“You’re No Good”

October 25th, 2013

Former Bucs offensive lineman and current WDAE-AM 620 morning personality Ian Beckles watched the Bucs’ loss to the Stinking Panthers twice. Once last night, live, and again this morning. The second viewing apparently turned Beckles’ stomach.

In his opening monologue today, Beckles let it all hang out and called out both coaches by name and players by name who are stinking the joint up.

In short, Beckles said he cannot watch another Bucs game so long as Bucs commander Greg Schiano, Beckles’ neighbor, is stomping the sidelines at the Stadium on Dale Mabry Highway.

Here Beckles’ words by clicking the little arrow below.

24 Responses to ““You’re No Good””

  1. pewterpirate99 Says:

    DAMN!!! I almost completely agree with Ian, I DON’T think Josh Freeman is better than Mike Glennon. I think they are BOTH back up qb’s. I think Josh is a mentally weak and for his size( especially the size the he use to be) is very soft as a player. Mike is EXTREMELLY frail and has to put on some muscle weight on quick. Other than that I love what Ian said, especially calling specific people by name. He should of added Bill Sheridan in there as well. That guy is a pompous, arrogant, douche bag who by the way your defensive play calling skills SUCK!!!!!

  2. mike norris Says:

    Schiano must go BUT guys are responsible 4 last nites loss. players are responsible for the dumb penaties all year.If you are gtting paid then block tackle and catch! Bowers and daniel t can not start in the nfl. eric paige can not play in the nfl, nor can larsen. Vjax has to stop dropping the ball. Barron, clayborn and banks have to play alot better.

  3. buc4lyfe Says:

    arrogant idiot….should have kept josh freeman because aleast you could have kept blaming him for how bad of a coach you are….it’s amazing how the offense has changed since freeman left hey glennon complete a pass over 20 yards oh my bad, sullivan is calling the plays….where is this glennon mob that thought the rookie would solve all our problems? our offense is worse dont give me that doug martin hurt crap for an excuse because josh freeman had a beat up cadillac, ernest graham, mossis madu, kregg lumpkin, whatever that garbage we had from new york giants…..we went 10-6 with mike williams as our only good receiver. FREEMAN IS BETTER MAYBE NOT IN THE LONGTERM BUT IN THE SHORT TERM THEY COULD HAVE ADJUSTED THE SCHEME FOR HIM….I DONT THINK I’VE EVER SEEN FREEMAN THROW A BALL OUT OF BOUNCE ON 4TH DOWN, HE’S GREAT AT THROWING PICKS SO ATLEAST SOMEONE WOULD HAVE HAD A CHANCE TO CATCH THE BALL

  4. Buc1987 Says:

    Throwing the ball out of the back of the end zone on 4th down was the cherry on top of the sh!t sundae the team was feeding us last night. I really do believe they are tanking it now and not just because of that either. I saw too many things in that game that tells me they are tanking the season now. I’m not going to go into it though, because why bother.

  5. passthebuc Says:

    Someone should tell Ian to stop sugar coating his analysis.

  6. griano.grundgy.gruden Says:

    i thought that too, buc 1987. at least throw it at someone, good god.

  7. Harry Says:

    Regardless of what you think of Beckles take, it made me look up some stats, and OMG are they telling…

    Joe, why are you constantly putting McCoy in such a good light? I was shocked to see his stats are almost identical to Akeem Spence’s. The Bucs 4th rd pk ROOKIE, Spence has 11 tackles and 1 sack; McCoy, our ALL PRO & “TEAM LEADER” has ONLY 12 tackles and 2 sacks. Don’t get me wrong, I love McCoy; I know he gets double teamed, yada- yada. But to only be equal to a 4th rd ROOKIE, is that reasonable?

    But Gerald, ur like the kinda homely girl hanging out with the ugly fat girl – YOU LOOK GOOD compared to Bowers. Does he play at all? Remember Spences #’s? Well the Bucs 2nd rd “STEAL” in 2011, DeQuan Bowers has a wondrous 4 tackles – THATS IT. What was it we were sold? Bowers was projected to be a top 5, or top 10 draft pick? And he has a THIRD of the tackles a ROOKIE has who’s job description is simply to “clog the middle”.

    OMG, this is so depressing. Is this really bad coaching, or really bad talent??? I think I could live with the bad coaching; we can fix that as soon as next season. But if it is bad talent, Mr. “Rock Star”, the Bucs are in deep s*&t for YEARS to come.

  8. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    This just in: Freeman still sucks.

    Let’s remove the entire trifecta this season, Schiano and Dominick next.

  9. Harry Says:

    @Buc4lyfe: the “Glennon mob is hanging with the “Freemanites” – they are unavailable to address your concerns for the time being. In fact, you might not hear from them for the rest of the year, as they were driving up to Minn. they hit a bump in the road and now have a concussion. Not sure when either group will come out of the closet again… lol

  10. mpmalloy Says:

    Lol…that was pretty awesome and needed to be said.

    I went to sleep around 9pm after the first quarter
    and was happy as hell in the morning that I didn’t
    stay up and watch.

