NFL-Funded Assault On Schiano Continues

October 4th, 2013

“Greg, I ordered my boys to roll grenades into your New Schiano Order. You’re just the easiest and most-popular target. You pissed off Tom Coughlin. The toes-on-the-line thing was great. You got rules for everything and you can’t win a game.. People hate rules. We haven’t had a villain this good since T.O. wore the black hat. Rich Kotite was damn lucky there was no Internet. Just win a little, Greg, and I’ll tell my dogs to move on.”

Joe finds the NFL fascinating. The league employs teams of reporters for NFL Network and that dig up and distribute unsourced dirt from NFL locker rooms. And the owners pay for this to fuel the obsession with the NFL that lines their pockets — even if it hurts their individual organizations.

What mad genius!

Joe wishes he was that smart.

So with that stated, Joe brings you the latest from and NFL Network. Reporter Michael Silver continued the popular onslaught on Greg Schiano yesterday. Silver was busy learning the pulse of the Bucs locker room and paints a grim picture.

“You hear Greg Schiano pleading his case, and it seems a little myopic. They’re just trying to show everybody that it’s OK that they cut Josh Freeman,” Silver said. “There is a sense in that locker room that he over-coaches situational football, that there’s a sort of paralysis preparing for one-in-a-million scenarios. That instead of being able to go out there and play fast, guys are burdened with having to over-think things.”

You can read more by clicking through above.

Clearly, there are content editors at NFL headquarters who have determined that whipping Schiano and imploding the Bucs by any means necessary are good for business.

Hey, Team Glazer, perhaps you could make a phone call to cool the assault on your head coach?

Hmm, it’s ironic how these NFL reporters do so little digging to figure out what players had concussions but didn’t go through the proper medical protocols, given that the league is sooooo concerned about the health of players.

Joe gets what’s going on, but it doesn’t feel good when it’s your team that league employees are being paid to rip apart. But that’s exactly what the NFL wants.

85 Responses to “NFL-Funded Assault On Schiano Continues”

  1. Meh Says:

    Or maybe we just deserve it, because that’s what it looks like from my seat.

  2. D-Rome Says:

    Clearly, there are content editors at NFL headquarters who have determined that whipping Schiano and imploding the Bucs by any means necessary are good for business.

    I don’t think so. The fact of the matter is that there is a story at One Buc Place that the players inside the organization want told. These people are reporters and they are simply doing their job. You’re starting to sound like Donald Penn blaming this ambiguous monster called “The Media” pretending as if this monster was slain all bad things would go away. The Media aren’t imploding the Bucs. The Bucs are imploding the Bucs.

    Or maybe in this heightened era of player safety Goodell is trying to run Schiano out of the league.

    Yeah right….

  3. Chris Says:

    Everyone points fingers at schiano. This is stupidity. Schiano may be a disciplinarian but he’s not a moron if any of these idiots think that. It was josh freeman who couldn’t take schiano. Read an article interviewing Jeff Teel when he played for him. He said there were times he hated him but schiano pulled him aside and said “just getting you ready”. He said if uoure not thick skinned you don’t belong. It’s the same player coughlin parcels and bellichik require. Schiano is not the type to leak any information outside the organization.

  4. Biff Barker Says:

    The larger issue is there are malcontents in the locker room still feeding inside info to someone local. Doubtful that a player is directly going to a league reporter.
    Could be residual fodder from the Freeman camp too. They need to, and will continue to, paint a grimy picture of Schiano.
    Someone has a paycheck but still needs a job.

  5. Meh Says:

    Schiano is not a disciplinarian. No coach of a team that plays as sloppy as we have should ever be given that title. A disciplinarian coach doesn’t have this many penalties, this many guys lining up off the line of scrimage, receviers that can’t run routes without ending up next to each other, and on and on and on.

    It is an insult to disciplinarians everywhere to call Schiano one. He’s that little tiny 6 inch tall boss that screams in the meeting from that commerical.

  6. Illuminati Says:

    I think because of all the Freeman drama, a lot of reporters have been intensely focused on the Bucs the past couple of weeks. Naturally, they are going to try to generate ancillary stories from any little nugget they can dig up.

    With Freeman gone, a lot of the scrutiny will die down and we can get back to football.

    Unless, of course, the current league and NFLPA probes reveal any intentional confidentiality breaches by the team regarding Freeman’s drug program status. Then we could have a minor scandal and some hefty fines to deal with.

