“It Would Be A Shame If He Only Had Two Years”

October 17th, 2013

America’s storied NFL insider, Peter King of Sports Illustrated and NBC Sports, took a break from olive oil-lappingpopcorn-munchingcoffee-slurpingfried-chicken-eatingoatmeal-lovingcircle-jerkingbeer-chuggingcricket-watchingscone-loathingcollege football-naïvete and baseball box score-reading to talk all things Greg Schiano and the Bucs on WDAE-AM 620 this morning.

King delivered a strong message: giving up on Greg Schiano would be a mistake.

King painted Schiano as an extremely smart, superior football man and relayed a discussion of Schiano’s smarts he had with a Rams executive. “It would be a shame if he only had two years to build an NFL team.

As for Schiano’s chances of survival, King wouldn’t put a 2013 win total on it. “I depends how it ends,” said King, who believes Team Glazer will have an easy decision if the Bucs stop playing hard.

Joe doesn’t buy that Schiano is the super genius King describes. Not that Schiano is stupid, but Joe’s not seeing where Schiano is, say, smarter than half the coaches in the NFL.

You can catch the entire King interview below. He dives deep into all things Josh Freeman and how history will view Schiano in that drama. 

57 Responses to ““It Would Be A Shame If He Only Had Two Years””

  1. chickster Says:

    King was looser as a player he had the best defense in the league and could not do anything with it his opinion is weak and needs to shut the hell up

  2. chickster Says:

    Peter king is what his name says he is

  3. mpmalloy Says:

    THANK YOU Mr King!
    The Tampa area (since I lived here) has been
    akin to a collection of short-sighted rednecks
    and a sports media constantly on the lookout
    for sacrificial lambs to it’s ratings. Not to mention
    the incredibly insecure local politics. If head sticks
    out above the crowd we tampons throw rocks at it
    until it goes somewhere else and succeeds
    (Gruden, Leavitt, Steve Young, etc, etc).

    Lets try to grow up, shall we?
    Lets examine things for ourselves
    and not regurgitate the force-fed
    garbage we’re exposed to daily.

    Accountability starts at the tippy-top.
    So lets have those at the tippy-top
    start thinking in terms of personal
    accountability and let it trickle down
    from there (ala Robert Kraft)…

    …and please….take the general spirit
    of my post and don’t scrutinize it for
    semantics or focus on any remote
    ambiguities…that’s what lawyers do.
    We’re good people first and sports
    fans second….

  4. chickster Says:

    That’s my bad I guess my anger at this organization has got me nuts

  5. Mohak T Says:

    Schiano is the worst gameday coach in the NFL so far. It would be giving Schiano too much credit to suggest he’s better than HALF of NFL head coaches.

  6. Splengo Says:

    Schiano is going to win 2 or 3 games just by virtue of the “on any given Sunday factor”. We may beat the injured Falcons or the QB-less Bills or run into a playoff bound team that is resting their starters in December.

    At the end of the year there will be a change because the Glazers will not want the circus atmosphere to continue and they are not going to buy up the tickets next year. No matter whether it ‘s now or later, Schiano is a goner!

  7. Mr. Patrick Says:

    I think the Glazers would like to see some fans show up at Ray Jay next season

  8. Keith Says:

    No problem bringing Schiano back if he can pull a miracle out of the rest of this season, like 7-4 the rest of the way. If that happens, then Glennon is awesome and the team has bought in.

    Of course, that’s a miracle. So get his ass outta town after the final whistle.

  9. d-money Says:


    For the record I didn’t want to see Gruden, Leavitt or for that matter Dungy go so no everone in town is not a shortsighted redneck.

    However if I’m being shortsighted to want rid of a coah that has had two years to show some type of improvement and hasn’t shown even the slightest improvement…then so be it.

    1-11 in his last 12 games with no signs that the team is geting better. Each game is filled with,blown coverage assignment, handoff fumbles, recievers running the wrong routes, delay of game penalties, offsides penalties, holding penalties, and much much more. These are all signs of a team that is not headed in the right direction and is not coached well.

    If this team was losing games because they were getting out played by teams that were far superior in talent then I might be inclined to give him a pass but they are losing to teams because of mostly self inflicted mistakes.

    This is not a situation like in Dungy’s first years that you could see they were on the brink of turning things around.

    Now, I would love nothing more than to see him show me that I’m wrong and finish this season with a respectable record and if he wins say… 7 out of the next 11 games then maybe he deserves another shot. However, if he finishes this season 2-14 or 3-13 or worse then he has to go and that’s not being shortsighted that’s being realistic.

