Holding Dominik Accountable; Trusting Glazer?

October 25th, 2013

Tampa Bay Times columnist Tom Jones and beat writer Rick Stroud talked this morning about potentially firing rockstar general manager Mark Dominik and wondered aloud about whether they trust Team Glazer to hire a new Bucs head coach and football architect. (Here the debate via 620wdae.com audio below.)

Does Dominik get a failing grade for the Bucs’ struggles in 2013? Quality groceries were purchased in conjunction with a hard-line coach that has questionable coaching and evaluations skills.

Joe gives Schiano an “F,” but Joe can’t give Dominik a failing grade. He’s no honor roll man, but it’s a much deeper debate when one micro-assesses Dominik’s performance.

90 Responses to “Holding Dominik Accountable; Trusting Glazer?”

  1. SteveK Says:


    You are flat out wrong by not saddling Dom for this Debacle.

    How can you honestly still refer to our GM as a “Rock Star”, for a non playoff season 3 years ago.

    We stink, and it isn’t all on Schiano.

    Sad to see that you are unable to appropriately spread the blame and accountability to the GM.

    Are you sincerely confident in Dom’s ability to be on our next HC search?

    We will be right back here for the next 5 years and counting.

    6 years of rebuilding, with a mirage of a 10 win season in 2010.

    If the HC is supplanted, then the GM should be a package deal.

    His drafting is not that good, and we are what his record says we are, 1977 bad…

    Good day sirs.

  2. bucrightoff Says:

    Of course you’re not giving him an F. You call the guy Rockstar (undeservedly) but his record is what it is: In Matt Millen territory. If Schiano gets fired and Dominik does not I’ll be more mad than if they don’t fire anyone. Dominik has blown his two coaching choices badly and blew drafting a franchise QB. He does not deserve a third and second chance respectively on those.

  3. rdbucfan Says:

    If Schiano is fired it should be a MRSA type cleaning for everyone that is not an owner. GM, coaches, scouts and everyone in between.

  4. Macabee Says:

    I saw Mark Dominik leaving the stadium last night wearing a fedora, shades, and a fake beard. I can hear the Glazer brothers now trying to decide Schiano’s fate – You fire him! No. You fire him. I fired the last one, you fire him! Let’s get Dominik to fire him! Where is that guy when you need him? Go see if you can find that SummamaB…….!

  5. Tomcin Says:

    If Schiano goes then Dom should go with him. You don’t get rid of one bad apple and not the other. Actually most of the coaches should go to especially the DC.

  6. Andrew 1 Says:

    if Schiano goes, Dom better go as well.

  7. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:


    Of course you’re not going to assess him honestly. For whatever reason, you have publicly latched your cart to the guy.

    I’m still waiting for an honest assessment of his successes and failures. It’s one thing to just say you disagree, it’s another to rationally, and specifically say as to why.

    Let’s sit here, and list his every single positive, and every single negative. Let’s look at his record as GM. Then lets compare it to other GMs around the league.

    The Teflon Dom > Rockstar

    Dominick – 24-47

    He has been around for nearly twice as many losses as wins.

    Let’s get to micro-assessing…..

  8. Natenazty Says:

    Dominick was brought in to fix the cap situation and build through the draft. After 4 years of “rebuilding” through the draft, it was realized by ownership that the rebuild/draft approach was not working. Dom fixed the cap and missed on too many draft picks. Yeah, has he made some good picks? Of course. When your team is slotted for a top 10 pick on an annual basis you are bound to hit here and there. I don’t think you need to be a “rockstar” to pull that off.

    Dom couldn’t rebuild this team with draft picks so they resorted to overpaying free agents. Still bad results.

    Dom coaching hires have been awful.

    Win and Loss record…awful.

    Reputation… awful.

    Culture… awful.

    If he’s not a ‘F’ Joe, he’s a solid D-.

  9. dee Says:

    Dom gets a f grade in my book fire the coach and dom and then glazers sell the damn team am pissed!!!!!!!!

  10. d-money Says:

    Joe can you please remind everyone the origins of the Rock Star name so that people can stop getting their panties all twisted over it?…If i remeber correctly it was something to do with all of the national TV and Radio shows that he kept popping up on every other day.

    Also, Is it Dom’s talent evaluation or Schiano not knowing how to use players to get the most our of them?

    If I was a betting man I’d say its more of Schiano not know what he’s doing. You need to look no further than the way he is using Revis.

    Dom isn’t perfect but he has put together a pretty decent team that at the begining of the season we all thought could contend for a wild card at the very least.

  11. Andrew 1 Says:

    hes had PLENTY of time to build a winning roster and hasn’t, and wasn’t he the one who hired Schiano in the first place? he has to go.

  12. ctord Says:

    I am on record on this site as saying that Dom needs to go as well. Remember, it is his drafts that has got the bucs here. He has made some great calls, David comes to mind, but he has spent a lot of money trying to cover up his failures and has failed with those. This needs to be blown up. it is not working and disfunctional. keep key guys and build around them.

