“He Surprised Everybody”

October 14th, 2013

Bucs icon Ronde Barber was part of the Bucs-Eagles FOX broadcast team, and in the wrap-up video below, Barber sings the praises of Mike Glennon, saying “he surprised everybody” with his strong play Sunday.

Yes, Glennon did good things, more good than bad. Absolutely. But Joe can’t sit around and rave about the guy yet. He’s got to get more bottom-line results and it’s awfully early.

Bruce Gradkowski (2006) and Josh Freeman (2009) were rookies who became starters in midseason on bad teams. They both opened up 1-1 and looked promising.

Joe’s not trying to be a downer, but Glennon’s got a ways to go in his development. Keep in mind, there’s also game film on him now. NFL defenses have a way of catching up to young quarterbacks.

75 Responses to ““He Surprised Everybody””

  1. bucsdeluge Says:

    Yeah, Joe. Wouldn’t want Shiano’s guy to have success there huhhh? Would kinda mess up your agenda to get the man fired a bit.

    GO BUCS!!!!!

    Joe has no agenda. Joe roots for Glennon on every throw. Joe just can’t go gaga yet for the kid like some of the analysts are. Joe made the point that Gradkowski and Freeman had just as good first two starts and were 1-1 after their first two games. Glennon, hopefully, will have a long future here, with or without Schiano. –Joe

  2. Buc1987 Says:

    Well that’s why he’s in there right? So the Bucs can find out what he’s got to give us. I for one like rooting for the kid. The fact that he is only a rookie makes it more exciting for me at this point. It sucks that the team has to hang their hope on a rookie QB, but that’s Dom’s and or Freeman’s fault. I look forward to watching him develop this season.

  3. Couch Fan Says:

    The rook looked good. I was impressed and I look forward to seeing what more he can do.

  4. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    I didn’t like his mistakes on Sunday, but, who didn’t expect some? Of course he’s going to take some sacks and through some picks.

    But I definitely like most of what I saw though. I saw a guy finding the tight end 3rd receiver for 10 catches for a second game in a row. Not perfect but, promising. He even ran for a first.

    And if he is the hard worker they say, I expect him to improve throughout the season.

    There was plenty to make your blood boil from an o-line that should pay some money back, to the DBs to coaching and more.

    Also, I really like Clayborn’s game.

  5. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    *throw* some picks

  6. Doc Says:

    Defense coordinators, in the N.F.L. are very smart and i think, what they will do is just blitz until the Buc’s start running screens and other passes in the flats. I think he can not read the defense because they are disguised so good. The Eagles are a very bad defense,s team,and they simple put player’s in positions to play to their talent the Buc’s do not. Coach Shiano, do not make adjustment for the second half because he states it is working why mess with it. Glennon must throw the ball deep to be have any success in the South Division, then the underneath passes will be open. The Falcons will blitz him from the corners and up the middle and make him make a decision with the ball.

  7. Pewter Power Says:

    Glennon is doing things in his second game that Freeman after 5 years could never do (i.e. looking at all receivers, spreading the ball around, acting like a leader, not pouting after every series that didn’t go his way, etc).

  8. blackmagic00 Says:

    With a high draft pick, I would assume we go qb. Glennon is cool ,but seems like a backup to me. So…….what do you guys think?

  9. lightningbuc Says:

    It’s kind of become the Theater of the Absurd here on JBF. First, Schiano is pilloried for saying he cares more than a typical Joe Bucs Fan. Now, Ronde says “he surprised everybody”, and Joe would have you believe Ronde proclaimed him the next B.rady.

  10. Architek Says:

    Freeman never did what this kid can and his tool box is a lot better. Accuracy for one and making reads all don’t fit in his tool box. How can you not root for the kid?

  11. Tampabaybuctfan Says:

    Glennon progressed in his second game while many other players regressed….yes defenses will see and adjust..but so will Glennon learn…I’m encouraged at what I see and 11 more NFL starts should be enough to tell us if he is ready for next year.
    I know this already…we have a capable young cheap backup !QB and thats the least we have.

