One-On-One With Greg Schiano

November 19th, 2013

Perpetually upbeat good guy Rock Riley of Bright House Sports Network landed a one-on-one interview with Bucs commander Greg Schiano for a very candid sitdown. Among the topics discussed are who exactly runs the defense, the future of quarterback Mike Glennon, how Schiano has changed as a coach in his days in Tampa Bay and how he has learned to cope with the unhealthy lifestyle of an NFL head honcho. Oh, and Schiano lauds the work of Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik.

25 Responses to “One-On-One With Greg Schiano”

  1. mike Says:

    Man, beating 2 of the 2 wort teams in the nfl has turned this 8-18 coach into a very likeable guy who maybe around. I have a bad feeling that 12 months from now, the billboards will be back up.

  2. Curmudgeon Says:


  3. Walter Says:

    Just give him these last 6 games to see if he can get this team headed in the right direction. Personally, he has to go 6-2, 5-3 at the very least in these last 8 games to keep his job. So far he’s 2-0, so he’s off to a good start.

  4. ugrayyed Says:

    @Mike, I was thinking the same thing. He had 4 chances earlier in the season to beat bad football teams… He finally figured out how – after one and a half years in the pros.

    Now lets see how he faces an average Detroit team. I dont think this guy guy will be able to handle the adversity if our damaged secondary gets sliced up.. He’ll go back into his tantrums and cussing out his assistants like always..

    Im not buying the whole turnaround act… So after 13-15 of being a dichead coach, he finally sees the light?? Get the F outta here..

  5. RCS Says:

    They showed last night how Ron Rivera started out as 9-19 with Car too. And now look the owner was patient and it paid off. Everyone wants to change coaches every 2 years and they wonder why the team never improves.

  6. Phillip Says:

    This is why they should have canned him at 0-8..IDC if Wanny/Butch started to win like are now they wouldn’t have stuck with him with all of Schianos butt buddies.. We suck so bad we can’t even suck at the right time of the season.. We are “playing hard” for a coach that shouldn’t be a head coach in the SEC let alone the NFL.. Takes him all of last season and this season to realize D-Line stunts only work if you have more athletic type pass rushers not the all reconstructive knee Defensive Ends and people are excited about this bum after two wins over a team whose controversy was worse than ours and a team that CLEARLY QUIT and are smart enough to be playing for Matthews/Lewan or Clowney?

    Joe don’t take this the wrong way but every time you put your touch on a player or team(leaky sleepy Freeman, Stinkin Panthers, Dixie Chicks, whatever you call Peter King, One of 3 QB’s Shaun King, Beagles, BSPN, Crows, etc.) I literally stop reading your articles now and skip to the quote and read your end piece because its become dull and annoying(maybe not say it every time?) Idk if anyone else will agree with me on that but figured I would tell you my opinion.

  7. Pyrda Says:

    I Still dont like the Defensive Coordinator

  8. adamant Says:

    Bunch of negative Nancy’s on this board. Grow a pair men.

  9. DCBUCSFAN Says:

    It’s amazing what 2 wins will do!

  10. Joe Says:

    Joe don’t take this the wrong way but every time you put your touch on a player or team(leaky sleepy Freeman, Stinkin Panthers, Dixie Chicks, whatever you call Peter King, One of 3 QB’s Shaun King, Beagles, BSPN, Crows, etc.) I literally stop reading your articles now and skip to the quote and read your end piece because its become dull and annoying(maybe not say it every time?) Idk if anyone else will agree with me on that but figured I would tell you my opinion.

    Joe didn’t get to where he is by writing AP style, sorry.

    Joe firmly believes you don’t fix what’s not broke. But Joe appreciates your feedback and most of all, your support.

  11. Jonny 2.3 Says:

    The problem is Sheridan more than Schiano for the underachieving defense imo. No doubt Schiano is a horrible game day coach, but still if the players are put in right spots by coordinators, it can mask his deficiencies. Despite Schiano being an extremely systematic guy like Belicheck and Saban, his coordinators may be responsible for his demise in NFL.

  12. mvermulm Says:

    RCS, very good point. Panther fans wanted Rivera fired just six weeks ago. Wins are all that matters, and if the team buys in and executes, this team can win some games.

  13. mvermulm Says:

    Jonny 2.3, I think there is a good amount of change in the coaching staff this offseason. Sully and Sheridan were not Schiano’s first choices, McNulty and Davis were. Arizona would not allow McNulty to interview for the OC job, so he was hired as a QB coach who doesn’t teach mechanics once his contract ended, and we all know the Butch story. Both are on the staff now, and I would not be surprised if both coordinators are fired, the last year of Butch’s UNC contract is bought out (I believe it’s only like $300k), and McNulty is promoted to OC. Not the best way to go about it all, but in business sometimes there are no alternatives.

  14. Buc1987 Says:

    Firing a coach after 1 season and a 1/2 tells the next coach what exactly? He has less than 2 years to make the team winners? That’s a horrible approach and I don’t know of ANY coach that would bite on the idea of wanting to be put in that situation.