  13. patrickbucs Says:

    The organization needs to be cleaned out. Our team is horrible starting with our d-line and o-line. This team talked up Bowers all offseason and he can’t even hit the field. Of course Dom has something to do with that. He has drafted poorly, it’s a major reason we are in this situation.

  14. dee Says:

    Everybody has to go to work, and when u dont get the job done your fired bottom line thats it.

  15. Tampabaybuctfan Says:

    What we don’t know is the dynamic between the owners & Dominick….it shouldn’t matter but it could….to the Glazers.
    I am concerned about the Glazer’s choices moving forward…I can only hope that a new GM may be the starting point for all the changes to come.
    The change at GM must come first….I suspect Dominick is history.

  16. Gorgonzola Says:

    In my opinion, Dominik’s record is spotty at best. He’s had some clear misses (the Clayton contract, the Eric Wright acquisition and the 2009 draft are 3 examples, as well as the lack of quality depth we currently have along the defensive line, tight end, 3rd WR, defensive backfield). He’s done well with some of the FA acquisitions (VJax and Revis, not Dom’s fault he’s being misused) and the drafts appear to have improved after that first year (jury still out on Bowers, but it’s not looking good and Brian Price being the exceptions). I think Dom might be a better cap manager than talent evaluator.

  17. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Some win %’s of GMs

    Millen – .258 (fired)
    Gene Smith .343 (fired)
    Scott Pioli – .359 (fired)
    Dominick – .338

    Jerry Reese – .572
    Dimitroff – .565
    Ozzie Newsome – .585
    Loomis – .560


    Teflon Dom

  18. dee Says:

    That guy on the video to the right look like dom fire him. lol

  19. ctord Says:

    strong facts Oil! Truth

  20. buccanAy Says:

    Of course, there are MANY questionable moves by Dominik, but lets focus on one of the most recent, that, IMO, is having huge conseequences. Why did we let Bennet walk for a pittance??? He was our sack leader, 2 years running I think, played hard, ‘overachieved’, and seemed to be a great fit here. WHY? Did Shiano “make” Dominik release Bennet, the Dom is a WEAK GM. As much as they hyped Bowers, what a HUGE error in evaluation. I’d be in favor of keeping Dom in a “cap specialist” role, but he must be relieved of evaluating talent and making personell decisions.

  21. Mr. Patrick Says:

    The entire Buccaneers Organization and Tampa Bay area got totally embarrassed and humiliated on National TV and in the National media last night. Isn’t that enough? Come on Glazers, time to pull the plug

  22. Bill Says:

    I disagree. Hiring Raheem Morris (then coordinators Jim Bates & Jeff Jags) and Greg Schiano.
    Hiring Schiano so late he couldn’t get quality assistants (Winding up with Ohio State’s LB coach as d-coordinator and other out-of-work and college assistants.)
    Signing Kevin Ogletree. Chasing away Micheal Bennett with no pass-rush replacement. Drafting Claborn and Bowers. Saving 2014 cap space for Josh Freeman (who he also drafted).
    No depth across the board season after season, so that for every find there are still holes for people like Trevor Scott.
    Please write you were joking.

  23. lightningbuc Says:

    Some of the “quality groceries” have gone stale.

  24. Goodolebucfan Says:

    Well the Bucs sent emails to season ticket holders with a survey about 12 am this morning wanting the season ticket holders input. Hopefully this will all end very soon!

  25. Skelly Says:

    Joe – your fans are politely requesting some education. If Dom should stay….Why? What are we missing??? I like Dom by the way, but this year is just to much. Its not hard to bring in free agents when you make them one of the highest paid at the position. (Goldson, Revis, Nicks, Wright..bomb, Jackson). Free agents last year – Ogletree..gone, Crabtree, Adams, etc. all worthless thus far. We let go – Bennett (kill me now), blount (is he not better than james, I think you think he is), underwood (oh wait, he’s back), D Clark – baltimore thinks he can still play.

    Where did Dom make his mark in my opinion, stealing diamond in the rough players from other teams….Bennett, Penn, Blount. and a couple of decent drafts.

    the Barron, Martin, David draft. which was an A+
    AJ Clay, Bowers, Foster draft was a B (mostly because of Foster)
    Mccoy, williams, lorig, watson draft was a C+. Mccoy was a gimmie, williams a good pick and lorig and watson have contributed.

    Comparing these positives against the negatives (win – loss, coaching selection, huge whiffs on contracts, ogletree, wright, clayton, ware. and picks freeman, bowers, price, benn, etc.)

    I just fail to see how the good outweigh’s the bad. But you don’t see it that way and you are 10 times as informed as most of us, including me, so throw us a bone and make the case please…

  26. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    At best Dominick needs the McKay treatment in Atlanta. Relieve him of all GM duties, and make him an administrator.