  10. BirdDoggers Says:

    The results on the field is what matters most. To suggest Schiano hasn’t had enough time to build a roster is ludicrous. A good coach can take talented players and put them in a position to succeed. The Bucs have the talent to win now. Andy Reid had no problem doing this in KC and he’s in his first year as head coach. Jim Harbaugh took a perennial loosing 49ers team and had immediate success.

    Schiano may have the football intelligence, but so far it’s not translating on game days. It’s certainly a shame to go back to the drawing board with a new coach after only two years. It would be a bigger shame to continue down the same path with the same results.

  11. Meh Says:

    Buhahahahaha. The only thing worth discussing is whether we fire Schiano now or at the end of the season. If he gets another year my head will explode. That is not exaggeration, I mean my head will actually explode as it is unable to handle the stupid ray fired at me from One Buc any longer.

  12. chickster Says:

    7-4 what happens this year is meaningless towards next year and I do not know why people think that any free agents will come here now and its more like 3-8 my eyes are wide open now and it will get worse before it gets better

  13. Biff Barker Says:

    When is Dom going to be held accountable for all the blown draft picks and the woeful scouting department he retains? Scrutenize the roster of individuals inherited by Schiano …. a story glossed over by the media.
    I’ll also point out that both owners and GM are cowering under the covers, intent on hanging this entire mess on the guy brought in to rebuild a culture of winning.
    Take the Freeman scenario as a prime example. Schiano knew he had serious off field issues last season and was hoping Freeman would grow up and take his job seriously. Not so.
    Meanwhile the G Turds and Dom refuse to support their coach publicly and deflect any criticism from the guy trying to clean up their mess of a franchise,
    The ongoing problem is the Glazers have no personal relationships with their players and retain a weak GM who just can’t build an organization.

  14. Meh Says:

    I fully agree that Dom needs to go with Schiano. It is way past time to keep accepting mediocrity in Tampa. Mediocrity if we’re lucky. 0-5 if we aren’t.

  15. Goodolebucfan Says:

    oh does anyone want to bring up how he made the defense better. Oh wait maybe it was all the money they spent on free agents. Last time I looked the mighty defense is dropping down the ratings. We have the talent just don’t know how to use it. We need to change Revis Island to The Revis Zone.

  16. mpmalloy Says:

    @ d-money
    Thanks for the intelligent response.

    I’m not sold on Schiano either.
    I just think that the problem is larger than a
    head coach or a quarterback or a GM.
    The last (and only) true success this
    organization has had (as far as creating a
    good environment) was the team of
    Malcolm Glazer and Tony Dungy.
    as far as GM’s go I think any GM would
    have thrived with that owner/HC combination.
    The unsung hero in that time period was Sam Wyche
    (drafter of Sapp and Brooks and some other badasses).

  17. Buc1987 Says:

    All of this is another reason why I don’t want him to be fired mid-season. Give him a chance to pull off a miracle. It more than likely won’t happen, but you have to give him to the end of the season. Atleast a full TWO seasons, not 21 games.

    I’m not making excuses for the guy, but there are people on these boards, that complain about how crappy the O-line is and how the Bucs need a decent TE and 3rd receiver. Also a decent left DE. A better DB on the other side of Revis. Then you have some people saying this team is ready to “win now”. Maybe Schiano is the reason why soooo many analysts picked the Bucs to finish 6-10 this season, maybe he’s not the reason. Hell Joe picked the Bucs to go 8-8. Does that sound like a playoff team to you? I picked the Bucs to win the division and go no less than 10-6. Of course no one expected them to go 0-5 out of the gate.

    I’m just saying that maybe the Tampa Bay area fan base was wrong, we saw the the 7-9 record last season and figured adding more players, like Revis and Goldson was only go to get the team more wins this season than last year. Atleast that was the way I was looking at it all prior to the season. Then again I thought Freeman could be fixed and they would straighten him out. No I’m not putting it all on #5 either. I’m not saying he’s the reason why. Again, I think maybe a lot of us had false high expectations for this year.

  18. nate Says:

    Raheem and chucky did more than this coach with less were a joke now….if the owners dont get us a real coach they should sell the team to a owner thar cares..

  19. White Tiger Says:

    It’s a shame he cuts HTH draft picks for not being his ideal: that drains precious resources.

    It is a shame Schiano cannot do what he was paid to do – build an offense and defense around the players we has – instead of the players he needs to run his offense and defense.

    It’s a shame he can’t be professional enough to make the talent he already has – work – while he is building and acquiring talent for the system he wants to run.

