Coach Watch 2013 Is Now In Full Swing

October 13th, 2013

Fans berated Greg Schiano on the field after the game

Joe takes no pleasure typing this, nor the headline above. It makes Joe ill, but Joe must type the truth.

With all the drama swirling around One Buc Palace, and more importantly, the losses piling up like Joe’s bar tab on a Saturday afternoon watching college football, it is difficult to see Greg Schiano returning in 2014.

Joe knows fans have turned on Schiano in droves. Just to see what the fan reaction to Schiano was, Joe walked onto the field of the Stadium on Dale Mabry Highway in the final moments of the game today. Surprisingly, the crowd was quite quiet. Somber. Sullen. That was, until someone spotted Schiano walking to the exits.

The reaction was vile. Loud. Vociferous. About the only thing Joe can publish was fans yelling “Get out of here, coach. You stink. You are a loser.”

As one can imagine, the taunts were much, much, much worse. Even worse than the tongue lashing former defrocked Bucs franchise quarterback Josh Freeman used to receive.

At one point, Schiano briefly glanced up at hecklers just before entering the tunnel before bowing his head.

This did not go over well with Bucs offensive tackle Donald Penn.

“Some people are [arse]holes, I’ve got no control over that,” Penn said.

Schiano is now 1-10 in his last 11 games. For perspective, his predecessor, Raheem Morris, was jettisoned for losing 10 straight. Chucky, with three years left on his contract and after consecutive 9-7 seasons, was launched.

Sam Wyche was 6-10 when he was fired and Father Dungy was shown the exit doors after three consecutive playoff appearances.

Right now six wins would appear to be a miracle.

75 Responses to “Coach Watch 2013 Is Now In Full Swing”

  1. Couch Fan Says:

    Sadly I agree. It’s all but over for Schiano. Only question is when? And will Dom be going with him? I can’t see how Dom can survive two coaching failures.

  2. RastaMon Says:

    sub contract Gruden for the balance of the season…..

  3. Paul Says:

    He earned the heat.

  4. Meh Says:

    Get out of here, and take Dom with you.

  5. RastaMon Says:

    toes to the ass…..

  6. Jbskiff Says:

    I’m sorry Joe but it sounds to me that you want a coach change. Wasn’t Rah’s losses come in one season? Your starting to count like someone from Philly. Don’t let that man recruit you into his band to run Schiano out of town.

  7. Chris Says:

    I agree, maybe Butch as an interim, least he took the Browns to the playoffs. And Mark Barron? Yeesh, he has shown little, guess he’s use to nothing but run support safety play in the SEC. On one note, Glennon has potential, and don’t let your hatred of Schiano cloud the play of Glennon, in his second start.

  8. RQJ Says:


  9. Brandon Says:

    I said when Freeman was benched the team could do no better than 2-14… with the team losing to the woeful Eagles… and the Rams looking good on the road against Houston… I’m
    wondering if they win a game.

    Schiano deserves the criticism he gets, he brought it on himself. A smart coach would have taken a job with a potential elite QB and found an offensive system the QB has shown he can succeed in and make the transition less painful. Instead he brought in Mike Sullivan/Kevin Gilbride disaster.

    Here’s the good news from the day..the Jaguars have about 5 winnable games on their schedule. Teddy Bridgewater is as good as ours. Lovie Smith would be the perfect experienced coach to bring in and change this culture of losing in Tampa.

  10. Patrick in VA Says:

    Still an advocate for Lovie. despite schiano’s ineptitude, this is a win now team talent wise. A defensive minded coach who knows how to game plan and an o coordinator that can manage if not maximize the potential aam we’re a playoff team

  11. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Pretty sad that after this team had a complete coach overhaul just less than two years ago we are already calling for our new coaches’ head. This team is a disaster.

  12. dee Says:

    Fire this guy before he kill our team

  13. Patrick in VA Says:

    @rastamon – like what ya did there

  14. Young buc Says:

    Schiano started this mess
    In the preseason good for him
    Bad for my team

  15. bucsdeluge Says:


    I’m glad someone else see’s that about Joe and his agenda.

  16. Bucnnole Says:

    Donald Penn needs to worry about how to become a mediocre OT instead of the fat swinging door he is now rather than being the vocal mouthpiece of the team. He is so lazy and is being paid far too much for far too little

  17. k1ngadroc Says:

    Gruden + Lovie = playoffs !

  18. Splengo Says:

    When Couch Fan and Chris agree, Splengo has nothing further to say. From now on when Couch Fan speaks just consider it as though I was commenting. That man knows what he is talking about. Nuff said!

