Freeman Always Thought He Was “The Guy”

October 8th, 2013

The end of the Josh Freeman era in Tampa was a shocker for No. 5. Unsourced reports said he was “blinsided,” but Freeman himself explained his stunning demotions for the Vikings media.

The Star Tribune took notes yesterday.

Freeman on how it ended in Tampa Bay: “I think anybody in any situation, quarterback-wise, they always think they’ve got the skill, the potential to be the guy. I’m not going to say delusional, but I think you have to see yourself, your game through a different lens. Otherwise, you’re not going to be the guy. You’re not going to be the special guy because you’re not going to truly think you deserve it when you’re opportunity comes. I think me going through this past few months, until the coach called me down to his office and told me he was making a switch, that was the first moment I realized I wasn’t going to be the guy moving forward. That hit me like that.”

Joe wonders whether Freeman totally believing he was “the guy” had to do with what he saw from Mike Glennon in practice and throughout the spring, training camp and preseason. Might Freeman have reacted differently if Glennon had won the Bucs’ starting QB job versus getting it from a guy that lost it? Bucs fans will never know.

Freeman is not starting on Sunday, but it’s reasonable to believe he’ll be “the guy” in Minnesota after that. One thing that’s very interesting about the Vikings’ schedule: after Sunday, they play three of their next four games at night in prime time — at Giants on Monday Night Football, home for the Packers on Sunday Night Football, and back home for the Redskins on Thursday Night Football.

Freeman will be on display for the entire football world. Literally, Freeman has the chance to go from the cranky, demoted QB to hot soon-to-be-free-agent commodity in less than a month.

73 Responses to “Freeman Always Thought He Was “The Guy””

  1. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    I think delusional is the perfect word : )

  2. mpmalloy Says:

    Well it was about that time I realized that #5 quarterback was about
    8 stories tall and was a Crustacean from the Paleozolic era.
    I said “Dammit #5 get off my lawn. I ain’t given you no treefiddy!”

  3. Rob Says:

    He will do just what he did here. Hit occasional big pass plays and ultimately lose against 75% of the teams he plays with winning records. Big time arm with inability to sustain greatness due to documented unavoidable mistakes and inconsistency. Enjoy Minnisota!

  4. dee Says:

    Think god he’s not the guy here.

  5. 40 Says:

    I hope he does well, he really needs to redeem himself.

  6. PRBucFan Says:

    He’s gotta Win like “the guy” before he ever becomes “the guy”

    REGARDLESS of any circumstance, the NFL functions that way.

    I didn’t make that rule up, Fair or Not, doesn’t matter.

  7. Trey Says:

    That had to be edited. There wasn’t a single “ummm” in the quote.

  8. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Trey Says:
    October 8th, 2013 at 8:06 pm
    That had to be edited. There wasn’t a single “ummm” in the quote.

    There also wasn’t a “point blank”, or “yeah, for sure”.

  9. Andrew 1 Says:

    to Freeman- just because you ACT like “the Guy” it doesn’t automatically MAKE you “the Guy”. if you truly are “the Guy” then it should come naturally.

    some of the things Ive been hearing from Freeman lately have just been disappointing. makes me wonder why I ever even rooted for the guy.

    cant help but think this is partially our fault though. for years we’ve been saying, oh “its all about number 5”. why did we go out and get VJ, oh because “its all about number 5″… I think after all the royal treatment we gave him, it went straight to his head.

  10. fritz50 Says:

    Still gotta pile on, huh? Doubt, like all of you, that he’ll do it, but what are all you gonna say IF ( I repeat…IF) he lights it up for the rest of the year ? Oh I know, the wake-up call motivated him, right? Had nothing to do with the change in coaching staff, absolutly nothing, right ? As for the quote & it’s lack of ‘umm’s’ & other pauses, I’m sure you can find the source interview, somewhere, if it’s all that important to you to prove how inarticulate he is. Seems a bit pathetic to hang your hopes for the Bucs success on how bad and inarticulate a EX player was +/or is.

  11. Andrew 1 Says:

    and another thing, I didnt here Freeman say 1 damn thing to the fans in tampa who actually supported him through all of this sh!t. believe or not there actually were some of us out there. I say good riddance freeman. there.. Im done ranting now lol. on to philly.

  12. PRBucFan Says:

    I wouldn’t give a damn if he did, cause he didn’t do it here.

  13. Jason77 Says:

    Well he thought wrong!!

  14. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Josh Freebow will either be a career back-up or be out of the league in 3 years. Any team that he plays for will quickly find out that he is no better than barely average

  15. Adam L. Says:

    “The Guy” never has to declare it. It’s that simple.

