Mike Glennon “Has No Clue”

October 11th, 2013

Eagles cornerback Cary Williams blasts Bucs quarterback Mike Glennon in this CSN Philadelphia video.

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  1. Jim Says:

    The Head Coach does not have a ‘clue’ either!

  2. joseph mamma Says:

    At least we can say we have a rookie QB that has no clue. We did have a 5th year QB that had no clue.

  3. Tony Says:

    Seriously, this is such a misleading headline. Unreal.

    Really? What’s misleading about it? Not a darn thing. –Joe

  4. Bobby Says:

    We’ll see. It’s not going to take much to beat Philly. When you have a defense as bad as there’s and you are a CB in that defense you should just keep your mouth shut and not provide incentive for opposing teams offense.

  5. Buc1987 Says:

    Man it was tough listening to this 2 imbeciles. I can’t decide which one spoke english worse. These Eagles players sure do like to talk trash(Jackson saying Revis is too slow) though, not nearly as much as their a-hole fan base. I think I might bring ear plugs to put in while I walk to the gates, so I don’t have hear that effing Eagles chant.

  6. Buc1987 Says:

    Funny though as NFL Network’s fantasy crew said to sit DeSean Jackson for this Sunday.

  7. Joe Says:


    Seriously, this is such a misleading headline. Unreal.

    You are either a total and complete imbecile or are illiterate. Which is it?

    That is a DIRECT QUOTE from Cary Williams. You know, that’s why Joe used the phrase in quotation marks (or are you also unfamiliar with what quotation marks are?) Watch and listen to the friggin’ video, will ya? Who the hell do you think Williams was talking about, Jeff Garcia? smh

    Joe doesn’t take kindly to people suggesting he is making stuff up.

  8. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    God I hate the Eagles

  9. Bucs4Life Says:

    @Joe – It’s misleading in that it’s taken out of context and, at least to a few readers, suggested something more provocative than reality. Whatever, it’s your job to get clicks, more power to you. Not sure why Tony is upset.

  10. kenpm Says:

    Am I missing something? I didn’t see the “blasts” part. He just said that Glennon “has no clue what the defensive game plan is gonna be”. And that he’s a rookie who is not used to the tempo of the NFL yet. I was expecting something controversial but that was a yawner.

  11. Joe Says:


    Am I missing something? I didn’t see the “blasts” part. He just said that Glennon “has no clue what the defensive game plan is gonna be”.

    So, Joe guesses you consider that a compliment?

  12. buccanAy Says:

    You calling people illiterate and “embicle”…stay classy

  13. Joe Says:

    @Joe – It’s misleading in that it’s taken out of context

    What context??? WILLIAMS SAID IT!!! Direct. Friggin. Quote.

    Joe just loves how people with zero clue to what they are talking about try to tell Joe not only how to do his job, but suggest Joe is lying. Only thing Joe will add is tread very lightly if you are suggesting Joe is making stuff up, especially when the allegation is dead wrong.

  14. Justin Says:

    “..blasts QB Mike Glennon” Come on.

    He didnt say he has “no clue (period).” He said he has no clue as to the Eagles defensive gameplan. Which for all intents and purposes is probably true. Unless Philly is planning on faxing over their gameplan to One Buc.

    Williams comments tell me they have some new stuff, probably blitzes for Sunday, that arent on tape.

  15. Joe Says:



  16. buc4lyfe Says:

    spoken like a true idiot…talking as if they win games with defense now thats funny, talking as if they actually get pressure on quarterbacks, i guess we will see…..whats cary williams number so we can see how many times he gets burned sunday

  17. lightningbuc Says:

    Big difference in “he has no clue what he is doing” and “he has no clue what our defensive plan is”! I took the bait tho and listened.

  18. Joe Says:

    whats cary williams number so we can see how many times he gets burned sunday

    Ssshhh. That may make him want go after Riley Cooper (again).

  19. csidedave Says:

    LOL. Be careful because “Joe doesn’t take kindly to people”

  20. Couch Fan Says:

    Would be great to get our first W against the Iggles. Can’t wait!! GO BUCS!!

