“This Stops Now”

November 12th, 2013

The inspirational speech by Lavonte David to the Bucs defense is being talked about from all corners.

Even Darrelle Revis told Joe it inspired him. In this BSPN postgame audio, Schiano referenced the core of David’s message, “This stops now.”

One Response to ““This Stops Now””

  1. Drew H. Says:

    Damnit…he’s such a likable guy. I really root for Schiano as a person but him and his coaching staff drive me crazy on a week to week basis. Yeah we won, woohoo but we held a team to 2 rushing yards and we BARELY squeaked out the win. This had choke written all over it the minute the 2nd half started up…everyone knew it.

    LD54, leaders win football games and rally the troops…absolutely love that from your young linebacker. This Buccaneers defense is a defensive end and one more cornerback away from being elite….that’s the truth for anyone who’s watched any of these games. That and better play calling….I absolutely hate the 3 man rush, the stunts and the overall use of zone coverage on 3rd down situations.

    Mike Glennon is doing his best too, yes the running game is dominant at times…but you can’t constantly pound the ball on 1st and 2nd down when to no avail, put Glennon in multiple 3rd and long situations and expect the rookie to deliver, any rookie to deliver.

    Enjoyed the win for an hour, now back to reality.