  12. Mr. Patrick Says:

    At least Glennon can hit what he throws at. We haven’t had that here in quite some time. I also like his poise

  13. mark2001 Says:

    The poise is good, but if the O line doesn’t stiffen up and open some holes for the running game, it won’t be long until he gets “happy feet”.

  14. mark2001 Says:

    His poise is good, but if the O line doesn’t stiffen up and open some holes for the running game, it won’t be long until he gets “happy feet”.

  15. SteveK Says:

    We gotta win a damn game before Glennon can even be considered as our next QB.

    I think he got better from his first start, and hope to see some improvement in him from week to week.

  16. Andrew 1 Says:

    I too have been slightly impressed from what I have seen from Glennon so far. the kid displayed good accuracy and poise. hes got some things to work on, like pocket presence and eluding the rush, but all in all hes hasnt looked that bad so far. lets see if can improve and get better.

  17. Young buc Says:

    Stop ripping freeman he is
    Better than u guys make it
    How come he wasn’t allowed
    To pass on first down or throw
    For the win with the game on the line
    F$ck u schiano

  18. PRBucFan Says:

    He woulda put up even more points without a screwed route and a couple holding penalties.

    He looks good, I’m excited to see how he progresses.

    If he doesn’t end up being the guy atleast we’ll have a good bit to go off of before the off season.

  19. PRBucFan Says:

    Cause he didn’t deserve to. 😉

  20. chickster Says:

    Free is an athlete Glennen is not his upperbody strength is a concern I see him being a fumbler and his arm seems to get hit a lot only time will tell

  21. Me First Says:

    He has been ok.. I need to see better deep ball accuracy

  22. RCS Says:

    Come on Joe…..
    I really don’t get what the “media’s” end game is here? Glennon showed way more progression from his first start to his second than Freeman did from year 1 to year 5 !….
    But why give him credit that Glennon looks like he can actually play… with with a QB that can actually go through his progression a defense can not just key on Jackson, add Williams and Wright and the QB has A LOT of promise….

    a d Young buc…. Schiano was Freemans coach for all of 18 games… Please explain Freemans lack of ability the other 50 plus games…

  23. Buc1987 Says:

    Young buc…Sean Payton of the Saints made a different decision against the Pats on 3rd and 7 with 2:34 left on the clock. He chose to throw the ball instead of running it and running down the clock. Brees did not connect with his WR and today all the analysts were 2nd guessing Payton’s decision to not run the ball. You know run the clock out on 3rd and 5 like Schiano was trying to do against the Saints and then kick the FG putting the Bucs up by 4 with a minute to go and no TO’s left. The FG was no good so it allowed the Saints to play for a FG instead of a TD. Sometimes coaches miss, sometimes they hit. I for one am of the belief that if Lindell made the kick, the Bucs would have won that game.

  24. Pewter Power Says:

    Roll Glennon out.

    He had a few scrambles yesterday that were positive, I think he actually rushed for 20+ yards. Yes, he is no speed demon, but I think he is quicker then what he gets credit for. I would like to see Sullivan mix it up some more and get him out of the pocket with some boot legs, etc. instead of sitting there like a dead duck in the pocket.

    Also, how about bringing in Leonard on some downs, he is great out of the backfield, can pick up the blitz and release into the flat.

    We are 0-5, lets try something new, what do we have to lose, oh thats right, just another game as we have been doing

  25. chickster Says:

    coulda shoulda all that talk comes from a losing team good teams make it happen and screw the penalties they just keep moving on and it doesn’t matter when a coach talks penalties hes a loser cant put it together because its all new to them OC has no rhythm to his calls he is very easy to defend they know whats coming to win any remaining games wont matter one bit each season is different its was done 2 weeks ago if they win half of there remaining games it wont matter for next year nothing will change

  26. chickster Says:

    Im watching Nfl network right now deion sandrers is talking how the bucs are not using revis correctly and he is right they have no clue

  27. PRBucFan Says:

    Don’t be too bitter than Glennon’s showing some promise.

