Report: Glazers Wanted To Keep Freeman, Needed Convincing

October 20th, 2013

American sports icon Sid Hartman, the 93-year-old columnist for the Star-Tribune in Minnesota, has been doing his share of digging on the newest QB of his Vikings. And Hartman says his Tampa Bay sources revealed an organizational sales job that led to the defrocking of Josh Freeman.

In a video linked here, Hartman says Team Glazer initially was against making the move on Freeman and needed to be convinced.

“I know some people down there [in Tampa] that told that me the owners did not want to let [Freeman] go,” Hartman said. “But when the coach and the general manager sat down with them and told them the problems they’re having with him, and that he’s wrecking the rest of the team because they don’t have the morale, they don’t have that, the players like him and all that kind of stuff, but they can’t understand why he don’t show up on time for practice, why he don’t do different things.”

Hartman went on to say he doesn’t have much faith in Freeman changing his ways in Minnesota and made the comparison to lessons the Vikings learned with Percy Harvin.

Of course, Joe doesn’t know what Team Glazer really thought about the Freeman move but it would make sense if they were apprehensive. Team Glazer knows what it paid Freeman this season, and they know that fans were told this season would be all about No. 5.

79 Responses to “Report: Glazers Wanted To Keep Freeman, Needed Convincing”

  1. BigMacAttack Says:

    That all makes sense to me.

  2. BigMacAttack Says:

    Glazers obviously don’t mind spending money now, but I can’t believe they feel good about wasting money. Schiano and Dom wasted millions on Freeman this season with absolutely no return on investment.

  3. RastaMon Says:

    He’ll be a free agent soon….

  4. Couch Fan Says:

    They were paying the man 8 mill this season. Of course they were apprehensive to just let him go. There not stupid. Business wise it makes a ton of sense.

  5. MadMax Says:

    money is just money….but DECISIONS are what moves the money (including wasting it)….Im glad they cut that cancer

    Now they need to decide the new gm/hc/dc/oc….

  6. Couch Fan Says:

    or 6 mill, whatever it was, was a lot of money. Not counting all the money they had already paid him over the previous 4 years.

  7. Brandon Says:

    “but they can’t understand why he don’t show up on time for practice, why he don’t do different things”

    This guy is a columnist and been doing it a while, eh? Then why is it when he talks he sounds like Emmitt Smiff?

  8. BamBamBuc Says:

    Everyone keeps coming back to the money being paid… it’s all about the money. You’d be wrong. The NFL salary cap is covered within the amount each team receives each year from the NFL revenues. That money is never “out of pocket” for an owner and therefore only matters when considering which players will “fit” under the cap. What it’s really about is winning. The owners, as much as any fan, want their team to win. It’s an ego thing, bragging rights amongst the wealthy. And cutting Freeman loose is not an easy decision to make when it might make you look like buffoons and damage that wealthy ego. If Freeman succeeds in Minnesota and the Bucs continue to lose, the Glazers (regardless of how much convincing by the GM and HC was needed) will look like total moron owners that have absolutely zero clue how to win games in the NFL. Don’t be fooled by the money, the owners collect regardless of a team’s success.

  9. Tampabaybuctfan Says:

    “Tampa Bay Sources”…..yea….I’m not so sure…..It does make some sense that with all that money there would be a question….but the guestion should have been “why didn’t you get rid of him earlier”?

  10. SteveK Says:

    ^ Dude is 93 years old, and Smith has taken his fair share of shots.

    When you set the NFL rushing record, or report sports well into your 90’s, then you can talk however the hell you want.

  11. Jacque Says:

    So if Freeman Lights Up the Giants on National TV the Glazers & Schiano will have their answer.

  12. joseph mamma Says:

    They probably needed convincing because they probably realize the Greg and Mark show is about to end so why ship a troubled but talented player for nothing.

  13. Couch Fan Says:

    Oh C’mon BamBam. You make it sound like we’ve done nothing but win with Freeman. When the truth is the exact opposite. We’ve lost and lost big (mostly) under Freeman and most of the time he’s looked like a turd in doing so.

    You are entitled to your opinion but I completely disagree that they were more worried about wins and less about money.

  14. Young buc Says:

    They should have let freeman play the year
    Out greg and Dom got scared needed
    A reason for the downfall blame freeman

  15. PRBucFan Says:


    Did they sign off on it or not?

    Exactly lol

  16. Young buc Says:

    And they got nothing in return but a bill lol

  17. Goodolebucfan Says:

    Nope cancer is still there Schiano still coaching blame Freeman nothing has changed. Who will be the next scapegoat for poor coaching.

