Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow

October 15th, 2013

Thanks, in part, to a well-timed, well-placed smearjob on Greg Schiano by the NFLPA, Joe cannot envision Schiano returning to the Bucs in 2014.

Joe didn’t have a drop of alcohol Sunday but woke up Monday morning as if he did. That is how loss after loss after loss after loss feels, and Joe is just a guy watching the games, not playing, not owning the team.

Saturday night, while Joe was trying to watch football and have a few beers, USA Today ran a piece that the NFLPA strongly believes, through its own investigations, that Bucs coach Greg Schiano was the source of the Josh Freeman medical information leaks.

Initially, Joe just shrugged and laughed. “Good luck proving that,” Joe snickered to himself. Joe really believed this news was trivial in nature and nothing more at the time.

Joe changed his mind overnight and woke Sunday believing this news is lethal to Schiano’s term with the Bucs. This is why:

NFL players, by nature, are paranoid. They believe Big Brother is out to get them at all turns. DUI cases in the NFL are, during the offseason, nearly epidemic proportions. What makes driving after a few drinks beyond the range of stupidity into the realm of moronic for NFL players is that they have a free car service at their disposal, 24/7, in which the players, per, get a $200 kickback to use the free service! The service is available any time – even via a smartphone app for Christsakes – NFL players can get a free ride home, no questions asked.

For the most part, they refuse to use it, instead choosing the chance to wrap their cars around a tree, or worse, kill someone. Why? NFL players are convinced the cars are rigged with surveillance devices and by using the car service, are being spied upon. They believe this information will be used against them by a coach, or worse, ammunition against them when contract time rolls around.

This is why Joe believes Schiano is done. If the agency that represents the players’ interests comes out with a statement that points a finger directly at Schiano for leaking Freeman’s information, then Schiano is toast. This allegation could be completely false but you don’t think Bucs players – and players throughout the NFL — now believe Schiano is the culprit given their paranoid nature towards management? You bet.

This was a smear job by the NFLPA, perfectly played, a ploy utilized better than anything people thought the Bucs were doing to Freeman. And it will work, if it hasn’t already.

Let’s say Schiano wins nine games this year. Yeah, that’s difficult to wrap your head around, but Schiano does enough for Team Glazer to say, “You have 2014 to get to the playoffs or back to college you go.” Just what free agent is going to want to play for the Bucs with the image (right or wrong) that if you get in the coach’s bad graces for whatever reason, he will drop your medical information in the lap or inbox of a reporter and that information very well could doom your career, or inhibit a chance of a big contract?

Fat chance of acquiring anyone short of a player desperate to continue collecting a paycheck.

To test Joe’s theory, Sunday Joe spoke with a former Bucs starter who told Joe he not only agreed with Joe’s take, but that Schiano “is toast” in the locker room. That whatever trust he still has with the team is evaporating quickly as the losses mount.

Notice there was a player’s meeting called, in part, to debate the authenticity of the captain’s vote and other players were griping at Schiano’s practice style. This was before the agency that is supposed to look out for the well-being of the players claimed Schiano is giving out people’s medical information.

This is why Joe believes Schiano will not return in 2014. That’s not saying Schiano won’t return (Joe always has to qualify things like this because readers try to read too much between the lines and put words in Joe’s mouth). Joe likes Schiano personally. Joe’s enjoyed working with him and talking to him from time to time off the field when paths have crossed. But Schiano is employed to win games. Period. That’s not happening.

Of course, the more Schiano loses, the more he is paving his own departure no matter what the Bucs locker room thinks about him. It’s the NFL and with a record like Schiano’s, that means “Not For Long” when your double-digit losses grow while your win total is stuck at seven.

No second half touchdown: This nugget is just staggering to Joe. Just how can an NFL team not have a touchdown in the second half through five games? How? That may be the most damning thing about Schiano’s tenure. Forget the Josh Freeman crap. Freeman wrecked Freeman, not Schiano. But to not have one touchdown through five games in the second half shows you are not adjusting anything offensively.

