Not A “Total Statue”

October 17th, 2013

mike glenon 1017

One thing that worried Bucs fans about starting Mike Glennon and benching (and later booting off the team) defrocked franchise quarterback Josh Freeman was that Glennon is about as mobile as a telephone pole.

With the Bucs’ offensive line struggling, Glennon, who Joe jokes is so immobile that teammates have to brush the pidgeon droppings off his shoulders, would get creamed in the backfield.

Well, Bucs offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan thinks Glennon has some sneaky moves.

“I didn’t think he was a total statue, as maybe some others did, but he’s shown a mobility,” Sullivan said Wednesday at One Buc Palace. “The thing that we’ve seen in practice, and I think we’ve started to see in games is his ability to throw well on the move as well. Extending the play, a third-and-13 or-14 and he scrambles, that was tremendous and that’s a great dimension but I think you hit the nail on the head. He moves better than I thought and I think that the thing I had seen in some of those plays that I alluded to, as far as looking at him in college and saw through all of our practices and have seen in all of the games is his ability to throw on the move.

“He’s got very good accuracy. We’re not going to turn into a read-option team, but there is a mobility that he has, newsflash. At this point, whatever we can take, whatever can get some points on the board.”

Joe just wishes those points on the board would happen more frequently in the second half, but maybe Joe is just greedy.

It’s good to know Glennon can move a little bit. Sullivan started to hit on something there. Dropback quarterbacks aren’t necessarily immobile. Dan Marino, for example, couldn’t run to save his life but he did have nimble feet and was able to move in the pocket well to buy himself more time.

Showing an ability to dodge traffic to allow a receiver to spring open could be a key to determining if Glennon will get a chance to be the Bucs starting quarterback next fall.

4 Responses to “Not A “Total Statue””

  1. mvermulm Says:

    Some of us brought up the myth of Glennon’s immobility, as well as the league-wide false belief that an immobile QB cannot survive in this league a couple of weeks ago. Glad to see Joe is seeing the bright side a bit.

  2. Ryan Says:

    Don’t have to be mobile if you can recognize coverage. For all the smack talk on Glennon’s “short throws” or lack of deep ball I argue this. Peyton Manning doesn’t exactly throw a beautiful deep ball at all, every one I watch looks like it got clipped by buckshot right out of his hand, yet his ability to recognize defenses gives him the ability to check down to an idealistic play. Considering how often Glennon is throwing this year, I do see enough good to build on but somebody needs to get creative with play calling to help get guys open.

  3. Kreator Says:

    He has a good attitude and definitely isn’t stupid he just a mediocre protection @ best.

  4. Biff Barker Says:

    Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, Ben Rothlisberger, Aaron Rogers all agree.
    Give Glennon a top flight TE and slot guy and maybe some blocking up front.
    Nuff said.