    I think all of your readers would love to read a detailed accounting of Dominick’s tenure here.

  27. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    This was a guy who offered even more $ than Snyder for Haynesworth.

  28. Skelly Says:

    Uhhh… Haynesworth. The fact the Fat Albert chose DC bought Dom another couple years. If Glazer’s paid that dude 100mil to come in and quit like he did in DC, Dom would have been blown out for sure.

  29. Buc'n Enough Says:

    Dom has failed miserably…how do you have a franchise qb with ADHD and no reliable back up, especially with so much riding on the major investement the Glazers made in FA over the past two years…wasted a 3rd round draft pick on a qb instead of a need position to bolster the roster …like….pass rush.

    How are those 4 & 5th round choices panning out…you never see any contribution from those guys…

    Also, what the heck is Leonard Johnson doing on this team…every time there is a big passing play…look for him to be in coverage…or lack of it…

    Fire the knuckle head!

  30. AmbushBuc Says:

    Some people are just being too kind to Dominik’s record. His only good draft as GM was last years, and even then he busted on his top pick Barron, who can’t cover worth crap.

    His DLine picks apart from McCoy have been busts. Yes, including Clayborn who only manages to get a sack about every 6 games despite never being double teamed and sometimes having a lowly TE or RB assigned to block him. One play yesterday Clayborn was unblocked and he still couldn’t get the sack, despite not being touched he fell onto his face in front of Newton who then proceeded to run for the first down. Embarrassing.

    Not to mention the crappy extensions (Michael Clayton, Joseph, Mike Williams) and overpaid unproductive free agent pickups (Goldson, Nicks).

    Face it. Dominik is one of the worst GMs in the NFL, if not the absolute worst.

  31. Skelly Says:

    Just to Pile on….

    And oldie but a goodie to fire everyone up.

    2010 “deepest draft in decade”…remember that gem with 2nd round hits Price and Benn. Drafted at 35 and 39.

    Gronkowski was drafted at 42.

    But we got Myron Lewis with 67 pick.

    The Jimmy Graham went at 95.


  32. d-money Says:

    I would not be opposed to firing Dom I think they need a clean slate but this 0-7 record rest squarely on the shoulders of one man and that is Greg Schiano.

    A better coach would have this team at least at 4-3 and we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.

    And FYI… Dom didn’t hire Raheem Morris or Greg Schiano. The Glazer boys did.

  33. bucrightoff Says:

    The only thing that might save Dominik is he didn’t give Freeman an extension. Just imagine how much worse a spot we’d be in right now if we did.

  34. Mr Mike Says:

    I used to think dominick was pretty solid, until this year. Like Joe said, there is a lot to evaluate with a gm. And I think MD has a more negatives than positives. But the negatives are huge.

    First, his record is a horrendous 24-40. Not entirely his fault, but he still has to be held accountable.

    No depth whatsoever. Outside of revis, we have no corners. We might not have 1 starting DE (Clayborn has been pretty mediocre, even though this system blows. Our DE’s dont set the edge, ever. Clay is extremely slow off the snap, its even worse when he’s not in a 3 point stance). Wideout was supposed to be a position of strength according to MD, clearly its not. And our oline is bad and really overpaid. Also, it could be schiano’s fault for liking eric page (does he know what a fair catch is?), but our return game is bad. Lastly, ryan lindell is looking solid now but when we needed him in the clutch, he choked.

    How many times is this guy going to overpay for mediocre players? Donald Penn, zuttah, trading up for freeman, ogletree, Kellen Winslow (two weeks later the falcons got Tony G for the same price), Michael Clayton. And Im sure there’s more.

    Not to mention, he’s terrible at picking coaches. Even if the glazers hired both head coaches (debatable with schiano). Raheem had bad coordinators and so does Schiano.

    Oh yeah, and the whole MSRA and Freeman issues are bumbling, I would think that is the icing on the cake. More and more qbs have gotten injured, if we were patient we may have gotten a 7th rounder. If not, why not deactivate the schmuck since we’re going to pay him anyways and got nothing in return?

    No grade neccessary, its pretty clear he’s been a failure of a GM.

  35. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    “Let’s go sign a blocking tightend and cross our fingers that he becomes a receiving tightend”

    Because Aaron Rodgers hates to use all of his options, right?

  36. Superfriend Says:

    Who some unproven person from Baltimore or Green Bay? I still think he has progressed and look at the quality of players like McCoy, Barron, David, Clayborn, Martin etc. Just look at Baltimore’s draft over the past four years and then ours, I’d take our picks over those easily. Actually look at Green Bays too, terrible picks. I am not saying the grass is green but it can get worse.

    Bill Polian – selected Peyton Manning, wow, howd he figure that out

  37. Joe Says:


    It’s pretty simple. Virtually every football pundit believes the Bucs have talented players. Who acquired the talent? Dominik. Sure, he whiffed early in his career but he has learned and grown. Fans went wild because he wouldn’t sign free agents but when he did, the past two years, with the exception of one player (Eric Wright) Dominik did an excellent job.