  21. JT Says:

    Philly has “no clue”. Their white trash fans “have no clue”.

  22. Buc1987 Says:

    Bucs fans = agitated, hostile and downright cranky.

  23. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Shows what he knows. Its the pop-star that has no idea.

  24. kenpm Says:

    @Joe – ummm, since when does a quarterback know what the opposing defense’s gameplan is going to be? It was neither meant as a compliment nor a condemnation – just one of those generic comments that athletes tend to make. trying to selectively edit the comment to make it seem like much more than that is just dishonest.

    See I can do that too – “Joe … is making stuff up.” Don’t worry about what the rest of that sentence is from your previous comment because it’s a DIRECT QUOTE and I used QUOTATION MARKS so it must be correct, right?? Sheesh

  25. kenpm Says:

    @Joe – by the way, I like this website and generally enjoy your comments, both written and on the radio. However, attempting this kind of dishonest link bait is simply unnecessary and beneath you. Please stop

  26. Couch Fan Says:

    I to was fooled by the headline and thought it meant something differently but I would not call it dishonest. The guy did say those words, just in a different context.

  27. Rah Says:

    What will the post game presser be like if those guys are proven RIGHT, and the Bucs demise is similar to what Manning did vs Bears.
    (BTW – has tossed same number of INTs as Bucs former QB did for entire 2012 Already 0-6 and no hint of a QB Change)

    Bucs coming off a bye playing at home. WIN NOW or pack it in as OVER!

  28. Paul Says:

    Yahoo does it all the time, half of their article names are way out of context. It’s just a journalism thing to get more “interest”

  29. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    I usually read the comments before clicking on a video or sound file for this very reason. Sometimes the headline is misleading and I don’t want to get sucked into something that doesn’t interest me. I don’t care for drama and don’t find it appealing in any way.

    Now that I’ve read the comments it’s clear that the headline is meant to lead one to believe Williams is saying Glennon doesn’t have a clue as a quarterback, when the truth is that he’s saying Glennon doesn’t have a clue how Philly is preparing for him defensively. It’s not a “blast”, it’s not a dig, it’s not dramatic and it really isn’t worth listening to. Any defensive player could say the same thing about any opposing QB in the league. Unless that QB has a spy in the defensive meeting rooms he doesn’t know their game plan. Nothing to see here.

  30. Jason Says:

    That’s usually what the press does is take little snippets of a conversation put quotes around them and attack. That quote is out of context but what’s new when it comes to the media taking things out of context.

    See below. And it’s pretty said that so many people have no idea what “out of context” really means. –Joe

  31. Joe Says:


    Let’s get real here. NFL QBs watch other teams on tape and do their very best, alongside highly paid coaches, to know what the other team’s game plan will be. Of course, in fact, Glennon has a clue as to what the Eagles will bring defensively.

    The Eagles’ player’s words here are a direct, and rarely heard, knock on an opposing player.

    Secondly, “the dishonest link bait” you’re referencing is way out of line. Other websites drive traffic, aka page views, by forcing you to click links to read their own posts in full. Joe doesn’t do that. The link to this Philly video neither brings Joe any traffic, revenue or anything else. Joe simply thought it was worth fans seeing and used a traditional headline to peak curiosity.

    Falsely accusing Joe of using “dishonest” tactics means you are no longer able to comment. Joe doesn’t like wasting time on those who waste Joe’s time with baseless accusations. Obviously, this is nothing personal, as you are anonymous.

  32. SteveK Says:


    You are darn right, buddy. We are hostile, cranky and tired of REBUILDING.

    At least Glennon will make ROOKIE mistakes as a ROOKIE, and not make ROOKIE mistakes as a 5th year player.

    We got rid of Raheem’s golden boy, and we are on our way out of the depths of mediocrity.

    Glennon may be less physically gifted than Freeman, but he runs laps around Freeman inbetween the ears.

  33. Bobby Says:


  34. JBSkiff Says:

    @ Paul Are you saying journalist in Tampa are dishonest ? smh

    @ rah. I’d suggest you get a purple jursey but I forgot you are wearing a maroon one.

