Waiting To Be “Pain-Free”

November 17th, 2013

Darrelle Revis has played more of his traditional lockdown/press man coverage the past two games and he’s a sure bet for the Pro Bowl, but Revis insists Bucs fans don’t know him yet.

Revis was sore after the Bucs win on Monday Night Football last week, and like a rookie wall, he’s fighting through a post-surgery, comeback wall.

Joe: We’ve all heard you say you’re not yet 100 percent but close. For the average fan, can you say they’ve seen the real Darrelle Revis the past two games?

Darrelle Revis: No. It’s getting there. You know, I still gotta ice it. I’m waiting for the point to where I just don’t feel anything. Sometimes it’s sore one day from cutting from practice or in a game. And then some days it’s not. I’m waiting to be pain-free, per se, and continue to just keep on playing.

A short week of recovery before today’s game against Atlanta is a something watch for with Revis. Hopefully, he’ll respond well. It’s not a given. Joe’s just happy the Falcons have their own injury issues at wide receiver.

2 Responses to “Waiting To Be “Pain-Free””

  1. NY Buc Says:

    So what some media and fans see as stubborn Schiano/idiot Sheridan finally figuring out to use Revis in more man to man seems to point towards them knowing precisely that he physically wasn’t able to do it earlier on and stay healthy. Hmm, reports of him losing the locker room from being a tyrant look false, NFLPA investigation seems to be doing a 180 turn, and it’s looking like turning to Glennon was the right move. Schiano is finding some redemption, if he can improve his 2nd half coaching and put the team in position to win games he just might get year three after all. OK by me if the team wins and makes us all forget about a miserable 2013 season with playoffs in 2014.

  2. Mr. Brian Says:

    I watch the bucs each week. I don’t only watch them if they make the playoffs. So I will always be rooting for the team to win regardless of draft spot. I’d be much happier if they just won the rest of their games, missed the playoffs (obviously) and got a mid round pick. That means I would have watched more good football this year.