Bucs Week In Review

November 16th, 2013

Many tens of thousands of JoeBucsFan.com readers only come here once a week or so. They’re people with meaningful lives, unlike Joe and some Bucs-obsessed lunatics that live on these pages 24/7. So with no Bucs football until tomorrow, Joe thought he’d re-visit a handful of headlines from last week — for non-regular readers that might want to catch up. Enjoy!

Schiano resuscitated

Death threats routine for Revis

Bucs knew Dolphins’ snap count

Why is Akeem Spence ditching donuts and video games?

Goldson says he won’t stop his Hawk ways

Confidence in Clayborn waning

Gholston and Spence share ugly secret

Latest on the Freeman leaks

Earnest Byner succeeding over and over

Greg Schiano’s crystal ball

No Gatorade = Schiano hate?

Joe’s weekly podcast

McCoy references a new gameplan

One Response to “Bucs Week In Review”

  1. Buc1987 Says:

    “They’re people with meaningful lives, unlike Joe and some Bucs-obsessed lunatics that live on these pages 24/7.”

    Yikes Joe, can’t we be both? I consider your life VERY meaningful to me. Also for what I have to deal with on a daily basis, your site is a break for me. I go to your site to escape the madness that is within my house.

    Bucs-obsessed? YES sad but true. Paint me Bucs-obsessed, I don’t mind at all, if there is such a color. I also consider my life VERY meaningful. I get your point though. I just thought I’d throw that out there, just because we like to blog about our Bucs, does not mean that our lives are worthless.

    Are you trying to run your loyal fans to your site off? Some might see it that way. Oh well, ya can’t take that one back now can ya. Perhaps maybe we should all look for more meaningful lives and stay off the site?

    Joe’s just being light-hearted. Not trying to insult. Bucs lunacy is ok around here. –Joe