    He will be fired for the amount of talent he’s wasted, that ended up not being washed up, of too troubled to use.

    He will be fired for the amount of OPM (Other People’s Money) he wastes while building his system – the ONLY system he can run, with the only type of players that come out of the football powerhouse (no one ever said, ever) known as Rutgers…or players once coveted by the former head coach of Rutgers).

    But mostly he will be fired for being an A$$, treating the hard earned cash of the fans of Tampa – temporarily accumulated by the owners of the Buccaneers – with disdain.

    This man will not be missed.

  20. Couch Fan Says:

    But mostly he will be fired for being an A$$, treating the hard earned cash of the fans of Tampa – temporarily accumulated by the owners of the Buccaneers – with disdain.


    Care to elaborate please?

  21. Buc1987 Says:

    Another thing when the Bucs were looking for a new coach and they finally had to settle on Schiano. I’m sure I’m not the only fan that upon hearing their selection that said Schiano, who? what? and why?.

  22. SteveK Says:

    Schinao catches of the brunt of our GM’s FAILURES.

    Blame Schiano, as he is on the ground floor, but our GM is the most inept in football.

  23. SteveK Says:


    Agree, Schiano will be fired for LOSING, not being a big meanie.

    GM Mark Dominick is about out of chances. He is the lead clown in this circus.

  24. Mr. Patrick Says:

    At this point, Mediocrity would be a major upgrade

  25. bucrightoff Says:

    The only way he gets the boot midseason is if they quit. I mean Marinelli got to ride out 0-16 mostly because his team didn’t quit (they just weren’t any good). This is a must win game though if he wants to keep his job, Atlanta is in a bad way right now and ending their season would be sweet. Gotta have this one if Schiano has any chance to save his job.

  26. Meh Says:

    Patrick, ya, as soon as I typed it I starting wishing we were mediocre.

  27. Patrickbucs Says:


    Your leaving out the talent that Sciano has run out of town on his own. Steve Young went from the worst possible situation to the best. Dungy went to a loaded Colts team with arguably the best QB ever and only had success one offseason. Dungy is a good coach not great.

    Schiamo has lead the most dissapointing and embarrassing season that I ever recall. He does not know how to use his talent effectively. Lets see what he can do the rest off the season but its questionable he will have success.

  28. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Buc1987 Says
    “All of this is another reason why I don’t want him to be fired mid-season. Give him a chance to pull off a miracle. It more than likely won’t happen, but you have to give him to the end of the season. At least a full TWO seasons, not 21 games.”

    I agree 1000% with that and everything else you said. I would even by fine with Schiano having a third season, depending on the locker room and results of this year.

    I see your point though. People keep complaining about every aspect of this team. The Oline. The WRs. ETC. But then they also say Schiano should be winning, that he has more than Raheem did.

    Which is it? Is the team good and the coach bad or is it that the coach is being unfairly attacked?

    I wonder…do Browns fans look back and say, “We should have stayed with Bill”? That’s where we are at right now. Some sya Schiano has not done enough to stay in the NFL. That’s bull. He’s doing very well with our defense. He could be offered a DC position, then later get a second shot and excel.

    Just. Like. Bill.

    If I owned this team, I would simply hold a press conference and say “We’ve got a contract with Greg Schiano…we intend to honor it.”

  29. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    On a side note, even if Glennon does well this year, my first pick in the draft would be QB. Just in case Glennon turns out to be a one year wonder.

  30. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Also, if I were owner I would fire Sully, not Greg.

  31. bucsQcCity Says:

    You can be patient when you have a team like the jags or the browns that are in reconstruction mode not when you have 8 probowlers on the roster, an army of coaches/assistants at the disposal of the coach, a constant circus generated mostly by how the HC handled the situation, when you cut about all first to 3rd rounders of the last few years before it’s arrival (and then blaming Dominick for lack of talent in the roster).

    I’m sorry but things are this way because they got this way and it’s mostly Schiano that caused the drama.

    The Franchise best interest should always prevail and I don’t see how Schiano can turn these things around, even with a couple wins. At the start of the season we were all onboard to see what Schiano could bring to the table with a dramatically improved secondary but it just didn’t worked out. Plus now that the sacks number are going down, the other offenses in the league have figured out that pee-wee Rutger defense. It was painful to see our defense getting burned with WR hitch, screen and all quick throws that were a sure thing since our dline are running east-west instead of chasing the QB.. Chip kelly basically gave the recipe for the other ones to beat us everytime.. Anyway..