  16. Tampabaybuctfan Says:

    Freeman is history, gone, departed, terminated, through, finished, vanished, elsewhere, SYONARA, ADIOS, AU-REVOIR, Auf WIEDERSHEN, CHEERIO, ADJO, ANTIO, DO SVIDANIYA, HASTA LA VISTA, BYE-BYE…. SO LONG Of course, Schiano would say CAIO!!!

  17. Tampabaybuctfan Says:

    On ESPN radio they played a Viking GM man in the background whispering to Josh something to the effect of “Say nice things about them down there”….I kid you not. It was like a ghostly voice in his ear.

  18. ander Says:

    freeman keep your mouth shut and just play some football if you wanna stay in the nfl, after all the crying from him getting bench he finally got what he wanted and its still talking smh. on another note cassell over freeman anyday of the week. freeman wish you the best of luck thanks for the good games you had as a buc at one point I really thought u were a legit qb.

  19. Buc1987 Says:

    “at Giants on Monday Night Football, home for the Packers on Sunday Night Football, and back home for the Redskins on Thursday Night Football.”

    Great can’t wait to watch him suck ass.

  20. DCBUCSFAN Says:

    Josh will be just fine with this legitimate coaching staff!

  21. GABA Says:

    Same here buc87

  22. Tampabaybuctfan Says:


    And a GM who tells him what to say in his press conferences…

  23. Buc1987 Says:

    Leslie Frazier…legitimate coaching staff?’s a defensive minded coach as well. Freeman will be garbage unless someone can fix his horrible decision making and not going through his progressions. People around the NFL are about to find out why he was let go. Especially you silly ass Buc fans.

  24. DCBUCSFAN Says:

    In any event he will be better off than he was in Tampa with Bozo da Coach and his crew!

  25. NY Buc Says:

    If we’re going to condemn Shiano for a 7-13 (.350) NFL record I’m not so sure we can say Leslie Frazier’s 17-25 (.405) NFL HC record makes him or his coaches a legitimate coaching staff either. Yes there has been an appearance in the playoffs (loss), but let’s be fair…neither coach has proven themselves. I do think Frazier will be a better coaching fit for Josh, but whether that translates into better production is to be seen.

  26. DCBUCSFAN Says:

    Case and point – last year the Vikes staff got em to the dance. When the Bucs had an opportunity to make a run, Bozo da coach sent the Buc’s best db to his buddy’s team.

  27. Buc1987 Says:

    Actually I’m done talking about this waste of Bucs time and money. All I care about is MY team from now on. Screw this bum.

  28. Buc1987 Says:

    That’s fine if the Pats want thugs(Talib) on their team. It’s a chance they will take I guess. Look what happened with Hernandez. It’s only a matter of time with Talib. Again I don’t care what other teams are doing. Okay I’m done talking about OTHER teams. I will NOT however bash my team or it’s coach.

  29. Tampabaybuctfan Says:

    Buc 1987

    Read this about the Viking GM whispering to Josh what to say in his press conference!!!

  30. Buc1987 Says:

    Okay tbbf I will although I really don’t know why, because I’m not a Vikings fan.

  31. Splengo Says:

    I’ve seen this type of foaming at the mouth rage before. It’s called distemper followed by the maddening disease Rabies. What a bunch of sick puppies!

    DCBUCSFAN, get out of there now that stuff is contagious. Yikes!

  32. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    You fools are going to see the rebirth of the Quarterback Curse…watch and see.

  33. Buc1987 Says:

    Wow TBBF it’s like they were holding the hand of a 5 year old child and instructing him what he should say. What a loser this Freeman is. He has to be told what to say?This is a leader? Man now that even soldifies what I said earlier. “I’m done talking about this waste of Bucs time and money”. Now he’s the Vikings waste of money. Like throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks, only most Bucs fans know this pasta will fall to the floor. This guy is a frigging mental case. A millionaire mental case.

  34. Buc1987 Says:

    People go and read the link TBBF posted. It’s almost laughable, if it does not make you sick to your stomach as a Bucs fan.

  35. Rob Says:

    There won’t be any mistake where he’s going… Adrian Peterson is THE GUY in Minnesota.

  36. Tampabaybuctfan Says:

    @ Buc 1987

    Can you imagine if Dominick did this to Glennon with his press conference….where would the Tampa Media Vulures be then.

    Even though Josh is gone….I hope Joe puts this article up for everyone to see that he needs to have his hand held….

  37. Illuminati Says:

    It’s unfathomable to me that Freeman could have been “blindsided” by his benching.

    Million-dollar arm, fitty-cent head.

  38. Chris Says:

    No one cares about a scrub ex qb joe. Only you.