  28. Patrickbucs Says:

    Gotta give the kid a chance, seems like the o-line doesn’t want to help him. He’s good on his short throws but awful on deep ones. Lets see what he does the next few games.

  29. PRBucFan Says:

    I think it was pretty obvious toward the end of the game that Revis wasn’t right. I think they got a scare and decided against putting him in man situations which is why we saw much more zones at the end. Just a thought, could be wrong.

  30. Buc1987 Says:

    I’m looking forward to 2 things in the remaining 11 games. Glennon showing improvement and reading Capt Tim’s insanity posts.

    Capt Tim…You know the guy that says that Schiano is insane because he keeps doing the same things over and over again, then he keeps repeating the same thing on his posts over and over again. Probably will continue to do it for the next 11 weeks as well. That my friends is the definition of insane. Schiano has drove Tim insane and I love it!

  31. chickster Says:

    I have been around from the beginning and have seen all the really bad buc teams and its the same talk over and over nothing will change it until they bring a guy that gets it dungy got it didn’t have to spy on his players your either good enough or your gone and he brought in very good coaches with him so dream on and talk all that looser shit you want but this guy doesn’t have it that’s why you have to pay your dues in this league and it takes a unique type coach to come in from college and make it happen and hes more suited to lead the boy scouts than an nfl

  32. Eric Says:

    Given the circumstances the young man did a nice job.

    Unfortunately we’re in a Division with Brees Ryan and Newton.

    Can he get close to that? I got my doubts.

  33. Rob Says:

    As much as I want to rave about his play, he played a VERY BAD Eagles defense. One who gives up 400 plus yards per game. He wasn’t pressured all that much and threw every deep ball out of bounds. I guess it is something to build on.

  34. Eric Says:

    Last time we had a talented team we brought Chucky in and won it all.

    Let him coach this bunch with Rivers at QB and anybody doubt we’d be contending for the Division next year? Even Glennon would benefit. NC State connection.

    Sure the owners would eat a little crow but that could be smoothed over. People might be able to stomach keeping Rock Star.

    At this point why not give it a shot. Man already lives here.

    Never know till you try.

  35. P'cola Buc Says:

    The kid has more poise than Freeman.
    The kid has more intelligence than Freeman.
    Bottom line the kid has a higher ceiling than Freeman. That being said, fans will not give him more than a year or two tops to develop. We gave Freeman more than 4 years and we are hungry for a top 8 draft pick, better than average QB in the 2014 draft. No trading down for less. This QB position needs to be nailed down completely next year. Our die heart fans deserve nothing less!!!

  36. tnew Says:

    i am shocked at some of the negativity towards Glennon. Understand what this is people. A trial run to see if we have and idea what he is. Wins will be scarce this season. There aren’t many cupcakes on the schedule (don’t look know but the panthers are starting to play better) We might not win 3 this season.

    My question is what do we have. A bad GM, a bad coach, a bad staff, a bad qb a bad team? I just can’t tell right now. Every game a new facet of the game finds a way to step up and lose.

    This game was lost by the interior of the offensive line, be it a bad holding penalty, not protecting or not opening holes and the defensive secondary. He played a very nice game, especially for his second start. The thing I am most excited about is his release time on short passes. I don’t like the big wind up on long passes (needs a qb coach to help on mechanics) but he looks more comfortable in his second start than our other qb looked in week 4.

  37. tnew Says:

    BTW all the haters…anyone notice that Mike Williams was on the bench.

  38. BucsQcCity Says:

    I’d rather have him succeed and have a high pick for our dline or another TE/WR. If we need to draft another QB next year it’ll be a wasted 3rd pick this year and it will suck..

    Remember that Glennon is still playing with average/unproven talents (excludng for VJ of course).

  39. bucrightoff Says:

    Rivers isn’t going to be available. He once again looks like a top 10 QB so why would San Diego trade him?

  40. TAC Says:

    I liked what I saw out of Glennon on Sunday, and that was without Mike Williams. I think he stays for the future, even if the Coach don’t make it because of this floundering Offense as a unit.