    The wild card for Dominik will give fans acid reflux but may be the most important element of why Dominik will survive: The Glazers trust him with their cash. That’s huge.

    If you are going to fire Dominik because he is not Ozzie Newsome, then 80 percent of the GMs would be fired. Is he Trent Baalke? Probably not, but the 49ers stunk for years and as a result, Baalke had loads of top-shelf draft picks to use.

  38. Skelly Says:

    Dude. super. Got your point, and that is exactly the type of info I’d like to hear from the sight. Are our expectations incorrect? Is Dom actually hitting at a higher rate than most GM’s, I don’t know the answer to that question.

    But please, Baltimore and Green Bay have recently won rings and they are consistently winners and pretty much stacked with talent compared to other squads. Choose two other teams to prove your point, which is probably valid. RECENTLY….

  39. Skelly Says:

    Fair points Joe, and I would totally agree his drafting has improved recently. But this years offseason confuses me? Bennett, Ogletree, Crabtree, letting Miller go…. Seems like most of these moves have not worked out….

    Thanks for responding. Have a good day guys. Its anything but dull, at least we have that going for us.

  40. Stephen Says:

    Joe confuses me a little. Team stacked with talent via MD, but keep Schiano so we can go 0-16 for the much needed top pick?

  41. Meh Says:

    I agree Dom is not as clear cut a case as Schiano. On balance, I think Dom has not built this team well, but its a closer call. I still think its time for a clean sweep.

  42. Eric Says:

    Were not talented.

    It could be uncovered that Dominik was the second gunman on the grassy knoll and the Joe(s) would still be singing his praises.

    The guys job is to put a winning product on the field. Total failure.

    Any scenario where they keep Dominik as GM is doomed to failure.

  43. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    @joe (admin)

    C’mon, maybe you can use that whitewash on uneducated football fans, but, some people can see through the sheen.

    Even terrible teams have some talent. But, I disagree that virtually every pundit would say this is a loaded roster. An “excellent job”? Surely you jest?

    Exactly who are the great FA signings? Nicks has been a bust. Injury or not, N.O. somehow knew to let him go. So far, Revis can no way be considered a great signing for the cost in draft picks. Crabtree? Carimi? How much real impact have we truly seen from Goldson on the field?

    His record is what he is. Mediocre.

    But, keep on loving you some Teflon Dom. It’s funny.

  44. Tampabaybuctfan Says:

    We keep talking about all the talent on the Bucs…but it is spotty at best…it is the depth and backups that lack talent…

    We have rookies at TE, QB, CB, DT, PR/KR…their is extreme weakness on the Oline & Dline….this is where we are outmatched.
    And, has anyone noticed how our recievers can’t seem to get open. This is because we don’t have a 3rd WR.

  45. k1ngadroc Says:

    DERRICK BROOKS= GM – Do it now! I have listened to Derrick for the past few years and watched him on pregame. He is exactly what we need in the front office. Knows talent, born leader and understands the process because he’s been there! Been HERE!

  46. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Are all my comments being m_oderated? Did I curse? What triggers m_oderation? Is it mentioning certain players?

  47. Joe Says:

    Exactly who are the great FA signings? Nicks has been a bust.

    Joe simply cannot refer to guys who developed injuries after they were signed as “busts.”

    If you want to call the Eric Wright signing a bust, be Joe’s guest. That was a terrible, desperate reach.

  48. k1ngadroc Says:


  49. Natenazty Says:

    @ superfriend You just used to superbowl winning teams as your example to compare to the Bucs!?! Yes… the grass is greener. Not just looking at draft picks, but how teams are constructed. This team is not constructed very well. Dom constructed this team with the hopes of some players in major roles having break-out/career/unproven seasons (Crabtree, Bowers, Spence, Clayborn, Johnson, Banks, Tandy, Page, Larsen, etc.) I know some of these players are back ups, but that’s my point… Our depth is horrendous. How many back ups did the Falcons have when we played against them? How many supposed to be back ups were playing for the Patriots when we played them? Green Bay is playing with a ton of back ups, 49ers too… I could go on and on. Our depth quality sucks compared to other teams. That is the GM’s fault.

  50. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    Joe – I am still confused by your position on Dominick. The team has a 34% winning percentage since he assumed the role of GM. His drafts have left the team with virtually no quality depth. Other than L. David and McCoy, none of his picks are playing at a consistent high level.

    He completely whiffed on Freeman, the occasional flash notwithstanding, who was NOT a consensus first rounder when he came out. On the contrary, he performed in accord with the criticisms leveled against him coming out of college. Bad mechanics, bad decision-making, not a winner, and not the brightest bulb in the chandelier.