    I’m a Bucs Fan and I hope for a win any given sunday (I don’t care about draft position, choosing a player is more about needs and character) but I don’t expect them to make it. This franchise needs more than a couple wins to get back some credit. They need to build a respectable organisation and if Dominick can’t do the job at his level, Glazers should start to look for replacement.

  32. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    bucsQcCity Says
    “At the start of the season we were all onboard…”

    Not true at all. Not here anyway. I was, but there are plenty who made up their minds the day Schiano was hired.

    And there are some that, even if the team went undefeated from here out they would still want Schiano gone.

  33. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Also, Chip Kelly gave nothing. The recipe had been there since last year. Stack the box.

    However, Glennon having the ability to complete more passes than Freeman could change all that.

  34. MTM Says:

    King would love for Schiano to remain another year so he has more stories to write about. Schiano has been a sport writers wet dream.

    Schiano has had 11 games to show what he can do. Nothing has changed. Stupid penalties, pee wee offense scheme, defense giving up big plays. The Bucs fans have seen this 16 week TV series before and it sucks!

    Go on Greg back to Jersey where you belong.

  35. d-money Says:


    I’m with you on Sam Wyche… he drafted, Sapp, Brooks, Lynch and others as well as bringing in FA’s like Hardy Nickerson. People often forget when saying Gruden won with Dungy’s team that the foundation of that team was in fact Wyche’s team.

    He may not have been the best coach but you can’t deny that he had a big role in building that great defense.

  36. Kreator Says:

    Mpmalloy is right about 1 thing it was the idiot decision by the glazers to hire Shiano.

  37. Capt. Tim Says:

    All the good coaches we’ve had, improved in their second year!
    Save Gruden- can’t improve on a SuperBowl.

    Last year, we lost the final 10, and first 5 this year.

    The more time with him, the worse we get.

    Yup, that’s greatness!

  38. buc4lyfe Says:

    this fat turd cant spit out this nonsense without studdering. ok fine josh freeman played poor with get it but he obviously isnt very good at covering the events of the entire nfl in detail because if he’s saying its all on freeman then he’s not looking at coaching or scheme….freeman is more experienced at his job than schiano and sully put together……all i here is fire sully or how generic the playbook is, its his second year too maybe he’s just bad…if the quarterback plays well and your playing at team that has one of the worst defenses in the league AND had two weeks to prepare….umm aaah i got nothin

  39. Capt. Tim Says:

    Not on board . Saw the Rutgers offense fail last year.
    When he said TE and Slot Reciever weren’t important in this offense. I knew we were not going to win games.

    Knew Schiano was way over his head, and too stubborn to change.

  40. Kreator Says:

    @ Dmoney – good point on wyche

  41. Kreator Says:

    If I had to guess Mpmalloy is probably from Boston

  42. K_bassuka Says:

    FU Mr. King. It is a shame that our player are being lead by this sorry a$s HC.

    Schiano needs to go and be replaced by someone that actually knows how to coach so that the players can be evaluated correctly…

  43. coach80m Says:

    Mr. King, if Schiano was that good at Rutgers, then why was he not lured away by a larger/richer/more successful college program? All he is a genius at is pissing people off; has absolutely no people skills, but exceeds at being arrogant.

  44. THETRUTH Says:

    RUTGERS OFFENSE COMMENT shows the lack of knowledge you people have. you the same people who would run off jimmy johnson, harbough, pete carroll just cause he is from college..

    its the NY GIANTS offense, (OC Former giant) Eli runs same offense..

    We can be like Browns, Cardinals, Raiders run coaches off every year cue they dont do want the expert fans say to do..

    0-5 but WE ARENT THAT FAR from 3-2/ 4-1 I understand its hard to be patient when we pay lots to watch them, at least I pay.

    chucky was a liar and that I got from mouth of players and Dungy had no offense and as D-LINE who played for him have said he refused to hold them accountable..

  45. mpmalloy Says:

    And right on que: Enter the paid internet shills and baby-trolls…


    I’ve lived here since age 13.
    Why on God’s green Earth would you assume I’m from
    Boston? I haven’t said “not for nuthin” or “wicked” one time.
    I hope Boston loses to Detroit.
    ….or you already ironically living up to my original assertation?

  46. Buc1987 Says:

    LOL I think I’m the only one from the Boston area on these boards. No guessing there. I say it all the time in here. Bucs, Red Sox, and Celtics in that order. The Bucs mean a helluva lot more to me than the Sox and that’s saying a lot. Plus for some reason I absolutely loathe the Pats. I know some fans that have 2 NFL teams 1 NFC 1 AFC that they root for. I only have 1 team period. Go Bucs!