  19. richmondtxbucsfan Says:

    Lo-vie! Lo-vie!

  20. WalkdaPlank Says:

    I find it hilarious that everyone used to blame losses on Josh Freeman. Now that he’s gone everyone is blaming them on the head coach. Gotta have a scapegoat I guess. Once Schiano’s gone will everybody turn on Glennon?

  21. Says:

    I dont know why Joe bucs fan loves this guy. It sounds as if he is the one who leaked Josh’s personal medical info, a crime. The guy is in over his head, and why the players seem to support him, the fans are 90-10 against him and all his Rutgers ways of doing business.

  22. Tampabaybuctfan Says:

    I hate it because Joe potentially is a casualty of this loss also.
    Two things fueling the controversy (driving traffic to JBF) were Freeman & Schiano….now Schiano is no longer much of a controversy….perhaps a foregone conclusion.
    Joe needs the controversy to continue & a win would have helped.
    In additon 0-5 is a negative influence. I hope I’m wrong but my media background tells me that I may not be.

  23. BucPower Says:

    Donald Penn is the true (arse) hole if he can’t see it. Schiano does not make adjustments after the half. He needs to go and someone, anyone, who knows how to coach in the nfl needs to come in

  24. D-Rome Says:

    If there’s any truth to Schiano being the leak on the drug program story, as the NFLPA alleges, he should be fired ASAP.

  25. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Raheem’s team quit on him in his country club atmosphere. Schiano’s team is still playing very hard, just not well. At least Schiano doesn’t go out drinking with his players. However it looks like this whole team may have to be blown up and a more modern, progressive coach be brought in. This is now a pass-driven league and you can’t play an old style offense and expect to be competitive. Just ask the Giants and Steelers. Isn’t the trade deadline coming up soon?

  26. Rob Says:

    6 Wins would be .500+ football from here on out.

    No chance 6 wins happens at this point.

  27. scott hunter Says:

    shiano has to go……………………..hello teddy bridgewater…………glennon just doesnt do it for me, him and freeman are the same guy……..hello lovie, hello either matt schaubb, bridgewater, or mallet………….and hello playoffs

  28. Illuminati Says:

    Schiano stays.

    There’s nothing wrong with this team that three things won’t fix:

    1. Get rid of Freeman (oh, wait)
    2. Let your OC actually run the offense (which is why we saw Sully in the booth today)
    3. Oh, and get rid of Freeman.

  29. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Im not even sure the Bucs could beat Jacksonville at this point. They have been getting schooled by mediocre defenses all season, the hypocrite coach who is supposedly all about discipline can’t teach his team how to not make an idiotic penalty, and the “star” players of this team (Revis, Jackson, Marting) have been under-performing with the exception of Jackson in this game. The Bucs have a pretty tough schedule ahead of them. I’d be surprised if we come out of this trainwreck known as the 2013 season with 2 wins.

  30. WalkdaPlank Says:

    @Illuminati, so what your saying is that all we need to do to win is let Sully call the plays on offense, seeing as how Freeman is gone and we are still losing? I hope your joking because this team is a joke. I love my Bucs, but at this point I don’t even want to watch because it is that bad.

  31. csidedave Says:

    Schiano started out ‘toes on the line!” Now his head’s on the line.

  32. NashVegasRyan Says:

    Shut down the team for the season like the Federal Government. Glazer, go beg Gruden to come back!

  33. csidedave Says:

    Zero points third qtr entire season. That speaks volumes to the quality of our coaching.

  34. JonBuc Says:

    I agree Joe,wish things would have gone differently, but here we are. The only “agenda” we all should have is to get back to a respectable franchise. This coach is stinking up the joint so bad and so quickly that it needs to stop now. I was all for the Schiano hire, but clearly he belongs at one of the military academies or a mid-level college at this point.

  35. Robbie_G Says:

    Make a change!!! Brian Cox or Butch Davis, hell the guy at the local bar, but DO SOMETHING!!!!

  36. Kreator Says:

    We may not win a single game this season. I’ve said this before: Shiano is a mediocre coach from Rutgers. People say he turned that program around. Turned around what? Big east football sucks. Penn needs to shut his pie hole and work on his playing. Christ knows there is enough there to keep him busy.

  37. Adam L. Says:

    Closing in on 1 year. November 11.

    That’s right. Almost a year since the las Bucs home win.

  38. Kreator Says:

    Wannestat or Davis are more than qualified to finish the year.

