Schiano: Bucs “Trying Too Hard”

October 21st, 2013

This afternoon, Greg Schiano lamented the fact that the Bucs are “dead last” in the NFL in penalty yardage, far worse than they were last season.

So why is this happening, Coach?

The Bucs are “trying too hard,” Schiano offered as a reason before media at One Buc Palace.

Schiano said penalties are spread evenly across the team so a fix is not about changing personnel. Schiano called it “an evolving penalty problem.”

The Bucs’ lack of discipline is heinous. Are they really “trying too hard?” Joe hopes that’s not the reason because that’s not really fixable.

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  1. Jrock Says:


  2. Gilbert Rodriguez Says:

    Just an FYI–it’s “too”…Bucs “Trying too Hard.” Just sayin’…

    Temporary spellcheck nonsense.–Joe

  3. Tony Says:


    Thank you

  4. Buc1987 Says:

    How does Schiano teach veteran players discipline. Is that on the coach or on the veteran players?

  5. k_bassuka Says:

    So Schiano doesnt have a clue how to fix a simple issue as to know what to do, how, and when to do it. That’s just great…

    And we should keep him for the rest of the season.

  6. Young buc Says:

    Freeman gonna win tonight
    Greg will hang himself

  7. Buc1987 Says:

    How does Schiano teach VJax not to false start?

  8. Andrew 1 Says:

    I can clearly remember a personal foul penalty on Ted Larsen that happened well after the whistle that had nothing to do with trying to block or execute the play. it sure seemed like a lack of discipline more than anything else.

  9. Young buc Says:

    Anybody know why he was
    Yelling at revis?

  10. Adam L Says:

    Oh shut up, Schiano. You’re making me wish I was Irish with all this stupid talk.

  11. SG5821 Says:

    The Disciplinarian does not have the discipline to discipline the discipline breakers….

  12. lightningbuc Says:

    No Schiano fan, but to blame penalties on him and coaching in general is moronic. So I guess because Schiano doesn’t tell VJAX at every practice that he’s not allowed to wrap his hands around a CB’s face mask, that that gives Jackson the impression that it’s ok.

    Like Bobby said in another thread, some guys get a temper on the field and rationality goes out the window. Stupid is as stupid does.

  13. chickster Says:

    Just more bull to many thing to blame it on good teams fight threw penalty’s I just wonder how he can blame josh on this I am done with it

  14. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “How does Schiano teach VJax not to false start?”


    Really? Do you ever see a well coached team commit this many penalties? I guess that’s just a coincidence in your dream world. You think all the drops we’ve had are all on the players too? What exactly do you think the job of a WR coach is? Oh yeah, I forgot, our position coaches aren’t responsible for that. They are more responsible for controlling the line for the potty break at halftime.

  15. Bobby Says:

    Actually Joe, he said ‘one’ of the reasons is that they are trying too hard. The other reason is our players are idiots. You hit the QB 5 seconds after he’s thrown the ball short on third and long that’s just stupid. You hit a player out of bounds and tack on 15 yards for personal foul….stupid!! I saw the same thing in the Denver v Colts game last night. DT for the Colts just gives Luck a chest bump and Luck hits the ground and the flag flies. Is that on John Fox?? Hardly. It was idiotic and totally unnecessary. No one can convince me that these players aren’t being told to cut down on the penalties until coaches are blue in the face. In the end the players have to be accountable for their boneheaded actions.

  16. cegeto Says:

    After this, schiaNO you are a LAUGHINGSTOCK!!!

  17. Hector Says:

    So where are all the slick @$$ nicknames that some of you gave Raheem Morris at? Why hasn’t Schiano gotten one by now?

  18. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    The best WR we have ever had in Tampa (by about 2 miles) and people are criticizing him constantly. Unbelievable. As what normally happens when the losses start to mount, players start trying to do too much. It becomes even worse when you know you have a better team that what is being put on the field. Jackson is busting his tail out there. He’s played hurt, dealt with double teams all year, and is dealing with QB’s that aren’t exactly world beaters. The strength of his game is the vertical route, yet Glennon can’t throw it to save his life. But yeah, let’s criticize him. Better yet, let’s trade him for a pick. That makes perfect sense.