  7. jb Says:

    So now…..the media is picking on poor, poor Schianopolean? Give me a freaking break!!! Next thing I’ll read here….”It’s the fans fault we can’t win a game with all this talent. It’s Freeman, it’s the media……it’s everyone but Schiano!

    Child PUHLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. vdubguy Says:

    It will all make sense when everyone realizes it was all part of his 12 game win streak strategy.

  9. k_bassuka Says:


    Schiano is not a disciplinarian he is a dictator and an idiot as well.

    I agree with Meh. The tesm looks unprepared and lost on the closeout minutes and Singano is seen screaming during that time as well, on all the close loses we suffered due to Singano lack of HC ability. Why should we believe the contrary?

    Please FIRE SCHIANO Glazers…

  10. kenny_c Says:

    side note, pats just cut sudfeld (TE) he is better than all the TE’s (Minus crabtree) we have right now. Lets see if Dominick scoops him up. I know he had a little injury, but we can get him cheap.

  11. Paul Says:

    I like how there is never mention of Freeman’s inconsistent, awful play/preparation being a cause of his benching.

    Also, when do the lies become slander?

  12. BucsQcCity Says:

    Things are that way because they got that way..

    Bye Schiano

  13. McBuc Says:

    Paul, it is menioned all the time, that does not change the poor coaching.

  14. Chef Paul Says:

    I can see it now.

    Bill: Hey Greg, I know you guys need a TE too. Tell you what, I’ll re-sign Sudfeld and throw him in with Mallet for Jackson.

    Greg: Really? You would do that for me? Gosh, you’re such a great friend. I couldn’t make it in the NFL without you.

    Bill: That OK Greg, I make a great mentor. Just ask Josh McDaniels about how I mentored him when he was in Denver

  15. Paul Says:

    I like how Florio said Penn was complaining about the Bucs when he was complaining about the media. He’ll never eat crow though. Good work with the Penn quote btw to expose this phony.

  16. ATLBucsFan Says:

    @ Paul – I’d like to know the answer to that question as well. There has to be a line drawn in the sand somewhere.

    @ Meh – did you ever think that players not being disciplined in their play could be an indirect way of blowing up the coach? If Schiano is overcoaching with too much analysis then I say move that player along please. Does anyone think Peyton Manning does too much analysis? Tom Brady? I’ll agree that some players don’t have the capability of staying that focused during the training but they need to be. Instead of indirectly fighting Schiano, embrace his methods first and see if there are positive results.

  17. Eric Says:

    Over coaching and poor preparation.

    Heavens no not our team.

    Total slander! Huge league wide conspiracy. All designed to bring down a brilliant coach.

    1-9 got nuttin to do with it. They have it in for the man.

  18. ATLBucsFan Says:

    Let’s remember that the news media is all about NEWS! If there isn’t much there then let’s over talk the little we have. Then, newsman X from City Y will pick up on it and report it with a little added for good luck. Before you know it you have a storm!

    It always cracks me up when a new report cites another new organization in their reporting! Do your own work fellas!

  19. Paul Says:

    McBuc what’s poor with the coaching? Don’t say any media hearsay that hasn’t been confirmed, I don’t buy into that.

  20. Ian P. Says:

    Some say “where there is smoke, there is fire”, but that being said, I’m going wait to pass judgement until I see the product on the field come October 13. We can’t lose sleep over these media reports. I couldn’t care less what happens in the locker room. That’s not what I’m paying to see. The only thing that matters is what happens on the field on Sundays. Let’s keep things in perspective.

  21. Meh Says:

    Poor coaching:

    No hot routes
    Players unable to line up properly
    Receivers unable to figure out the routes
    Inexcusable penalties
    Poor half time adjustments
    4th quarter choke jobs thanks to prevent defenses with less than a TD lead
    A very dated offensive scheme

    I could go on…

  22. Meh Says:

    Oh, I’ve just got to add one more.

    A $16 million shutdown corner in zone coverage half the time.

  23. BirdDoggers Says:

    The modern day media will take any bit of information and make a story out of it. No sources, no actual proof, just creating stories based on rumors. It’s not just sports, it’s everything, everywhere. It’s the new standard.

    The players know the pulse of the locker room. The results on the field should give us a clue to the Schiano’s ability as a coach and the players desire to play for him. So far, the players haven’t shown signs of giving up on Schiano. However, Schiano hasn’t shown the ability to put the team is a position to win. He’s been outcoached and hasn’t shown the ability to make in-game adjustments.