  39. Smitty Says:

    I think the combined weight of the 1-10 streak, and the fact that Schiano leaked the Freeman medical info mean he is gone this week.

    I don’t really have a dog in the fight…Just want our team to do well. It is going to be a setback, however: How much WORSE could it be, at this point?

  40. Smitty Says:

    Adam L…That IS pretty sad, eh?

  41. Kreator Says:

    The Saints sold us a lemon in nicks. When I saw Williams was out we were f@&*# we can’t afford to lose anyone @ this point.

  42. JonBuc Says:

    Kreator: Agreed @ Nicks….Saints simply choose to not re-sign him. Instead they picked up Ben Grubbs who is just as good, not near as pricey nor injury prone. That’s what good front offices do…Dom’s claims to fame are mostly lousy draft picks and paying ” sticker price +” for free agents. Only VJ worked out from 2 years ago when the Bucs broke the bank.

  43. Pewter Bullion Says:

    Schiano is now a 50% head coach with the Bucs (7-9 + 0-5).

    That record is the TRUE definition of MEDIOCRE…

    Does anyone see any signs of it getting better at all???


    Yet the Bucs LOST…

    Schiano is a CAVEMAN in a TECHNOLOGY world… HE’S in OVER HIS HEAD…


  44. Pewter Bullion Says:

    Correction: He is now a 33% coach (7-9 + 0-5)

  45. csidedave Says:

    @pewer bullion. Are you serious?? We are going to have to get a heck of a lot better to get to mediocre.

  46. PRBucFan Says:

    “I find it hilarious that everyone used to blame losses on Josh Freeman. Now that he’s gone everyone is blaming them on the head coach. Gotta have a scapegoat I guess. Once Schiano’s gone will everybody turn on Glennon”

    Make no mistake about it.

    Freeman was part of the problem.

  47. Kreator Says:

    I’m not a millionaire gm or head coach but we have 0 depth @ receiver no TE, no depth @ rb or CB. It’s like we’re set up for disaster.

  48. Pewter Power Says:

    Dominic needs to go. Get a GM that can hire a head coach and start all over, enough is enough. Dominic has had his time, get a new GM Glazers, he has not been able to get it done.

  49. Kreator Says:

    @ prbucsfan is doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that when you hire a head coach out of Rutgers and give him a head coaching job in the nfl you’re f@&”;$&@ yourself.

  50. Oahubuc Says:

    We need to qualify “college coach” with “(dumb) college coach (with rocks in his head)”. Do you see what Pete Carroll is pulling off?

  51. Doc Says:

    This team went in the crapper,when the G.M. let this coach cut all of the player’s that he has cut, simply because they talked back to him. Fire this G.M. who actually had put together a good football team before he let this coach tear it apart. Hire a G.M. that is not afraid of this coach. If any one can explain to me why so many player’s have been cut and replaced with no one.

  52. oviedobucsfan Says:


    Yet the Bucs LOST…”

    AGREED. That is what gets me and as Mike Smith will show us next week what happens when a real NFL coach has two weeks to prepare for a game. I will most likely turn off the tv by half time since we seem to average 3 points in the third and fourth quarters. We are going to the wood shed next week.

  53. oviedobucsfan Says:

    Doc Says: If any one can explain to me why so many player’s have been cut and replaced with no one.

    Haven’t you been paying attention? He replaced him with those studs from Rutgers. That perennial college powerhouse that he turned around in a few short years to a BCS monster.

    I am being sarcastic.

  54. Kreator Says:

    @ oahubuc Pete Carroll has previous head coaching experience in nfl plus he came from a big time program out of USC not Rutgers.

  55. oviedobucsfan Says:

    oahubuc said – We need to qualify “college coach” with “(dumb) college coach (with rocks in his head)”. Do you see what Pete Carroll is pulling off?

    Pete Carroll had prior NFl expirence before he went to college so he at least had some ideas and knew what he was getting into when he returned. Learned from his past mistakes maybe?

  56. Kreator Says:

    @ oviebucsfan I agree if you’re gonna get rid of someone @ least replace them with someone just as good if not better.

  57. Bucnick Says:

    The last 5 years are a joke we are in no mans land with the fan base down to nothing. Coaches help win games not lose them. Schiano has proven he can not figure his own game plan out never mind the oppositions plan

  58. Shane Marco Says:

    I said it two weeks ago and I’ll say it again, if Gruden could take a team of has beens and nobodys a game away from the playoffs imagine what he could do with this team. We never should have fired him in the first place. If the fans in this town could actually think for themselves they wouldn’t have run off the best coach we ever had because he gave the “stink eye” to Ian Bekles, or because Steve D-bag doesn’t like his coaching style. The grass is so much greener over here isn’t it.