The NFL is like baseball in that players and coaches are constantly making adjustments. Not halftime adjustments, but changes and tweaks to gameplans in the middle of a series. Not being able to score a second half touchdown screams that defenses are adjusting to whatever the Bucs are doing offensively and the Bucs are not making necessary changes, accordingly.

And people raked Raheem Morris over the coals for not being prepared for games when the Bucs were often hammered in the first half before Raheem would adjust. This is the polar opposite with the same result: losses.

Little things: Joe learned long ago the little things that players do become big results. The little things are often tidbits taught by coaches. And no organization short of the United States Navy has more coaches than the Bucs. Yet yesterday, a guy who knows something about winning, Darrelle Revis, said the Bucs are not doing the little things to improve.

How can this be? Team Glazer has employed a platoon of coaches, a College of Coaches, and yet the little things are not being done? What the hell is the point then of employing 85 coaches?

Frustration is building: You could tell from Gerald McCoy’s voice that he has about had it. There may not be a better dude in the locker room than GMC. If he is reaching his frustration limit, then imagine what is going through the rest of the locker room?

Disputed call: Referees nailed the Bucs for a neutral zone infraction at a critical point in the game. Schiano, in his postgame press conference, all but claimed that was not accurate. Um-kay, then.

Joe is just going to throw this out there: How can a team with such a strict disciplinarian of a coach make so many undisciplined plays at the worst possible times? It doesn’t add up.

Missing Mike Williams: Clearly the Bucs missed Mike Williams terribly Sunday. Tiquan Underwood, unemployed from football after the Bucs cut him – and Bucs fans howled for weeks in protest – sure looked rusty yesterday. And after a rough return to the Bucs lineup for Underwood yesterday, Bucs fans screamed that Underwood is worthless.

Make up your minds! Either you wanted Underwood back or you don’t want him on the team? Can’t have both.

Pro Bowlers: Is there a team out there with eight Pro Bowl players that is winless? Joe’s not sure the Giants have eight Pro Bowlers. The Bucs have talent up and down the roster and yet their College of Coaches can’t squeeze an offensive touchdown out of them in the second half, and can’t get a win. And in the past two years, Team Glazer has dropped a quarter of a billion dollars on salaries. And what have they gotten in return for their massive investment? One win in the last 11 games. One win!

Coach Watch 2013: It is difficult to imagine even Schiano’s closest friends aren’t worried for his job. That is why Coach Watch 2013 is in full effect, though Joe really believes Schiano will finish the season, based on Team Glazer history.

Just a thought for those who want Schiano gone right now. Why? What exactly will that accomplish? Oh, it might lead to the Bucs winning an extra meaningless game or two and play themselves out of the Teddy Bridgewater/Jadeveon Clowney sweepstakes. Oh, that’s good!

Around the NFL:

Bears: If their defense improves just a little bit, that team could be an absolute force and push the Packers for the NFC North title. They may anyways.

Packers: This just in: The Packers have a defense this year, a good defense, and this is without stud Clay Matthews who is hurt. A good defense and a little bit of a running game to go along with Aaron Rodgers? Look out!

Bengals: People rag on Andy Dalton constantly. But unlike another top draft choice we all knew about locally, Dalton wins games. Period. It’s all about the “W.” Unless the Bengals tank, no need to make a quarterback change there.

Lions: Don’t close the door on the Lions. Matt Stafford has put up franchise record numbers and the team is tied with the Bears in first place. This could get interesting.

Rams: What in the world? Sam Bradford – who the Rams shamefully and stupidly have never surrounded with receiving talent despite investing a fortune in him – looked like a decent quarterback and beat the Texans. Hello, Gary Kubiak, Greg Schiano welcomes your company on the hot seat. Oh, remember how many Bucs fans screamed for days prior to the draft that the Bucs should select Tavon Austin? Well, the Rams, desperate for receivers, have benched him.