  19. Evan Says:

    It’s amazing that Schiano is determined to jam his own foot down his throat when he talks about this losing streak.

  20. lightningbuc Says:

    You think all the drops we’ve had are all on the players too? What exactly do you think the job of a WR coach is?


    I would hope the WR coach doesn’t have to focus too much of his time on telling the Wide Receivers that it is preferable they catch the ball instead of dropping it.

  21. Buc1987 Says:

    Hawaiian Buc…you didn’t answer my question at all.

  22. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    To your point, it’s on John Fox if it happens consistently. Schitler himself has said that he coaches his players to the line. He said they should never be at the bottom of the league in penalties. So yes, it is on him. When you tell your players to be aggressive and teeter on the line between aggressive and dirty, then you have to expect that line to be crossed. And guess what, it is. But nah, the players are idiots. The coach is great. Let’s give him 3 more years.

  23. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Then you are too stupid to understand apparently.

  24. lightningbuc Says:

    It’s 3:00 here in Tampa, that means it’s time for the South Pacific know it all!

  25. ATLBucsFan Says:

    Can you hear the conversation? “Coach, we’re just playing too hard! We knocked the guy out of bounds too hard. Hit the QB too hard. Glennon is throwing the ball too hard! You’re practice is too hard. Getting up in the morning is too hard, and I have to study real hard. This professional stuff is just too hard. So you see, we’re just trying too hard. If we could play a little less hard, practice less hard then maybe we’ll be soft enough to play harder!”

  26. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ lightningbuc


  27. Buc1987 Says:

    When does ut become a VETERAN players responsibility to not hold or false start? The penalties are not happening by rookies. I think the players actually don’t really care anymore. Maybe some of them do, but the ones that don’t care will negate the ones that do care.

  28. gulfcoast Says:

    This coach is delusional. By saying this, it keeps the media sharks from the “team not playing hard for Schiano” angle….. smh.

    “These are not the droids you’re looking for”.

  29. chickster Says:

    trying to hard thats what you ant out of your team josh freeman should of been giving a 1 year deal we owed that to him and we should of signed bennet to a new deal and they had to talk the owners into cutting freeman everything these guys do is wrong and is self inflicted and they deserve whats going on every bit of it

  30. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    You are talking about one specific penalty. Fine, Jackson is 100% to blame for a false start penalty. It’s a bigger problem, just like it was a bigger problem from Freeman. We are getting killed by holding and personal foul penalties. Holding, while ultimately on the player, is usually a technique issue, which is coaching. Do you want to argue that? Personal foul penalties are usually a direct result of discipline by the coaches. Of course not always, but in general. But to further prove my point, our coach has said that he is ok with some of these penalties. He said it out of his own mouth! What more evidence do you want?

  31. Buc1987 Says:

    Hawaiian Buc…how does Schiano teach Vjax to not false start? How would you fix all the penalties? Go over them on film with the players? I’m sure that’s what they are doing and the players are not listening.

  32. chickster Says:

    Bye the way did you see McKay in the box he should of never been let go

  33. Bobby Says:

    @Hawaiian….so I guess you’re saying they just aren’t being told these things. I’m sure that’s it. For six games in a row the coaches have just failed to tell the players about committing so many penalties. They didn’t hear it in college and now they just aren’t getting told in the pros either. What a stupid argument. These players are accountable for these idiotic penalties. It’s not coaching. You can’t coach stupid. You don’t think Scott knows better than to hit the QB late or how about the late hit out of bounds?? “Sorry, coaches never told me about that….” “Holding??….what’s that? You mean I can’t grab him there? Well, that’s coaches fault!” C’mon!! It’s not this is the first time these guys have been introduced to these concepts.

    The Packers have averaged over 9 penalties a game their last three games. Denver had 12 last night. Bad coaching? Dallas had 12. The reason ours look so bad is because they happen at the most crucial of times and for a team that is winless it just magnifies the whole thing. These players our team are just not playing smart football for 60 minutes.

  34. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    You think all the drops we’ve had are all on the players too? What exactly do you think the job of a WR coach is?


    I would hope the WR coach doesn’t have to focus too much of his time on telling the Wide Receivers that it is preferable they catch the ball instead of dropping it.