  59. Owl Jolson Says:

    The grass is always greener over the septic tank.

  60. Gt40bear Says:

    If we’re going to start the blame game, let’s get it right! This is solely at the feet of Duemig! He is the one who poisoned the waters around here for Gruden. He is the one who had a bromance with Rah, Rah AND Rock Star. As the old saying goes, “be careful what you wish for”. Thanks for the last five years Steve and all the mindless sheeple who buy into hs crap! Nothing will change unless there is a complete house cleaning and someone steals the Glazers’ radio!

  61. TK Says:

    Can we fire the Glazers? Seriously, this franchise has gone nowhere but down since Malcolm had his stroke.

  62. Givemeball Says:

    Joe, give me one coach that would come coach here??? You guys have no idea how to support a team. You ever wonder why we can’t get a big name coach?? Do you think the sorry ass fans have something to do with it?? We’ll trust me no big name coach is coming here and the sorry ass fans are the ONLY reason why.

  63. Eric Says:

    Remember when rock was such a genius for interviewing all those coaches and getting their insight for free. Really helped didn’t it.

  64. zam Says:

    Pathetic performance. After a bye of all things. Against a backup QB. On your home field.

    My fantasy of Coach Schiano is quickly being dashed by the performance of the real one.

    You can claim discipline, but then your team loses from stupid penalties in game after game. You can claim honor, but then you RTK (Rush That Kneeldown). You can bring in a college of coaches, and yet all your players (besides GMC) look like they haven’t learned a single thing.

    I hated Gruden for the kinds of scum he brought here to play, and I hated Raheem for his silly swagger and cluelessness. I don’t want to go through yet another coaching change, especially since I like the way this one doesn’t suck up to the prima donna players.

    But sooner or later, you gotta win a game. Just one please. And it’s becoming clear this guy doesn’t have any skills with x’s and o’s.

  65. Captain Buc Says:

    Derrick Brooks needs to be the next head coach for Tampa.

  66. Joe Says:

    give beak:

    Greg Roman.

  67. HillzZz Says:

    Get an offensive minded coach, it’s impossible to play defense anyways..

  68. White Tiger Says:

    What happened to TBBF, PRBfan, moron joe,…etc.,?

    I mean, I thought all we had to do was fire Freeman and the wins would start piling up…and if we’re gunna go 8-8…shouldn’t we like, be starting sometime soon?

    Huh, it’s almost like…if you dont change the REAL problem…you don’t, like, FIX the problem?

    Bright side: Even the goofy fans have figured out what the problem is.

    I am not happy about it…but it is kinda obvious.

  69. JoshFreeBucs Says:

    hey !! josh freeman was the problem wasn’t it ??? pleeees!!

  70. Ricky Bobby Says:

    @White Tiger, you’re not allowed to call those guys out because you were right, and they weren’t! It only works when THEY are right and YOU are wrong! 😛

  71. Mark Schellhaas Says:

    Joe has proven he does not know Jack Sh!t .he needs to get dumped in the bay near the power plant where all the sharks are. You blamed Freeman, He never missed field goals, he never dropped a pass in the end zone , he never called his own plays . He never ran a preseason practice.
    The team looked behind in the first few games , rusty. The whole team . The did not deserve to sit most of the pre season games like they did . That is just the start of the problems. Benching Freeman to make him a example was a real bad idea. This is not collage , its the pro game . You need to have a back up plan . You called for him to go , dumb a…. You have proven you have no idea what you are talking about . Look up my posts and comments from the week Freeman got benched. You will see I told you it was a bad move . You need to get a hurry up education on football.
    Because the realities are Joe Bucs Fan does not know Jack Sh!t about football . How did you get this position writing this Bs ?????

  72. givemeball Says:

    JOE answer the question. What coach could you get to come here??? i would love to hear your answer.

  73. Mark Says:

    I told you the same thing when Freeman got benched!

  74. Salvaje Says:

    Schiano is guano, If freeman lights it up in Min. what will the headlines be. I also heard that Penn may be traded to the Phins. Whatever the fact is Guano has lost 10-11 games in a row how many coaches survive that, get rid of him and an inept GM, Polian is available and let Davis or Wanstach be Interim preferably Davis.

  75. Salvaje Says:

    B Bellick, N Turner, Cohwers, Coughlin, M Schottehiemer, and L Smith (Gruden, Dungy and J Johnson will not coach again)