    Sorry, pal. Fans care about ex-Bucs, especially when they’re talking about their time with Tampa. –Joe

  39. DCBUCSFAN Says:

    What da hell is the difference in Schiano’s prison? He doesn’t allow the players to talk freely….you can only talk to pre approved media outlets.

  40. Jbskiff Says:

    Do me and Freeman have been on a mission to get rid of Schiano and guess who is gone. Yes he will play again but remember he’s only 25 and he has yet again another quarterback coach. What will be his new excuses? Guess we will also see if the leaks continue from the clubhouse . Lets also see if he is crowned “the franchised quarterback”? He just felt entitled, can we say spoiled? Well Freeman, take you job and shove it!

  41. Tampabaybuctfan Says:

    The difference is…..For the whold world to see in Freeman’s first introduction as a Viking….the Viking GM didn’t trust Josh to say the right things. That is pure-t-embarrasing!!!

  42. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Personally, I think we have all now have seen way too much about Josh Freeman and have seen way too much of Shaun King

  43. DCBUCSFAN Says:

    @ Tampa – lets be real for a minute. In the 5 years Josh Freeman has been in Tampa, not one time has he ever been careless out the mouth. He has always exercised politician like savvy in some of the most trying times. Even when he gave the unauthorized interview, he didn’t trash the organization or Bozo da coach.

  44. Tampabaybuctfan Says:

    @ Mr. Patrick

    Shaun King makes it very difficult not to see “weigh” too much of him.

    “Shaun King, one of two Buc Quarterbacks that lost a NFC Championship Game when his defense gave up 11 or fewer points.”

  45. Illuminati Says:

    Freeman can’t even get through a media conference call without the GM whispering instructions in his ear.

    That should come as no surprise, since we’ve all seen how he handles excessive crowd noise or a headset malfunction.

  46. Tampabaybuctfan Says:



  47. MadMax Says:

    Cant believe he’s still a headline story here, but whatever.

    Allows me to keep staking my claim that the Giants 1st win will come against the Vikes if they play freefree.

  48. PRBucFan Says:

    He’s still just a child, sad.

  49. hectorvas Says:

    seriously Joe,

    you can’t dish up a good story about our Philly matchup?? Or are you still just a second hand journalist? (journalist) but hey! you got “Dumb and Dumbers” in your corner! So a salut!

  50. hectorvas Says:


  51. hectorvas Says:

    Misery loves Company…. And Misery has converged onto JBF. Be good with your lil man boys Joe(s).

  52. hectorvas Says:

    These sad ‘little’ men are still ‘hung up’ on Free! Get over him boys!!! Sad azz MFs!

  53. Buc1987 Says:

    Maybe the GM gave Freeman a lollypop after the presser.

  54. Buc1987 Says:


  55. hectorvas Says:

    So Joe went from a down to earth, real-talk journalist, to babysitting these weirdos…1987, PR, Couch TBBF, etc…..

    Btw 1987, gettin off by your red sox? Where the REAL TAMPA BAY FANS AT??

  56. hectorvas Says:

    ’87!!!! LETS GO SOX!!!

  57. hectorvas Says:

    Hey JoeRaysFan! 1987!!!! And you KEEP this cancer???!

  58. hectorvas Says:

    ’87!!! u jackin it???? yeah??!! …….totally….

  59. hectorvas Says:

    yo 1987…your “wife/mom” must be excited tonight…. They get some “me” time with you…. while you picture them as rachel nichols.

  60. RealityCheck Says:

    So many bitter fans on these boards.

  61. Joe Says:

    Cant believe he’s still a headline story here, but whatever.

    Nah, a team releases its franchise quarterbac who is still 25. Who would ever think that’s a major story?

  62. LadyZ Says:

    @hector…….. Take a good look at the back of my hand and read between the lines. Your comment are indickitive of a very small man. I know you will try to come back at me but please don’t try to insult me with comment about the women in your life, that is if you have a life. Please do all of us a favor and make like a tree and leave. Oh yea – don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

  63. Capt. Tim Says:

    Um. Guys. It may or may not have been the GM. It’s more likely it was a Viking PR( Public relations) guy. Every team has them. That’s what they do- they coach staff and Players on what to say, and not say- to the press.
    As a high profile figure( pro athlete, musician, movie star,etc), the press is NEVER your friend! While the more you are mentioned can drive your value/price up- the Press would rather you say something stupid when you are emotional. They try to catch you when you are emotional, and more likely to say things without thinking of the Consequences.

    Every team has PR men. They coach the players /Coaches before all scheduled interviews and press conferences. They tell you what topics may come up- and what the team wants your response to be. Players and Coaches are NEVER just “sent up to the Mike”. Before every Schiano Press conference, he has to meet with the PR guys- to make sure he knows what to say to maintain the company’s stance on things.
    That’s why teams hate locker room interviews! No rehearsal with the PR guys.