    If you want to know the truth follow the money.

  11. Harry Says:

    I did not address Adrian Clayborn stats because his were decent. Then I thought, they are better than that, especially on a relative basis. AC has 27 tackles, and 3 sacks. You could combine the stats of the other 3 all together and AC is either equal to, or better then they are. 3 sacks at this stage will equal maybe 7 for the season, still, relatively speaking, he is doing better than the others.

  12. Couch Fan Says:


    Keep huggin on Free’s sack there Buc4lyfe… You are the only one who thinks your stupidity is intelligent. LMAO @ Freeman is better

  13. Bobby M. Says:

    Beckles is dead on in that we are underachieving for the “talent” we have. McCoy however is the real deal which is telling to how bad Clayborn and Bowers and everyone else is. McCoy creates 1 to 1 match ups for the DE’s and they simply are not beating their men…..PERIOD. McCoy is not supposed to technically get a ton of sacks, he’s being double teamed on every play. I dont think any of these players are motivated which can be a signal that they are overpaid from a signing bonus standpoint or not coached well. TELL ME HOW ADRIAN PETERSON COMES BACK IN 9 MONTHS TO PLAY LIGHTS OUT YET CLAYBORN, REVIS, JOSEPH, NICKS, AND BOWERS ALL CANT GET IT GOING???


    In my opinion, ownership has already committed to a losing season by removing the “black outs”. They have no reason to change coaches as continued losses only ensure a better draft pick which then makes the team that much more attractive to a NEW COACH/GM. They have talent on the roster to either keep or trade for picks, low expectations and a new coach will bring new EXCITEMENT BACK ONCE AGAIN. The key is letting Dominick go with Schiano at the year end. OF COURSE THEY COULD RALLY AT THE END WHICH IS WHAT I BELIEVE THEY ARE HOPING FOR WITH GLENNON AND SUDDENLY ITS BRIGHT FUTURES AHEAD……DOUBTFUL BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE.

  14. bucrightoff Says:

    Someone needs to remind buc4lyfe that Josh Freeman can’t hit the side of a barn right now. Well he can, its just not the barn he was trying for, its the one 10 miles down the road.

  15. Chef Paul Says:

    Mr. Beckles. You sir, just won my heart. And when you have my heart, you have for life. Except the Freeman thing, I’m afraid I just can’t give you that one. I was bitching about the dump offs in the fourth quarter so much my dog ran out of the room. Hell he threw so many times to a guy behind the LOS. What the hell is that?

    I also noticed not many guys ran out of bounds in the fourth either. These guys quit and mailed it in. They just wanted the day over with. There’s your reason to fire dick head mid season. They quit on him.

  16. Morgan Says:

    Beckles speaks as if he and his time on the Bucs were filled with Division Championshps and Super Bowls. His teams stunk things up pretty royally – I was there to witness it.

  17. chickster Says:

    I’ve been a buc fan forever but I would not buy a ticket now or even if it was free the owners better take note because I have never said that before they are doing the team a disservice not letting this guy go and I for one and done watching it

  18. sho-nuff Says:

    harry there is a click of “journalists” that if you break bread with you get excuses and lobbying…Josh was mud UNTIL he did the golf tournament….catch my drift?

  19. Capt. Tim Says:

    There are still people talking about Freeman??
    That’s like having a flashflood burying you under 20 feet of Sh*t, and lying there, drowning in Sh*t, worrying if you turned the Stove off!

    Misdirected anger.
    Clayborn and Bowers are talented. But both are basically 2nd year players, returning from an ACL/Achilles surgery. Inexperienced and injured- forced to play the majority of Snaps/ provide the pass rush, and stop the run. Their backups are Te o nesheim- and a bunch of rookies.

    And, um , you blame the players?

    Not to mention, that great scheme of ours- which frequently has them drop in pass coverage on passing downs!
    Dion Sanders kept trying to explain our scheme last night, and kept laughing.
    And when they are rushing- they do this great “looping” stunt- that effectively takes them out of the play

    IMO- that failure lies at the feet of Schiano/Sheridan\Dom

  20. gotbbucs Says:

    Capt. Tim hit it on the head. I refuse to pass judgement on any of our d-linemen based on the BS the scheme is dictating they do. We are waisting what should be the begining of McCoy’s prime years.

  21. k1ngadroc Says:

    Our d line leaving huge a$$ holes in ouR red zone attempting dumb a$$ stunts instead of just Whoopin the guy in front of you and keeping contain… ALL SCHEMATICS

  22. Wade Says:

    When will you all realize that your obsession with sports celebrities is futile? “The owner of the sports team in my city makes more than the owner of the team in your city” !!! Wake up folks!

  23. MTM Says:

    Beckles is as digusted as the rest of Tampa. The defensive scheme Sheridan runs is horrible that’s why the Giants canned his ass.

  24. mpmalloy Says:

    Quit yer chirping.



    Lol…just kidding…I wanted to type the word ‘chirp’.
    Hilarious that a bunch of fans did show up at 5:20.