    As for his record on free agents, Revis, Goldson, and Jackson were high profile signings, but a) their performance has been far from dominating, b) the team is 7-16 with them, and c) their acquisition was due more to Dominick throwing money at a problem than his negotiating or deal-making genius. By far his best FA pickup was the punter.

    Aside from the lack of talent and losing, Dominick does not seem to have a philosophy or plan. His drafting and FA acquisitions seem haphazard.

    Having said that, the coaching is horrid too. My feeling is that the Glazers need to retain an NFL vet to put together a new organization, top to bottom.

  51. Natenazty Says:

    @k1ngadroc I’m sure Brooks would hate to replace a GM that was so classy in handling his release at the end of Brooks’ career. LOL… Just another great achievement by Dom.

  52. jo mama Says:

    For giggles check out tom Bradys last four games and compare them to glennon.

    brady 85 comp 158 att, 53.8% 1,010 yards 3tds 3ints
    glennon 106 comp 181 att, 58.5%, 997 yards 6tds 3 ints.

    the best qb ever hast worse stats than glennon.

    just goes to show even the best qb cant produce wins if his receivers cant get open.

  53. JB Says:

    I smell a man crush….

  54. crazy Says:

    The scariest thing is the Glazers may be more committed to keeping Schiano. We simply don’t know how involved they are in the many decisions we find to be faulty. It’s entirely possible the Glazers are calling the shots much more than we realize making it tough for them to fire the guy(s) who are doing the owners’ bidding. If so, who else would take the job(s)? Every week without a front office or coaching change leads me to believe the Glazers have the personnel in place they want leading us forward into the past.

  55. BirdDoggers Says:

    Every GM has hits and misses in the draft and free agency. Dominik is about on par with most GMs in the league in terms of draft success. The real problem starts at the top with the people making the hiring decisions. If the Glazers hired Morris and Schiano, they have to re-evaluate how they go about the hiring process. That’s two big misses in just a few years.

    Between the winless record, the endless media scrutiny, a MRSA problem and an overall bad perception of the organization, I believe they have no choice but to clean house completely and hire a proven executive to come in and build the organization back up the right way. The Glazers are businessmen, not football executives. I truly believe they want to win so I would expect them to take another approach this time around.

  56. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    ‘Joe simply cannot refer to guys who developed injuries after they were signed as “busts.” ‘

    It’s a results based business.

    But fine, Joe, let’s ask the question this way,

    How many free agent signings have earned their contracts on the field? Whether by injury, by personal fouls, or simply by underachieving….how many are performing as was expected when all the koolaid (even I drank some) was being sipped over the summer?

    This goes all the way to the Soldja being the highest paid TE in NFL history to now. For a host of reasons, the team underachieves. Repeatedly.

    I will disagree with you until the day he gets fired. Dominick is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

    Does this comment get moderation too? What have I mentioned that gets on the Joe watchlist? Disagreeing?

  57. ctord Says:

    @ Joe

    As buc fans are we all suppose to wait patiently for another 4 years so he can grow into the position? My issue is he has had no plan. Where is the plan? Is this a running team? passing team? Defensive team? This team does not have an idenity. Pick a direction draft or free agent? I think at this point Dom has had enough rope to survive or hang himself. The team is not winning even with his “improved drafting” and his high dollar free agents. This was not a rebuilding season you have said that yourself and we are looking at a historically bad season.

  58. jo mama Says:

    For giggles check out tom Bradys last four games and compare them to glennon.

    brady 85 comp 158 att, 53.8% 1,010 yards 3tds 3ints
    glennon 106 comp 181 att, 58.5%, 997 yards 6tds 3 ints.

    the best qb ever hast worse stats than glennon.

  59. ElioT Says:

    Quality groceries? Let’s look:
    – Nicks (complete disaster)
    – Goldson (how has he helped?)
    – Revis ($16mil and 1st/3rd rd picks)
    – No 3rd WR?
    – Letting Bennett walk?
    – The Bowers and Price debacle (wasted two
    2nd round picks)
    – Eric Wright
    – Millions to VJax and Williams (same style WR, no speed)
    – No TE that is worth a damn
    – Two HCs and counting!?
    – #5!!!!!!????

    With all that being said, GM’s don’t get to hire third HCs!

  60. Eric Says:

    It’s like the movie Casino, where they are trying to decide whether to wack the attorney who knows all the mob secrets.

    The mob leader says “why take any chances”.

    So when it comes to Dominik, why take any chances? Unless he is just so super talented he cant be replaced.

    If you wipe the slate clean you know you have eliminated the problem. Why leave any rats in the hen house?

  61. SCKelly22 Says:

    Unfortunately for Dom, who i think should move on. He really hasnt gotten a fair shake with the coaching staffs running the players. Could a more successful coach have taken the team he constructed and put a better product on the field the past 5 years. Probably. But with all due respect Joe, thinking on your post. I just can’t get by the depth thing. The fact that Tim Wright is featured as a player to watch last night tells me that Dom has not aquiried enough talent on this team.