    Underwoood looked like he was running in sand all day, and still looking for Freeman type throws.

    Just going to sit back, and watch it play out from here.

    Oh, and Josh Freeman was a bust as the buc QB of the future. Good luck Josh.

  41. Eric Says:

    Do we wanna wait on another rebuild? Waste the opportunity we have with Jackson and Revis?

    Can’t afford to wait for three years for Glennon to develop. Glazers didn’t pay 100 million to Revis for that! And however much they paid for Jackson.

    This thing needs to be fixed with an eye toward making a run next year.

    Who better than Gru? Done it before.

  42. 911bucs Says:

    Gruden would be a wealth of knowledge now that he’s been Monday night football. He seems to have a good grasp of the players and schemes.

  43. Harry Says:

    I agree with you Joe – in addition to the adjustments defensive coaches will make once Glennon is worthy of their scorn. Usually in the second season, right?

    And then, as others have pointed out, do we really want to go down this experimental path again and at this point with all the talent we have and opportunity for getting to the playoffs?

  44. P'cola Buc Says:

    Unfortunately we gave Freeman too much time. We do not want to make the same mistake again. Without a top tier QB draft pick next year we may fall into the same trap again. Even if Freeman would have had a TE to throw to I really think we would not have succeeded. Nail down this QB position and then go for a TE in later round. Too many years watching a hot/cold QB. I say let’s finally nail down this most important position. The heart of the team.

  45. BucsQcCity Says:


    We have talent but I think defense is still looking for cohesion and an identity of their own. I think the ridiculous stunts prevent Clayborn and McCoy (and even Bowers to a certain point) to realize their full potential. LB are shining but can still be better, at least in pass coverage and we haven’t fixed all problems in the secondary. Plus we don’t have any depth at almost any position. Tandy over Black? Based on what I saw last sunday it’s not clear that it’s a very good move.. When I saw in game 5 Means on the field, I was shocked.. He’s a project at best. Joe did some positive reporting on him in 1 on 1 drills in the camp but he didn’t show anything during preseason that justify its presence on gameday yet so it gotta be lack of depth.

    Offense we need a major overhaul, in coaches, schemes and players. Right now this oline doesn’t play nowhere near its supposed quality. We need to make a decision if we still want some damaged players, like Carl Nicks, who basically admitted that its toe will never get healthy again and tolerate the fact that they start to be in football shape a couple games after all the rest because they didn’t practice all preseason. I think that a player who doesn’t practice, even at this level, can’t be as good as the others even if their talent level or physical skills are superior. You don’t improve the team if you’re on the sideline..

    Next year I can see playoff, but I doubt that we can proclaim today we are SB bound. The good news is that Falcons are losing a step too so the conference might be easier next year,

  46. Jeb Buc Says:

    Eric. You okay? You mentioned keeping Rock Star…lol. I thought Glennon was very good, 2nd ever game and threw the ball with good accuracy. I watched the tv copy again and underwood stopped his route on the INT. I’m encouraged.

  47. BigMacAttack Says:

    Eric, I finally agree with you. It’s tough watching Chucky waste away on MNF when our joke of a Headcase Coach sucks so bad.

    I’d love to have Gruden back. We always had a chance to win with Jon. Now we have a 67% chance to lose and getting worse by the week.

    Does anyone here think we will beat the Falcons? And they suck. Not rooting for a loss but trying to be realistic.

    We lose to lousy teams and good teams??? Oh man, we play Seattle and San Fran, Saints again, Miami. I don’t think this Schiano team can beat anybody.

    It’s a sad state of affairs.

    Glennon ain’t bad but how long until Schiano destroys his will too?

  48. Buc1987 Says:

    Eric needs to get out of Gruden fantasyland. He’s not coming back man. I see you repeat this get Gruden back quest repeatedly. It’s not going to happen. I’d like to see it too, it’s just not going to happen.

    Jon Gruden will remain in the ESPN “Monday Night Football” broadcast booth for another five seasons.