  24. jb Says:

    Do you people REALLY believe the nonsense going on over at One Buc Place is simply being manufactured by the media? Do you go to any of the games? Do you watch any of the games? I suppose you haven’t noticed Schianopolean freaking out on the sidelines barking at the officials to explain NFL rules to him in the final minutes of games. This guy is the worst game day coach we’ve EVER had, and we’ve had some bad ones over the past 38 seasons, and I’ve watched everyone one of ’em.

  25. Bk Says:

    Schiano has done one thing very poorly. Adapt to the teams needs and listening to them. Coughlin was on the way out in NYG a few years ago but made a mental change in his attitude towards his players and it has allowed him to stay. Schiano has this 1950s style of mgmt that is no longer effective in pro sports or the business world. He needs to call his captains in and get a list of things they would change and strongly consider them. He is not listening to his locker room and unless he does during the bye week this team won’t give it 100%. He can start by respecting the locker room and forbidding his coaches from going in there. Apparently that is one of the issues. The locker room is a players only sanctuary in the nfl. I thought the comment about focusing on playing fast vs prepping for the one in a million play was very telling.

  26. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Let me see…..Overcoaching caused LVD to make a stupid penalty….and overcoaching caused Lindel to miss that field goal….Overcoaching caused Martin to fumble & the Glennon pick…..if not for the overcoaching….we would be 3-1.

    Lets put some things in perspective here…its all about our W-L record. That’s what has caused all the uproar!!!

  27. Paul Says:

    No hot routes – how is that Schiano? there is no 3rd WR/TE worth a crap Sully/Dominik
    Players unable to line up properly – Just seen that on offense
    Receivers unable to figure out the routes – Sully or Freeman disconnect QB change
    Inexcusable penalties – I just can’t count “playing too hard” as inexcusable. Plus those were fixed.
    Poor half time adjustments- Again, I blame the offensive gameplan
    prevent defenses-
    A very dated offensive scheme- Sully

    Schiano got his hands and focus on fixing the historically bad defense this offseason. I can’t blame no TE, bad 3rd WR or inconsistent QB with inability to learn opposing defenses on Schiano, I’d say they were personnel problems that I can see being fixed as we speak.

    We’ve been competitive in every game, but have been hindered by the worst TE play in the league, terrible production from WR3 and inconsistent QB play that can’t look off coverage.

  28. jb Says:

    Oh, I forgot how he can’t even get the team to line up correctly in pressure situations. I thought Rah had them looking like they rarely practice, Schiano has them looking like steped on a football field for the first time.

    I suppose we’ll have to wait until the end of the season to see the Glazers jettison this fool, but the big question is…how many “fans” will show up to see the Niners dismantle us in our final home game of the season? 10,000? 20,000?

    It seems they simply don’t care anymore.

  29. Paul Says:

    Revis plays in zone because we send an extra blitzer some of the times. If we played Revis in man and sent that extra blitzer, then there’d be a receiver with nobody on him and you could kiss our sack production goodbye. Our defense is playing lights out, so that is a ignorant comment.

  30. Meh Says:

    No hot routes – YOu still run a hot route with the personnel you have. There is no dump off option on WAY too many plays. Sure Dom shares blame for not getting us a TE (but we “don’t use them”) or a third WR (cut and resign Underwood again?!?). of course I’m on the fire Dom bandwagon too. The whole staff needs to be removed.

    And so what if you’ve “just” seen that on offense? The offense is a train wreck.

    Unable to run routes: Sorry, happened with Glennon too. Its not the QB, its the coaching.

    Penalties were improved, not fixed. In one game out of 4. They cost us multiple wins before that. That is inexcusable.

    Poor half time adjustments – it isn’t just the offense, although that is a bigger problem.

    I see Sullivan is the next scape goat now that dumping Freeman didn’t fix the offensive woes. Sorry, this is the offense Schiano wanted. He is the head coach.

  31. jb Says:

    Hey Paul….is your last name Schiano? Just

  32. Meh Says:

    Don’t start with the insults Paul or the conversation is over. Just FYI, I’m not playing that game.

    And no, you can play zone with everyone except Revis. Rex Ryan did it with great effectiveness. Revis should almost never be in zone. If you want to play your corner in zone that much, then you don’t go get a $16 mil shutdown man corner.

  33. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I think it’s unfair to Schiano the way people are going after him. It’s one thing to criticise the way he runs things on the field and the lack of results, but this is nothing but a witch hunt.

    For months people and media (not all but most) were yelling for Freeman to be benched. When it finally happens Schiano is suddenly made the villian. I think some of you are incapable of reasoning things out on your own. You let talk radio influence you and you repeat the things you hear.