  62. k1ngadroc Says:

    time to clean house! We desperately need someone who truly embodies what it means to be a “Buccaneer Man” and play Buc ball… Get Derrick Brooks into this organization NOW! Lovie Smith – as a coach and/or Dungy as an administrator to help guide the ownership… absolutely!

  63. Biff Barker Says:

    Dom didn’t hire the last three coaches, the Glazers did. They are equally complicit.
    The fix? Hire an NFL insider as Director of Football Operations right now and have him evaluate everything then clean house accordingly from GM down.
    I’d actually advocate retaining anyone. worthwhile. This is a sick organization, Its far beyond the head coach.
    These Glazers are not football people. Hire experise.

  64. mpmalloy Says:

    I think the Bucs chronic problems since 2002 go much deeper than
    coaches, GM’s and players…..although the subject is entirely taboo
    in the sports media.

    Lets retrace history, shall we?

    1976-1996 Misery under Culverhouse

    1996-2002 A beautiful new era guided by Malcolm Glazer, Tony Dungy
    and capped off by the Gruden with special thanks to Rich McKay and
    Sam Wyche

    2002-2008 Waning years of mediocrity (but not complete suckage).
    The draft picks for Gruden and Keyshawn have come home to roost.
    The ‘new owners’ are completely detached and aloof. Gruden’s huge
    salary absorbs possible player salaries limiting free agents and big
    deals. Grudens coaching style is getting old with the players but
    with all that said we stay a 7-9 to 10-6 team.

    The gates of hell open and every manner of obscene lameness
    negligence and straight up suckage arrives at 1-Buc and hasn’t
    left yet. Basically as bad or worse than the worst Culverhouse years.


  65. thegregwitul Says:

    Look, let’s keep things in perspective; Mark Dominik is not the worst GM in the league or even in the bottom third. He’s had his fair share of misses in both the draft and free agency, but he’s also had success in landing elite free agents and hit one out of the park with last years draft class.

    Having typed all of that, Dominik either needs to be placed in a Rich McKay position or as a cap manager. The team needs to hire both a new coach and GM. Clean house. Not only did Dominik hire Schiano (or play a significant role in the process), but he essentially hitched his wagon to Josh Freeman, and that proved to be an abject failure.

    It’s time to clean house; the entire house. Hire a team president to oversee the change, bring in an experienced coach and GM, do everything you can to hit on what is likely to be a top three draft pick and this team could be in the postseason as early as next season.

  66. mark2001 Says:

    Some say the Glazers hired the last three coaches. If that is the case, why is Dom a GM? The draft results? That grade would be terrible. Salary cap? I’d give him a passing grade on that. But the bottom line, is that we either need a “full service” GM or at least one that is better on two of the three major responsibilities.

  67. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Me thinks the illusion of the “rockstar” is finally fading. People are looking at the facts and results.

    Some more GM/Pres. win %’s

    Buddy Nix .333 (fired)
    Holmgrem (Clev) .291 (fired)
    Vinnie Cerrato .444 (fired)
    Dominick .338

  68. thegregwitul Says:

    Buddy Nix retired, to be fair, but the numbers are telling. This team needs to conduct a full house cleaning.

  69. Big Marlon B Says:

    The Glazer boys clearly know nothing about football. They need to hire someone as team president, who can handle all the hiring and make sound, intelligent decisions. If that means moving Dominik up and getting someone more skilled at player evaluation to be the GM, that’s fine. And get a real coaching staff.

    I like Dominik and I think he’s a bright guy, I’m just not sure if he has the evaluation skills necessary to be the GM. I’d be cool with keeping him in the organization in some capacity, but this team absolutely needs a legitimate GM and coaching staff. Can’t waste all the talent that is here.

  70. Couch Fan Says:

    I like Dom and I think he HAS done a good job of acquiring talent. But he can have a team of 53 pro bowlers and if the final result is consistently bad then he has to go. This is his 6th year and will be his 5th losing season. Unacceptable no matter how you look at it.

    Glazers can trust him with there money all they want but if they refuse to make a change simply because of that then they are bad owners. Plain and simple.

  71. rdbucfan Says:

    The house cleaning needs to include all scouts. I believe we have the same scouting going back to Gruden/Allen

  72. Joe Says:

    The house cleaning needs to include all scouts. I believe we have the same scouting going back to Gruden/Allen

    Nope. Just one scout left over from the Chucky regime.

    Yeah, lets get rid of the scouts who advised the Bucs to draft Doug Martin, Lavonte David, Akeem Spence, etc. just for the sake of firing people so I can dance in my living room at night.

    Funny how people act as if Rich McKay was some draft guru (yes, he got three Hall of Famers) when he saddled the Bucs with the likes of Trent Dilfer, Jacquez Green, Reidel Anthony… franchised Marcus Jones, signed as his big-time free agent Hurt Emmanuel and with the Falcons got kicked upstairs for being inept.