    So does that mean you think the players don’t know to catch the ball? The WR coach does drills with them, helping them catch the ball in different situations. PJ Fleck did an outstanding job last year, but there has been a huge drop off this year. If you don’t think coaching is at minimum partially responsible for that, I don’t know what to tell you. Why do we hire coaches in the first place? If their job isn’t to make the players better, what are they here for?

  35. Buc1987 Says:

    Okay then how do they teach veteran O-linemen not to hold? Did the player not learn that in Pop Warner?

  36. 1976-77 0-26 looks good now? Says:

    I might be wrong, but the Victory Formation Rush has not helped our reputation around the league? A few grudges might be lingering?

  37. D-Rome Says:

    Players have tuned the coaching staff out. Their play on the field tells me this. Simple as that.

  38. PRBucFan Says:

    “Freeman gonna win tonight”

    Means shiite,

    Start talking once he puts up another complete season.

    1, 2, 3, hell even 6 games won who give a fuk?

    We’ve seen it before.

    Now if he has a complete season without bad josh rearing his ugly ass self like in 2010 than his doubters can start eating some crow.

    Can he do it back to back seasons???

    Now THAT we have not seen him do lol

  39. lightningbuc Says:

    I guess no one has ever told Ndamukong Suh he’s not supposed to rough the passer.

  40. ATLBucsFan Says:

    I agree with you PRBucFan. If he plays one good game it means nothing. Show me consistency.

  41. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    The 6 least penalized teams:

    1. Indy
    2. Miami
    3. Minnesota
    4. Chicago
    5. New England
    6. New Orleans

    Steelers were 7th.

    The 6 most penalized teams (with NYJ having the most)

    27. Oakland
    28. Buffalo
    29. Tennessee
    30. Seattle
    31. TB
    32. New York Jets

    San Fran was at #25.

  42. PRBucFan Says:

    I see where you coming from 1987 and Bobby but honestly at some point where is the line drawn?

    There seems to be a disconnect between players and the coaches.

    Yes they are grown men that need to be held accountable

    But Schiano and staff have proven that they are not capable of doing that.

    Their time here is out and some of our players will be on their way out too if they cannot remember how to be disciplined very soon.

  43. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    So you are assuming the players don’t know what these penalties are? You don’t think Scott knows what a personal foul is? But when a coach says as much as he wants them to hit hard, play aggressive, and balance the line between aggressive and dirty. The coach says we are going to hit them hard so they are slow to get up. When you instill that kind of mentality in today’s NFL, this is the result (and for the record, I like the hard hits and think these rules are completely stupid).

    Do you think all of our guys are stupid, more stupid than the players from other teams? More than half our roster are former team captains! Is Lavonte David stupid? Is Vincent Jackson stupid? Is Mark Barron stupid? How many personal foul penalties did they get in college?

    Now of course in the end, all penalties lie on the player. But you seem to believe that no penalties are the result of coaching. If you disagree, explain to me exactly what penalties are the result of coaching.

  44. Eric Says:

    Whatever Schiano.

    10 more losses for immortality.

  45. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Okay then how do they teach veteran O-linemen not to hold? Did the player not learn that in Pop Warner?”


    It’s technique. In pop warner, I’m pretty sure Donald Penn could block the DE on one leg. In the NFL, it’s a different story. One little mistake in technique and you are beaten. And all linemen are taught to hold rather than getting your QB killed.

    As for Suh, that’s part coaching and part player. Schwartz has been blasted for not disciplining, or keeping his players from committing so many penalties. He made that a focus this offseason, and they have gotten better. So if you want to compare us to Detroit, that’s great. But Suh is a different kind of animal. But he’s a pretty good player too. Better than Trevor Scott.

  46. Yossarian Says:

    Mike Williams has committed several false start and illegal procedure penalties this season. While I want to blame the player, I think it is very much the play calling. For 2 years, the play calling has tried to exploit size advantages as opposed to running good routes. I think the WRs are trying to do what they can to get a little open so that they don’t have to rely on the jump ball so much.

  47. thegregwitul Says:

    This is just getting beyond ridiculous already.

