“This Penalty Issue, It’s Driving Me Crazy”

November 26th, 2013

Greg Schiano dove into great detail on the penalty front

The Bucs play like a very undisciplined football team, but that doesn’t mean the leader of the New Schiano Order has given up on the details of avoiding penalties. In fact, Greg Schiano admitted yesterday, via a passionate response to a fan caller on WDAE-AM 620, that the Bucs’ sloppiness is “driving me crazy.”

Schiano explained what’s making him nuts and where the coaching staff may be failing.

“With this penalty issue, it’s driving me crazy. And I’ve been a head coach for 13 years, and this is the only year that our team’s had a real penalty issue. It’s really frustrating. We talk about it. I get on them. We have officials at practice. I mean we’re doing all the things that we normally have done that have produced great results, as far as that category,” Schiano said. “And you know I can tell you, personal fouls especially, we lead the league in personal fouls. They’re not the disrespect. They’re playing-physical personal fouls. We just have to play a little smarter because we’ve given 73 points off of personal fouls. Not that they necessarily were the only factor in those drives, but in those drives where we’ve had personal fouls, we’ve given up a lot of points defensively. So we definitely have to get it under control.”

The Bucs’ reputation for personal fouls is working against the team, too, Schiano said. And the head coach explained that technique is also failing the Bucs, and that’s on the coaching staff. 

“The other one is holds, and holding, the technique that we teach does not lend itself to holding. Now we’re making some mistakes, so we have to double up our efforts and try to communicate in a different way because the way we’re doing it is not getting the job done in the penalty department,” Schiano said. “So that is definitely a point of emphasis, as it’s been all season, but we have to change maybe the way we’re saying it or doing it because we’re not getting it done.”

Even during this winning streak, the Bucs are racking up bad penalties. Hopefully, there’s a late-season fix. That might be tough with Dashon Goldon returning Sunday and so many backup types getting so many snaps.

15 Responses to ““This Penalty Issue, It’s Driving Me Crazy””

  1. Jrock Says:

    This whole “click to read more” thing is gettin’ real annoying, Joe. What is the point of it? To get more page views for all your advertisers? Real, real annoyin’

    Considering you do it on every other website, Joe’s not sure why it’s driving you mad? –Joe

  2. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Thank you for all of your hard work Joe. Drinks on us 2nite. Stay away from Ybor City..lol

  3. Andrew 1 Says:

    cant remember the last time we haven’t gotten a personal foul penalty in a game. week 4 maybe? just seems like every game we are good for at least 1 personal foul. got to get that fixed.

  4. Capt. Tim Says:

    If they win- I don’t care about many of the penalties.
    I bet you a lot Wr keep track of Goldson- and hear footsteps. Cause Dashon brings the pain!!
    Just feel bad about all the money he’s had to pay. But the 15 yards?
    I’ve seen enough drops, from head on swivel WRs- to make up for that.
    Same with hits on a QB. Some QBs are fearless. Most are not. A good plant job is worth 15 yards – especially Early! Let him know that we’ll give the fifteen for a good clock cleaner.

    The aggressive penalties are sometimes worth the penalty.
    And those seem to be our most common ones. I bet opposing offenses are a lil nervous playing here, cause this defense will light you up.

    Aggressive moves should always be rated by risk vs reward. With a young defense- making an identity for itself, I can live with it.

  5. BucFanForever Says:

    Jrock, I agree.

    Sites that my usage begins to dwindle.

  6. bucsfan13 Says:

    I was thinking the same thing about the damn clock to read more thing!

  7. bucsfan13 Says:


  8. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Capt. Tim

    thats all well and good when you win, but it also has the potential of losing you a game like vs the jets.

  9. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Joe…not problem with the click….beacause you have to click anyway to read the posts….so this eliminates that process….there is no extra work.

    As for the penalties….most of it is agressive play and I do think the Bucs are a marked team….how about some good sized fines with the money going to charity…..

  10. Keith Says:

    People who complain about an internet click will complain about anything. I just was at NFL.com and clicked all over the place for what I wanted. Happy Thanksgiving Joe.

  11. MikeJ Says:

    Keith, nfl.com is hard to navigate for me.

  12. ClassieFreddieBlassie Says:

    Let me guess, Schiano followed up the above quote with “That’s on me, that’s on the coaches.” Same old rhetoric, same problems. This guy is a tit. Doesn’t he have some thermostats to monitor something?

  13. buccochris Says:

    Some of these calls are crap calls, that are not called on other teams. How about the flag they picked up when Martin got hurt? The defender led with his elbow right into his helmet, they threw a flag, then picked it up! Goldson has no luck, like the perfect hit he laid on a Jets receiver, as the dude was catching the ball in his chest…and they flagged him for hitting a defenseless receiver! Total BS. I also remember several times this year where the other team’s O-line had a handful of one of D-line’s facemask, with no calls…and on big plays that changed momentum. All we want is consistency, call it both ways!

  14. Capt. Tim Says:

    Andrew 1- oh, I agree. It can hurt the team.
    Risk vs reward. – making them afraid to hit someone can hurt us too!
    With All of Godells effeminate rules- it’s almost impossible to hit an offensive player- without being in some kinda violation.
    Do you make it such a big deal- they become hesistant to hit anyone?
    And probably still get a penalty!
    Or, tell them to aggressively attack the ball, and we’ll face the occasional consequences as they come?

    I think Godells NFL is becoming so soft- that Defensive players are playing at a huge disadvantage. All a Wr has to is Squat at moment of impact- and his helmet is at shoulder heigh- bang- helmet to helmet impact!

  15. Jrock Says:

    It’s not a normal thing for your site Joe, the homepage is the only page you need. When I have to “click to read more” it takes me off the home page, away from all the content, and then I have to click back to get back to the content. That is not how your site is designed and not how it’s worked the past several years.

    Not to mention your site takes FOREVER to load unless you use an adblocker… I stopped visiting on mobile devices because of this. I just don’t like the change, your site, my opinion.