    I understand the fan’s frustration, because I am one. But honestly take a step back and look at the big picture. Perhaps that’s what the Glazers did. It would be absolute foolishness to get rid of a HC after and season and a 1/2. Some might say even after 2 seasons is foolishness. Not ONE coach is going to want to coach this team next season or the one after that, if he’s only given 2 years to turn things around.

    I know, I know…I’ve heard it all before. This team is built to win now. Who says that? The fans? Well perhaps we are wrong because 90% of analysts said prior to the season the team will go 5-11 and 6-10. Many fans read those predictions, shook their head and dismissed them.

    Even Joe predicted an 8-8 season.

  15. ander Says:

    this season has been hard, schiano and freeman most of all deserve the blame for it because freeman played terrible the first three games and decided to be a distraction for this team for whatever reason, also schiano has done alot of mistakes but i guess thats part of learning the job in the nfl. the game against detroit is big in my eyes cause if this team wins against the lions in detroit that would definetly mean he is more likely to keep the job.

  16. Underdog_Lefty Says:

    I have believed since day one of the Schiano era that it would take 3 years for him to change the culture, put in his system, flush out those who don’t fit the system and then bring in the right kind of players that do. After the “first half” of the 3-yr. poeriod (up through the Seattle game), the Bucs record under Schiano was 7-17.

    Now they have started the “second half” of that 3-year period with 2 wins in a row. Were there some games they shoulda/coulda won? Sure, but there were a few they shoulda/coulda lost too. By the end of the 2014 season all will know if he’s the right man for the job, I still believe that he is.

  17. mvermulm Says:

    Well said, Buc1987. Everyone points out KC changing coaches and winning with the same talent, but they don’t realize that KC also has around 35 new players on their 53-man roster. Not to mention, there is not an Andy Reid out there right now. I believe that, barring a reversion back to the first 8 games, Schiano should be given the chance to continue with his rebuild. This team is obviously behind him more than all the media members would like us to believe, his drafting has been spot-on, Glennon looks pretty good so far, and Schiano seems to be learning from his mistakes (finally, yes). I’ll buy giving him next season to see what happens.

  18. Andrew 1 Says:

    1 thing I never understood with fans is why, in the past and to some extent the present, most fans felt the need to make this guy out to be some kind of villain. is he a saint? No probably not, but I don’t think hes some kind of terrible evil person because just watching the video you can see this guys got his priorities straight. if you got beef with him then judge him by the job he is doing on the field. Terrible person? No, terrible football coach? he might be, but lets see if he can get this thing turned around.

  19. mike Says:

    I think if we give Schiano 1 more year he will lead us to the Valero Alamo Bowl for sure! Patients is key.

  20. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Honestly, I can see why the players play hard for him and say good things about him. However, this is the NFL and the bottom line is wins

  21. oldfart44 Says:

    What exactly is his system? Players to fit it? This is not kindergarten. His job depends on winning not being a psychiatrist, or social worker. I assume he can read, so maybe he should do some reading on sports psychology in dealing with “those who do not fit his liking/system/whatever”.

    I don’t think he listens to anybody, otherwise we would not have had all the problems locally and nationally. He has some experienced NFL people on his staff. Did he ever consult with them?

    As to people wanting to coach for this team, I don’t think that if they let him go after 2 years that it will scare people off. Anybody can see the potential on this team if it is used properly.

    I would start with a new GM who is experienced and has credibility, and there are a lot of them around. Would Bill Polian be interested? He is proven. I’m sure if he was in charge that he has enough connections to hire somebody who is experience and does not have a chip on his shoulder to prove how tough he is.

    Schiano is still an asshole.

  22. Nic Says:

    My biggest fear is that the ownership would actually make a move based on the commentary of some of our fans. Schiano should get one more year. Hell, Raheem got three.

  23. oldfart44 Says:

    I don’t think these owners care what the fans think. The empty seats should tell them something.

    Getting back to nobody wanting to coach in Tampa, I don’t agree with that because there are people who love a challenge. I wish Chip Kelly had not changed his mind.

    The only thing I sympathize with re: Schiano is that they took too long to hire a HC. Two things; by then the capable coordinators were already hired, and secondly what does he offer that might attract them.

    Looking at 2014, I’m wondering if some of the present players may want out for whatever reason. Secondly, I think the team is going to have to start looking at some younger offensive linemen.

    Does the team have the money to hang on to everybody? I wish I knew whose contracts are up for renewal.

    Merry Xmas

  24. Brian Jones Says:

    That is a football coach – believe it or not. And he will be our coach going forward and I look forward to seeing our continued progress. Yes losing sucks and there may have been things that could have been handled differently and quicker – but the family is now together Buc fans.

  25. Brian Jones Says:

    Well said @mvermulm #Buc1987 and @Andrew 1.

    @Nick – no need to fear that. The Glazers are not going to let fans determine who gets fired and when. Schiano is their man – and I guarantee he was re assured that in their meeting a couple weeks ago. The poor man has been beat down. Ever since he walked out of that meeting – he been been more loose and positive. The embarrassing chants of Fire Schiano and the vulgarity towards the man definitely brought him down, but you know what, it also brought the organization closer.