MIke Glennon And Todd Marinovich

October 17th, 2013

Todd Marinovich

Invoking the name of former NFL quarterback Todd Marinovich usually brings out ugly thoughts.

A quarterback who was brought up by an out of control father, who tried his best and largely succeeded to raise a young boy and to build him from a toddler into an NFL quarterback, young Marinovich suffered terrible side effects. He was all but drummed out of the league for using a Woodstock-like grocery list of drugs including amphetamines, cocaine and, lastly, marijuana.

Even more startling, Marinovich, while still in the NFL, began dropping LSD thinking it would not show up on NFL drug tests, which may have been why his final NFL passes resembled Blaine Gabbert’s.

One lesser known milestone for Marinovich was that he set a rookie record with the Raiders for passes attempted in his first two NFL games at 99.

Guess who is No. 2 on the list? That would be Bucs quarterback Mike Glennon with 86. Want more fun facts? Glennon’s 50 completions in his first two games is the most by a rookie in his first two games since Cam Newton came into the league in 2011.

Impressive? Yes. Concerning? Yes.

Joe’s not sure why the Bucs are calling for a green-as-grass rookie to be launching the ball so often. At least with Newton, when he was a rookie, and to a lesser degree RoboQuarterback, they were expected to play. Newton was the opening day starter.

Until Bucs defrocked franchise quarterback Josh Freeman melted down, there was little expectation of Glennon (except from the Mike Glennon Mob), barring injury to Freeman.

Of course, one reason the Bucs have Glennon airing it out so much is that the Bucs may realize they are not getting much of a push from their offensive line, thus rendering Pro Bowl running back Doug Martin ineffective.

19 Responses to “MIke Glennon And Todd Marinovich”

  1. Harry Says:

    58% – Not bad rook. Although its not yet over the all important 60% threshold, it beats the heck out of 46%, 41% and 48% of a 4th year starter we all know…

  2. Biff Barker Says:

    Not sure what this correlates to Joe. Glennon seems to have a very good head on his shoulders. The Bucs offense is on barbiturates, not Opie.
    Defenses seem to have this scheme all figured out, our formidable weapons notwithstanding. Take out DMart and double up on VJax. The lack of a credible slot receiver, TE’s, a woeful OL and a seemingly dumfounded OC and you get swill not soup.

  3. J.A. Says:

    How many touchdowns passes in the second half? Zero, just like the first three games. How many offensive touchdowns of any kind in the second half? Zero again! I say, keep up the good work and set the NFL record for futility so we can expedite the departure process of the current college, uh, I mean high school, uh, I mean pee wee football coach. I have been a fan since the beginning and have seen horrible coaches come and go. But I have never encountered one that made me sick to my stomach like this one. When he comes on the radio or television I have to turn it off to keep from getting violently ill. To say “he sucks” would be espousing euphemism in it’s highest form. The correct verbiage is forbidden here. Lastly, if he were pee wee football coach, I would feel sorry for the children with their little toes on the line.

  4. MTM Says:

    Glennons pass plays are all short yardage and teams are going to start jumping routes if he doesn’t figure out how to throw the deep ball inbounds. On a positive note all the passing may open up the running game.

  5. Greg Schiano SUCKS Says:

    11 more games with this douche as head coach.

    0-16 here we come!

  6. MadMax Says:

    They just trust Glennon more than they did the other guy….whats his name….

    Chalk it up to that plus experimentation…..Oh, and that O line that cant help Doug. We need help on O line this next draft..Im SO FRIGGIN SERIOUS!!

    Go QB if Glennon ends up looking like nothing more than a quality backup, but if he pans out, but if he pans out we must reassemble that O line.

  7. Warrenfb12 Says:

    They are throwing it to open up the run. Dougie is not making any hay against nine man fronts. Throwing the ball softens up that front four, producing results like last week, where Doug was starting to bust out some runs.

  8. Lev Says:

    Face it people, Glennon is a good quarterback. Everyone is excited for next year where QBs are being over hyped like crazy. Glennon is going to FORCE the Bucs to stick with him. YOu guys watch and see.

  9. Capt. Tim Says:

    Biff Barker-
    Yes, spot on. The same problem that sent us into a ten game losing streak last year, is the same one that continues that losing streak today.

    It’s the Scheme.

    I know I’ve been repetitive on this since spring, but it’s becoming obvious to everyone. We have been using teo( and only two)recieving Options. Once defenses saw that, it was easy to minimize their effectiveness. Especially since they run sideline patterns the majority of the time.