    The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Oakland Raiders coach agreed to an exclusive contract with ESPN that begins in September 2012.

    “I said I want to get good at this,” Gruden said while preparing for the prime-time game at the New Jersey Meadowlands between the Dolphins and Jets. “I was serious about this from the day I started it and I am serious about wanting to get good at it.

    “I spent 26 or 27 years in coaching, 18 of them in the NFL. I want to focus on this and get better every day.”

    He’s NOT coming back!

  49. john Says:

    kid goes through his progressions really well, he really has it above the shoulders.
    I think he can be really good. it sucks that we have a below average o-line no 3rd wideout and no proven tight end although the rook from (lets say it all together now) Rutgers is looking good.
    I think Dom might have actually had a good 3 and 4th round pick this year. Eric Stokes had to have a hand in that.

  50. Buc1987 Says:

    I also hear the contract with ESPN is quite lucrative. Gruden is not coming back.

  51. Bucfan4life7 Says:

    I was pretty impressed by Glennon’s play and I am interested to see if Tim Wright can build off this game that way when Mike Williams comes back we will finally have a 3rd option to throw the ball to.

  52. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Let’s also remember that Glennon did not have Mike Williams yesterday either, and the Bucs have no #2 receiver.

  53. Eric Says:

    You never know Buc1987

    How many out there would be pumped to see Gru and Johnny Football team up. I’d be at the stadium for sure. Would be worth the ticket.

    Enough of this amateur hour Wannstedt formula crap.

    Gruden might just jump at the chance to coach the Bucs. I’ve heard him say he would come back to coaching in the right circumstances. he might be enticed with the number one pick plus vjackson and Muscle hamster. Plus McCoy and Revis, etc.

    I like the fantasy land vs. the reality with coach nut job. The reality is too damn sad. I’m sick of watching my Bucs lose.

  54. Jeb Buc Says:

    This same fan base ran Gruden out of town. Media and fans ran Dungy out of town too. That’s a shame and now with still 11 games we do it again…

  55. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    The kid looked descent, with some good coaching-he could be a great prospect. But the state of the organization is looking much worse..smh.

    Time to sell men and Ed Debartolo Jr is right down the proverbial street.

  56. BucsFan68 Says:

    This team was built to win now; it wasn’t supposed to be a trial run with a rookie at QB. Since Schiano said and I quote “Mike Glennon give us the best chance to win. Well, there’s 11 more chances on the schedule and 7-9 or less
    can’t be considered an improvement over 2012 because there is more talent on the roster. So far, Schiano is doing less with more. IF nothing changes, Schiano and Dominik will be gone.

  57. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Please don’t bring up GRU…I’m still pissed that ran our SUPER BOWL WINNING coach out of town. Hard to believe that in 2007 we had one of the lowest payrolls in the league and yet we where 9-7…smh. SOUNDS LIKE GOOD COACHING HUH??

  58. Buc1987 Says:

    Well Eric it’s not a “you never know”situation. Do you expect the Glazers to buy out Gruden’s ESPN contract which is probably around 3-4 million a year or maybe more which would equal to about 20 million dollars or more. Then pay him with a new contract of his own plus pay off Schiano’s guaranteed contract as well? Not going to happen.

  59. Buc1987 Says:

    I never wanted Gruden gone either. There is also no way in hell he deserved to be fired in the first place. You don’t fire a coach that won your team it’s first SB in it’s history. Not ever! Especially after decades of futility. They made a dumb move. Dumb is putting it lightly. I don’t know if it was the media or the fans that drove him out. I hope to hell it was not the fans. Because then that would truly mean that our fan base is full of morons.

  60. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Time to Lick our wounds and be proactive, instead of reactive.

    Vincent Jackson
    Darrell Revis

    Pick up some quality high round picks.

    Dump Dom, Dennis “after second thought -Dexter M. Jackson- was reach Hickey. AND-Bring in some folks that don’t mind drafting a fu#King Offensive lineman, because they’ve done their due diligence and believe in the capability of the prospects and their coaching staff.