  35. Bobby Says:

    OOoohhhhh! Joe hates it when he gets called out on something. C’mon Joe. You’re not a politician.

    Correction. Joe loves to be called out on anything and everything, but not when it’s complete BS that slams Joe’s credibility. –Joe

    You know that headline was taken out of context or, at the very least, not clarified so that it WOULD be taken out of context. It wasn’t dishonest but it WAS misleading.

    It was neither. Joe made this very clear. The facts support Joe. –Joe

    To call your readers ‘imbeciles’ and ‘illiterate’ when we can all see the same thing is not shedding a good light on your ability to handle criticism. Are you turning into the ‘Blog Nazi’? “No post for YOU!!”

    Yes, Joe has issues when readers’ reading comprehension, or lack thereof, lead to crimes against Joe. –Joe

  36. Illuminati Says:

    @ Joe

    I agree that the headline and lead-in sentence are misleading.

    Geez, did anyone even see the embedded headline by CSN Philly as to the subject of the post. Even they interpreted this as a direct slam at Glennon. –Joe

    They only said you chose a misleading headline for the video, and made it sound like Cary Williams went on some rant “blasting” Mike Glennon, when all he did was make a few general comments about how rookie quarterbacks are often unprepared for the defenses they will see, and for the speed and tempo of the game.

    Again, Glennon was blasted here. You’re entitled to disagree, but to say Joe was misleading is unfair and inaccurate. –Joe

  37. Big Marlon B Says:

    I haven’t even seen the video, but I just want to say that Cary Williams is a scumbag of a human being. The guy never stops running his mouth, tries to fight EVERYONE, and hit a damn referee in the Super Bowl and got away with it. I hope a lineman hits a low block on him on a screen pass and gives him a compound fracture of the femur. I can’t stand seeing pieces of $hit like him making millions of dollars.

  38. Alex Says:

    @Rah. Eli has won 2 SUPER BOWLS. Freeman was garbage. Get over it

  39. Illuminati Says:

    @ Joe

    The embedded headline simply says “Wolff is critical of college teammate and Bucs’ QB Glennon.”

    Wolff does offer a couple of criticisms of Glennon’s game. But simple, level-headed criticism isn’t the same as “slamming” or “blasting” someone.

    Again, that’s your opinion, not fact. How many times this season have Bucs players criticized opponents? In the scope of the NFL, Glennon got blasted here. -Joe

  40. rdbucfan Says:

    I think The little pup from 620 has hacked JBF and is posing as one of the Joe’s. Only he who shall not be named hates Glennon, Schiano and the Bucs this much. Trying so hard to make you think he was right about Glennon, Schiano and the Bucs for getting rid of his man crushes – Free and for the audacity to call the franchise a laughingstock because of RahRah. Lets not forget about his hatred for Gruden who ran his first man crush Meshawn out of town and used his platform to his best ability to get Gruden fired.

    Now he is doing the same with Schiano. Man that guy is full of hate. He helps prove why I call it the city of brotherly hate.

  41. Captain Stagger Says:

    Weak bro…..weak…..quoting half a quote, and not the full quote to create a headline…..weakkkkkkk

    What exactly is weak about it? –Joe

  42. Captain Stagger Says:

    Using half a quote to create buzz, when the full quote is a non story is allot like rushing the V formation…..sure it might work…..but you’re gonna get a bad name for doing it.

  43. bucfever40 Says:

    I use my headphones at my desk at work, and forgot them today, when I read the headline, I’ll be honest, it pissed me off that a former college teammate would make a direct attack like that from a player who had won plenty of games on the college level while playing on the same team, so I thought that was a very personal attack on Glennon………until I read the fans responses, it was clear it wasn’t a direct dig at Glennon, it’s true, no QB would know exactly what the opposing defense is game planning against him, and I’m relieved because that would’ve been an unfair attack AND at a former teammate, it gave me the impression that “Glennon must really suck if he has a former teammate is taking shots at his brain and abilities”, so from someone who has not yet heard the video take, that’s exactly how I took it. But joe, I still love ya!