    The media, which includes talk radio as well, comes out with outlandish stories, exagerate them, and when it backfires they avoid taking responsibility by pointing their fingers at Schiano and the Bucs. And you guys let them manipulate you.

    There are 12 games left. What if the Bucs still manage to win 9-10 games? Not easy but also not impossible. I could care less about what the media says. If the locker room were turning on Schiano there would be named sources.

    Revis was never one to keep his mouth shut regardless of how much money he makes. Penn would not hesitate to speak up…even against his coach…if he felt the need. We have players on the team that have a history of complaining and not caring about the consequences.

    But no one is.

    Even the overblown players-only was not what the media claimed.

  34. Paul Says:

    Why do you discredit all of the work he’s done on defense? He said he’d have a bigger hand in the defense than offense before the season anyways. Seems like he’s focused on fixing the offense now, so I expect big things. I would say that Sully and his NYG offensive playbook is indeed the next scapegoat.

  35. mindyr Says:

    I find your complaint sort of funny when it was the Jets that everyone was beating up you had no trouble printing those articles especially when it had some reference about Revis but now oh my you cant take the same type of treatment about your boy

  36. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I’m hoping things improve after the bye.

  37. Paul Says:

    I didn’t insult you. But you go ahead and send an extra blitzer and then play zone with Revis. What do you think will happen? That hot route you were talking about? it’ll be there wide open all day.

  38. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I see some changes coming that may help the O. Last week Glennon completed 10 passes to the 3rd WR & TE….threw more to the backs. Part of it was from necessity because VJax & MW19 were covered & part of it is because Glennon saw them and is better at short passes than Josh.
    I also see Demps becoming more involved.
    And, the fake field goal shocked me….and it also shocked AZ.

    Schiano will have to make some adjustments and I think he will because he knows he has to win.

  39. Paul Says:

    then play *MAN* with Revis

  40. Paul Says:

    Revis will get run all the way up the field if you were wondering

  41. Ben Says:

    Come on Joe, you know how this works. I’m sure you don’t let your advertisers tell you what you can or can’t write about.

    When the NFL decided to get into the media business, they knew that meant their own media-arm would report things that they wouldn’t like. It isn’t so much a master plan as it is a negative side-effect the owners are willing to take in order to cash in.

  42. Paul Says:

    Rex ran the 3-4, could drop a LB back if Revis was in man. If we do that it’d be a DL. Saw that already this year and it wasn’t pretty. Our 3-4 looks are pretty awful and I hope we don’t start getting into that just to run Revis in man every play.

  43. Meh Says:

    So what? You take their best receiver out of the equation almost every play. Its then 10 on 10 and you have an extra free blitzer for the QB. Revis doesn’t need safety help. You can’t possibly believe that the way Revis has been used basically his entire career is wrong? Really?

  44. Meh Says:

    3-4 vs 4-3 is irrelevant in this situation. The idea is to take out their best guy and scheme 10 on 10. That doesn’t mean putting a DE into coverage (although we have and I agree it was ugly with both Clayborn and McCoy).

  45. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I agree Revis is a Man corner but I don’t think he’s been doing that bad in zone. It’s only natural he has to adjust to it.

    Raheem also wanted to switch to zone as I recall. He failed and went back to cover 2.

    The Bucs have been stuck in Cover for a long time. There’s going to be growing pains. I still see Man coverage at time though.

    Frankly I think the defense is progressing fine. It’s the offense that is the bigger issue. Always has been. The fact that Jackson ran the exact same route in every play in the last game says a lot.

    Personally I think Jackson and Williams were only in the game to draw coverage. I think they were both playing hurt.

  46. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Bonzai

    You are absolutely on target…..The media has made countless errors in their reporting because the reports were mostly favbrications that didn’t develop.
    Even this one is a supposition based probably on an ex player’s opinion. An ex player that is an ex for a reason.

    The play of our defense tells me that at least part of the coaching is working very well. Our offense needs fixing and I expect we will see some changes.

    As far as “scapegoat” Sullivan….lets face it…if an OC continues to average 8 points a can you call him a scapegoat?

  47. Paul Says:

    Dude, don’t you see. If you play Revis in man, and rush an extra blitzer like we’ve gotten all of our drive killing sacks. Then there is wide open receiver. I can’t make it any clearer.