  61. Eric Says:


    Gruden has an out clause on his ESPN contract. Glazers wouldn’t have to buy out any contract.

    It’s a long shot. Just sayin it’s worth the effort. Maybe the Glazers are as sick of this rebuilding crap as we are. They got a bunch of money tied up in vets on this team.

    Who does well with vets? Jon Gruden. Heck he’s as good as Andy Reed.

    Who else is out there that’s proven?

  62. Bucfan4life7 Says:

    I also don’t believe in the whole they got film on him when it comes to pocket passers like Glennon. Defense already know what Glennon is going to do which is just sit in the pocket and try to beat you with his arm, it’s not like he is RG3 or Collin Kapernick where you got the read option as a part of your game and using your legs as a weapon to beat defenses.

  63. Buc1987 Says:

    Eric…well even if he has an out clause. It’s still a long shot.

  64. Eric Says:

    Ok I put away the bottle of Jack.

    Have a good night fellow Bucs fans.

  65. Buc1987 Says:

    G’nite Eric. Dream of Gruden at the podium.

  66. Ed Says:

    Glennon sees the field much faster than Freeman. He doesn’t hold on to the ball as long as Josh did. I like his game with a better offensive game plan he could put up decent numbers. This coaching staff will not develop him, hopefully the next regime will.

  67. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I like Eric’s fantasy world of Gruden at the podium versus 1987’s fantasy world of Schiano being a real NFL coach.

  68. Stranger Says:

    Man you guys are still mad at Freeman for whatever reason.

    As for Glennon, he was decent in his second game but hasn’t shown anything to make me not want a QB in the first.

  69. White Tiger Says:

    What you are seeing is what happens when the coach cannibalizes his team. Those that like him, separate from those who don’t.

    Those that do not like him, are growing…

  70. coach80m Says:

    What’s with the talk with Gruden and his dink and dunk offense? Why would he want to return to Tampa Bay? Do you honestly think the Glazers would rehire him? Nothing personal about Glennon because he is between a rock and a hard place due to the idiot coach who made his point of getting rid of Freeman. He is at best a backup. He cannot thrown the deep ball and most of his passes are 10 yards and under. With this coaching staff and the system they run what do you expect? How on earth did the entire offense deteriorate so quickly and so fast? It was an error to get rid of Josh. All he needed was better coaching, especially his throwing mechanics, and let him play the way he did in 2010. I have the luxury of re watching all the games and some games from years back. Glennon is not close to Freeman if only because of experience. If we have to go through another rebuilding period, then let’s start with firing the bully. We know that the draft is a crap shoot. How do you really know that, for example, Bridgewater can be a successful NFL QB? In addition, Glennon is too immobile. Don’t forget what happened at the end of the game when the Eagles had a free run at him. I won’t let go of Josh getting released until they fire Schiano. I am far more angry at this debacle than I was when coach Dungy got fired; that really hurt to see such a good human being get sacked.

  71. Patrick in VA Says:

    Joe, did I miss the yesterday, today and tomorrow piece? Was interested to see what was coming in there

  72. Capt. Tim Says:

    Hawiian- me too!! Damn, any Coach ,who knows what he’s doing, would be a huge upgrade!

  73. Capt. Tim Says:

    Coach80m- agree with your post- good stuff. Although desperation has me thinking about Gruden,lol!

    Glennon is smart. To immobile, and inaccurate with the long ball, to be a Starter. Good guy though.

    Yeah, Freeman Smear campaign was one of darkest stains on this Franchises history. It will cost Shiano everything, Though.
    Team has already quit on him, at strategic moments. Apparently they don’t trust or believe him. They had a special meeting, because they believe he lied about the captains vote.
    When your team believes you are that much of a scumbag- you’re done!

  74. Tom in St Augustine Says:

    Hire Jon as O cord & Tony as D cord and get Monte as head coach ~ they owe it to Monte to give him his own ring =)

  75. Jim Says:

    Most of Glennon’s success Sunday was due to using a TE and occasional rolling out. Why couldn’t Sully used the same logic with Freeman?