  44. Illuminati Says:

    A simple prose illustration of my earlier point seems necessary.

    This is level-headed criticism:

    Josh Freeman’s throwing mechanics are less than ideal, as he has more of a partial side-arm throwing motion than a clean, over-the-top delivery. His footwork needs improvement, too, and he often fails to progress completely through his reads.

    Whereas this is blasting:

    Josh Freeman is God-awful. The guy can’t play. He’s had nearly 60 starts in this league, and has learned nothing. He couldn’t find an open receiver if the guy built a fire and sent up smoke signals. But then, how could he be expected to see much of anything with his head so far up his ass?


    GO GET ‘EM MIKE ! GO BUCS !!!!!!!


    BULLETIN BOARD MATERIAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LETS DO THIS BUCS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Jordan Says:

    A “joebucsfan” doesn’t need to use cheap journalistic quoting tactics to attract clicks. If you are writing as a fan, which you say you are, then you should avoid writing like a Yahoo writer, which you just did.

  48. Biff Barker Says:

    Dr Biff prescribes beer, in copious quantities, to those who spent an inordinate amount of time picking last nights corn from this morning’s stool.

  49. holymoly Says:

    I.m sorry, maybe I missed it but who the fu@@ is this guy? Philly, the one American city that should be shut down. Classless,arrogant,idiotic fans ! Sure would be nice to see Glennon throw 3 TD’s past this POS !

  50. CHRIS Says:

    Come to Joe Bucs Fan to listen to a bunch of idiots argue about a misleading quote. Plus Joe only talks in third person, it’s really quite a treat. Back to PR, c-ya.

  51. Capt. Tim Says:

    The “gay for Glennon” crowd( and I mean Gay as in” happy”,of course)
    Just can’t stand the fact that they were incredibly wrong about Beaker!!
    He has one or two traits of a real QB- but not enough to qualify as a good backup.
    Freeman could have been a franchise QB! No one knowledgeable will ever say Beaker is a franchise QB

  52. Illuminati Says:

    @ Capt. Tim

    Yes, how incredibly short-sighted of us to have only given Freeman 59 starts to show us something.

    I mean, any REAL coach/GM would give a crappy, underperforming QB at least 100 starts, right? Maybe 200?

    If Freeman sprayed WD-40 on his lowest hanging nard, would your lips slide off? Or do they require surgical removal?

  53. Bobby Says:

    Capt Tim is absolutely love sick since Freeman left. Can’t stop mentioning him in every post. Kind of like Buc_Realist with Dominik. Evvverrrry post has to somehow be about their own particular object of affection.

  54. Bobby Says:

    useless comment. Please don’t pester Joe needlessly. –Joe

  55. Capt. Tim Says:

    I don’t know why they are getting their panties all bunched up! I told them Beaker had no clue the day they drafted him.

    And Schiano has even less!!

    Despite that, they may have a small chance of beating the Beagles this weekend. Their rookie clack is having a hard time adjusting his scheme to the NFL. And the Beagles have about one quarter the talent this team has.
    The huge descrepency in talent- may overcome having the worst coach and QB

    I hope so. This will be our only chance for a while.
    If Schiano grasp defeat from the jaws of victory this week- I think The Glazers will hand him arse come Monday. And he will return to a coaching level where his dictatorial style can succeed !

    Triple A football- welcome the next head coach of the Plymouth Red Hens!!

  56. Joke Says:

    You’re going over the edge here, banning people. I agree with kenpm that the headline was misleading*.

    Again, Joe stands behind what is written, especially when one listens to the audio in the context of an NFL Sunday opponent speaking. –Joe

    But you’re flat wrong on the facts by trying to justify it with the CSN headline:
    “Geez, did anyone even see the embedded headline by CSN Philly as to the subject of the post. Even they interpreted this as a direct slam at Glennon.”

    Joe didn’t justify it, and Joe is aware Wolff is Glennon’s teammate and different from the slamming party.-Joe

    Those comments were made by two entirely different people. “has no clue as to y’know what the defensive gameplan is going to be” was said by _Williams_. The CSN headline referred to critical comments by _Wolff_.