  48. Meh Says:

    I agree the offense is the bigger issue right now, and the defense has improved over last year. The point is we’re spending $16 million on Revis to play him in zone, which is the worst way to maximize his talents. We could have picked up a TE, a WR3, and a CB for that price. You just don’t need a Revis if you’re going to play that sort of defense. Its a waste of his talents, and a waste of our cap when we’re desperately thin elsewhere.

    The reason it is a bad reflection on the coaching is because they’re forcing players into their scheme rather than scheming to their players strengths. You can see it on both sides of the ball. That isn’t good coaching. Good coaches get the most they can out of their players, and scheme to maximize their talents.

  49. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I also think throwing to Jackson was a bad call by Sully. Especially late in the game. If you wanna test the coverage do it earlier so there is time to recover.

    Jackson was just too well covered and throwing to him was practically begging for a pick.

    In years past college coaches failed because they always tried to build a run-first team. That simply cannot work anymore. It has to be balanced. Sully is far to predictable. He needs to adjust. Spread things out.

    Blaming Schiano for offensive playcalling is dumb. While I believe he may insert some things at times, it is Sully’s job to call the majority of plays. I’m not calling for his head…I’m saying he needs to adjust his plans.

  50. TAC Says:

    I think the anymouse player has opinions just like everyone else. His problem is, he is part of the team problem. I guess he wants to blame someone within, anyone but himself.

    The path of least resistance is what people take, and when talking to a reporter, what the player said is obvious. “Don’t focus on me, the anymouse, its the Coach”. I do agree the Coach is overall responsible.

    Freeman sucked azz 50% of the time he played, but he is gone now.

    The rest of the season is what will tell the tale of Shiano. If he can’t bring this team together with leadership, then that will reflect on them all. You have to be a good follower to ever be a good leader, whoever that anymouse player was, he is a cancer to the team. Wonder how many exist in that locker room.

    Schiano and the gang of Coaches are under the magnifying glass. So are the players.

  51. lightningbuc Says:

    Who knew there were so many offensive coordinators here on JBF?

  52. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Meh

    I don’t think Revis is at 100% yet or the Coaches don’t think he is and part of this scheme is to ease Revis….perhaps.

  53. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Meh, I get what you are saying. You raise a valid point.

    That’s why I’m of the attitude to see how things change coming out of the bye week. This is the time when coaches have the opportunity to make certain changes and adjustments.

    I’m currently not against Schiano at all. I think the media has made it very hard to keep him. But if the Glazers stick it out and Schiano turns things around it would be a good thing.

    It will all depend on whether the coaching staff can addapt to the talent and adjust the play calling. We’ll see in a few games.

    And if they fail? Well, hello new QB and new coach in the off season. I just don’t want Schiano replaced midseason because it limits options.

  54. K_bassuka Says:

    Wow, I thought we got rid off all the Rutgers and Schiano apologists. During the season ticket holder breakfast that retarded HC of ours blamed the state of the Bucs on Rah regime, just bravo.

    The main reason why this team sucks and Rah failed its because in both regimes there’s a lack of accountability. In Rah’s he didn’t held the players accountable and put all the guilt on himself and the staff while babying the players and by the time he tried to hold the players accountable they just took the easy road and turned on him…
    With Singano it’s just the opposite. He is placing all the blame on the players but doesn’t hold them accountable for their mistakes as well as his mistakes and the rest of the coaching staff. The difference is that in this dictatorship the players don’t publicly bash the regime in fear of being punished.

    Singano is garbage and needs to go…

  55. bucrightoff Says:

    Technically speaking all “assaults” on Schiano are directly or indirectly NFL funded. Reporters who write about the NFL have no job without the NFL.

  56. jose Says:

    News flash!!! Shiano is NOT going to get fired… you guys don’t think the Glazers new what he was gonna do? They knew he wasn’t sold on Freeman and they knew what type of coach he was and that he was going to purge this locker room. Do you all think it’s coached any differently in NE but everyone here will kill to have Belichik as a coach. Things always get worst before they get better that’s just the way it is.As for Josh ,he was a overpaid backup at best and he won’t be a starter going forward. Give the coach a shot to clean this team up it takes more than a year to build a winner! I remember when everyone wanted Dungy gone because he wasn’t tough on his players or Chucky because he had to much of a ego. Consistency is the name of the game people,CONSISTENCY.

  57. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ jose

    Your’re right…the Glazers are not going to fire Schiano…he probably gets at least until the end of next year. So, fans need to sit back and root for his success…because they will have no other choice.

