Schiano Resuscitated

November 12th, 2013

Joe’s going to forget for a moment about his flimsy bank account and pretend he’s a member of Team Glazer.

A packed house celebrating Warren Sapp Night just witnessed a thrilling Bucs win, with the crowd on its feet cheering as the Bucs closed out the game with two consecutive sacks and an interception.

Happy times!

Joe suspects Team Glazer is beaming. And Joe also is confident Team Glazer holds out hope that Greg Schiano can right their ship and see the Bucs through to a winning second half of the 2013 season. A loss tonight after leading 15-0, well, Joe would have been shoveling dirt on Schiano’s chances and suspecting Team Glazer would go coach shopping (if they haven’t already.)

Joe believes Team Glazer will choose optimism when it comes to Schiano, if the head coach gives them that chance, aka playing winning football down the stretch. Team Glazer knows it’s not easy to pick a good head coach, and if they’ve got a team on the rise playing hard for their leader, that might be enough to keep the house in tact.

Again, this is Joe attempting to think like a Glazer. The Bucs remain 1-8, but it’s only a perception game from here forward. Can Schiano win games and make the Glazers think twice about giving him the boot? Bucs fans should have their answer in less than a month.

9 Responses to “Schiano Resuscitated”

  1. Mohak T Says:

    Schiano would win 8 straight and finish the season 8-8 missing the playoffs. He would be fired a month after the season. – thinking like a Glazer.

  2. Cali Buc Fan Says:

    Remaining schedule.


    Best chances for wins are Bills and Rams. Saints, maybe, if they rest their starters for the playoffs.

  3. IdahoBucsfan Says:

    Keep the coach, he is building a long term winner here,.. that takes time, and we have had to deal with some unusual circumstances! GO BUCS!

  4. oldfart44 Says:

    Unusual circumstances which he helped foster. He made his bed; let him sleep in it. Totally incompetent, inflexible, stupid, arrogant, intolerant, ignorant, socially inept. Jesus, I can’t wait until they fire this clown. The team would be better off if he was kept up in the press box, or Freeman’s suite.

  5. Jbeachbuc Says:

    Our best chance going forward was with Mike James , he is gone now. I don’t think we will win again unfortunately

  6. Celly Says:

    Falcons, Bills, Rams, Saints*

    Those are the only possible wins i can see coming forth….

    …but then again, like the Jags showed, Any Given Sunday.

  7. Yossarian Says:

    Schiano and his coordinators have to go. The stunts were insane as Tannehill was picking apart the secondary. There was no pressure on the QB. And that awful play call on 3rd and 1 (after Rainey had been running pretty well that drive) was inexcusable. The Bucs were near mid-field. A first down, all but ends the game. Worst case scenario, the Bucs run, get stuffed and the clock keeps running or Miami burns one of its 3 timeouts. Instead, the Bucs call a pass out of the shotgun. And Glennon rolls to his LEFT. He eventually went OUT OF BOUNDS! The clock stops. Nothing about the play call made sense. Maybe a draw out of the shotgun. Maybe a quick RB screen, but it made no sense to call for a longer drawn out play, and somehow no one was open. Glennon played ok, but 2 games in a row, he has shown an acute lack of field awareness at the end of a game. He didn’t turn upfield against the Seahawks, when he had a legitimate shot at a first down. And he runs out of bounds, to stop the clock against the Fins. Maybe it’s just me, but I also think he slides way too early. He needs to have a better feel for where the 1st down marker is and aim for that with his slide. Several times, he has taken a slide and come up 3 or so yards short.

  8. White Tiger Says:

    Again – another column – after a WIN no less – with only 7 replies/comments…

    No need to keep spinning guys – it’s over.

    We know the defensive talent is stellar – we also know that the defensive strategy SUCKS. It took us playing a team with no starters on the QB’s blind side – in order for this defense to look good.

    Every week we see racehorse talent, strapped to a manure wagon defense.

    Don’t know if you noticed, we aren’t ecstatic, we’re relieved. We almost watched another late-game collapse – and the only thing that saved us is the great effort of a STUD defense, and some desperately added sacks – this is NOT the Rutgers defense – this was the DAWGS being let-loose NFL defense style because the coaches were afraid that staying with their program might cost them their jobs.

    We played a team with no running game, and half an offensive line (the QB’s BLIND SIDE no less), and it required us coming back from a BLOWN 15 point lead in order to win by 3 points.

    Calling it any differently is a stretch.

    How many, no running game, half-offensive line’s do you think our beloved Bucs will face the remainder of this horrendous year, or into next?

    Schiano has simply got to go.

  9. White Tiger Says:

    After reviewing the schedule – the ONLY potential win that I can see a Schiano-coached Buccaneer team make the remainder of this season is Buffalo.

    …and only because they’ve had it even tougher at the WR and QB position this season.