    *C’mon you must be able to see that there’s a major difference in tone and interpretation between a headline that says: “Mike Glennon ‘Has No Clue'” and “Mike Glennon ‘Has No Clue as to What The Defensive Gameplan is Going to Be'”.

    Again, of course there’s a difference. That’s obvious. But that’s not what the discussion here and the misrepresentations of Joe here have been about. –Joe

  57. Capt. Tim Says:

    No need to harass Joe, or continue to cry your tears about Freeman.

    He’s gone! Pointless to try and blame your stupidity on him!

    The Glennon gang bought in to Schianos smear Campaign. You unintelligently took the word of a career loser- who hasn’t won anywhere!

    You got what he told you . And you shouted loud and far that Beaker was your savior. He’s going to win out- and save the day.

    Well he started. He sucks. No one is of the opinion that he can play QB in the NFL. Everyone is pretty much trashing him.

    So eat your humble pie like men! Don’t try to blame Joe. It’s not his fault that you all have proven to be the clueless yes men of Schoano!

    As always has proven true here. If you are arguing with Capt Tim, then you are wrong- and will look bad soon!!

    Just trying to help you sad sacks!!

  58. chickster Says:

    dan should be starting until a new qb can be brought in for the long term this glenen kid dam sure isn’t and I also think freeman will shine with the vikes making this staff and gm look soooooooooooooooooo bad and this team is not far off from being very good but are walking backwords with this me me me me me coach wow I am ashamed of whats going on here and you know the ownership is having diarrhea

  59. chickster Says:

    And your telling me that this Glennen kid is the best the we could come up with I predict he throws 3 picks one for a td and I hate to say this but did they draft him from bush gardens his neck is 2 ft long

  60. Capt. Tim Says:

    I’m starting to like the way you think!’
    Really rare to find someone here- who can see the Truth!

    The Glennon Zombies will attack you soon- but don’t let them drag you down!!
    With each passing week, their Evil consortium will diminish in power, until at last their Shame will lead them to fall on their knees, and become repentant for their willingly following Schiano- as he destroys our proud franchise!!!

  61. Capt. Tim Says:

    Boy, the hive is buzzing now!!

  62. Bobby Says:

    I know! After 1 game the entire world knows exactly how a football player is going to turn out. It’s what we here in the ‘talent evaluation’ part of football call the ‘one and done’. You get drafted, you get mini camp, training camp and then one game. If you don’t perform at the highest level…..that’s it pal. Now, there are exceptions. If you come in and perform well your first game then you get 4 more years even if you suck out loud and are horribly inconsistent.

    So much rides on that first game. It’s a shame really because who knows…someone might actually improve steadily and progress after one game but sadly, we’ll never know….we have only known regression at QB so far.

  63. chickster Says:

    They say they want him to manage the game but they start rookie over a vet but the NFL is going in a different direction

  64. rdbucfan Says:


    Aren’t you the same guy that was sure McCoy was a bust?

  65. Capt. Tim Says:

    Nope- Au contraire!
    I supported McCoy at every opurtunity. When the Zombies were saying McCoy was a bust- I told them they Were clueless Zombies, and that McCoy would surpass Suh!

    Right again!

  66. rdbucfan Says:


    My bad I for some reason got you confused with Thomas 2.2.

    My apologies.

  67. rdbucfan Says:


    It is your negativity towards Glennon that reminds me of him. He used to say McCoy was a bust after he got hurt 2 seasons in a row.

    You won’t even give Glennon a chance. Whether you like it or not he is our starting QB until the end of the season.

    Call me a member of the MGM. I was just tired of waiting for Freeman to become what we all hoped he would become. A franchise QB. You don’t become a franchise QB with his antics. Did you hear what Ronnie D had to say about him before the Dallas game last year?

    After hearing that story, the running play he called when his helmet went out makes a lot of sense now.

    Now he is Minnesotans problem.

