Falcons 31, Bucs 23

October 20th, 2013

Dropped passes, punting woes, personal fouls, pre-snap penalties, more penalties, sloppy secondary play and fumbled balls ruled the day for the Bucs at the Georgia Dome. How about those undisciplined Buccaneers under Greg Schiano?

And how about that Harry Douglas Show! The Falcons’ No. 3 receiver became their No. 1 today and torched the Bucs for 149 yards. Why wasn’t Darrelle Revis covering him???

That’s two weeks in a row now that opposing quarterbacks have completed more than 70 percent of their passes.

This was an absolutely pathetic loss to a shorthanded and unimpressive 1-4 Falcons team. Your Bucs are now 0-6.

Joe’s really getting sick and tired of pulling positives out of losses. Yes, Vincent Jackson made a great touchdown catch, special teams forced a fumble/turnover, Lavonte David was a playmaker, Mike James looked capable, and others played hard, but the Bucs were nowhere near good enough — and so damn sloppy. Eleven penalties and other errors under a disciplined head coach? Greg Schiano and his massive coaching staff should be updating their resumes.

27 Responses to “Falcons 31, Bucs 23”

  1. BucsQcCity Says:

    Chirping mode ON!

  2. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    In my mind, the only thing that could save Schiano from being fired today is that we play on Thursday.

  3. Illuminati Says:

    At least we know we have two players that are all heart and no quit. Lavonte David and Mike Glennon.

  4. D-Rome Says:

    Raheem > Schiano.

  5. Couch Fan Says:

    Another week, another loss. I hope the Glazers are paying attention. I was all for giving Schiano more time. But that hope is gone. It is clear Schiano is over matched in the NFL.

    Time to blow things up Glazers. We just lost 5 years on a bad QB. Dont waste anymore time on a Bad coach

  6. PRBucFan Says:


    I’m honestly terrified that the Glazers won’t budge

  7. 1976-77 0-26 looks good now? Says:

    2014 looks like there’s going to be a new GM and coach in Tampa? So who will be the next coach of the Bucs?????

  8. NY Buc Says:

    Felt the game slip away when Schiano went for the FG down 14 pts. While I understand the thinking, I’m not sure why you’d do it w/ less than 6 min. left. O-line penalties and defense play really hurt too. Try again Thursday I guess.

  9. canadianbuc Says:

    Still dont trust Glennon………He has to win a couple games to show he can be a starter but still gotta draft a qb with our top 3 pick this is too good of a qb class to pass on

  10. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Illuminati Says
    “At least we know we have two players that are all heart and no quit. Lavonte David and Mike Glennon.”

    Those are the positives I saw. Glennon, whom has yet to earn my props, seemed to improve again. He was reading defense really well.

    His #1 problem right now is he holds onto the ball WAY to long. Worse than Freeman.

    David is perfect.

  11. Buc1987 Says:

    Paint the hemets and switch to the creamsicle uniforms for the rest of the season. Also I want my free parking passes Glazers. Also F U Dominik. Joe’s “rock star”.

  12. Capt. Tim Says:

    I can see why Schiano is so focused on disrupting the Cictory formation!

    With his coaching skills, he knows we’ll be facing that formation 16 times a season.

    I don’t see anyone left on the schedule that we can beat.

    Hell, I don’t see anyone else in the league we can beat.

    Meybe a few college teams

  13. Architek Says:

    Countdown to Deactivation of Schiano and the MRSA virus! The coaches are the source of the virus!

  14. Buc1987 Says:

    Have a nice day I’m going to a BBQ now. Think about draft picks and good thoughts for the rest of the day. Go Noles! 😀

  15. BigMacAttack Says:

    I agree that Schiano is here until Friday at the earliest.

    This is an extremely poor coached team.

    Joseph barely touched the guy’s face mask when they called hands to face. I still think we would have lost but again Refs hate Schiano and don’t call a fair even game.

    0-16 is looking probable right now. I can’t believe the Jags are worse than the Bucs. No way, we are the worst in the NFL.

