The Sacks From Nowhere

November 12th, 2013

Da’Quan Bowers and the Bucs pass rush showed up just at the right time Monday night.

The Bucs have been putrid getting to opposing quarterbacks. Horribly so. Anyone who reads this site more than once a month knows this.

Then, all of a sudden, as if being lifted by the spirit of Warren Sapp himself on the night his number was retired, the Bucs got a pass rush.

At the perfect time.

Just after the two-minute warning, Miami had a first down at their own 23 needing a field goal to tie. In countless other games this season, the Bucs would have found a way to hand the Dolphins a win on a silver platter. But then, here comes William Gholston and Da’Quan Bowers.

Yes, Bowers helped smother Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehill to the turf on the stadium on Dale Mabry Highway. On second-and-a-bus ride, big old Gerald McCoy put Tannehill down on the ground again.

On fourth-and-a-prayer, Tannehill decided to trespass on Revis Island, heaving a throw down the right sideline for Mike Wallace, but the ball was picked by Darrelle Revis.

Ballgame over.

In short, the sacks on consecutive plays amounted to what former Bucs, mainly Steve White, have been screaming for all season: pin your ears back and make a beeline for the quarterback.

There were no stunts, no nothing. Mano y mano, McCoy said after the game.

“Just go,” GMC said his coaches told him before he and his defense took the field for the last time Monday night.

And look at the result! Hello!

There was also inspiration from a buddding superstar on the Bucs roster. Lavonte David, frustrated by seeing way too many wins turn to losses, got into GMC’s face before the first snap after the two-minute warning, telling GMC and the rest of the Bucs defensive line to man up and get make Tannehill eat dirt.

And it resulted in victory.

6 Responses to “The Sacks From Nowhere”

  1. trusomaroff Says:

    GO BUCS!!!!!!! My GF and I flew in from indianapolis to watch this game. Fuck yeah!!!

  2. Jim Says:

    GMac even looked like Sapp on that one sack. I just wish he could get 8-10 a year.

  3. MadMax Says:

    Need to tell them “just go” a whole lot more sheridan/schiano!!

  4. sho-nuff Says:

    really…thats all it took…”just go”….wow

  5. Mr. Patrick Says:

    It’s amazing how the D-Line can actually get sacks when they are running AT the QB instead of dropping away from him. Should have been doing that all year

  6. White Tiger Says:

    There seem to be more columns than commenters…

    …which kinda prefaces my point…

    We – the growing number of fans who actually pay attention, and even the large group of fans who have grown tired of defending this “over-his-head” head coach: This defense required HALF of Miami’s o-line to be back-up’s or retreads – in order to BARELY beat them.

    Schiano’s defense is simply horrible – not the stellar talent – we have arguably the BEST talent on defense any EXPERIENCED head coach or coordinator could ask for!

    No, our problem is that we are strapping these race horses to a manure wagon defense.

    EVEN THEN -with Miami playing with half their line tied behind their backs – we almost watched another late-game collapse unflod!?

    If not for the hurculean effort of Lavonte David and GMC – this one ALMOST got away too!

    Please understand – we understand.

    It’s not working.

    Fire Schiano.