    Yet Dominik is somehow incompetent. 🙁

  73. thegregwitul Says:

    And didn’t McKay pass on drafting certain players that Gruden requested such as Brian Westbrook to take players such as Chris Simms, which is a part of why McKay left in the middle of the season?

  74. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    McKay got removed as GM in Atlanta. Dom should get the same treatment. He is capable of cap management. Did anyone is this thread even clamor for McKay??

    Doms really blowing the doors off with his draft classes. Spence is setting the NFL on fire.

    Meanwhile the Jets took Wilkerson with the Bucs pick. That seems gone working out. Imagine him next to GMC.

  75. rdbucfan Says:

    That’s what I thought. Dennis Hickey was director of scouts until 2011. Is it a coincidence that our drafting got better after his promotion?

    Joe, he was the one I was referencing. He was in the scouting dept during some pretty horible choices.

  76. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    “Yeah, lets get rid of the scouts who advised the Bucs to draft Doug Martin, Lavonte David, Akeem Spence, etc. just for the sake of firing people so I can dance in my living room at night.”

    Freeman (trade up)
    Roy Miller
    Kyle Moore
    Xavier Fulton
    EJ Biggers
    Sammie Stroughter
    Brian Price
    Benn’d Around
    Myron Lewis
    Brent Bowden
    Cody Grimm
    Stocker (trade up)
    Barron (still under performing)

    Yeah, by all means, let’s give them bonuses.

  77. Gt40bear Says:

    Unless the Glazers want to “McKay” Dominik and kick him upstairs, I beleive everyone in that building needs to be shown the door. Start at the top and go all the way to the groundskeepers, EVERYONE! OBP has a stench about it that only a hazmat style cleaning will fix! Then the Glazers need to build a GM/Coach search committee including Bucs greats as well as highly respected FOOTBALL people from around the NFL. Don’t trust them (Glazers) to hire and rebuild on their own! While they are at it, strip the walls and flooring at OBP and remodel…it’s the only way to be sure.

  78. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    “Yeah, lets get rid of the scouts who advised the Bucs to draft Doug Martin, Lavonte David, Akeem Spence, etc. just for the sake of firing people so I can dance in my living room at night.”

    F_reeman (trade up)
    R_oy Miller
    K_yle Moore
    X_avier Fulton
    EJ B_iggers
    Sammie S_troughter
    B_rian Price
    Benn’d Around
    My_ron Lewis
    Bre_nt Bowden
    Co_dy Grimm
    Stock_er (trade up)
    Bar_ron (still under performing)

    Yeah, by all means, let’s give them bonuses.

  79. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    I don’t know enough to question our scouts’ abilities, and I certainly do not hold Rich McKay out as a draft guru, although he is much better than MD, clearly. He is, however, an experienced, highly accomplished, business executive and NFL team CEO/president.

    He has been an architect of two very successful franchises, one that won a Super Bowl and another that has appeared in one. He nailed the calls on Dungy and Marvin Lewis, and was instrumental in hiring Dimitroff and Mike Smith. He has helped orchestrate the financing and construction of two first class NFL stadiums? He has major influence inside the NFL also. To say he got kicked upstairs because of incompetence is neither fair nor accurate. Fact is, McKay has advanced up the Falcons organization; the GM position is below his by quite a distance.

    With respect, because the Glazers are focused on Man U and neglecting the Bucs, they need a McKay type to serve as a true CEO/President. Frankly they need McKay the more I think about it. If I am the Boys, I call Arthur and ask permission to beg, err speak, to Rich about coming home. I bet if he did say yes, we would soon have a GM coach combination that would give us some hope…and change (sorry couldn’t resist, although I did just throw up in my mouth. Go Bucs!!!

  80. Couch Fan Says:

    I’d rather go in a new direction, not bring in a ghost from the past.

  81. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    Some perspective on what constitutes the type of team executive who should be making decisions at OBP (not as the GM but as the surrogates for the Boys while they focus on Man U) regarding who our next GM and coach should be:

    During 13 seasons as an NFL General Manager, McKay was the football architect who built six teams that reached the NFC playoffs, three that reached the NFC Championship Game and one team that won a Super Bowl title. His overall record as an NFL General Manager was 112-96 with a winning playoff record of 6-5.

    McKay worked with three different NFL head coaches who guided their respective teams to the NFC Championship Game (Tony Dungy 1999 with Tampa Bay; Jon Gruden 2002 with Tampa Bay; and Jim Mora 2004 with Atlanta)

    McKay’s personnel scouting acumen was a successful formula which produced 59 players that played in the Pro Bowl during his time as an NFL General Manager. Tampa Bay’s 41 Pro Bowl selections between 1997 through 2002 were the most in the NFL. To put it into perspective, the Buccaneers only had 19 Pro Bowl selections in the first 21 years of their history leading up to 1997.

