“I Think We Do All The Right Things”

October 20th, 2013

Joe shook his head when Greg Schiano expressed his frustration during his post-debacle news conference this afternoon.

Schiano talked about how he has to thoroughly evaluate the Bucs’ woes and make adjustments but “I think we do all the right things,” Schiano said of his coaching staff’s preparation.

Joe knows it’s irrelevant what Schiano says about the mess of 0-6. But c’mon, Coach. Please don’t embarrass yourself and the franchise and say, “I think we do all the right things.”

Schiano just led a complete re-evaluation of the entire operation out of the bye week and got roasted in back-to-back games by losing football teams.

Joe’s comfortable stating the Bucs are doing all the wrong things.

32 Responses to ““I Think We Do All The Right Things””

  1. Patrick in VA Says:

    It makes my skin crawl to know that he was allowed to take the podium. How he wasn’t handed his walking papers before he left the field is baffling.

  2. canadianbuc Says:

    This guy is delusional!

  3. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Now Schiano making idiotic comments like this after another pathetic loss? He should hand in his letter of resignation before the Bucs’ next home game because if I was in his shoes I would be terrified of the home crowd right now.

  4. JT Says:

    I mean c’mon. yea Schiano is not working out. But how about all those penalties? Those killed us today. In particular Joseph and Penn, the “leaders” of our o-line, had far too many holding and hands to the face etc. I think Glennon was solid today. But stupid penalties made it an uphill battle all game. I think however Schiano has to be fired. Too much has transpired for him to keep his job. Dominik too. Yea he singed some good players the past two seasons but this isn’t the NBA. You cant throw money at some big names and expect to be great. A solid core has not been put together through the draft. We have a decent core but we have zero depth. All in all this team is a dysfunctional mess.

  5. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    The big question for Thursday is this: who is going to cover Steve Smith? Will it be Banks or Leonard Johnson, because we all know it won’t be Revis.

  6. JT Says:

    Walkdaplankum what home crowd?Ourfnbas is the auhing stoc f te wide world of sports.I hate to say it but honestley.

  7. JT Says:

    Revis will cover their #2 TE.

  8. oviedobucsfan Says:

    Still cannot beleive Schottenheimer was interviewed TWICE and still lost the job to Schiano. A man with a proven NFL track record and a college coach was picked…WHY? Look at the results of this one decision. I wonder if Marty would take it if offered next year? Would Cowher? Lovie Smith? Anybody?

  9. Jbeachbuc Says:

    Jay Gruden!….Jay Gruden!….Jay Gruden!

  10. Patrick in VA Says:

    @JT – I agree. I’ve been on Dom’s side thus far but we’re looking more like the redskins every year. we’ll win free agency in the preseason but it’s meaningless in the regular season because we don’t use the talent correctly and there is no talent anywhere else.

  11. WalkdaPlank Says:

    English class?

  12. JT Says:

    Rebiuld the O-line and build a dline maybe get a #3 receiver/TE. I think Glennon will be solid.

  13. JT Says:

    Sorry plank my latop is acting up but really what does that have to do with my comment?

  14. WalkdaPlank Says:

    No JT its just that the rest of your comments were just fine but that one was bad. I agree though

  15. Drew Says:

    I can only hope the glazer boys pull the plug on this fiasco.

  16. oviedobucsfan Says:


  17. Buccaneer79 Says:

    That’s hilarious! And he’s serious, even funnier! Where does one start with all that went WRONG? I missed the Keystone Kop moment with Glennon’s fumble as it happened, but was able to witness most of this charade. I would much rather hear him state the truth or make a joke about the truth, like John McKay would have. It’s embarrassing! The more I see, the less I care, but I’m still a fan of the Bucs, not so much of this regime. If they did “all the right things,” wouldn’t they be undefeated, instead of winless?

  18. Buck Rogers Says:

    News flash…….. Shiano’s wife just did us a favor and ran him over with her car because he is a embarrassment !

  19. George Hardy Says:

    I don’t understand why Schiano was hired. He didn’t have a very good track record.What criteria did the owners use?

  20. oviedobucsfan Says:

    In this article it list ALL the people interviewed for the Bucs HC job that Schiano got. Pretty impressive list and makes me want to know what in the hell were the Glazers thinking?


  21. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Lovie Smith

  22. BucsQcCity Says:

    Wow he’s admitting that he’s way over his head and glazers doesn’t take action??

  23. Buccaneer79 Says:

    After hearing Schiano’s PC, he was referring to the penalties, to be fair, but honestly, this team hasn’t done the one thing right that will help his cause, which, of course, is win; fans don’t want to hear these kinds of things when their team loses, naturally.

    It’s time for Schiano to make some scheme changes to help the Bucs’ playmakers make plays in all 3 phases before he loses control of this team. Carolina is going to punch Tampa Bay in the mouth, for sure; let’s see what you’re really made of because there’s no mercy coming your way, Coach!

  24. BirdDoggers Says:

    Schiano and the coaching staff are obviously not doing all the right things, otherwise the result would be different.

  25. MovieBob Says:

    If the Bucs couldn’t beat the 1-4 Chickens, tell us who the heck they have a chance of beating for the rest of this season. Might as well axe Schiano now and start looking for next year’s choice.

  26. Skelly Says:

    None of us should even get mad at this dude anymore. He has reached a point where there is really nothing he can say. He is just talking because he has to…

  27. Capt. Tim Says:

    Thanks for Link, OveidoBuc.
    Everyone on that list sounds better than what we have.

    Need to fire Dom first. Replace him, so new GM can be involved in coach hire- plus start building relationship with players.

    Schiano is so arrogant, let him keep taking his beating. He’s our best bet for a high first round pick.

    Although I hate watching crap like today

  28. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “I Think We Do All The Right Things”


    You think wrong coach.

  29. Eric Says:

    The thing that worries me is the Bucs will win a meaningless game near the end and the Glazer boys will misinterpret it as a turn around like they have done before.

    The same morons who hired Schiano are capable of keeping him for next year too.

    Not a certainty in my mind they will have sense enough to get rid of the guy.

  30. k_bassuka Says:

    Fire Schiano and Dom. Get someone in here that knows QB and is ablebto draft our next franchise QB. Glennon is just anpther backup and a checkdown specialist that will become a liability once d coordinators get more tape of him.

    If it was up to me I would fire Schiano tomorrow and get an advisor to start evaluating the talent we have.

  31. M Child Says:

    Everything except win a game

  32. Captain Buc Says:

    Schiano is right they are doing all the right things. To lose!!