Chiefs: The fact the Chiefs are loaded with talent demonstrates that for all his faults (and there were many) Scott Pioli knew how to judge talent. Pioli’s biggest problem was he couldn’t judge coaching talent. Remember, this is largely the same team that made the playoffs with Matt Cassel as quarterback and Todd Haley as coach. That’s pretty damned impressive.

Stinking Panthers: They throttled Minnesota on the road. If they can do that to a team that made the playoffs last year, imagine what they can do to a team that has yet to score a second half touchdown this season?

Steelers: So the Men of Steel finally got a win this season. Talk about a team with too much talent not to win a game. Like Mike Tomlin said, there are no style points in the NFL. A win is a win.

Denver: Yes, the Broncos are winning. Peyton Manning is lighting up the sky. But it is the regular season. Manning’s kryptonite is largely January football. It is still October.

Seahawks: The juggernaut from the Pacific Northwest continues to roll. It sure seems like Richard Sherman gets a pick every game. Joe laughs when he reads Bucs apologists try to say numbskull Aqib Talib is the best cornerback in the NFL. Joe believes Sherman may have something to say about that.

Patriots: Joe was sick the moment he heard how Belicheat won yesterday.

49ers: Bucs fans, whenever Greg Schiano leaves, remember this name: Greg Roman. Look at the pedigree the 49ers offensive coordinator has. To that point, when was the last time a guy who was an assistant with the Crows sucked as a head coach? Joe can’t think of one offhand.

Cowboys: The Cowboys are winning with a Penn State stud and with Monte Kiffin and Rod Marinelli. Joe wants to throw up.

Non-NFL thoughts
1) That Michigan-Penn State game was fun as hell. Who said the Big Ten is boring? Now the overtime, that was a cluster. But man, what a game and what a finish by the Nittany Lions. An instant classic.

That game reminded Joe of the time Penn State played at Michigan and collapsed in the final minute to lose with four seconds left. It was the lone loss of the season for JoePa and the Lions would later beat Florida State in an overtime thriller in the Orange Bowl.

2) There is no player, short of Famous Jameis, that Joe sets an appointment to be in front of his TV to watch than Johnny Football. The dude is so much fun to watch. Man, if Texas A&M only had a defense, a halfway decent defense, Joe is confident the Aggies would win the national title the way Johnny Football wins games and slings the football around and runs over linebackers.

For some odd reason, whenever Johnny Football runs out of the pocket, Joe hears Hanna-Barbera sound effects in the background.

3) Same as always with the Lightning. Goalie problems now that Ben Bishop is banged up. Maybe, rather than relying/hoping to develop a goalie, as the trade deadline nears Steve Yzerman should just bite the bullet and trade for a reasonably established goalie on a team not bound for the playoffs.

4) Georgia fans have to be beside themselves right now. A promising season is in the toilet due to a major rash of injuries to skill position players, and losing to (cough) Missouri, at home no less. Missouri! Joe really feels for Mark Richt.

5) Maybe Joe hasn’t seen enough of Oregon (with many of the Ducks games hidden on the PAC-12 Network) but Ducks quarterback Marcus Mariota seems to be more of a runner than a thrower. In the NFL, if you can’t throw, you are SOL (why, hello Tim Tebow!). Joe would take Johnny Football and/or Jameis Winston over Mariota, unless Joe is overwhelmed with Mariota’s arm, which he is not (yet).

6) Joe cannot take credit for this, but it came from former Bucs great running back Warrick Dunn, who Twittered Oklahoma might have lost on purpose to Texas Saturday in an effort to save Mack Brown’s job, that it was some major, well-thought out, well-planned, serious long-term trolling there.

7) If somehow Jameis Winston beats Clemson on the road, beats undefeated Miami (Canes are back?) and later Florida on the road, there is no question he should be in the conversation for Heisman Trophy just like Manziel and Mariota. That’s a helluva set of hurdles, though.