  18. Young buc Says:

    They better win today

  19. Bobby Says:

    I question this story. Why would they need convincing? Does anyone in their right mind really think the Glazers were contemplating renewing Freeman’s contract???? My guess is any conversation that took place lasted about 5 minutes. I’m sure eventually the story will come out that gives the accurate account. This guy just sounds like every other media person….”I know some people down there in Tampa.” Wow! That’s a credible source……

  20. PRBucFan Says:

    And no they won’t BamBam



    After 5 years they needed NO OTHER excuse.

    However you want to spin it, no matter what long winded response you type.

  21. PRBucFan Says:

    You don’t get 8 years to realize your potential in the NFL lol.

    Be rest assured we could be on his 10th season and the kid would still deserve another season ahahahaha.


  22. PRBucFan Says:

    TEAM losses or not

    It’s on the QB’s head, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles 🙁

  23. PRBucFan Says:

    And if we lose???

    SO WHAT!!!

    We were losing with Freeman here to begin with!!

    Unless your telling me that we were winning???

    Or that there is something below losing???

    Lol Get the hell out of here with that nonsense.

  24. Bobby Says:

    @BamBam…Lot’s of players, not just QB’s have gone on to other teams and performed well. The only thing that matters is how they are performing for you. If they are not performing and you keep starting them…THAT is when you look like an idiot.

  25. PRBucFan Says:


    But He’s gone and discussing him is pointless.

    Bring him up when he has another complete season that didn’t happen in 2010.

    Cause so what if he wins? He’s done it before lol

    What he hasn’t done is gotten rid of Bad Josh for one whole season other than 2010.

    Let him do that again, cause believe me we’ve all been waiting!!!

    So I’m done talking about him. Whoopdiefuking foo if he wins Monday Night

    We’ve seen it all before

  26. PRBucFan Says:


  27. Luther Says:

    @Bobby you are right on the money. I could care less about how Freeman does for Minny. I only care that he was so inconsistent with the Bucs that he put me on a emotional rollor-coaster every week and it never looked like it would get better.

    Coaches are defined by their QB not the other way around. If you have a great QB or 2 then you are a genius. If you have a terrible QB or 2 then you are a bum.

  28. ryan Says:

    If any of this is true, the success of Freeman may be the same as any loss for Schiano. Would love to see Josh do well just so it makes Schiano look even worse.

    And I’m starting to feel if Schiano is sent packing, Joe wont be typing “Rockstar” either in any article come 2014.

  29. SAMCRO Says:

    He’s gone … let it go … this is what you and all your ilk wanted at the beginning .. Now that he’s gone you got buyers remorse and you want to pile on he’s gone move on

  30. D-Rome Says:

    Losses against the Cardinals and Eagles were Freeman’s fault too.

    The real cancer on this team is the coaching staff.

  31. Macabee Says:

    If the Glazers were against getting rid of Freeman and had to be convinced to do so, then the guys that convinced him to do so, better be right! If this season ends badly, I’d be willing to bet that Dominik’s story is that he had no input in that meeting and he was only present to take minutes. lol.

  32. BigMacAttack Says:

    I need to start a couple new screen names so I can agree with myself. I’ll try it now.

    Schiano, you suck!

  33. MadMax Says:


  34. Couch Fan Says:

    There is a guy on the Bucs inactive list named WR 18 S. Dawson

    Anybody know anything about this guy?

    I dont even remember signing a new receiver.

  35. MadMax Says:

    Hahaha @BigMac, its catching on…………….

  36. MadMax Says:

    Me? I’ll always be me, MadMax……ask SeanyMac, Im an ok guy….just pissed about my team!

  37. BuccaneerBrutus Says:

    Young Buc you make no sense at all

  38. PRBucFan Says:


    You don’t want to join the group of losers that already do that on this board.

  39. BigMacAttack Says:

    No never, just making fun of them.

    1’st half prediction:
    Bucs 17 – Falcons 3
    2’nd half final:
    Bucs 17 – Falcons 31

    I hope we win really, but I’m not holding my breath.

  40. GrannyMacAttack Says:

    BigMac, I agree with you. Will you please take the trash out now.

  41. UncleMacAttack Says:

    BigMac, great post sonny.
    You wanna skip the 2’nd half and go to the gun range?

  42. Couch Fan Says:

    Wow and Bowers is inactive also. Was he injured or is this performance related? Not looking good for that guy.

  43. Macabee Says:

    On a serious note fellas, if we don’t win this game today, a game by any serious fan’s evaluation is winnable, then our season is lost and the alternatives don’t look good in the short term. Another re-building is going to be hard to take!