  47. buc4lyfe Says:

    i thought mark barron was drafted because of the tight ends in our division, schiano made it seem like he was going to do the exact same thing that talib did against jimmy graham

  48. D-Rome Says:

    It’s coming up on a calendar year since the Bucs last had a home win and that was against the Chargers (J. Freeman 14-20 2TD).

    Has this team improved since then?

    Clearly not.

  49. D-Rome Says:

    0-5 but WE ARENT THAT FAR from 3-2/ 4-1 I understand its hard to be patient when we pay lots to watch them, at least I pay.

    You are what your record says you are and that’s THETRUTH.

  50. Meh Says:

    I assume this is intended at me:

    “Not true at all. Not here anyway. I was, but there are plenty who made up their minds the day Schiano was hired.

    And there are some that, even if the team went undefeated from here out they would still want Schiano gone.”

    The first is not true, the second is. Schiano has burned his bridges with me. He is an embarrassment – and I did not call for his firing until 0-3 and the Freeman fiasco. Then it went to 0-4. Then 0-5.

    How many more losses are we going to let this coach rack up?

  51. THETRUTH Says:

    but im not dumb to know 3-13 RECORD nad you probably gonna be gone..

    would enyone take Norve turner HEAD COACH, D coach weinsted and butch davis GM.. ALL OLD COWBOYS SUPERBOWL STAFF..A STAFF THAT KNEW TALENT EVALUATION




  52. Capt. Tim Says:

    The Truth.
    Um, no. You are misinformed- and haven’t been reading any of the articles posted here over the last few weeks.
    Start with”Rutgers offense” posted here last Wednesday.

    Or, actually watch! The New York offense has always included TEs, and had Pro bowl slot Recievers.

    Schiano’s sad little Rutgers offense rarely includes either.
    Afraid you are the one showing his ignorance
    Jermaine- back to Le Meridian
    611 N Florida Ave
    This is the Hotel. It used to be the old courthouse. The only bad part is parking- there are several lots nearby for a dollar a day. May wanna show up early- to find a spot. Orientation is 7:00 at Beck trailers on ground
    And what the hell does that mean
    ” we are 0-5, but we aren’t that far from 3-2/4-1″
    ??? What the hell fantasy world are you watching on??
    We are 1-11!!! We aren’t that far from 0-16 this year!
    We are galaxies from 4-1!
    Lol, sorry buddy! But that kind of losing gets you fired at any level.

  53. THETRUTH Says:

    We had TE last year in clark and when we finally threw to him he ended up with good amount of catches.. again this with Freeman who only has one read capability..

    Slot receiver, where has Jackson lined up ??? slot plenty of times but this I put on GM not bringing in a solid slot receiver and a catching TE

  54. Kreator Says:

    @ Mpmalloy you just seem like a typical self righteous A**:#***
    From boston

  55. Kreator Says:

    @ the truth What game were you watching last week? Tim “Rutgers” wright was their no 2 reciever although someone should teach him how to catch in the end zone?

  56. Capt. Tim Says:

    The truth.
    I agree that Dom also bears lots of guilt in this seasons terrible results

    Joe, could you remove my post above. Some odd message pasted in the middle. Not sure from what source.

  57. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Meh Says: October 17th, 2013 at 3:24 pm

    I assume this is intended at me:

    “Not true at all. Not here anyway. I was, but there are plenty who made up their minds the day Schiano was hired.

    And there are some that, even if the team went undefeated from here out they would still want Schiano gone.”

    The first is not true, the second is.”

    Please pay attention to the phrasing of my statement. “AND there are those…”

    Meaning in addition to those who wanted him gone from the start. I made it clear the first group was not the second group.

    Frankly if the Bucs went undefeated from here out and they ended 11-5 and you still want rid of him, I question your fandom.

    You would rather damage the team than see him stay? I have to ask…what has he done that is so bad?

    Even though the nflpa claims he was the leak on freeman…they didn’t say he told the press. Clearly the players who they interviewed did.

    You can’t say they team has quit on him or that he’s tearing it apart…if so then clearly you are not paying attention. They are more united than ever.

    You may mention the supposed complaints at a players only meeting at the start of training camp…by players who did not even make the team. Camp fodder.

    Or you may mention getting rid of Talib. Had to be done.

    You may mention Roy Miller. Spence is better.

    You may mention the penalties that point to a lack of discipline…penalties are fixed and Dungy and Gruden both had to deal with penalties at one point.

    So ease…tell me why you hate the man?

    Because other than the record I see no valid reason. And if they win out, that reaso is rendered nill.

    I’m not saying they will. Its a hypothetical situation.