8) As of this writing, the Cardinals lead the Dodgers 2-0 in the NLCS. Joe is not resting easy, however. No team has choked away more big leads in a playoff series than the Cardinals. Joe has seen enough 3-1 series leads vanish.

9) People talk about how the Rays develop pitchers, but what about the Cardinals? That team is filthy with young pitchers. They have two rookies in their rotation, a second-year guy in the rotation, two rookies playing significant relief roles, and a second-year pitcher as closer. And that team is two wins from a World Series. That is insane.

10) How huge is the Cubs-Cardinals rivalry in the Midwest? Major. Florida-Florida State major. Joe was back in the land of cornfields recently and went to a Circuit Clerk’s office to get a copy of his birth certificate. The office was adorned with Cardinals regalia and a couple in front of Joe appeared to be obtaining a marriage license. Among the questions was birthplace. When the clerk asked the groom-to-be his birthplace, he replied, “Chicago.”

The clerk’s face dropped open; she quickly turned away from her computer, faced the gentleman and asked in a hushed tone, “You are not a Cubs fan, are you?”

45 Responses to “Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow”

  1. Sledge Says:

    Crows OC that sucked as a coach = Marty Morningweg. But your premise is correct that there have been lots of good ones.

  2. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    Joe, good article. I like the YTT weekly takes. Don’t always agree on all topics, but I enjoy reading different points of view.

  3. Splengo Says:

    Make it easy on yourself. Don’t be distracted by the side issues. Just count wins and losses. The ultimate decision factor!

  4. Capt. Tim Says:

    This team thinks Schiano is a scumbag, despite the politically correct press statements.
    The team thinks he would lie about the captains vote? That says Volumes about their opinion of him.
    Of course he leaked Medical Info. He’s a thug. Josh didn’t like Schianos offense- so Shiano tries to punish him.
    I don’t like his P.O.S offense either.
    And having to watch it(recorded, of course), I’m being abused and punished also.
    This guy is pathetic.

  5. Paul Says:

    He needs to go for the team’s performance. All the other media BS is just that. Angry little media men getting panties in a wad because coach doesn’t spill his guts on everything.

  6. Nic Says:

    Completely disagree with the notion that getting rid of Schiano will only ruin the chances of the first overall pick. I’m tired of gearing up for next year, everyone is. Get someone who can do something with the 8 probowlers we have on the roster. The Glazers should have known this was trouble the minute we saw our team become the Scarlet Knights reunion tour. Schiano is like the guy in your fantasy football league who picks all players from his favorite team (nobody likes that guy. nobody.)

    Playing for the first pick has got to be the absolute worst excuse I have ever seen. Enjoy your damn football now and hope for a win every week. Nobody can guarantee they’ll be around for next season, so enjoy the game while you have it.

    Jeez, so much anger over this season over here that I can’t even put it into words. I hate what this management team has done to my football team.

  7. Paul Says:

    Why would he leak that Freeman has ADHD if we’re trying to trade him??? That isn’t rational thinking, just letting hatred do your thinking..

  8. Adam L. Says:

    “Is there a team out there with eight Pro Bowl players that is winless?”

    Sounds like the Chiefs… .last year. And look what they did to fix the problem.

  9. Splengo Says:

    My opinion. We should win the first Falcons game (no WRs), and the Bills game (no QBs). Watch the nationally televised MNF game with the Dolphins. Our team is going to be drug through the mud. Everything from the victory charge to MRSA to Freeman is going to be on full blast all pre-game and all night. This game could be pivotal – too much embarrassment for the Glazers to bear.

  10. Adam L. Says:

    “If somehow Jameis Winston beats Clemson on the road, beats undefeated Miami (Canes are back?) and later Florida on the road, there is no question he should be in the conversation for Heisman Trophy…”

    In the conversation? That’s it? How about FLAT OUT WINS THE DAMN THING???