    McKay’s first pick ever as an NFL GM in 1995 was DT Warren Sapp, now an in-studio analyst for NFL Network and his second pick (also in 1995) was LB Derrick Brooks, an 11-time Pro Bowler for the Buccaneers who serves as a guest analyst for ESPN’s First Take and Sirius Satellite radio. Sapp and Brooks combined to make 18 Pro Bowl appearances during their tenures with the Buccaneers. Both players were named to the NFL’s Top 75 Draft Picks of all time by NFL Network in 2011. Sapp was voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame earlier this year during his first year of eligibility and will be enshrined in Canton, Ohio on August 3.

    As a GM, nine of McKay’s top former lieutenants have risen through the ranks to sit in the General Manager’s chair at other NFL franchises. The men currently occupying those roles in the NFL include Ruston Webster (Tennessee Titans), Mark Dominik (Tampa Bay Buccaneers), Les Snead (St. Louis Rams), Phil Emery (Chicago Bears) and John Idzik (New York Jets).

    While many of the players McKay drafted developed into NFL stars on the field, several have been Pro Bowl performers from a charitable standpoint, as well. Atlanta Falcons Limited Partner Warrick Dunn, whom McKay drafted in 1997, was the recipient of the 2004 Walter Payton/NFL Man of the Year award. This award is presented annually to the NFL’s most philanthropic player. Derrick Brooks was also a co-recipient of the award in 2000.

    Arguably one of the brightest moments of McKay’s distinguished NFL career took place in sunny San Diego, California on January 26, 2003 when he completed the overhaul of the Buccaneers – long considered one of the worst franchises in professional sports. Tampa Bay’s 48–21 victory over the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XXXVII vaulted the Buccaneers from the basement of professional sports to the top of the NFL universe.

    The Boys need someone of this caliber to be making decisions for them.

  82. Chef Paul Says:

    This article has absolutely the dumbest uneducated comments I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading. Obviously this losing season doesn’t have people thinking straight.

  83. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    Couch, I doubt McKay would come here anyway. I was really just using rhetoric to make the point that before they hire the next coach they need to bring in a real CEO type to evaluate the franchise and then make the critical firing and hiring decisions. They are every bit as responsible for this debacle as anyone.

  84. Couch Fan Says:

    I agree. I think Dom should go first, fire him now and take your time finding the right GM/CEO or whatever it is they want to bring in. Then once thats figured out, work on the coach. There is still 9 games to be played and playoffs. No rush. But they got to do something to give the fans hope here. Us that are left are holding on by a thin thread.

  85. sho-nuff Says:

    note to any new staff coming in….do dinner with the journalist mafia….they will find excuses after excuse for you….but pull out spreadsheets against those who dont pet their ego

  86. mark2001 Says:

    Wow Superfriend….the Packers sign a quality WR EVERY year. And they have had about one bad decade in the last 50 years. Our Bucs? Five good years in the last 40. Green Bay will be in the playoffs every year for the next five. If we keep the current organization in place, we will be lucky to sniff one. True, there is some luck to the game. But these kind of numbers? It isn’t luck. The biggest mistake we made in the last 20 years was signing Bruce Allen when Richie left. We gave Gruden a personnel “yes man”…and we know Gruden never saw a player he didn’t love. If we had gotten a good GM at that point, possibly Gruden might have left, but at least we would be stacked with a good team, or Gruden might still be here and who knows where we would be now. As far as the FA’s…no excuses….Nick’s toe didn’t happen overnight. Joseph hasn’t been injured just this year. Revis didn’t have a hidden injury, and there was a reason SF didn’t make a run at Goldson. Jackson is the man. And let’s not even get into the draft, other than asking ourselves how many extremely high picks have we had the last five years, and how many Pro Bowl guys have we drafted. But really…how much does a GM have to mess up to get fired around here? Glad someone liked Teflon Dom.

  87. john Says:

    okay what would the team look like if we had to go strictly with Dom’s drafted players???? after 5 drafts i am sorry we should have a better team.

  88. Eric Says:

    Let’s see the man who has brought us to 0-7 in his fifth year at the helm is better the man who assembled the talent for our Super Bowl victory and one of the best defenses in the history of the league.

    Man is that outrageous, delusional and flat out misinformed.


  89. Eric Says:

    And not all pundits think we’re talented! We’re freakin 1-12 in our last 13!

    That ain’t talent!

  90. Capt. Tim Says:

    You are who your record says you are.
    Dom sucks. This team is NOT talented- and has no depth of any kind, anywhere. 1-12.
    No . And I’ve heard no one saying we are talented. We have some talent- so does Jacksonville.

    If Dom stays, I’m done. He refused to sign any help for Raheem. He has produced few starters, and no depth. This team has two WRs only. No TE.
    No proven pass rushers, a rookie CB- with crap behind him.
    No nickleback- the it’s goes on.

    And the death blow. – after 7 years- we don’t have one starting QB. The single most important piece to any NFL team, and we have nothing.

    Dom is the biggest part of this failure.