  68. BamBamBuc Says:

    I’m with Capt Tim on this. Glennon is not and never will be an NFL caliber starting QB. Is he smart? Sure. Does he have an arm? Yep. But very few people with knowledge of the NFL ever dared to suggest he may be a starting QB. Some said he may get there in time. Regardless of which round he was taken, most draft boards had him as the 5th or 6th best QB in the draft, yet he was the 3rd taken. We haven’t seen any of the other QBs the analysts had rated higher than him play, so we obviously won’t know if he’s better or worse than them. Most everything that was said about him has shown up so far, both positive and negative, which leaves him pretty much the 5th or 6th best QB in a horrible draft for QBs.

    I realize many agree with the move to start Glennon, but the real question should not be how many games have you seen Glennon play, or how many games have you seen Freeman play, it should be who is best suited to be the QB when the team is down 3 with 1:30 on the clock and no timeouts. Glennon or Freeman? 1 start or 59? 0 or 9 4th quarter comeback wins? 0 or 10 game winning drives? The guy that in his first NFL start throws an interception when down in the 4th or the guy that in his first NFL start comes back from down 28-17 to win 38-28 against a Packers team that finished 11-5? Which QB gives the best chance to win that game, the Cardinals game?

    Freeman may never have been the future, but all signs point to Glennon not being that guy either (or almost all signs). If we need to draft a QB next year, because this guy is not the future then why did we waste a 3rd round pick on a QB? Couldn’t Orlovsky lose just as easily as Freeman or Glennon? Maybe easier? The choice wasn’t about who’s the future or who’s better or how we get more wins… the choice was for the guy we haven’t seen and don’t know much about and can’t complain about as much if we lose because he’s a rookie. It was to appease a fan base that would rather have change now than wait for the best time for change and then make it. Next year has what looks to be a MUCH better QB class. That’s when the pick should have been spent… regardless of the outcome of this season.

  69. Capt. Tim Says:

    Yup, we need to do whatever it takes to get a high draft pick- then go draft our QB. The NFL is a QB driven league, and we don’t have one!

    I’m hard on Glennon. But it’s detrimental to the team, to think he can be our QB.
    He can’t. He has some very good traits( he’s smart, strong arm)
    But he isn’t the package you have to have. He has no mobility. He doesn’t have the physique to take the Beating an NFL QB will take. His reads and throw have historically( all thru college/preseason/ last game) been inconsistent and inaccurate.

    Too many faults. NFL QBs are hard to find- because they have to have such a large and unique set of skills. Glennon has half the basket. Not enough. The statue like immobility alone is too much to overcome.

    Defenses will keep sending the dogs, and Glennon has no method to buy time.

    Sorry kid- it ain’t you.

  70. Capt. Tim Says:

    Rdbucfan. – Glennon has flaws. But this teams problems are not the QBs play.
    It is the scheme

    We are running the Rutgers offense. It’s one of the more childish systems every designed. It killed us last year. It’s killing us this year. Several experts have pointed that out in articles posted here.
    But Schiano continues to lie- and try to claim it’s the giants offense.
    It isn’t. The giants used their TE heavily, and their slot Reciever was a Probowlers

    Schiano rarely uses a TE or Slot. It results in Our WRs being covered, 7 men in the box- stopping the run- and no options at all in the passing game

    This offense was highly ridiculed at Rutgers. That’s why he doesn’t want to admit he’s using it here.

    Futher proof of his inability to coach, or tell the truth.

  71. Bucfever40 Says:

    Well like him (Glennon) or hate him, I’m not ready to give up on the kid, Capt Tim, I think most of your dislike of Glennon stems from the poor kids looks! Nobody said a QB has to look like Tom Brady to succeed. I don’t care what the kid looks like, call him Beaker all day long, I hope he proves you wrong, and if you were even a slight Bucs fan, you would hope the same thing, but since you’ve etched your claim in stone, you now have to hope Glennon fails miserably, because if he doesn’t, then that means that the homely QB from NC State just made you look like a damn fool, and we all know that your ego would not stand for this. So give the kid a chance, Troy Aikman went 1-15 in his first year, and with a very talented team, Glennon’s quick release in conjunction with a good football IQ, can make up for his lack of mobility, if not, then maybe we can take our chances in next years draft (for a franchise QB).