    Zero discipline on this team.

    Just fire everybody and Revis can’t be more than 60%. He can’t even run.

  16. Architek Says:

    Glazers = Promises broken = disappointed season ticket holder

    Schiano = Raheem = no discipline/not NFL material

  17. Chef Paul Says:

    “At least we know we have two players that are all heart and no quit. Lavonte David and Mike Glennon”

    If this was twitter, I would have retweeted that shit!

  18. Bucfan#37 Says:

    The Bucs lack any sense of urgency. Trailing by 2 TD’s early in the 4th quarter, the Bucs ate up the clock. Slow to the play and line and plodding, burning the clock out. Some fans have been patient wiith Schiano, myself included. I am starting to think Schiano was brought in to make the Bucs the laughingstock of the league.

  19. Adam L. Says:



  20. Ian Says:

    THIS GAME IS THE FINAL STRAW, THE GLAZERS NEED TO GET OFF THEIR LAZY ASSES AND FIRE SHITANO AND TELL HIM TO TAKE THE OTHER TWO STOOGES (Dominik and Glennon) WITH HIM. IF THE BUCS GO 0-16, I AM DONE WITH THIS SHITHEAP OF A FRANCHISE UNTIL THE GAYZERS SELL THE TEAM, IF THERE IS EVEN IS ANYTHING WORTH SELLING. Maybe, there is hope that the Glazers sell the team, or if we suck bad enough, we can end this shitstain on the history of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and get Bridgewater, and fire Schiano

  21. Splengo Says:

    Schiano had a good strategy, but he made a tactical error. He got rid of his excuse for a 3rd year too soon. You can see the uncoached talent on this team. The only thing wrong with Glennon is being thrown into the fire too soon.

    When I first said my objective was to get rid of Schiano, I knew that we had to get rid of Freeman first. I just didn’t think he was stupid enough to do it so soon. Well start planning a goodbye party for that dude, because he’s just a lame duck coach now!

  22. Vincente Says:

    Can’t believe I spent all that money to see this team play in 3 weeks. This is terrible. Just terrible. Schiano I don’t like you at all. You have ruined my bucs.

  23. Vincente Says:

    I take back about spending money on my team. I love my bucs win or lose. But schiano I still don’t like you. Leave already.

  24. Donotcareanymore Says:

    “Rock star general manager mark Dominik, second to lead the bucs to a winless season”
    Let’s see that one soon. This website is awful.

  25. Jordan Says:

    I don’t see how one can call for Schiano’s firing without also sending Dominik packing as well. Dominik has had the benefit of 5 drafts, expensive free agents and his selection of 1 head coach. The Bucs record with Dominik is 24-46. Or do we only call for people to be fired when they are perceived to be d-bags like Schiano?

  26. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Hard to watch a turd circle the bowl.

    Lovie Smith please.

  27. dmatt Says:

    We r not a well coached team. Same dumb… “hit him while out of bounds” mistakes. What a way to make a name for urself as a new member on the team.VJ is not a “step up to the plate” or “big time players make big plays during crunch time” type of player.Mike Williams is lost n space n often run n place…he fails to get open or just don’t know how to.Harry Douglas n who made plays for the Falcons n took the next man step up approach? That’s good coaching. Yes VJ had two TDs but look at the number of dropped balls he’s had this yr.He seems to give out of gas or lacks speed when he catch a pass with open field space between he n opponents. Crabtree is a waste n Tim Wright is a fluke. Lavonte David is a true step up to the plate type player. Glennon is a rookie n played his heart out wit veterans on the OL shooting him in the foot. He’s a true leader as the future QB for the Bucs. Mike James stepped up.Please play more of Owusu n less Mike Williams n Underwood. Glennon may b slow but he’s smart n has heart, unlike deer in the headlight Freeman. We had the chance to pick up John Abraham n Dwight Freeman n free agency, two players who’s known for sacks n has at least two yrs left n their tank. They would have made a difference.