  44. BigMacAttack Says:

    Bowers in walking boot, foot injury or something.

  45. Couch Fan Says:

    Ah ok. Thats a little bit better news than being performance related.

  46. Buc1987 Says:

    There is no Schiano scapegoat. He’s blamed himself for the last 3 losses. I’m not sticking up for the poor bastard. I’m just saying some people say he never takes the blame, but he does.

  47. BigMacAttack Says:

    I’m going Thursday night and taking my accountant. I want to see if by the numbers, he can figure this mess out. I may need a DD if we lose again. I can’t stand Cam and want to see Dashon 4game light his supermanass up, just one good time, win or lose.

  48. Buc1987 Says:

    If the Bucs lose today. Then 0-16 has become a real possibility. Start shopping for a QB and scouting for the draft early.

  49. Buc1987 Says:

    And the rebuild shouldn’t take all that long with those high draft picks and free agency.

  50. Buc1987 Says:

    For all we know the Bucs could be the nex KC Chiefs. Load the team up with a little more talent and get a good coach. This team might take off in 2014.

  51. MadMax Says:

    Got to see the BIG picture!!! Set up for Famous Jameis…..we need O line and receivers/te this next draft 😉

  52. Buc1987 Says:

    Max….Jameis would be a dream come true. I already told the wife to get me a Famous Jameis Noles jersey for Christmas.

  53. Bobby Says:


    “Coaches are defined by their QB not the other way around. If you have a great QB or 2 then you are a genius. If you have a terrible QB or 2 then you are a bum.”


    I think you’re right. If you look at Belichick’s record without Brady you see the truth in that statement. If you have a QB named Manning, Brady, or Rogers you are gonna look like a genius if they have any weapons at all. Still, I think the way to combat that is to do what the Bucs did to win a Super Bowl. Get a solid journeyman QB that can put points on the board, manage the game and not lose it for you and then have a defense that can take over a game. I see that this year in KC. The Chiefs have Alex Smith who is a good QB but I wouldn’t consider him elite. Has a QB rating around 80 but he manages the game well. He’ll put points on the board and he doesn’t have to be a hero because the defense is only allowing 10 pts a game. That will make a coach look like a genius too.

  54. buc89 Says:

    Remember that opening drive Freeman gave us against the jets. What a Masterpiece that was

  55. BigMacAttack Says:

    Yes our Oline is horrible.

  56. PRBucFan Says:

    Or all those consecutive 3 and outs? Beautiful

  57. BigMacAttack Says:

    The Pats would be good even with a 400 LB Shaun King at QB.

  58. White Tiger Says:

    They’re gonna be SOOOO pi$$ed when they find out that the GM and the coaches were creating the problem so Freeman could be benched…and I bet they NEVER intended to let Freeman go – they only started-out agreeing to bench him.

    Come Monday Night, LOTS of new strategies may develop.

    I’ll bet I’m not the only one in Tampa that will be paying close attention to Monday nights RESULT…lets see who the REAL biggest loser is…

  59. Buc1987 Says:

    Freeman is gone…F ’em.

  60. Private Tim Says:

    Jameis was incredible yesterday!

    As for everything else, it’s Freeman Blah blah, Revis Blah, Glennon Blah

    Enough excuses, finger pointing, who wanted who- whatever!!

    The Falcons are one sprained ankle away from forfeiting. They are playing 3rd stringers everywhere. It’s their lineup from their 4th preseason game.
    If we don’t win this game by 28 points, they should fire Dom by nightfall

    If we lose this game- everyone at one Buc in a collared shirt should be fired- clean sweep coaches ,scouts ,GM, their assistants- the whole lot, leaving once enough to coach next week- while the new staff is moving in.

    Losing this game would be a new low for this franchise

  61. BamBamBuc Says:

    What matters to THIS team is if our players are moving on to other teams and having success, is it because we mis-evaluated them? Did we not use them properly? Did we not scheme to our players strengths? That is what matters to THIS team regarding players that have moved on. For example, Bennett has 4.5 sacks on the season, all Bucs DEs combined have only 3, the entire D-line has only 6. Did we under-estimate Bennett’s value? Blount would have been a backup here behind Martin if we would even have given him any carries. He’s currently averaging over 4 ypc with a long of 47 yards. Martin is averaging 3.5 with a long of 28. Nobody else on the team is doing much of anything. Did we underestimate Blount’s value? It is yet to be determined regarding Freeman, but if this trend continues, I have to look at coaching and front office and wonder if they are qualified to evaluate talent and use the players we have to the best of their ability. We are seeing Revis used mostly in zone coverage and the coaches are chirping to the fans that maybe we should spend the time at OBP game-planning the next opponent. Say what you want about any former player, but if they move on (and it is worthwhile noting how well they perform elsewhere) and have success, we MUST question our staff and their ability to utilize the players they have and evaluate talent.

