that yesterday the no-huddle did was it kinda vanilla’d them up a little bit,” Schiano said. “That helped. You know, they kind went into base stuff because they weren’t expecting it. Now I’m sure St. Louis will have a more extensive no huddle defense package ready, because they will probably watch the tape and expect it.”

Schiano dove into hurry-up-offense chatter further, saying the Bucs run various types, and even was in one in the first quarter to try and jump start the offense. But he also explained the Bucs aren’t going to go all no-huddle crazy because that’s not how they practice.

Joe’s not sure what to expect from the Bucs offense going forward. But if they can’t run the ball, then they’re going to end up in more situations that demand a hurry-up — never a good thing. 

24 Responses to ““Kinda Vanilla’d Them Up””

  1. adamant Says:

    They should open the game in hurry up mode this week. Strike quickly. Then sprinkle it in (right before half-time or to open a quarter 3rd, 4th, whichever) to keep the defense guessing.

    I am not sold on Glennon long term as our starter. Right now, I think he makes an excellent back-up. IF we have a chance to draft a projected franchise QB, then I say let’s do it. With that said, I am not sold on any of the QBs coming out in the draft as being “franchise”.

    If I was the Glazer’s I would fire Schiano and Dominik and start fresh in the off season. Do it early enough for the new coach and GM to hire staff. Bring in Mike Holmgren to be GM and Jon Gruden to coach.

  2. Scott from Delray Says:

    I watched the game on DVR last night and charted the play calling. Even down as much as 13 points, the Bucs ran basic running plays on 2nd and long. Down 20-7, we ran a deep handoff on 1st and 20. Down 20-7, we ran a basic run on 2nd and 18!!! Down 10-0 earlier, we ran on 2nd and 10 for minus-1. What galls me the most is that we don’t show pass (spread formations, 4 wide, etc.) and run draws — which can be quite effective. We run base runs from the I-formation most of the time. There was one second and 10 or more (aside from the no huddle series and/or after the game got out of hand) where we threw: down 7-0, we threw on 2nd and 12 (and gained 8 yards).

    In a league with so much talent and parity, scheme is huge — you simply cannot have glaring tendencies because they will be exploited. Unless we are down 3 scores, the Bucs will almost always run on 2nd down, particularly after passing on first, even if the pass is incomplete or there’s a sack or penalty. Glennon is SHACKLED and asked to convert 3rd and long after 3rd and long. What is the thought process? It’s mathematically flawed, not to mention torture on the fans. It’s bad, boring, cowardly football!

    If we are consistently unable to pick up meaningful yardage on 2nd and 10 runs, why not throw twice instead of waiting for 3rd and 8 or more? The chances of getting a first down on 3rd and 9 are damned close to the same as 3rd and 10. By contrast, passing on 2nd and 10 will get you a lot more first downs than always running and taking one shot at the pass on the subsequent 3rd and long. This is not rocket science — watch any great offense and you will see a ton of passing on 2nd and long, with plenty of draws and screens mixed in to help shorten the 3rd down distance and keep the defense off balance. Also, at a minimum, give Glennon the authority to check into a pass if the defense has 7, 8 or 9 in the box, like the Niners kept doing (since they know our tendencies). Kaepernick audibled numerous times in those exact situations, switching out of runs and into passes or read options.

    Play calling is our biggest issue right now, IMO.

  3. Andrew 1 Says:

    Like most fans I was hoping we would come out of half time with the 2 minute offense. I am just glad they eventually came to their senses and did it midway through the 3rd quarter. I wouldn’t expect us to just automatically start off with the 2 minute offense vs the Rams, every opponents is different, what works for one might not work for the others. Still if the next game plays out in a similar fashion, I expect us to switch to it.

  4. Eric Says:

    Niners were in prevent.

  5. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Well, they need to change something. Glennon has looked pretty good in the 2 minute offense before. No more run up the middle, run up the middle, short throw on 3rd and long, punt, repeat. It’s Greg Olsen’s offense with Blount in 2011 all over again. What a mess.

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We completed only 1 pass to our backs yesterday…..that’s right….1. We use the FB too little in the run and pass game.
    Our offense gives very little chance for Glennon to be successful. It is quite obvious that he plays better when he is on the attack.
    Isn’t that what offense means?….it seems many times that we play defense with our offense.
    I, for one would be more comfortable to just let Glennon call the plays. I don’t trust Sullivan.

  7. Bobby Says:

    “Niners were in prevent.”


    Makes it all the more impressive. They didn’t prevent squat.

  8. Mike J Says:

    Tampabaybucfan, hear, hear. Anybody notice what Jamaal Charles did yesterday??

  9. Nate_tweetz Says:

    This coaching staff has shown over and over again that they do NOT know what they are doing. Over and over again they are late on adjusting their game plan to win games. When they do adjust and it is successful, they then go and abandon what is working! Hey trick plays in games are working… “let’s go back to plain and predictable”. Hey a faster pace offense is catching the Defense off guard and we’re moving the ball!.. “Gotta stop this strategy cause its working.”… I do not get the rationale. It’s like they out-smart themselves with their mindset and game planning (which has been shown not very hard to do).