  48. Yar Says:

    He’s right. Remember when he was always saying that they had to play on the edge? well they fell of the edge. It’s time for him to back off and just let the players play, get out of their faces quit trying to teach them the nit picking details and let them PLAY. If the players don’t know how to play by now, he can’t teach them.

  49. crayhopper Says:

    I had the same thought that the players were putting extra pressure on themselves and therefore more penalties. Makes a lot of sense if you don’t spend all day hating Schiano.

  50. Mr. Patrick Says:

    When I played Pop Warner football as an 11 year old I was taught not to hold, not to move before the ball is snapped and don’t hit somebody out of bounds. It amazes me that these professional football players haven’t heard them yet. I’m not a Schiano fan, but that’s not on him

  51. Bobby Says:

    @chickster..”Bye the way did you see McKay in the box he should of never been let go”


    Whaaaaaaattt??????? He’s not even GM for Atlanta.

  52. Bobby Says:

    “As for Suh, that’s part coaching and part player.”

    I’m sure the coaches are responsible for him putting QB’s in a headlock and throwing them to the ground and stomping on the opposing players arms and then saying he was just trying to get his balance. So tell me…what do you do as a coach that you don’t think is being done?? You are so adamant that it’s coaching…what is it that these coaches are missing or is it just the standard answer “I don’t know but they should!”

  53. crazy Says:

    Trying too hard? So I guess they just have to dial down the effort a little? Pffft

    No, coach. Your guys are getting beat and then grabbing things they know they shouldn’t grab or they’re too worried about getting a jump that they line up with their toes across the line. I’m glad to hear they’re trying hard, but they’re getting beat, coach.

  54. Adam L. Says:

    Such a stupid thing to say. How do you correct that?

    “Stop trying, Davin.”

  55. D-Rome Says:

    Whaaaaaaattt??????? He’s not even GM for Atlanta.

    You’re right. he’s not the GM of the Falcons. He’s the President and CEO of the Falcons.

  56. Bobby Says:

    “You’re right. he’s not the GM of the Falcons. He’s the President and CEO of the Falcons.”

    Still not picking the players in the draft. Maybe he should have been President and CEO here. He got worse drafting as he went along.

  57. Bobby Says:

    I understand what he’s saying about trying too hard. Anyone who is an athlete and played organized sports should get that one. When you are losing you try to do little extra things to compensate. That’s when schemes break down because someone tries to be a hero or technique starts to suffer because you’re not playing loose. It’s like the yips in golf…hard to get rid of once it starts. Somehow these guys need to loosen up and just play football and not think about losing. I really don’t know how you can coach that when you’re 0-6…

  58. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    I was living in Atlanta when he went from President and GM to just GM. Trust me, that was considered a demotion.

    Look at his record as GM in Atlanta (they got worse every single year), then look at it after they hired Dimitroff.

  59. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    er, I meant to just President.

  60. McBuc Says:

    If the players are not listening to the coach, then it is coaching.

  61. McBuc Says:

    Dave more nailed it… tight coverage because we are predictable. That is coaching. The players do not trust shiano, penalties or not these coaches need to go.

  62. Bobby Says:

    “If the players are not listening to the coach, then it is coaching.”

    It has nothing to do with listening. It has to do with executing. They know what to do, they just aren’t doing it. They’ve been taught on every level and now it’s time to be professional and execute what you’ve been taught. Why is Lavonte David all over the field making plays and others are out of position? He’s a smart disciplined player. He made one mistake in the Jets game but you haven’t heard his name associated with a penalty since then, at least not that I can remember. Why can certain players ‘get it’ and others can’t? Is that the coaches fault or are some players just undisciplined by nature?

    Like I said, easy to blame the coaches but to me that’s an excuse. Bob Bostad is a good coach. Believe it or not..we have a top ten O-line. Don’t ask me how but it’s right there in the rankings on #9 Look at the job he did coaching up fill in players after the injuries last year. Did he suddenly become a ‘bad coach’ this year because the O-line is holding like Joe on Rachel Watson wearing a tear away jersey? I don’t think so…

  63. underdogs Says:

    Perhaps the players just don’t care anymore…..what a joke this has been!

  64. Pete 422 Says:

    I agree with Bobby. The personal foul penalties are just being dumb asses. That is on the players.