    The conversation’s O-V-E-R if he wins all three of those games as a rookie. That’s the FSU Trifecta right there.

  11. Superfriend Says:

    I didn’t realize we live in North Korea? Guilty before a chance to prove innocent? Glennon is 0-2, in my mind, so is the Team. I doubt anyone inside or outside the team wanted Josh to be late for his own camp, miss a team picture, get fined to not being able to follow simple rules. I doubt that the organization planted MRSA to be able to be distracted. We goto Atlanta next, last spot we won a game, bet if we win it will be about Atlanta’s injuries instead of a win. I’m for watching this QB play, to me that’s what this season has become about.

  12. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Id love greg roman look whats hes done with what they have wr have jist as much offensove talent as sf minus the dynamic qb but with our talent hed actually produce a concrete runnjng game out of us u see all the different run formations he implies whrn they play?? Marry him to a stud d coordinator say a love smith or a butch davis to run our defense … man no zone an its a complete 360 we are ready to win now and we will with proper guidance make it happen glaciers I cant do another year of more then 7 losses

  13. Steven Says:

    Monte Kiffin/Rod Marinelli in 2014

  14. T_Buc40 Says:

    8 pro bowlers? We don’t have 8 pro bowlers. Using your logic, we should get Bret Favre so we’ll have 9 pro bowlers.

  15. biff barker Says:

    Joe, the massive drop off in the #3 WR talent falls solely on Dominick.
    Underwood is just the target of fans rancor.
    Ditto with the TE position.

  16. Superfriend Says:

    @ Capt Tim.

    Do you work for the team or know someone close to the Coach? You type as fact, give us your inside information? If its just your opinion, well then I can say I seriously doubt Schanio fixed the captain vote and I have yet to read or hear one player question it, not one….even off the record.

  17. Eric Says:

    The six points in the second half of five NFL games is appalling.

    Id like to think the guy wouldn’t have linked confidential info, but I am beginning to think he did. And thats not based on a “smear” by the players association but the fact they are calling for a joint investigation with the league and will share the info they already have if they get it.

    Thats not to say Schiano called a member of the press to blab about it, but spoke internally within the orgainization about it and someone else leaked it.

    If you dig into the guy and read what they said about him at Rutgers, which is all available on Google and whatnot, you just scratch your head as to how they hired the guy. He is fitting perfectly with their assessment. Good recruiter, bad coach. Tyrannical. Control freak. Stubborn. Not innovative at all.

    Does the Rock Star not have a computer? His traits were easily knowable before they turned him over the keys to an NFL franchise.

    For that Mr. Dominik needs to be held accountable IMO.

  18. PRBucFan Says:


    Didn’t you know??? He is the mighty Ms.Cleo 2.0!!!!

    He knows all!!!

    LoL just ignore that turd, I don’t even read his posts anymore. Once he has nothing else to add to the convo he’ll start making stuff up that you have said and call you wishy washy.

  19. PRBucFan Says:

    “(Canes are back?)”

    Heck yea Joe!!!

    It should be an exciting game to watch.

  20. Tampabaybuctfan Says:

    @ Lieutenant Tim

    He was accused so therefore he’s guilty!…..

    I’m not saying he didn’t but how can you say he did?

    Schiano’s record is poor enough to get him fired but I think Freeman has much more to gain from the leak than Schiano.
    Afer all, look how it turned out…..”double-dipping”…an extra few million and the team of his choice….poor Josh!!!

  21. PRBucFan Says:

    Careful Now TBBF,

    If you point that out he’ll say that you have claimed Schiano guiltless of anything whatsoever and the savior of this organization..

    LoL SmH

  22. lightningbuc Says:

    Second Mate Tim is the JBF self-appointed version of the Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man”. Unfortunately, he’s not all that interesting as he regurgitates the same Schiano hate day after day. We get it Tim – it’s the Rutgers offense, he spread JFro’s medical records, the players hate him, blah blah blah. Come up with some new schtick!