    Once that’s done, they have loaded the box with 7, 8, or 9 defenders.
    That would cause any offensive line to struggle. And any Pro bowl back to struggle. That’s where we have been for 15 games now.its the Rugers offense. Identical to what Schiano ran in college. It really didn’t work there either, and was often critized.

    The article you posted last week” Rutgers Offense”, had an NFL systems expert look at our offense- and said exactly the same thing. It listed all of our offensive problems in a nut shell.

    Not to take away from Tim Wright, but he was a surprise the the Eagles. We haven’t sent TEs out on Pass routes. We did last week, and he wasn’t covered!
    That’s how well they knew Schianos strategy. They did finally adjust to him, thus the second half shut down.

    I’m hoping Sullivan slapped Schiano upside the head- in order to FINALLY modify that stupid excuse for an offense.

    We point fingers at the line, Martin, The WRs, and of course the QBs.
    Nope. They are all struggling. Everyone. But it’s because they have all been handcuffed by the central villain in our Story.

    Schiano and the Rutgers offense. Moronically simple, yet his ego ness thinks he can make it work- if he just gets more Rutgers guys here!!

    It didn’t work at Rutgers, either!!! Now that is a snapshot into the mind of a megalomaniac.

  10. Ed Says:

    That last time I checked if you throw it for 10 yards or more it’s a first down so all these comments about how far his completions travel is a moot point. If you have a quick release it isn’t as easy to jump routes. If you look off defenders and get the ball to the second or third option with more space you find the open areas on the field. The 2 interceptions Glennon threw in the Cardinal games were forces to Vincent Jackson, who was well covered. With experience he won’t make those throws. He is processing the speed of the game much better than Freeman ever did. The major issue with the Bucs offense is its predictability and bad offensive line, not the QB and the receivers.

  11. JMN Says:

    Well let us hope Glennon does not go down the same road as Marinovich. ESPN Films came out with a good documentary on Todd Marinovich called “The Marinovich Project.”

  12. Greg Schiano SUCKS Says:

    Lev: you’re high this early in the morning?

  13. joseph mamma Says:

    Our offensive line sucks, and I think it is due to the fact that we never draft any talent. Or maybe we don’t know how to draft offensive line talent? Dom missed on almost every defensive linemen he’s drafted as well.

  14. Greg Schiano SUCKS Says:

    It’ll be really sad when we lose to the injury decimated Falcons. Only way we win is if we get up 49-0 at half and hang on to win 49-48.

  15. Ryan Says:

    Lev, the QBs of this draft are “hyped” up because guys with the skill set and personality of some of these is off the grid. Teddy Bridgewater is a more talented workhorse like Glennon, if the bucs have a shot to, and don’t draft a guy like him then the entire organization should be hired, the talent some of these kids have isn’t exactly easy to come by as we know all too well. Just my 2 cents

  16. Bobby M. Says:

    The explanation is simple, the Bucs have essentially thrown in the towel on this year and want to give Glennon reps early and often. Strategically, the remainder of the season is against under performing teams so my guess is Schiano feels he can get to 8-8 or even 7-9 to save his job for one more year. If Glennon is not the guy, then they will likely start unloading players if they feel strongly about one of the QBs coming out of college. Right now they are going to see what they have and lets not forget, defenses are forcing them to see what they have with 8 and 9 in the box. The more looks the kid gets, the faster he recognizes schemes in game speed and starts adjusting. Dont be surprised if Glennon passes Freeman’s passing “milestones” as a rookie. The Bucs will do everything they can to get you to forget about Freeman and onboard with Glennon. That’s the new “selling point” for this season because the “playoffs….the playoffs!?”(Jim Mora voice) are not even on the strategic radar.

  17. Ruggyup Says:

    The last time I even hinted at a possible issue with the OC I was throttled by Joe who said Sully was doing a tip top job. So, guess he still is despite those quotable stats.

  18. dcommand Says:

    This is not the offence we ran last year. Greg had time to screw it up over the off season. Sully is running gregs offense, he is now a schiano puppet.
    All bucs qbs are good coming out of college, it takes a year for the coaches to screw up everything the QB learned in college. Glennon will regress after implementing everything the coaches tell him to do. Just like the offensive scheme did.

  19. madmacskillz Says:

    Joe’s not sure why the Bucs are throwing so much. It might have something to do with all of the 8 and 9 man fronts. A defense puts 9 guys in the box, you have to throw.

    I also agree that Glennon’s long ball sucks and he needs to work on that. A lot.