    In Schiano’s press conference he said he thought coming into the game that we would be able to run the ball on the 49ers… No one in the media asked him why the hell he would believe/think something like that. Where is all this evidence on tape or in stats that would suggest that running the football against the 9ers is where you’ll have an advantage??? Did he just assume we could do it because we did it so well against Carolina and Detroit???… Oh wait, we couldn’t run the ball there either.

    Another thing Schiano admitted to is that the hurry up forced the 49ers into a vanilla defense because they probably weren’t prepared to see it. If that is the case, why the hell do you go back to what they have prepared for and that they are stonewalling you on???

    I’m trying to figure out the answers to these questions, but you can’t make sense of crazy. SMDH

  10. Nate_tweetz Says:

    I guess the answer to my own questions is that the coaches suffer from a condition called USELESS (Ultimate Stupidity, Erroneous Logic, and Excessive Stubborness Syndrome).

  11. Bucs or Gtfo Says:

    Glennon is gonna be the QB as long as Schiano is here and he’ll be here next year. Hopefully we’re really bad next year so Schiano gets fired and we draft Jameis Winston.

  12. MTM Says:

    As I watch this anemic offense week after week with little to no improvement. I have to wonder how ownership can be pleased or see any way it gets better without changing the staff.

  13. Andrew 1 Says:

    watching comon man and they are laughing at us because of that stupid trick play. LAUGHING. When are we going to get back to respectability?

  14. knucknbuc Says:

    Andrew 1 I hear we were ab laughingstock before schiano got here. What are we now tho?

  15. Fowlball Says:

    Upon further review, not only are the other NFL HC’s smarter than Schiano, so are their co-ordinators!

  16. Mr. Patrick Says:

    An if anyone knows vanilla, it’s Schiano

  17. Laughing Stock II Says:

    @knucknbuc – We are Laughing Stock II

  18. MTM Says:

    Schiano made sure to tell the fanbase not to expect to see the 2 minute offense. Don’t worry coach we all know anything that works won’t be used consistently. Just keeping running the ball into the teeth of every defense dumb@ss! Oh wait its the coordinators fault. BS!

  19. Bobby Says:

    Yeah I know! We should have beat this 49’rs team!!! Scheesh…..it’s like every poster here has been smoking crack. No one expected us to win or even to be in the game in the 4th quarter but now you want to cry because your predictions came true?? Idiots….

  20. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    No Bobby, you are wrong. We didn’t expect to be in this game because we expected our offense to do the exact same thing we’ve been doing, which we did. We didn’t expect Schiano to perhaps pull out some tricks, or give some new wrinkles, because he reserves that for the Atlanta’s of the league. We all knew we were going first down up the middle, second down up the middle, third down pass short of the sticks – because that’s what we always do against good teams. Where were the reverses? Where was the fake punts/field goals? Where were the halfback passes? Where were the flea flickers? Where were the surprise onside kicks? Where were the deep passes? Where were the sweeps and/or stretch run plays? The only thing remotely unique we did was the kickoff/handoff (which I had no problem with), but that just so happened to be an extremely difficult play to execute with the game looking very grim. But no, we are the idiots. You’re so smart.

  21. MTM Says:

    Go be a coach or GM and STFU! And what adult male goes by the name Bobby what are you 11yrs. Go drink some Kool-Aid tool!

  22. buc4lyfe Says:

    This is pathetic….the only time we had good offense is when chucky was and the defense still lead the way to the superbowl, I’ve never heard this many excuses in my life. Raheem Morris had the benn n round and a boring offense, now we got this turd burglar in a close game with a playoff and he put the game in the hands of Eric page who fumbles and skye Dawson both who’ve done nothing to prove worthy of putting the game in their hands. Just admit you screwed up glazers and go get an offensive coach, stop living in the past. You need to score points. Not a whole lot open? We go 0-8 with a team stacked with probowlers and the excuse is Revis isn’t what he used to be, davin joseph is done and penn. Calm it what it is…even Freeman looked like a franchise qb in the no huddle because the last two coaching selections are trash. Beating their heads against a wall and wondering why it’s bleeding. I’ll always root for the players and hope for success bit you won’t get me to pull my hair out for another season of Schiano. Phillip Rivers was told he was done but look what a decent ex head coach and great coordinator did for his c career. The team went to Hell as soon as the glazer sons took over and their to arrogant to see the obvious

  23. buc4lyfe Says:

    People are comical in this site. The play calling gives glennon little chance to be successful? So what was that garbage they were ruining with Freeman. Did we forget this isn’t the offense sully brought to Tampa. This offense is a desperate attempt to save jobs, which is the only thing glennon has done unfortunately, they cleaned the locker room now clean the front office, if sully is fired and we have a great offense next year under Schiano lol (literally laughing out loud) what about the defense? Playing like a coward on offense and over aggressive on defense blitzing a running quarterback even when they see it’s not working….Umm hey don’t we have can Newton in our division? Was it a new concept to learn at the end of the season how to play contain defense. We had that same issue last year but a number 1 rush defense. It was rg3 and Nick foles with last second comeback victories except it was done threw last drive off the game it was done for 4 quarters. He got rid of Freeman but he should be fired for pretending he didn’t need Roy Miller or Michael Bennett

  24. BuC'N'iT Says:

    @Buc4lyf. Neither of those players wanted to come back, I do believe they both hinted at it times this season, however theres much more to blame the coaches for