“Guys Were Hurt,” Mentally And Physically

November 4th, 2013

Longtime beat writer Rick Stroud was one of a few local media types in the devasted Bucs locker room yesterday, following Tampa Bay’s historic choke job in Seattle. This morning he called in to WDAE-AM 620 and described the postgame scene.

“I’ve never seen a more frustrated football team in all the years that I’ve covered the Bucs,” Stroud said, who explained how “those guys were hurt,” beat up mentally and physically. Stroud also describes a new look for Greg Schiano, one of a beaten man.

It’s a solid interview. Enjoy it below.

11 Responses to ““Guys Were Hurt,” Mentally And Physically”

  1. MadMax Says:

    I give up…..I swore we were going to win this one, get to a 21-0 lead…and I knew not to get my hopes up too much because of our 2nd half history!! And then the inevitable occurred!

    That was the 1 game I wanted us to win if we were only going to win 1 this year. Now it looks like 0-16 is very likely. Losing like that not only defeats you, it pounds defeat all into you…..what a crappy feeling. I feel for some of those players too who were really playing their butts off!

  2. Couch Fan Says:

    Once the announcer said the seahawks biggest comeback win was 20 points, I knew it was fate that they would come back to beat us. It never fails, somebody always does something against us they’ve never done before. The announcer said it repeatedly, almost as if he was expecting it to happen to.

  3. 1jwbucs Says:

    MadMax… I feel for all of those players, and I firmly believe Schiano is getting Out coached. Who else would squander 42 seconds at the end of the first half… The Bucs were pounding the ball, running it down the Seahawk’s throats and this coach chooses to run out the clock… Huge mistake… You’ve got 37 seconds to run three plays and maybe you break one for touch down or you move into great field goal range. Kick the field goal and score three more points and the remaining game scenario changes and Seattle fails to tie the game in the fourth quarter.

    I give up too… I just hate for these dedicated young players to play their guts out and coaching fails them outright! Sucks!

  4. NY Buc Says:

    The article should also include “fans were hurt mentally and physically” after consuming large quantities of alcohol to numb the pain of being up that much to still find a way to lose the game.

  5. bucfanjeff Says:

    We’ve been getting out-coached in games all year, in particular the 2nd half.

  6. BirdDoggers Says:

    This game might be the one that makes the locker room start to turn on Schiano. It’s a tough loss and the losing has to be wearing on the players. They might have enough left in the tank to play hard in front of a national audience on Monday night, but that might be about it. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some players start to check out. I hope it doesn’t happen, but the season is at that point where it could.

  7. RCH Says:

    @couch fan Bingo!

  8. Mr. Patrick Says:

    The game was all about adjustments. The Seahawks made theirs, the Bucs did not

  9. zam Says:

    The Bucs coaches are just not smart enough to coach at a professional level.

    The problem is that now every player on that team dreads coming into work. Have to get rid of Schiano now and not wait till the end of the season, because we can’t have all those players with that awful taste for an entire off-season.

    I’d rather go 1-15 or 2-14 and get the second pick of the draft, rather than have an 0-16 season. That stains a franchise for years.

    They should have fired Schiano after the Carolina game. That performance was inexcusable and it was perfect timing because of the long week. Wake up Glazers.

  10. Bobby Says:

    @Mr. Patrick

    Really? That’s interesting. What would you have told the players to differently if you’ve just scored 21 points in the first half? I think defensively they made the adjustment to kick the ball away from Tate but that didn’t work too well when Koenen kicked one out of bounds that got spotted at the 40. As far as Seattle..what did they do differently? I didn’t see them change their game plan. They ran the ball and Wilson made some amazing throws while on the run. Hard to defend that. Our DE’s lost contain for the second week in a row but I’m sure that’s not because they weren’t coached to keep Wilson in the pocket. Did you predict the Bucs to win or to even come close? If not then I think you should give the players and coaches credit for taking the Seahawks to overtime at their house.

    Should we have won? No. They are a better team in every way. They are 7-1 and we played them at their house where they won 11 straight prior to playing us. Nobody had this game picked to be remotely close. Could we have won? Of course. We were in position to win but great teams find a way to win over bad teams and we are a bad team. Coaching is part of it, sure but it amazes me that fans like yourself who thought we were going to get blown out now blame the coaches for a three point loss in overtime instead of giving them credit for having a great game plan to stay in the game the entire 4 quarters.

  11. BucFan 20 Says:

    Sorry but the jump pass had me laughing like hell . Eveything was going great. Until I rembered we have a defense that likes to give up about 31 points. Then came the first easy 7. Sapp use to say give us 17pts we will win. This offense says if can put up 32 we way win.