  58. Bobby Says:

    Revis was on Fitzgerald man to man 75% of the time. Did you guys watch the game??? I think it was something like 34 out of 47 plays or something like that. The defensive scheme is working so who gives a crap?? We held Drew Brees to 1 TD. Yeah….you guys are geniuses on how to use Revis……Just stick to being stupid posters and keep your day job. The problem is with the offense…NOT the defense.

  59. 911bucs Says:

    It’d be an interesting read from the departed coaches and players from last year about Schiano and Freeman.

  60. K_bassuka Says:

    @Jose and TBucsfan

    So if the team loses the next 2 games by blowouts Singano will still keep his job? No fan in their right mind will say he will get fire because Freeman is gone, but rather because he is a lame @ss HC.

    You say the offense is the problem, then how come 3 out of four games the team has failed to hold the lead in the last minutes of the 4th QTR. If we didn’t have defensive problems we would have been 3-1.
    Every team has been able to drive the ball on this defense because of the lame stunts that Singano ran at Rutgers. Even a rookie QB. Bree’s made some mistakes but we always play them close at least once every season. The problem free defense couldn’t hold the sorry cardinals with a 10 point lead. Would it be the offense fault if the game was 47-37 in the 4th and the defense lost the lead?

  61. Young buc Says:

    Hey Bobby he was in off coverage on that td
    So shut up

  62. bucrightoff Says:

    K_bassuka Says:
    October 4th, 2013 at 9:57 am
    You say the offense is the problem, then how come 3 out of four games the team has failed to hold the lead in the last minutes of the 4th QTR. If we didn’t have defensive problems we would have been 3-1.

    You are so right. When you average 8 points of offesne of game, your defense should always get the blame. When you have zero drives longer than 43 yards, its the defense not holding leads that is why we lost.

  63. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    The media bias vs. Schiano has been apparent since Kneelgate 2012. He is still referred to as the “college coach” in the media. I haven’t seen one objective news story about him since his kind gesture for Eric Legrand. Someone with big influence in the league has it out for him big time.

    I’m not sure how many of you remember 2011. Just about every game down the stretch was out of reach by the end of the first half. Guys were whiffing on easy tackles. Guys were getting in fights with opposing players and drawing penalties constantly. They completely quit. JFro couldn’t hit his own receivers, so he just started throwing the ball to the other team.

    Hate Schiano all you want, but he came in and turned things around. Our defense is a top tier defense. We’re competitive in every game. And he’s gotten rid of the cancers from the previous regime.

    All that being said, he’ll be gone if we don’t have a winning record down the stretch this season. And the sad story of the Bucs will continue for many more years.

  64. crazy Says:

    “Just Win Baby” and over-coaching situational football becomes praise instead of criticism.

    This is like Gruden’s elaborate pre-snap motions designed to produce specific looks that stopped working when opponents figured out it was advantageous to stand back and watch the offense confuse itself into penalties and broken plays. Schiano’s improved LB play but other than that too many stunts and blitzes on defense and an over-reliance on Martin and Jackson/Willams to make up for an otherwise mediocre offense.

    If the offense can survive long enough for Glennon to grow into Brad Johnson with a longer arm but it’s gonna take more time than Schiano’s probably got.

  65. Aubpierce Says:

    Call it like it is.The $16 million shutdown corner got burned by Fitzgerald for a touchdown and looked bad regardless of the coverage.Yet he looked great in coverage with the interception.Get off Schiano`s back until Raheems playmates are gone and then hold him accountable.

  66. Joe Says:

    @mindyr and @Ben – As Joe wrote, Joe understands the game that’s played very well. But that doesn’t mean Joe has to like it or think it always makes sense.

  67. K_bassuka Says:


    I never put blame on the defense dumb dumb, I put 100% blame on coaching alone. Schiano said it from the get go that he wanted a run first offense which means a low scoring control the game one that relies on the defense to close the deal on game days. Well as long as our great HC continues to settle for 3 point leads and continue to run on 9 men fronts the offense will suck.

    Being a good offense it’s all about rhythm, you can’t be conservative all game long and turn the offense up on the last minute or two after you give up the lead. That’s how this team has operated with Josh and now Glennon.

    Schiano has to go…

  68. buc4lyfe Says:



  69. givemeball Says:

    Shiano is breaking down Raheems mess and then building it back up!! Give him time…Fans need to chill a little bit.

  70. bucrightoff Says:

    @K_bassuka, this is your exact quote:

    “You say the offense is the problem, then how come 3 out of four games the team has failed to hold the lead in the last minutes of the 4th QTR. If we didn’t have defensive problems we would have been 3-1.”