  23. Kaput Says:

    Nice site, Joe! Living in Miami means I don’t get much in the way of Buccaneer football, and this is my go to site. It’s mostly great, and certainly appreciated.

    Don’t be at all surprised if the NFLPA has the goods on Schiano. Their sources? Players in that locker room that THEY represent. The statement was much to conspicuous for them to have him dead to rights. If he was the guy, he violated HIPPA laws and could actually be subject to criminal prosecution (seriously doubt that would happen, but it could).

    He won the battle against Freeman, but Freeman will make millions more during his NFL career and Schiano is about to be bounced from the league. So who really won?

  24. joseph mamma Says:

    Man another mention of Peyton Manning’s post season play? Hey you would rather have Eli Manning, who is so clutch in the post season, but can’t you there half the time?

  25. Kaput Says:


  26. BucfaninMi Says:

    @joe if you remember in that UM Penn St game in Ann Arbor, early in the 4th quarter Coach Carr argued w/the officials to have 4 seconds put back on the clock. it seemed ridiculous at the time, thats what made him a good coach.

  27. Dooleymite Says:

    Mariotta is a pretty impressive passer Joe, and he’s still progressing, but don’t be fooled by his pure athleticism as it’s more of a bonus to his prowess as a QB than a crutch he leans on playing the position. Of course, the scheme plays a role as well, but I think pretty much everybody on the Oregon Ducks squad is a “runner”. Bryce Petty out of Baylor is another QB on the watch list who, if he does declare, would be a really interesting draft prospect. Being a lifelong FSU football fan, I really can’t wait to see FSU vs. Clemson, as I think Famous Winston gets to showcase game in primetime and stake a claim in the heisman race.

  28. 911bucs Says:

    Many of his statements could make home libel. Fact.

  29. Meh Says:

    And for the third time in 2 days Joe calls for a tank job.

    Let me repeat, if they aren’t doing everything they can to win – and that includes firing a failed coach immediately – then they’re stealing from the fans. It really is that simple.

    Nobody called for a tank job. Just because you’re so sure an interim coach would do be better doesn’t make it so. –Joe

  30. Meh Says:

    Oh that’s just bull Joe. You continue to do it, and I’m going to continue to call you out.

    And yes, it MIGHT get us some wins. That sounds a hell of a lot better than where things stand right now. The point is to try, not let the team rot for the rest of the season with a failed coach who isn’t staying.

    Again, you seem convinced an interim coach will do a better job. Until Joe sees the Bucs quit on the field, then Joe can’t consider that to be fact. –Joe

  31. Meh Says:

    I’m not convinced an interim coach will do a better job. I’m convinced an interim coach has a better chance of doing a better job since this coach has completely failed. I’m also convinced Schiano is doing damage to the team and the community every minute he stays on as coach.

  32. Smitty Says:

    Really liking this new feature, Joe!

  33. Capt. Tim Says:

    Super friend- if you read many other articles published here- one of the top topics of the players only meeting, was questioning if Shiano deliberately miscounted the players votes for Captain!

    As far as those morons talking garbage- they are just butt hurt Zombies- because they are looking so stupid for the clueless comments they were making about Glennon! These idiots were all proclaiming Beaker the messiah.
    Said he would win out, lead team to playoffs, blah blah blah.
    That’s because they know nothing about trolls, and slobberknobbed all of the B.S. Schiano was feeding them.
    A rookie QB, in a bad scheme! Lmao!
    He couldn’t out score the Beagles- with 31ranked Dwfense in league.

    I argued that Neither Freeman or Glennon could win with that scheme! Those poor, simple cretins proclaimed Glennon the Savior of the Season!

    Each passing day- they look stupider and stupider.
    They now are trying to distance themselves from Glennom, gutless style.

    They were wrong. I was right. Of course.
    And the Embarrassment
    level grows!