  62. buc89 Says:

    I hope freeman plays great on Monday. I hope the Vikings finish 10-6 and miss the playoffs. Then they can be stuck with Freeman for five years lol

  63. PRBucFan Says:


    What matters is what he did when he was here.

    End of story

  64. PRBucFan Says:

    Cap Tim

    I can’t say I would disagree that continued losing should equate to a house cleaning

    I just don’t think Dom will get sent packing

  65. Couch Fan Says:

    I hope freeman plays great on Monday. I hope the Vikings finish 10-6 and miss the playoffs. Then they can be stuck with Freeman for five years lol


    LMAO!! To dam funny

  66. BamBamBuc Says:

    Nice blinders you have PRB, too bad that doesn’t lead to wins. Evaluating players and using them in schemes that best fit them is important for every team and if our team isn’t doing that very well, we have a problem and will continue to lose.

  67. BamBamBuc Says:

    and I hope that response wasn’t too “long winded” for you. I know it’s hard to read more than one sentence at a time.

  68. PRBucFan Says:

    Again who gives a flying fuk if he wins monday night White Tiger aka Ms.Cleo?

    Bring him up when he has another complete season that didn’t happen in 2010.

    WhooptifukingDOO if he gets a win.

  69. PRBucFan Says:

    Were we winning with Free?

    LoL Thought so.

  70. PRBucFan Says:

    The Free convo is TIRED


    Get over it.

    Scheme doesn’t excuse the sorry QB that was on that field game after game.

    But keep yapping the same LONG WINDED garbage

  71. White Tiger Says:

    OH, and @Bobby and @Luther – Belichicks record before he had a QB named Brady – was a LOT like the record AFTER he had Brady. See, he had this OTHER stationary/immobile QB named DREW BLEDSOE. Brady may be a better QB than Bledsoe, but Belichick won with both of them. Bledsoe took the Patriots to a Super Bowl, as well as multiple post-season showings. The true benefit to the QB transition was – that besides keeping Bledsoe on the roster when trying out young, unproven late round draft pick, Tom Brady – the offense didn’t have to change, the offensive line didn’t have to change (to protect a mobile QB vs a stationary QB), and the WR’s didn’t change.

    Thats NOT what happened here.

  72. PRBucFan Says:

    But I don’t care to discuss him any further.

    Especially with one of the biggest Freemanites of them all.

    On to the game thread.

  73. MadMax Says:

    schiano and dom….”you were the first you’ll be the last”

  74. ctord Says:

    My humble opinion is if Freeman does well the next couple of weeks and the bucs lose 2-3, the whole things will get overhauled. Meaning Schiano, all his coaches, and Dom. They will wait until the end of the season but I have said it before, in any business when you lose money, heads are going to roll. A perfect storm is brewing unfortunately.

  75. Bucamania Says:

    That seals Dom’s fate then. He’ll be gone along with Schiano unless the Bucs suddenly start winning (not happening).

  76. 1976-77 0-26 looks good now? Says:

    We need new ownership and a new direction! Since the Glazers bought Man U. they have not been the same towards the Bucs. We are a laughing stock with a talented team. Show the fans you care, sell the team to someone with football IQ, and fire Domnik & Schiano today. They have lost this team and that is very evident to even the blind eye. GO BUCS…

  77. Joe Says:

    We need new ownership and a new direction! Since the Glazers bought Man U. they have not been the same towards the Bucs. We are a laughing stock with a talented team. Show the fans you care, sell the team to someone with football IQ, and fire Domnik & Schiano today. They have lost this team and that is very evident to even the blind eye. GO BUCS…

    First off, you cannot force ownership to sell. And the ATM that the NFL is, they would be crazy to sell with their sweetheart lease on the stadium.

    Second, the Team Glazer has dropped a quarter of a billion dollars on salaries the past two seasons. If that isn’t a commentment, Joe isn’t sure what is.

  78. Old Buc Fan Says:

    Bottom line, Schiano wanted 2010 numbers from freeman. He should have let him run out of the pocket like he did back then. Freeman is a square peg and staying in the pocket is a round hole, Schiano is a jacka$$ monkey with a sledge hammer. I haven’t been this pissed at this team since the Doug Williams kiss off.

  79. Old Buc Fan Says:

    @ Joe

    Spot on with the Glaziers! They are spending the cash, but are getting bad intel on their own team. Dom and Schiano need to go.