    So yeah, you are blaming the defense. How about I make it even more simple than if we had “defensive problems”: If we competent, not good, not great, competent, QB play, we’d be 3-1, maybe even 4-0 and we aren’t talking about coaching at all. Instead our QBs have been arguably the worst in the league. Its that simple, if we can find a good QB, we’re a playoff team with the exact same roster, and if we can find a great QB we can win the Super Bowl.

  71. Sebas Says:

    Hey Schiano, how about your toes on the unemployment line.

  72. buc4lyfe Says:

    everytime i come here theres someone putting nonsense out there

    josh freeman took the heat for being inaccurate but now were making excuses for schiano? how can you as a head coach throw another coach under the bus like that, we’ve never been this bad. atleast raheem was embarrassing on the field, this guy is pathetic on and off the field.

    Still blind and blaming the quarterback but no one has ever accused christian ponder of being a franchise quarterback but somehow they made it to the playoffs. you dont get up in front of paying ticket holders and say your own franchise was a laughing stock before you got here. why dont you win something meaningful first

    stop blaming qb’s ok how about this for stat….He’s never beat a rookie quarterback (we had the lead at the end of the game in everyone of them) we had a new qb that couldnt complete a pass over 20 yards. 0-6 win games decided by a touchdown or less

    your just a retard because if i recall correctly we lost games 1 and 2 WHILE the quarterback was sitting on the bench and if your argument is we should have blown them out then you need to go back to watching football on playstation or something. raheem morris did more with less

    your coach is pathetic but just wait, it’ll sink in sooner than later

  73. buc4lyfe Says:


    you mean playmates like michael bennett and ronde…….ronde wasnt good enough to go back to slot, only role schiano could see him in was backup safety lol all because of leonard johnson, was i the only one that saw doug martin out of breath in that game last week, he’s gonna run that guy into the ground even with 2 capable backups waiting in reserve? doug martin took 4 snaps in the preseason so i doubt he’s in football shape. this coach isnt on the nfl level yet, he still hasnt left behind the college ranks which is why he keeps talking about things he used to do in college lol but whatever you same people will be the one’s calling for his head soon unless your dumb enough to want us to have a bad season just for a high draft pick…yea sounds real competitive

  74. K_bassuka Says:


    You quote the answer I was giving another poster about why is not the offense’s fault and you run with it. But why didn’t you answer how is the QB be in synch with the WR when your coach wants you to only run the ball for most of the game and throw only when they force you to throw.

    According to you all NFL HC follow the same offensive principles:
    1. If their defense lines up for the run, then run the ball…
    2. If the defense lines up rushing the QB then we pass…

    That’s poor coaching don’t you think. And why every other team seems to find one or two QB’s to run their offense but the Bucs and Jags (they’re just foolish)?

    The reason why this team is 0-4 is because Singano is too conservative and is never prepare for end of game plays, while the NYJ, NO, and AZ coaches looked calmed and ready to implement their situational plans, Schiano is screaming at his players cause no one knows what they’re suppose to do…

    Time for a change Fire Singano…

  75. bucrightoff Says:

    Every post I read by buc4lyfe sends my IQ down at least 30 points. Learn proper grammar techniques (capitalization, punctuation etc…) and maybe kept it away from personal insults it’d be worthwhile engaging with you. I’m glad you accept C- efforts all the time, your life of mediocrity must be well, mediocre. Sorry I expect more from our 5th year QB, but you’re right, a completion % below Tim Tebow’s career average is perfect fine.

    And K_bassuka I haven’t given a Schiano a pass for anything. He deserves the heat he is getting. The offense is horrific and has regressed terribly since 6-4 last year. But Josh Freeman was a part of that offense, and when you watch him play, he’s still doing the same things he did his rookie year: Staring down receivers, not making any reads, no presnap adjustments, and mistakes rookies make leading to costly turnovers. The Bucs aren’t in dire straights like many of you on the ledge think. They’re very close to being a great team. Would a new coach help? Sure, maybe, but if he gets the same QB play we’ve seen we could have Vince Lombardi and it wouldn’t matter.

  76. bucbucbuc Says:

    Why do people defend this clown Schiano?? What has he done? Sure he’s improved the defense, but at the expense of the offense. At the end of the day, we’re still not winning.