  34. PRBucFan Says:

    Blah blah blah blah blah

  35. SteveK Says:

    Capt. Tim,

    Blame Dominick, he is the orchestrater of this Clown Convention.

  36. Couch Fan Says:

    If it turns out the leak didnt come from Schiano and did indeed come from Freeman’s camp, will we ever hear that? If that were true then Schiano and the whole Bucs organization would be owed an apology by a whole lot of people…

    Would that ever happen? Or is it always going to be Schianos fault?

  37. Joke Says:

    @Joe, are you trying to misrepresent things here?

    “What makes driving after a few drinks beyond the range of stupidity into the realm of moronic for NFL players is that they have a free car service at their disposal, 24/7, in which the players, per, get a $200 kickback to use the free service!”
    You make it sound like it costs nothing to use, plus they get $200 for using it. That’s wrong. It costs them to use it, it’s just that they get $200 in credits to apply toward the cost.

    “DUI cases in the NFL are, during the offseason, nearly epidemic proportions. What makes driving after a few drinks beyond the range of stupidity into the realm of moronic for NFL players is that they have a free car service at their disposal”
    WTF are you talking about? The article you linked (Sept 2013) says this is a new service taking effect for this season.

    Also, that this new service is provided by the Players’ Association, not the NFL. Are you saying the players think their union is spying on them and handing info back to the teams?

    With a complete misunderstanding of the facts, and no sourcing to your claims of player paranoia, this is worse than garbage.

  38. BucsandDucks Says:

    Yo Joe! I guess you don’t watch a lot of Oregon games. All but 2 have been nationally televised this year and Mariota has 1700 yard passing with 17 TD’s and ZERO INT’s at the half way point thus far. At 6’5″ and a rocket for an arm, you can keep your precious “Football Johnnie”.

  39. Joe Says:

    Yo Joe! I guess you don’t watch a lot of Oregon games.

    Uh, Joe’s pretty sure he wrote that. 🙁

  40. Christopher Says:

    Kindof a goofy take on Underwood…fans wanted him on the team, out of the receivers in camp—they didn’t want him on the team (or in the starting lineup, well, ever) after sitting on the couch for a month. Once again, that’s on Team Schiano. “Major League” throwing offense, & you choose Kevin Ogletree as your all-important 3rd option. Piss poor.

  41. Joe Says:

    With a complete misunderstanding of the facts, and no sourcing to your claims of player paranoia, this is worse than garbage.

    OK Mr. I don’t talk to players or agents or front office people, you educute Joe and his readers why the players didn’t use this service. You’ve got four hours to respond — and you back up your claims with links.

    Joe’s heard why so many times why players don’t use this service, he can’t count. But Joe is supposed to believe some arse who goes by the handle of “Joke?”

    And yes, a “credit,” (ahem) is a kickback.

  42. Joe Says:

    Man another mention of Peyton Manning’s post season play? Hey you would rather have Eli Manning, who is so clutch in the post season, but can’t you there half the time?

    If he means twice as many rings as Peyton Manning, you damned right Joe would.

    It’s all about the rings, baby. 🙂

  43. Capt. Tim Says:

    Joe-“it’s all about the Rings!”
    You, Schianos the Clown, Dom’s the Ringmaster

    You don’t read my post?
    That’s unfortunate. If you did, you wouldn’t look so damn stupid all the time, like Posting repeatedly how an immobile Rookie was gonna be a winner!!
    If you read my post, you’d actually look well informed for once!

  44. Capt. Tim Says:

    Not you! You are absolutely right.
    How long has Dom been rebuilding this 1-11 team?

  45. Joke Says:

    Joke, Joe doesn’t have time for your attacks and details. The service in question has been available for many, many years in various forms. The Forbes article merely offer an update on the latest version of it. Joe’s written about the service previously. Ronde Barber talked about it publicly year ago. It’s no secret. –Joe