    The year you are drafted, you are sent to a camp specifically to show you how to address the Media. They actually rehearse the media interview scenario- and ( believe it or not) rehearse dozens of cliche answers – all worded to keep you out of trouble.

    Usually touring the last offseason camp, the league sends a Rep to the teams, to discuss new policies and current issues. They tell you how they expect players to respond to this issues if asked. It’s a really good idea To make sure you answer questions in a manner keeping with league Doctrine!!! They also review addressing the Media, usually showing examples of guys that got themselves in trouble!

    Freeman was new to the Vikings. He had not had time to be indoctrinated to Viking Protocol. In that senerio, it would be standard procedure to have a PR guy with him for a radio interview.

    What was weird, was that the interviewe had a omni directional Mic, that would pick up ambient sound. They procedurally use a directional mike- that would not pick up voices unless the speaker is right in front of the Mike. The interviewer will catch hell for that!!

    The NFL doesn’t like fans to get glimpses “behind the Curtain”, as they say.
    They don’t want you to know that all players and coaches are indoctrinated to league/team polices, and all are “coached” prior to Press conferences/ interviews!!everyone is- but the NFL wants you to think everyone is spontaneous in their responses!

    Yea, Right!

  64. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Seriously, Joe, hectorvas should be considered a spammer.

  65. Illuminati Says:

    @ Capt. Tim

    I think we’re all well aware of how players and coaches are groomed to address the media.

    But this was a simple conference call with Rick Spielman and Josh Freeman. The fact that they don’t trust a fifth-year NFL QB, who has been doing press conferences for years now, to get through that call without real-time whispered instruction suggests that maybe they don’t trust him to, I don’t know, think on his feet?

  66. Capt. Tim Says:

    I wouldn’t trust any 24 year old to think on his feet!

  67. White Tiger Says:

    Was this article written by “Moron Joe”, after sleeping off the party for the next starting QB?

    Because it was so poorly written it was hard to tell. Usually you like your Freeman vitriol more pointed – whatsamatta Joe, reality about what just happened beginning to hit you?

    Guess what? Asserting that the whole world is watching Freeman now – also means that the whole world will be comparing Freeman to SSchiano/Glennon. It’s what cats like me use to make OUR point FOR Freeman…you don’t have a corner on the market of “see, I told you so…” because I’m buying up all the stock on that one baby. When the train pulls in the station, it’s just gonna keep pulling into the station. It’s going to feel like it will never end.

    How the H-E-double-hockeysticks do you THINK a starting QB IN THE FREAKIN’ NFL THINKS? He BETTER think that way – or fools like you will TELL him he should be thinking that way. Shheeesh, they must be hard up when they put THIS Joe on retainer…

    I want my starting QB to KNOW he’s the MAN. I want him to be a fighter pilot.

    Yet in another startling moment in Tampa hypocrisy – I’m actually hearing posters describe the guy they JUST got finished describing as laid back = suddenly tell me he was too selfish!!??

    You are worse than Philly fans – at least those guys know their football.

  68. PRBucFan Says:

    I wonder how many different user names he posted under here…

    2 maybe???

    LoL So sad

    Bonzai I agree,
    But the Joe(s) can only do so much he’s been trying to oust that kid and his many usernames a little while now since his last drunken rant. He a persistent little bugger.

  69. Chris Says:

    Freeman had the label of a franchise qb by the dumb star. He never played not acted like one.

  70. MTM Says:

    Schiano better start winning games. If Freeman comes in and leads the Vikings to victory it will say a lot about the coaching/offense in T.B.

  71. Pete Repeat Says:

    So, if he does well, will people continue to make excuses that he had to deal with different coordinators here? If he does poorly, will people make excuses that it’s because it’s a new system?

  72. Bucsfanman Says:

    White Tiger it’s true that Tampa bay fans are a little wishy-washy. We ran Dungy out of here because he had no offense, a year later we proclaimed that Gruden won with Dungy’s team. In comes Raheem with no food in the cupboard because of Manchester United, we hire Schiano to instill discipline into an undisciplined team and call him a micro-manager!
    Freeman WAS “the guy”. I wish him well in Minnesota(except if playing the Bucs).Now we have to believe that Glennon is “the guy”. Time will certainly tell if this organization is committed to winning. Some stability would go a long way. We’ve been waiting for them to get it right for some time.
    Go bucs, whip Philly!

  73. PRBucFan Says:

    “The guy” doesn’t lose his job 😉

    And no we don’t know if Glennon is “the guy” yet 😉

    He didn’t get a 50+ game sample to conclude he wasn’t “the guy”.

    Nice try though Sherlock