  77. Bucsfanman Says:

    Awful lot of hate for Schiano in this room!
    While there may be cause for concern, lets take a look at what he has done: 2011-worst run defense in the league to 2012- best run defense in the league, 2012- worst pass defense in the league to 2013- currently 15th overall, 2012- least sacks in the league to 2013- top 5 in QB sacks. And, boy is this D hitting people, it’s fun to watch!
    I would argue that his coaching style is working well for the D.
    Maybe we should hit “pause” on the hate until we find out for sure. You can’t blame the QB any more! Greg, it’s time to “micro-manage” some offense!

  78. 911bucs Says:

    “Call it like it is.The $16 million shutdown corner got burned by Fitzgerald for a touchdown and looked bad regardless of the coverage.”

    FYI Fitzgerald happens to be a pro bowl receiver maybe arguably in the top 3 in the NFL. The $16 million man can’t possible shutdown every receiver.

  79. Bobby Says:

    ^^^^exactly^^^^^ He’s not superman. He’s just very very good. Top receovers win once in awhile too. Thank God some posters here have an IQ above 30…..

  80. Bobby Says:

    ‘Receivers’…hate phone keypads…

  81. buc4lyfe Says:


    i could care less about grammer techniques your not worth a comma or a capital letter…..IQ is more important than your grammer, who cares if you punctuate sentences properly? try putting more emphasis on taking the information were giving and giving us something worth reading

    james laurinitis did tell everyone what was wrong with our offense last year when we played the rams but no one paid attention to it. When he said the bucs offense was predictable and easy to game plan for, they had tell tales that gave away what they were trying to do!!! now i dont know about anyone else but the fact that your opponent says that about a team after the beat the brakes off you tells me something. that once defense figured out our high school offense drawn up with crayon we were done. look like they have 20 plays in the playbook.

  82. BigMacAttack Says:

    Schiano has destroyed the will of his team with his ways. All the Coach’s BS has finally overflowed into the streets.

    Fire Schiano

  83. bucrightoff Says:

    Just out of curiosity buc4lyfe, how much less could you care? A little? A lot? A whole lot?

  84. oldfart44 Says:

    I’m waiting to see what happens on the leaked drug information on Freeman. Not being an American, I assume if it is a federal offense that it is serious? Neither Morris nor Schiano should have been hired due to lack of experience. I really do not understand why ownership would pay that kind of money for such a lack of experience. I don’t see Schiano lasting the year because when I watched the last game again, it looked to me like there was not close to 40,000 people there. I don’t see that improving, nor do I feel that the Bucs will win even 2 games. Watched Ronde Barber on Fox, and he said he did not recognize this charade compared to the problems he admitted that they had last year. Personally, I don’t like Schiano and his ways. I played one year for somebody with his type of personality. I was unbiased when he was hired until I saw rushing the kneel downs, in addition to his total lack of emotional control on the sideline. I thought he might start frothing at the mouth like a rabid dog. All he has done is caused a great deal of embarrasment to the city and the team. All he is to me is an insecure, evil bully. I can’t believe the statement he made about rescuing the program from being laughinstocks. It’s strange how he does not hold Goldson accountable for his penalties. If he had not got that penalty on the sideline against #13, is it possible that the defense might have held the Cardinals to a FG? By the way, Fitzgerald made a beautiful play against one of the best CBs I have ever watched. You know, sometimes the opposition makes plays.

  85. White Tiger Says:

    Unprofessional, low-characer types – like this coach – don’t last long for a reason.

    If even HALF of what has been dumped into the market is true – Schiano is below average as a coach AND a human being. He’s a megalomaniac in a position of power. You can get away with this type of stuff at Rutgers, not in Roger’s league.

    So please don’t whine to me about “piling on” Schiano – he’s a big boy who’s paid to know the proper care and feeding of grown-A$$ men. I care very little for this sub-human, because as I recall and by the coach’s own words:

    “It’s a decision based on [Grega Schiano’s] performance” – only this time, the NFL commissioner and the NFLPA will be the judge of the COACH’s performnance. An investigation of this type sure isn’t what the Glazers expected (or any of the OTHER NFL owners) – ‘cuz see, what this “oversight” means to them (and other owners everywhere) is that, in Tampa, NOBODY’S GOT THIS.

    Other owners have had to ask the Commish to intervene, especially since D MAurice is “investigating” – so they’ve asked Roger to help the Glazers understand that they 1st take this “bone” from the rabid dog…and 2nd – because the dog’s been biting folks all over the league, and that bone of his was actually the femur of the nice young kid down the street that everybody liked…

    …it just might turn out that Roger and Maurice will have to make the Glazers put ‘ol yeller down.

    Unfortunately, by now, it should be obvious to all but the most foolish.