Sackless Bucs

October 20th, 2013

No sacks today for Tampa Bay. And now after six games Bucs defensive linemen have a total of six sacks. Six! That’s about as bad as it gets.

Considering the Bucs were supposed to rack up significantly more sacks this season after adding the likes of Darrelle Revis, Dashon Goldson and Johnthan Banks, the impotence of the Bucs pass rush is astounding.

Joe would like to know. If Gerald McCoy is getting such good push and is a Pro Bowl caliber beast, then why can’t the Bucs get anything off the edge from Adrian Clayborn? The man was a first-round pick and has two sacks this season — and two in his last 11 games.

When NFL stats are updated Tuesday after Week 7, the Bucs will check in ranked in the bottom third of the NFL in total sacks.

Frankly, the Bucs haven’t had a nasty pass rush since Greg White burst onto the scene in 2007, with eight sacks in a part-time role. That Bucs defense had the No. 1-ranked pass defense in the NFL. The Bucs are miles away from that kind of success.

23 Responses to “Sackless Bucs”

  1. D-Rome Says:

    Raheem > Schiano.

  2. BucsQcCity Says:

    That’s it! Tell Sheridan I’m booking a flight on expedia for Tampa tonight to get at 4AM at OneBucs!

  3. Buc Neckid Says:

    Meanwhile in Seattle
    Ex-Buc Michael Bennett alone has 4.5 sacks this year

  4. passthebuc Says:

    The bucs need a lot of new players. a good offensive line would be my first priority. Nothing at all wrong with Glennon. With some coaching he will be around for a long time. If the bucs get rid of him, all the idiots that don’t like him can lament when he is all pro for someone else. Stupidity lost this game, not the QB, not the coaching, just stupid play.

  5. MadMax Says:



  6. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Glennon is better than Freeman, but this o-line is terrible in their run blocking and undisciplined play with penalty after penalty. Pass protection was halfway decent on most downs today but this line is far worse than the second-stringers we had playing last year.

    As for our defense, it’s starting to look like they’re losing steam. You can only play fired up for so long if your team has no chance of winning. Once Schiano loses the defense he’s lost this team completely, and I don’t think it’s going to take much longer for that to happen.

  7. MadMax Says:

    What a POS display of play calling….never EVER thought I’d see it when I was already sick with it and thought it couldnt get worse….well it DID!!!!!

  8. Buc Neckid Says:

    What happened to this OLINE?

  9. Buck Rogers Says:

    Will be ok Bowers guaranteed 10 sacks this season!

  10. Goodolebucfan Says:

    Glennon was ok today he not the reason we lost it is the same reason since game 1 coaching, you think the smart coaches that we play don’t know how to pick up blitzes to stop the sacks that is where most of our sacks came from.

  11. Sckelly22 Says:

    Where’s Michael Bennett. Oh wait, rock star let him go for a washing machine and some Pringles. And joe says???

  12. Joseph Mamma Says:

    Greg and Mark were the only people on planet Earth that thought our defensive line didn’t need any upgrades.

  13. Buck Rogers Says:

    Accountability Mr. Shitano- Who is accounting for a 1st and goal at the 5 yard line. 4 penalties later the Bucs are kicking a 40 yard field goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. GenocideD Says:

    Clayborn sucks. One move…bullrush. Epic waste of a first rounder.

  15. Bobby Says:

    This was just the fault of stupid, undisciplined football on both sides of the ball. The roughing the passer on 3rd and long after we had a three and out and then they go on to score a TD. The late hit on the sidelines. The holding penalties on offense, the facemask in the endzone, the hits go on and on. The non-call on holding when Atlanta practically tackled Jackson on third down. It was a cluster #@!%. These players have got to be accountable. I get it. It’s easy to blame coaching but I’m beginning to understand that this team just lacks a lot of talent. We are putting more points on the board every week and we are giving up more every week. Glennon played his heart out and so did Lavonte David but other than that, who really stepped up? Mike Williams might as well have been in a wheel chair for the way he was moving. Vincent dropped as many as he caught. Tim Wright got back to his old dropsy self.
    It was just a bad day…..

  16. The Dom must go Says:

    Bowers will be the NEXT high draft pick cut.

  17. The Dom must go Says:

    Was that Selvie getting 1.5 sacks for Dallas today? Hhhhmmmmm he wasn’t good enough for a camp invite….

  18. Ed Says:

    Disfunctional, disorganized, unmotivated, poor execution, just bad football. I give LaVonte David, Mike Glennon, Mike James and Dekota Watson excellent grades today. They made enough good plays to help the team win. The veterans on the team, especially Joseph, Penn, Revis, Claybourne, Mike Williams and Mark Barron, who are some of the top salaries guys have been struggling. These players are your team leaders, some have been Pro Bowl players but they aren’t making important plays. Vincent Jackson has made some great catches, he is a tremendous player. He has let his team down with some key drops. He was being held and interfered with throughout the game and the refs kept the flags in their pockets. Shiano and staff have no clue how to win in the NFL. There is more than enough players on the team for it to be an 8-8 team but with this lack of execution every week I think will only win 2 games.

  19. Buc'n enough Says:

    Enough of this entire front office, they suck. The Glazer,s need to clean house starting with that idiot Mark Dominic. He has wasted more drafts on a supposed defensive line, they never pan out…even this year, we’re is Stephen Means and Gholston at, he never brought in anyone to help this d line….he needs to go as well as everyone in the front office and scouting staff.

  20. Jonny 2.3 Says:

    @Buc Neckid, don’t forget Bennett is in a heavy rotation and has those 4.5 sacks.

  21. Skelly Says:

    Dont worry Jonny, Joe probably hasn’t forgot about Bennett. He just won’t talk about him but it makes Mark look REALLY bad.

    Actually, if you search the archives here, you’ll find Michael Bennett stories just last week. No need to be an ass. –Joe

    Say it Joe. Where the is article on Dom? Where? Early drafts, TE, WR, DE??

    Lets do an article evaluating him. I am sure it balances out because he has made a number of good additions, like getting bennett in the first place. But his hands are not clean in this. I think a 10 – 1 ratio of articles spreading blame between schiano and dom. If accurate that means you owe us about 3 articles discussing dom’s future.

    Thanks…love the site, just really frustrated…And no one deserves the Rockstar title when we have lost 11 of 12….. Just sayin.

  22. buccanAy Says:

    yea..where is the accountability for dominik? seems if tho shiano and dom were not on the same page, as to what a 16mil CB should do. Bennet..another blatant screwup…bowers is clearly the guy…oh, a TE, some depth at wr, oline, or maybe we could have signed one of the numerous “pass rushers” on the market. “Shiano Men” don’t win NFL games, NFL players win nfl games..and off-topic, this offense seems “anti-quated” or antique, or just flat out BLAND. We are running a pre-school offense. Truly baffled by the lack of “imagination” or “forward-looking” concepts….this is caveman-esqu!

  23. Skelly Says:

    Joe – not trying to be an ass. For sure. I am on your site every day and if didnt respect what you do I would spend my time at one of the other buc places. But you might admit, your perspective seems to lean towards Schiano being a ground zero of most of the problems with this team. And now he seems to be firing watch.

    You cannot deny that Dom’s time here has been marked with losing seasons, except 1. I seem to notice that GM’s occasionally take the fall alone, sometimes with the coach or sometimes they survive a coach leaving.

    I’d be very interested in some more discussion about why Dom should stay or go. Is he culpbable for this mess or it is all coaching. As an avid reader and fan, I bet a bunch of feel this way. It seems foregone that Schiano is outta here at the end of the season, what about the GM.