    The holding penalties however, are a technique issue quite often. That is on the coach. Holding penalties have killed some drives this year (Eagles game & that long FG drive on Sunday are great examples) that could have led to TDs and possible momentum changes and wins.

    Also, for those of us who have played sports (which I think is most of us) may have experienced a coach or two who created a stressful environment, which led to not wanting to make mistakes, which quite often, leads to…well…mistakes. An environment that is “relaxed” and positive promotes just going out, playing and having fun, which leads to less mistakes such as holding and personal fouls.

  65. Bobby Says:

    “Also, for those of us who have played sports (which I think is most of us) may have experienced a coach or two who created a stressful environment, which led to not wanting to make mistakes, which quite often, leads to…well…mistakes.”


    That’s quite possible. I’m sure the coaches are as stressed as the players. Probably not the most relaxed environment right now.

  66. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    On second thought, you guys are totally right. There’s absolutely no correlation between a team that commits a ton of penalties and coaching. I’m going to ignore every player, former player, and expert that says otherwise. They just don’t have the knowledge of people like Bobby. We clearly have stupid players on our team, despite the fact that most were team captains in college. If only Schiano had a few talented players, we would be collecting Lombardi trophies.

    Schiano is a tremendous coach, and very detail oriented. He is especially strong at game management and on the fly adjustments. He is well known as a QB guru, and as an innovative mind on both offense and defense. His coaching tree is nearly as big as Bill Walsh, as he employed tons of coaches that have gone on to be hot coaching commodities. He is also very loved and supported by all the players, media, and fans. He is the finest example of the term “players coach”. His discipline is legendary, his “toes on the line” philosophy is emulated by NFL coaches throughout the league, and his crashing of the kneel down formation is quite possibly the greatest play ever designed. He is often seen helping out in the community, and really taking time to make a difference. Rumor is that they are going to bypass the 5 year rule in Canton, and just go ahead and elect him in the Hall now. He’s that special.

  67. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    To summarize: Coaches are not responsible for penalties. Not for offsides, late hits, holding, nothing. It is always the fault of the players and their stupidity. Coaches are also not responsible for teaching fundamentals. A QB coach should not teach footwork or mechanics. After all, the QB got to the NFL, why try to mess with it? A WR coach is not responsible for the WR’s actually catching the ball. Drops are always the fault of the player, even if players who have no history of drops start dropping a lot of balls. As long as the coach tells them to catch the ball, he isn’t responsible for making it actually happen on the field. An offensive line coach isn’t responsible for an offensive lineman playing poorly. I mean, the coach isn’t on the field is he? He’s not committing the holding penalties, so how could he be to blame? Just because he has 3 Pro Bowlers that couldn’t block anyone to save their life this year, that’s all on the players. They are obviously too stupid to follow his advice to block well. And of course, our defensive coordinator is not to blame for the match ups that he creates. I mean, how could you blame Sheridan for putting Revis on Atlanta’s rookie WR who never caught a pass in his career? How could that be his fault. Revis is obviously to blame for not shutting down Harry Douglas, even though he wasn’t covering him.

    Coaches are not to be blamed for anything. Not for penalties, not for poor play, and not for a lack of adjustments. It’s not their fault we are 0- 6. How could they be, they don’t suit up? They just tell the players what to do, so if the players don’t do it, that’s the players’ fault. This is all so simple. I feel so stupid for ever feeling otherwise. I just want 4 more years of Schiano. In fact, we should go ahead and sign him to an extension, because he’s been great. This season has been so much fun. Let’s get rid of all the players (trade them all for picks), and let Schiano run the show.

  68. Doc Says:

    This teams has to many coaches,players have talked to Coach Excuse’s about that. Coach Excuse’s has created jobs for friends. The Coaches circle taken care of each other, and quit running a repeat offense, Every defense coordinator has seen that outdated offense. That is the reason the o line looks so bad send it back to the giants and create your own offense plan.

  69. MTM Says:

    Good coaches put players in the right position to succeed. They know what the players strengths are and utilize them. Schiano keeps saying the same nonsense excuses. The Bucs are the new black hole of the NFL. Step aside Raiders.